Open Up


Remember me?

Yeah… I’m not 100% sure I do at times either. Sorry for the long absence. But the arm is finally healed to the point where I can type for more than five minutes again! YAYAYAYAY!

Here’s a short, all human story with our favorite couple.

This is NSFW, just to let you know. It’s just a little PWP to get me back into the swing of writing again.

And, for the sake of argument, let’s pretend that this little universe is a perfect world where there’s no STDs and no unwanted pregnancies, since I didn’t bother to have Eric put a condom on when I wrote it. Lol.

And this is unbetaed since my girl is in NOLA and I didn’t want to bother her. All mistakes are solely mine.

Hope you enjoy.


His thick tip was warm silk as it traced my lips gently, painting them with his slick essence. Dying to taste him, my tongue peeked out and followed his artwork, savoring each drop. His flavor was salty, but not bitter, and far more of a turn on than I’d expected.

“Open up,” Eric rasped, his voice ragged from desire.

I was naked, kneeling at his feet, my body humming with anticipation and raw need. His one hand was wound firmly in my hair as the other stroked his massive erection. He was long and thick, with a fat head and what turned out to be an incredible taste. Because of the two pictures I’d seen since we met online, I’d known he was well equipped, but seeing him in person was awe inspiring. He even smelled heavenly! Just a hint of whatever soap he favored, and something that was all him but made my mouth water.

Eric’s hand untangled from my hair and the backs of his fingers felt like fire on my skin as they ran slowly from my temple to my jaw. He continued to work his cock with the other hand as his thumb and forefinger gripped my chin gently, but firmly.

“Open up, lover,” he begged. “I need to feel those sexy lips wrapped around the base of my cock. Just the thought…” he trailed off as he coaxed my mouth open.

My lips parted at his request, and he shivered slightly as he stopped stroking and began guiding himself toward me. A tiny bead of precum blossomed at his tip, his head a deep pink and already shiny from the beads that came before this one and had decorated my lips. His flavor burst on my tongue as he slid slowly into my mouth and I moaned quietly at the taste, causing Eric to shiver once again.

Oh so slowly, he fed me his cock. Inch by glorious inch, his hot, hard length slid over my soft tongue toward the back of my throat. Once he was halfway in, I allowed my lips to close around his length and began rubbing my tongue back and forth across him as he continued forward, swallowing occasionally so I could help him along.

“Fuck,” he groaned loudly. “You look so good on your knees with those pretty pink lips wrapped around my dick,” he continued as he began petting my face as I sucked him.

Finally, with only couple inches left to fit, Eric let go of his cock and wound one hand into my hair again. I loved the feel of him gripping me, guiding me, but never pulling or forcing. It was primal, intimate, but not the least bit overbearing. One hand holding me, while the other caressed my face… it was sexy and sweet and so fucking hot all at once.

“Can you take all of me, Sookie?” Eric whispered as his fingers began stroking my throat. “Will you let me all the way in?”

He’d mentioned before that very few had ever been able to take him all the way orally. As big as he was, I understood why. He was about to be a very happy man, however. Having almost no gag reflex was a beautiful thing for a girl who loved to worship cock.

I moaned around him in response before pushing myself forward so that he could reach the back of my throat. I swallowed slightly, just enough to let him enter my throat only a little before backing him out again. I brought my hands to the backs of his thighs and began running my fingers up and down his long legs lightly as I began sucking him in earnest.

I used light suction at first as I moved my mouth up and down his dick. My tongue massaged him constantly as I moved. Every few passes, I’d let him enter my throat, but still only a little. Just enough to drive him wild. Eric’s hand held my hair quite firmly, but even though I could feel his thighs trembling and twitching under my fingertips, he never pulled. I was thrilled he was letting me acquaint myself properly with this masterpiece before me.

His breathing was labored above me, and the sounds he was making were making me hot. Little grunts and groans, occasional swears, and a panting moan that had my thighs clenching. I planted my hands on his fantastic ass, looked him dead in the eyes, and this time when he hit the back of my throat, I swallowed repeatedly, working him all the way in. His whole body tensed, his hand pulling my hair just to the point of pain, as he groaned long and loud.

“Oh shit, FUCK that’s good! Yes!” he breathed. “Don’t fucking move,” he practically begged as he began fucking my throat gently, his hand not loosening in my long locks.

I dug my nails into his ass just a little as I pulled back against his hold needing to breathe. Eric took the hint right away and helped to ease himself out of my throat. Coming up for air, I spent some time focusing on his tip. I hooked my pointer finger around the base of him as my lips closed around his head. I bobbed quickly, only going to the base of his tip, keeping a constant suction around him while my eyes remained locked on his. When his fingers dug into my scalp, I parted my lips and began licking him like a lollipop.

