Bottoms up

Ali989969 is my beta for this story, and she’s fantastic!!!! However, I didn’t wait for her to beta this chapter, cuz I’m an impatient hooker, lol, so any mistakes are mine.

This is my maiden voyage into a TRUE threesome… lemme know how I did. And if you’re squeamish with men-on-men, you should probably stop reading now.

Disclaimer – Don’t own them, wish I did. CH & AB, plus HBO do.


The way her cool hand felt wrapped around my cock had my eyes rolling back instantly. Her skin was so smooth, and just being close to her had me rock hard and leaking for hours now. I was so on edge; I could feel my pulse in my teeth.

Her blunt teeth nipped and pulled at my neck, only pausing to suckle here and there, certainly leaving marks. But the two fucks I might have given about hickies flew the coop the moment she twisted her wrist on the upstroke.

I grunted like a fool, and grabbed her ass like a life preserver.

“Eric,” she purred. “My maker would like to join us tonight.”

“Is she hot?”

If she kept working my dick like that, I’d probably agree to fuck King Kong.

But it never hurt to ask…

He is very attractive.”

“Yeah, I’ll watch you with him. And I’m sure he and I can take you at the same time.” Why not? I’d never done it, but the more the merrier.

“No, dear boy. We’ll all be having fun, together. Godric thinks you’re simply edible.”


Now, I couldn’t give a shit less what other people did behind closed doors, but my gate had NEVER swung from that side of the fence.

“Your maker’s gay?” How I was still forming sentences with the way she was gliding over my shaft was a mystery.

“Human conceptions of sexuality have very little bearing on how vampires find release. Pleasure is pleasure, no matter the source. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“Sookie, I don’t want to be insulting… but I don’t swing that way.”

Boobs. Pussy. Those are the things that make Eric a happy man. Not cocks and balls.

Except my own, of course.

“You could refuse… but that would do little to further our time together. Not that I think he would, but if Godric commanded me to stop seeing you, I’d have no choice.”

“He’d be that much of a prick?” What a douche.

“Normally, I’d say no. He’s really a wonderful maker. But, you see, he’s very interested in you. And let’s just say, we vampires normally get what we want.”

“Pshh, no doubt. Sookie, I…”

Was I actually considering this shit?

Her pussy had to be spelled.

No other explanation.

“Shall we try? If nothing else, it would get him off my back about it.”

There wasn’t a shot in hell I’d be able to say yes aloud, so I simply nodded. I wasn’t willing to give her up, but who the fuck knew how far I’d get before losing my shit?

Or vomiting.

Vomiting was a distinct possibility.

My stomach was already rolling, despite my raging hard-on.

Her eyes closed briefly, though her hand never stopped. Several minutes later I heard the front door open and close. I started to sweat immediately, and my pulse doubled.

And not just because she’d begun working my cock at vamp speed.

My toes were curling against the carpet when I heard the bedroom door open.

“And what is the verdict, dear one?” a sultry male voice asked from entirely too close behind me.

“He’s willing to ‘try’, master. He’s never been with a man before.”

“Sookie, please, stop calling me ‘master’ in social settings. Especially if I’m about to share your pet with you. It makes me feel dirty, which is a supremely difficult thing for someone my age,” he chuckled.

“How old are you?” Blaming the shakiness in my voice on her considerable skills was perfectly reasonable.

“Just over two thousand years; it’s hard to pinpoint an exact date.”

What. The. Fuck?

“You’re kidding?”

“Not at all. However, are we going to pretend that we aren’t about to fuck? Or would you rather just get to it?”

I nearly choked on my tongue. “Two thousand years, and you never thought to learn the art of seduction?”

So. Not. Okay. Right now.

He walked around the front of me, pausing to kiss Sookie on the forehead before turning his eyes to me. He looked terribly young; I’d guess he wasn’t yet out of his teens when he was made. His shirtless torso was covered in tattoos and he was remarkably fit for someone so young. Or old? Whatever.

“I actually know a great deal in regard to seduction,” he said quietly as his arms reached toward me; my whole body tensed instantly. “Pleasures I doubt your frail human body could handle. I want you to do this freely, Eric. I will not force you, nor push you if you find you are simply unable. But you are so very beautiful, and I’ve longed to share you with my child for so long now. Will you consent?”

