A Thousand Years Chapter 12

Okay, I need to get my happy lil’ writing butt back on track. I’m only three chapters ahead now, so if I want to keep with the twice a week updates, I need to get a move on!

Happy Wednesday to everyone, hope y’all are having a nice fall day!

Balti K is my beta on this one, so she makes the boo-boo’s go away & she’s the bestest!

Disclaimer – Still don’t own them, but I still wish I did!


Yes, my love. I think it just might be time for you to show that bitch what your ‘microwave fingers’ are really capable of, I replied using our mental connection.

“I’m going to give you only one more chance to walk away, Ms. Flannigan. I don’t wish to hurt you, or anyone else. But I will do whatever I must in order to protect me and mine,” Sookie declared, as her fingers began to glow a little brighter.

“Grab this white-trash, half-breed bitch and let’s go,” she ordered the lead AVL soldier.

Welp, I warned her… Sookie thought; whether it was directed specifically at me or not, I heard her regardless. Welp? That was a new one, even for someone who’d been around as long as I had. I made a mental note to inquire about some of her stranger slang sayings at some point…

Chaos immediately ensued. The moment the guards started to close in on Sookie, her hands began to glow an almost blinding white, and Bill, Pam and myself all hunched into attack formation. I knew Sookie could handle Flannigan – hell, she could take out the lot of them if she chose, given her stunt earlier tonight with the fairies – but I was still planning to be at her side when she ‘flash fried that bitch,’ as she had so eloquently put it. I was a bit concerned about her using her powers again so soon after they nearly destroyed her earlier tonight, but I held to the hope that our bonding would give her protection against such ill effects. Surely my blood would give her the strength she needed to use her powers without killing her… right? And I would be able to heal her again, if need be… I hope.

I attempted to speed to her side but was stopped by an unseen force. What the fuck? I looked quickly to Pam and Bill, quickly ascertaining that they were mobile yet neither of them could get closer to Sookie. The guards were also still able to move about, provided they weren’t advancing towards my mate. In all my years, I had never encountered anything like what was happening now.

My love, what the fuck is happening? Why can I not reach you? I thought to her. I sincerely hoped that our connection was able to penetrate whatever this unseen force was.

“Y’all need to stay back while Nan and I have ourselves a little chat now,” Sookie commanded with a sweet smile upon her face. I loved my little Fae, but she could certainly be frightening when she chose; that smile was so sickly sweet, it was nearly evil.

This is your doing? I silently questioned.

Sookie gave only a short nod as a response to my thoughts, so as to not give our ability away, I assumed. My guess was that she needed her mental focus to deal with Nan as opposed to converse secretly with me.

Even though those of us on the outside of her force field would have been perfectly able to war with one another, we all seemed to be too enraptured with the goings on between my mate and the soldier’s boss to fight. So, we as a group, we simply stood and watched Sookie Stackhouse take on a centuries old vampire with presumably nothing more than glowing hands.

“Now, Ms. Flannigan… I’ve had just about enough of your disrespectful attitude and your bitchy comments. You need to learn some fucking respect,” Sookie said with her voice lacking any malice whatsoever. The only indication of her true displeasure, other than her neon digits, was the smile falling from her face as she informed Flannigan of her need for a re-education.

“You’re out of your backwater, inbred, hick-ass mind if you think you can teach me anything, Ms. Stackhouse. It’s you who need the lesson, bitch,” Nan sneered as her fangs snicked into place. “You need to learn not to taunt someone higher up the food chain than you!” Nan dropped into a slight crouch, obviously preparing to pounce before she added, “And I’m just the vampire to instruct you.”

Flannigan lunged forward and for a split second I feared that I would lose Sookie before we truly had a chance to explore our new love, but my fears were quickly squashed by a wave of Sookie’s hand.

“No,” Sookie commanded as she waved her glowing hand almost dismissively at Nan’s surging form. Flannigan’s approach was arrested instantly, shocking all those who witnessed it. She was suspended midair, her eyes wild with fear. If I’d been on this earth as long as I had and never witnessed anything like this, I was certain Flannigan hadn’t. Her fear was more than justified, as was the fear I could feel radiating off every other being presently in the bar. I had no fear of Sookie’s power, however. I was filled instead with awe and pride at my mate’s abilities.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Nan screeched. “How are you doing this? Guards, do something!” she bellowed.