I sat further back on my heels and lowered my head, moving my fingers so that I could hold him flat against himself. I licked and gently sucked at his balls for several moments before running my flat, soft tongue from his sack to his tip. I paused before taking him into my mouth again to paint my lips with his tip, as he’d done earlier. Slowly, so very slowly, I fed him into my lips, allowing his dick itself to part them. Without stopping, I took him all the way to the back of my throat and swallowed him down all the way.

“HOLY FUCK!” Eric shouted as his fingers dug into my hair tighter, making me very thankful we’d chosen this secluded stretch of the lake for our first picnic.

His pace was fast, but still relatively gentle as he fucked my mouth. I let him guide me; use my body as he wanted for his pleasure, knowing from all our talks that he’d do the same for me before we were done. My eyes stayed on his (when his head wasn’t thrown back) as he thrust himself in and out of my mouth. Each time he stayed at the back of my throat for more than a breath’s worth, I swallowed him down, making him moan every time. I loved that even though this was our first time together, we seemed to instinctively know what the other needed and wanted. A light squeeze to his ass or backs of his thighs, and he knew to back up and let me breath. It was sexy and inspiring, getting each other so well with no prior exposure.

My intent hadn’t been to sleep with him on our second date, but so far this was turning out to be a brilliant decision.

“Christ,” he swore as he suddenly pulled himself from my mouth, panting as his hand unwound from my hair.

His large hand instantly wrapped around his throbbing cock and I watched wide-eyed as he squeezed himself rather firmly, his cock bucking in his grip as he gritted his teeth. The clicking of his jaw muscles as he fought for control was one of the hottest things I’d ever witnessed. Several long seconds passed as I watched him fight the urge to come, all the while sitting at attention in case I needed to catch his release on my tongue.

No way was he wasting that delicious release on the undeserving grass!

“Holy hell, that was fucking close,” he finally breathed. “My rebound time is pretty good, but I’m not coming until I’m inside you,” he vowed as he offered his hand and helped me to stand.

The moment I was on my feet, one of his long arms wrapped around my waste as the other resumed its apparently favorite spot in my hair, and he drew me tight against his body. His very ready dick had just nestled tightly against my lower stomach when his lips found mine, making me gasp. The kiss was hungry, desperate, and bordering on brutal – but I didn’t mind in the least.

He practically pillaged my mouth as he held me in an iron grip. I could feel his hips swaying just slightly, rubbing his cock against my soft skin. I moaned into his mouth as my hips moved with a mind of their own. Giving head always made me horny, but sucking Eric’s cock had me drenched. I could feel my juices running down my thighs, the swaying motion coating everything evenly. I would have been embarrassed about how wet I was, but somehow I didn’t think Eric was going to mind.

Lord knows I’d need it to help that monster slide home!

“I’m sorry,” he began as soon as our lips parted, though he didn’t release his hold on me. His forehead rested on mine and his eyes closed as he whispered, “I’ve got to be in you now, I can’t wait anymore. I wanted to draw this out, worship your pussy with my mouth before entering you. But that mouth of yours,” he paused and groaned in the sexiest bass I’d ever heard. “Mmm… that beautiful fucking mouth of yours has me way too close.”

His eyes opened and the fire burning in them stole my breath right before his lips claimed mine once again. This kiss was more gentle but passionate enough to make my pussy ache. Every kiss I’d shared with Eric between the two dates we’d had were amazing, but this one was different in a way I couldn’t place. Not that I put too much effort into it, of course, I was just content being exactly where I was.

That is, until his lips left mine and he spun me in his arms.

His still erect cock rested at the small of my back as he used his body to guide me toward his car, his hands caressing my breasts as we moved. The feel of him rolling the nipples between his thumb and pointer made me stumble, but Eric caught me with only a quiet chuckle that dripped with male pride. I couldn’t help but smile at the sound.

“Put your hands on the hood and bend over. Please,” Eric said, with a hint of authority that I found quite sexy, as we reached the front, passenger side of his metallic gray 1954 Chevy Bel Air.

I bent at the waist, my back nearly straight because my feet were still several feet back from the car. His hands ran over the sides of my breasts to the middle of my back where they went slowly up to both sides of my neck before they began their tortuous downward trek. One hand gripped my hip just before I felt a light smack to my left cheek.

“Open up for me. Let me get between though long legs,” he asked as his feet nudged mine to widen my stance. “Have I told you that I love the fact that you’re built like a woman? Gorgeous breasts. Large, edible nipples that I can’t wait to taste. Thick, but strong thighs. And a plump, juicy ass that’s made for biting… baby, you’re perfect,” Eric breathed as I felt his tip nudging my entrance.

“Oh! God,” I moaned, knowing I wouldn’t last long. He hadn’t so much as rubbed my slit yet and I was already very close.

Not that I felt unattended to! Not in the least. I hadn’t given him much of a chance to touch me once we’d gotten naked. I took one look at his cock and dropped to my knees without conscious thought. I’d had to have him in my mouth immediately.

“I don’t know how long I’ll last this time, Sookie,” his apologies clear in his voice. “But I promise to make it up to you,” he vowed as he began rubbing himself against me, coating his cock in my slick juices.