Fucked if I knew!

“I’m not gay, I don’t think I can put…” I couldn’t even finish the fucking sentence.

“Why don’t we start slow then?”

“Eric?” Sookie’s soft voice cut through some of my panic.

As I turned to her, she brought her lips to mine. Her fangs still hadn’t run out, and her cool tongue was like heaven against my overheated lips. Her tiny fingers wrapped into the hair at the base of my neck as I began unbuttoning her shirt. Normally, I wasn’t one for burying my head in the sand, but I was fine as fuck to pretend there wasn’t a guy in the room macking after my dick.

Her hand had slowed considerably while I talked with her maker, but when she pulled it away I wanted to sob. I actually whined into her mouth until I felt my pants begin sliding down my hips. I lifted each foot when tapped and soon found myself bare from the waist down.

I teased her nipples through her silky bra as she began nibbling across my collar bone. The damn temptress had me so worked up, I’d probably come the moment she touched me again.

Thank fuck my rebound time was so good.

Her hand began working me again, though it wasn’t her normal feel. Maybe she was just anxious because her maker was standing there watching like a creeper? But something was throwing her game off.

Not that what Sookie was doing was bad, mind you.

Far from it.

Just… different.

As I worked her bra off, she continued to taunt me. Pulling, twisting; fast, slow. I desperately wanted to take one of her delicious nipples into my mouth, but I couldn’t keep my eyes focused enough to find my own ass – let alone her nipples.


Sookie was normally an expert on how to make me beg, but this… this was unbefuckinglievable.


Even if I didn’t let her maker have his fun, if this was how she acted with him in the room, I’d designate a chair for the mother fucker!

Holy. Shit.

“So good, Sookie,” I panted, earning a giggle in return.

She brought her lips back to mine, and I wanted to devour her. Her taste, smell, the way she was killing me slowly one twist at a time. I groaned aloud as she licked my tip, my knees nearly buckling in anticipation.

So soft, licking just perfectly.

Just the head sliding past her lips, making my toes fold under my feet.

Inch. By. Fucking. Inch she sucked me like a vacuum into her perfect mouth, rolling her tongue at just the right moments.

“Sookie, you’re gonna make me come,” I rasped against her lips.


She nipped my lip and hummed, “Not me, honey.”

I pulled away from her like I’d been stung and shot my eyes toward my crotch.

Sure enough, Godric’s eyes found mine; his full lips wrapped soundly around my cock.

God help me, I groaned at the site.

“Do you want him to stop, Eric?” she purred as she pulled my shirt over my head.

I was so fucking gone, I’d been making out with Sookie the whole time her male maker was sucking my dick. I didn’t even notice she was removing my shirt until I went blind for a moment.

“I… uh…”


No, I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted him to suddenly sprout tits and a pussy so I wouldn’t feel so creeped-the-fuck out right now. But since that wasn’t an option…

“He’ll stop if you want him to, honey. I promise. But you really seem to be enjoying Godric’s attention.”


I was seconds away from coming down a guy’s throat!

Fuck enjoying… I was begging inside.

Her hands began smoothing over my stomach and chest as her fangs began grazing my shoulder. My eyes locked on hers, and I saw the fear in them.

Strange. I’d never seen Sookie afraid.

“Kiss me,” I whispered.

I would have bawled like a baby if he’d stopped sucking me off, but I just couldn’t admit to enjoying it aloud. Her lips met mine, fangs and all, and I allowed myself to simply feel.

“I want to watch my maker pleasure you, Eric. You don’t understand the connection between a maker and child; I can feel how excited sucking your dick is making him. And since I’ve fed from you, I can feel how close to coming you are. You’ve got me so fucking turned on, knowing how much you love the feel of your cock in his mouth,” her growl resonated through my lips causing the most agonizing vibration.  “Please?”

I licked one fang as I pulled my mouth away, knowing what it did to her, and turned my focus back to the man on his knees. His eyes were black fire as they met mine, and even I could feel the lust rolling off him.

He felt SO. Fucking. Good.

“I can feel how surprised you are. It feels so good to you, his mouth around your dick,” she purred as she nipped at my chest and shoulder. “Are you holding back, trying not to explode? It sure feels like you are.”


Her hand began teasing the top of my ass as the other tweaked and pulled at my nipples, one at a time.

“I’m think I’m insulted, honey. I almost think you like his mouth around that gorgeous cock better than mine,” she pouted; I could hear it in her voice.

“No,” I grunted. “Different. I love what you do to me.”

“Just wait until he swallows you down, massaging your cock with his throat. I’ve seen him make grown men weep,” she cooed.

I was not going to think about the fact that they’d done this before.


Not going…

My cock hit the back of his throat and I moaned so pitifully, I almost didn’t recognize myself.

Sookie was amazing at head, truly. That lack of breathing thing really gave her an edge, but…

This man knew what I liked.

He knew just how to constrict his throat so it felt like I was fucking it. He knew to make his lips move at the base, so it felt like every part of me was in on the action. He knew instinctively to tug gently at the back of my balls, causing them to tighten almost instantly.

I swear to God, my fucking eyes welled.


I might fucking sob!

“Do you want him to stop?” she asked, and I could hear the fucking smirk in her voice.

“No!” I shouted ridiculously loud. “Please don’t. Don’t stop,” I whimpered as I placed my hands on his head.

Not that I truly thought I could keep him there if he wanted to go, but I’d die trying.


His throaty chuckle with my dick still firmly rammed down it nearly made me blow. I groaned as my fingers knotted in his hair.

My hips began rocking without my permission, and God bless Godric, he let me fuck his throat.

“So close, Sookie,” I rasped.

“I know, honey. It’s okay, we have you.”

I could only grunt in response.

“Open your legs a little for us,” she breathed against my lips.

As I did what I was told, Sookie placed the briefest of kisses to my parted lips before dropping down to kneel next to her maker.

“Sookie?” I gasped.

I wasn’t sure I could continue to hold myself up. I was so fucking close.

But, FUCK… I didn’t want it to end.

“We won’t let you fall, Eric. Relax.”

Her eyes left mine and I watched her begin to nip the skin along the inside of my thigh.

Oh shit.

The last fucking time she fed from there, I blacked out.

I’m so fucked.

Her biting got more insistent and just to torture me, she began sucking forcefully enough that I knew I’d be sporting more hickies before long. I unwound one of my hands from Godric’s hair and began stroking the top of my vampire’s head.

I loved that woman beyond words.

Her fingers wound with mine, “I love you, too, Eric,” she whispered.

What a fucked up way to exchange “I love yous” for the first time: my dick down her maker’s throat as I struggled not to come, while she prepped my femoral artery for a snack.

Welcome to my world.

No matter how comical the situation was, I was about out of control. I could feel the coil in my stomach tightening along with my balls.


I maybe had seconds left.

Godric tugged just a little harder on my sac while pressing his thumb into that space just behind my balls, at the same instant Sookie’s fangs sank into my skin.

I roared.

There was nothing else to call it.

I might have even damaged my vocal cords.

My ears rang, my vision exploded into white lights and flashes, and were it not for their hands on my ass and back, I would have fallen over helplessly.



Never before had I come like that.

It was a damn good thing Godric didn’t need to breath and couldn’t choke to death. I would have drowned him with my cum. Spurt after spurt.

I didn’t think it would ever stop.

And once it fucking did, I twitched like a fiend waiting for my next fix.

I could have given two fucks though, that was unbelievable!

He licked me clean, earning still more twitches from my spent form. Sookie was the first to reach me, her lips moving against mine before my brain truly registered their presence. Her kiss was hungry, desperate almost.

“Do you have any idea how fucking hot that was for me?” she rasped before nipping my bottom lip hard enough to draw blood.

Her luscious tongue smoothed away the trace in the next second, making my spent cock tingle.

For you?” I laughed.

What the fuck did she think it was for me?

I went deaf, dumb, and blind from coming, for Christ’s sake.

She giggled and rested her head against my shoulder, and in the next second I felt another pair of lips on my skin.

Godric kissed tenderly across my shoulder, his eyes almost pleading. Scared to death, I nodded slightly to him. The man had just sucked me within an inch of my life.