I nearly came the moment his thick head breached my entrance. He was so thick, long, and hard, that for just a moment I wondered if he’d fit. I could feel every single inch as he worked himself inside me. Eric went slowly, pausing to let me adjust once he was finally in me to the hilt.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I pushed back against him – wiggling slightly, silently begging him to move. His strokes began long and slow, pulling nearly all the way out before driving forward so that he was balls deep again. Every so often, Eric would pause to tease the shit out of me. He’d only let me have the tip, holding my hip and left breast gently but firmly, so I couldn’t force him deeper. It was when he pulled out fully to rub his head through my folds and over my clit that I began begging.

“Please, fuck me, Eric. Don’t tease. Gimme what I want,” I groaned.

And give me, he did.

His hands griped my hips, and in one powerful thrust he buried himself in me so deeply that his balls slapped against my clit, causing me to cry out. This time his rhythm was fast, his strokes deep, his balls hitting me hard enough to make noise as he fucked me senseless. One hand left my hip to tease my hardened nipples as the other snuck around front to pinch my clit gently.

I was so close, I could practically taste it.

It was then that we heard the boat going by, the passengers hooting and cat-calling once they noticed us. His fingers left my clit and I nearly cried. My thighs were shaking, my heart was pounding, and I could feel my orgasm building up from my toes. I wasn’t stopping for anything short of a nuclear bomb! I turned my head to the side in time to see Eric giving the boaters a thumbs-up and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Think they’re enjoying the show,” Eric asked, his breath choppy, as we heard the boat circling around for another look.

“Who the fuck cares?” I laughed as I tried not to scream. “Just don’t you dare stop! I’m so fucking close!”

When his fingers once again came to rest on either side of my swollen clit, I moaned loudly and turned to bite down on my arm. This orgasm was going to be epic. I could tell Eric was getting close as well; his pace quickened, his strokes shortened, and his rhythm had developed an occasional twitch.

Apparently we both had a bit exhibitionist in us.

Eric let go of my hip and brought that arm across the front of me, resting on my breast, as he pulled me up flush against his chest. My whole body was vibrating and I was honestly worried I’d pass out mid-orgasm at this rate. I was so turned on it was nearly an out of body experience.

“Come for me,” Eric moaned just as he pinched my clit and nipple simultaneously.

My body obeyed without question.

The cat-calls began again, the boat passing at a much slower speed this time. His teeth sunk into my shoulder causing a slight sting, his groan deep and long in my ear. My hands gripped the backs of his thighs as I bit my lip, attempting to contain the scream dying to escape, but it was no use. I yelled out to the sky as my head fell back against his chest, my knees turning to jelly as I came harder than I ever had before.

The nosy boaters cheered along with us, causing us both to laugh breathlessly as we continued to come. Eric kept one arm around me as I began to slump, falling forward to catch us both with one hand on his hood. I’d probably be as embarrassed as fuck later, but for now I was just happy. This had been, hands down, the hottest sexual experience of my life.

“That was…” he began before trailing off, his breath still coming in short pants.

“Yeah,” I readily agreed.

“You two finished already?” One of the peepers yelled. “What the hell!”

Turning his head to the side, “Yup, show’s over. Take a hike,” Eric hollered back.

With minimal grumbling from our unexpected audience, they finally got on their way. The sun was still out, the weather was gorgeous, and we still had dessert to eat. Hopefully Eric would want to hang out for a bit. I wasn’t terribly worried he’d fuck me and bail, we’d been talking for months now –I just wasn’t ready to go home yet.

“Do you wanna pack up and head because of those bozos, or can you stay a while?” Eric asked in my ear, making me wonder if he could read my mind.

“I’m good to stay for a while, but we should probably get dressed,” I laughed.

“No. That would require pulling out of you, and I’m not loving that plan,” he announced before kissing the spot he’d bitten. “That’s probably going to bruise, I’m sorry.”

“Meh, I bruise like a peach. It’ll be fine,” I said confidently, though I wondered if I’d be wearing turtle necks in July for a few weeks.

“Cool. I’m glad you want to stay,” he said with a gentle kiss to my neck before easing himself out of me. “I’m not ready for this to end yet.”

“Neither am I,” I agreed as he pulled me against his chest once more. His arms wound around my waist as he held me close.

“Maybe they’ll even be time for round two?”

“There better be, I didn’t get to ride you that time!” I smiled at his hungry groan as I tangled my fingers with his.


So, who knows if they’ll be more for these two? To be honest, I’m just happy as a pig in shit that I was able to start and finish something for the first time since December or before. What a crock this whole process has been.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me, and a special thanks to all of you who have reached out to check on me. I love you guys to the moon and back!

Thanks for reading! Love and hugs!

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  1. Yeah she’s back! I love your dirty little mind. A good story to get the juices running. I think this is a fine one off but if you insist on continuing I won’t be complaining.

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