Surely a kiss wouldn’t kill me…

His lips were soft, yet not as silky-supple as Sookie’s; rougher, more manly, yet still remarkably pleasant. He used no tongue at first, our mouths simply familiarizing themselves with one another.

I almost felt dirty for enjoying everything with him; as far as society had come in the last decade, too many people were still radically bigoted about homosexuality.

But it didn’t feel dirty.

It felt wonderful. Right, almost. In a way I never imagined.

I didn’t think I’d suddenly switch teams or anything, and I was certain I wasn’t going to start trolling bars for men. But, with Godric it was just… different.

I licked his bottom lip, then the top, silently begging him to open his mouth to me. When he finally did I moaned deeply. His scent was astounding, in spite of the fact that I could smell my release on him.

And his taste… no words.

Sookie’s hands roamed over my torso as one of mine inexplicably began massaging Godric’s. Not that I forgot about my vampire, mind you; my other hand wrapped around her, anchoring her to my side.

Whatever the fuck I was feeling for Godric, it was Sookie that I loved. More than the breath I was currently huffing into her maker’s mouth.

I wouldn’t let her question that.

Sookie wriggled against me, trying to get free and I panicked. I tore my mouth from Godric’s and pleaded, “Don’t leave.”

“Shhh, my beautiful man, I’m just removing my clothes. There’s only so much fun we can have with two of us still dressed,” she smiled coyly at me, raising her eyebrow like I was a moron.



What was I supposed to say?

My brain was still all fuzzy from erupting like a geyser. Complex thought had long since gone the way of the Dodo.

Godric’s hand pulled my mouth back to his and this time, I swallowed his groan. Sookie left my side, earning a whimper from me until I realized she was simply helping her maker shed his linen pants.

Sookie took my hand and began pulling me toward the bed. She sat, scooting herself to rest her head on the pillows and drew me with her. “Show my maker how good you are at worshiping my pussy, Eric. Let him see how you make me quiver like a human and beg like a whore.”

Fuck. Yes!

I stopped briefly to taste her rosy buds, the one’s I’d been dying to feel between my teeth for longer than seemed possible. When her hands began pushing my head to where she wanted it, I figured it was time to move on.

A part of me felt bad that I’d abandoned Godric so quickly, but what my vampire wanted, my vampire got. Nothing tasted like my Sookie, and though we’d only exchanged blood once, I doubted anything would ever taste better than her eternally tight pussy. I licked, bit, teased, and fingered her until she was growling threats if I didn’t finish her off.

I jumped slightly when I felt his hands begin caressing my back; I’d almost forgotten about Godric in my Sookie-induced haze. His hands smoothed up and down my skin, and soon his mouth followed their tracks. I was tense, scared, but more than a little turned on as he began licking closer and closer to my ass.

My movements on Sookie has slowed the closer he got to only virgin part of me and when his tongue ran between my cheeks, I yelped like a timid puppy. His laughter vibrated through my ass, causing a small moan to escape without my permission. Sookie wriggled against me trying to force my attention, but when his tongue began tracing my puckered hole, I was lost.

Oh, I was still working on her, but nowhere near the way I should have been.

I should have been ashamed, horrified, disgusted even, to enjoy his tongue on my ass. But… holy fuck! It was amazing!

Soft, cool, exciting, such a no-no that it made my dick twitch.

But when I felt his finger begin to work its way into me, my body shot forward like a rocket and if Sookie were human, I’d have crushed her.

“I can’t. I’m not… I just…” I was so shocked I couldn’t even think!

“It’s okay, Eric,” Godric soothed. “Obviously you’re a top, not a bottom. I told you, I won’t push you for more than you can handle.”

“I… I…”

“Eric, honey,” she whispered from above me. “It’s okay. Don’t panic. It’s just the three of us; no one will know what happens here tonight. Just relax and do what feels good. If you don’t like anything, we won’t do it. Simple.”

“Okay,” I whined.

Yes, whined.

I was so fucking confused. Again.

“Why don’t you let me finish Sookie off? Perhaps she can occupy you while I make her scream?” he offered with a knowing smirk.

I crawled up and to the side of Sookie, kneeling near her head. She instantly began fondling my balls; kneading, caressing, pulling. I watched as he began eating her pussy at a pace I couldn’t hope to match. His fingers and tongue working in tandem, making her growl and mewl.

Her hand moved over my shaft, working me to perfection through her multiple releases. She came, and came, and came again. I wanted to be jealous, but I simply wasn’t working with the same advantages Godric was.

For now.

If being a vamp made her come like that, she and I needed to have a little chat soon.

“I want to watch you fuck him, Eric. I want you to pleasure my maker the way you do me. Your long, thick, cock always feels so fucking good balls-deep inside me; I want him to feel how incredible you are,” she begged, her fangs long and glinting in the dim light.

“Sookie…” I breathed. I didn’t know what the fuck to do.

“You like fucking me up the ass, how is this really any different?”


Yeah… I totally had nothing.

“Please, honey. For me,” she pleaded as yet another orgasm began.


I didn’t bother saying anything as I got behind Godric. I didn’t want to seem ungrateful for what he’d done for me earlier, but… what the hell?

Was I really about to fuck another dude up the ass?

Apparently so.

The sad part was, my dick didn’t deflate in the least as I drew closer to his ass.

Sookie tossed me the lube we kept in her drawer for nights that I did this to her, and without thinking too much I began applying it liberally to my cock. It wasn’t that I could actually hurt either of them if I went in dry, but it was far from ideal for my poor dick if I did.

Live and learn.

Godric moved forward just as I reached him, and for a moment I thought he’d changed his mind. As he slid his cock into my vampire, I realized how wrong I’d been.

“Please,” they said in unison.

He buried himself within her until their hips met, both of them grunting at the sensation. “Just… give me a minute, okay?” I asked quietly.

No words were spoken as they began enjoying one another, though neither seemed annoyed that I needed a moment to get over years of societal programming. The sounds she made were quite similar to when it was my dick balls-deep inside her, if not slightly toned down.

Talk about an ego boost.

Regardless, it was so amazing to watch them together. Centuries of practice apparently made perfect. They each knew just what to do to drive the other wild. She was certainly enjoying herself, but it seemed the connection was different than what she and I shared. Sure, there was certainly love and passion there between them, but it was less… emotional? Primal, maybe? Than when we were together.

Either way, I was aching with the need for release.

I moved forward slightly, my hands began kneading Godric’s ass as he drove himself into my woman. Muscular, soft yet hard, surprisingly pleasing. Much firmer than Sookie’s, though hers was just the perfect amount of flesh to drive me crazy.

As I drew closer they paused, waiting to see what I’d do. “Lift her a little, maybe onto your legs?”

I’d been with two women at once, but I’d never had another man as a player in my sex games. I didn’t know what to do.

He did as I requested, but then leaned forward explaining that he didn’t think the angle would be right considering my size. He was also kind enough to point out that if I were vampire, I’d be able to be on bottom while she rode his cock on top of me.

Another reason to turn, perhaps?

Depending on how tonight went, of course.

Anyway, they positioned themselves so that I could align my weeping cock with his hole. Nervous still, but oddly excited, I grabbed my dick and pressed against him.

So far, it wasn’t unlike any other time I’d done anal. The same amount of resistance until you pushed past that ring of muscle, the same ultra-tight feeling that made my eyes roll…

The only thing that was truly different was that as we began moving, his muscles clenched around me as he worked to drive himself into Sookie in time with my thrusts.

And what a fucking feeling it was.



Milking me.

Making me grunt with every thrust.

Any awkwardness I’d felt melted away with each push forward. Every time I pulled back, my dick was tortured in the most delicious of ways.





If he’d been human, he’d be wearing my fingerprints on his hips for weeks, I gripped him so hard. It was a monumental effort to keep from coming before we were all ready. I couldn’t stop the noises coming from me, and each one only seemed to fuel their desire further.



So. Fucking. Close.

Sookie’s orgasm must’ve snuck up on her, because she screamed and tensed so much even I felt her come. Her release triggered Godric’s, and I could feel each spurt of his cock as it shot into her as he clenched around my dick.

There was no holding back.

I bucked forward and bellowed as I shot stream after stream of my seed deep into his oh-so-tight ass. Deaf, dumb, and more than blind all over again, I fell over on top of them and prayed I wouldn’t have a heart attack at my age.

When my senses finally returned, I pulled out and rolled to the side inelegantly. Well… I mostly flopped like a dying fish onto my back and panted obscenely loud.

“You alright, honey?” Sookie asked quietly as she curled her body around mine, laying her head over my racing heart.

“Nope. You fuckers killed me. Dead. Night,” I moaned.

She laughed sweetly, “Do you want my blood?”

“Always. But you still killed me.”

“My poor, sweet boy. How are we going to continue if you’re dead? I’d hate to have to wait three whole nights to finish this,” she whined.

“Shut up and tap a vein, you insatiable little slut,” I snorted.

As her bleeding wrist met my mouth, I heard Godric mutter, “I can’t believe you allow a pet to speak to you in such a fashion.”

He didn’t necessarily seem mad, just horribly confused. I wasn’t sure why, this is how Sookie and I always were with one another. She said my obstinate attitude was part of my “charm”.

“He’s not a pet, Godric. Eric is MINE,” she growled.

It was no small turn on when she got all growly-possessive of me, by the way.

Her blood was rapidly working its magic, and within moments I was as refreshed as I would have been after a great night’s sleep. Ah, the advantages of having an immortal girlfriend…

“So how much of an asshole did you make me out to be in order for him to agree?” Godric asked from somewhere on the bed, the smile evident in his voice.

“Eh, I alluded to the fact that if he didn’t give in you’d force us to ‘break up’. It’s not like I said you’d end one of us,” she scoffed like she hadn’t been a big, fat liar.

“You devious bitch! Such a little fibber,” I scolded as I tongued the closing holes in her wrist.

“What? Me? Pssh… I simply knew you’d be too constipated over societal norms to do something you’d love. And guess what, you did love it,” she added as she pinched my nipple.


“Ow! We can’t have more fun if you break me, either,” I whined. That shit hurt!

Purple-nurple a la vampire… oh goodie.

“Are you mad that I conned you into fucking a man?” she asked quietly.

“I probably should be, and it’s totally not cool for you to back me into a corner again… but no. I’m not going to start dreaming about men or anything, but this was fucking amazing. And, if you hadn’t of threatened a break-up, I never would have done it. So you’re off the hook, hooker.”

“Good, because I love you too much to lose you,” she sighed as she kissed my chest.

“Perhaps we should feed your human, my dear, if we plan to continue. Your blood aside, he still needs actual sustenance to withstand the two of us for more than one round,” Godric offered as he licked my cock.

God help me.

These two would be the death of me…


I left this open-ended so that if y’all like it enough, I can come back to play with them more.

Hope you enjoyed the little twists in this one; it was sure fun to write.

I have an idea for a different E/G/S story in mind, but I really want to finish A Thousand Years first. But seeing as how I have muse whispers… we’ll see how that goes, lol!!!

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

13 thoughts on “Bottoms up

  1. Initially I was kind of put off by Eric being human, but in the interest of full disclosure, I never really like a human Eric anyway… BUT: Since I love your writing style, I had to keep going *because GODRIC, lol, and I loved it!

    (*Isn’t “because Godric an awesome excuse for pretty much anything? I mean, com’on, it’s…GODRIC!) 😀

  2. Okay first so love the title “Bottoms Up”!!!!! Next I was w/ meridien halfway I don’t dislike Human Eric but not really into Human Eric in a vampire world but as Godric converted Eric you convert me. It worked; I think I don’t like seeing Eric as the weak one and he wasn’t in the story in fact he had most of the control in the threesome. Whether this is a one off or turns I to more I am totally satisfied. Great story and just curious are you sure you done have a hot guy living I. Your brain because you do men writing so seemly effortlessly? What a superb way to start my Sun AM!

  3. That was awesome! I loved the twist of Eric being the human and Sookie and Godric breaking his hang ups instead of the men breaking Sookie of hers. Would definitely read more if you wrote it.

  4. Like that this is from Eric’s POV. Gives the story a different edge especially as he is the human in your story. You came up with some impressive expressions for him. Lots of fun had reading this. Thankyou.

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