“You’ll stay put now, ya hear?” Sookie said as if reprimanding a child, as she seemed to ponder what to do next. “I tried to give you a chance to walk away and leave me and Eric in peace, but y’all are just too stupid to take it.” I couldn’t help but love Sookie’s Southern lilt; in most people I found it to be utterly irritating, but when she spoke I found her accent simply delectable. Gods, was there anything she’d do that wouldn’t make me want to fuck her senseless?

“I hate the thought of killing, but I have to protect myself and my mate, as well as the rest of the folks I love. So… you, Nan, have to go.” I watched in fascination as Sookie’s hands began to glow impossibly brighter, while a softer white light illuminated her entire body.

“Even if you kill me, you little bitch, my guards will end you and your precious puppy-like protectors,” Flannigan spat as her skin started to smolder slightly.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Sookie mused as she raised her hands towards Nan’s smoking form, palms outreached. “Maybe I’ve got a few other tricks up my sleeves besides flash frying you. Buh-bye now, you wretched woman, please enjoy your trip to hell.” That eerie smile had found its way back to my Sookie’s face, making her sing-song statement simply terrifying – even to me.

I had expected Nan to be disposed of in much the same way the fairies had – quickly and with a stinging pain to my own body. Instead, Sookie cocked her head slightly and slowly fricasseed her prey in a way that almost reminded me of a vampire burning in the sun. Flannigan’s skin began to smolder more and more, until blueish flames erupted from her person. When she began to scream, Sookie simply commanded, “Silence!” and we heard no more. Oh, we could see that she was still screaming for all she was worth, but it was almost as if Sookie had pressed a mute button on an unseen remote.

My little hybrid was badass beyond description! I made a mental note that from this day forward I would do my best to avoid pissing her off…

When Nan Flannigan was reduced to a pile of ash on the floor, Sookie turned her attention towards the AVL guards. “Now, are we going to have ourselves any more problems? Or are you nice ladies and gentlemen going to leave peacefully?” Her skin had stopped glowing everywhere except her hands. The light her fingers continued to emit was far less bright than mere minutes ago, though I doubted it was any less deadly.

“My love,” I began as I started towards her, noting that the force field was no longer intact. “I fear that even if they were allowed to leave, you would still be at risk. I cannot glamour away their memories of you and your abilities, as most of them are vampires.”

No fucking way was I letting a single AVL guard leave this bar alive tonight. Sookie had killed a major player in Vampire politics, a deed that would not go unpunished if discovered. Simply put, they all had to die to protect my mate.

“Well, I don’t want to kill them all either, Eric,” she protested. “It’s not their fault their boss was a fucking twatwaffle! They shouldn’t die for that.” I could tell her mind was made up, but still I wasn’t going to let them continue to exist.

“Sookie, without the possibility of fucking with their memories, there is no option besides death. I will not allow a risk to your safety to simply wander out of my fucking bar!” I may have been yelling a little at this point. Smart to engage a feisty hybrid? No. However, I rarely could control myself enough not to argue with Sookie fucking Stackhouse.

“Well then, dear man, I guess I’ll just have to tamper with their memories then,” she declared as if it was the simplest answer ever and I was moronic not to have thought of it.

Before I could question her further, her hands brightened and the all-over body glow started back up. She waved her hand at the group of soldiers and commanded, “Look at me, AVL guards.”

Instantly, all soldiers were fixed on Sookie, standing statue-still otherwise. Had I mentioned yet that my mate could be a bit terrifying on occasion?

“You never came to Fangtasia tonight,” Sookie began, though I had to interrupt her.

“My love, their vehicles would have GPS tracking in them. The AVL will be well aware of their destinations tonight.”

“Oh, well… poo,” she pondered momentarily what to do before nodding slightly, seeming to come up with something pleasing to her. “Fine. Y’all went to Bill Compton’s house tonight and helped him overthrow Sophie Anne. But during the scuffle, the Queen killed Nan Flannigan. Bill, along with your help, defeated Sophie Anne and then the new King asked you to accompany him here to Fangtasia,” she paused presumably to fill in the rest of the blanks in this new reality.

“King Compton wanted to make sure that Sheriff Northman was safe and that he could count on Eric’s support in his new role as monarch. Isn’t that right, your majesty?” Sookie asked her former lover without turning her attention from the entranced soldiers.

Bill only hesitated momentarily. “Yes… yes, of course it is. When we got here, Sheriff Northman was kind enough to pledge his fealty to me and the state of Louisiana,” Compton was probably going to say something else, but Sookie cut him off.

“You also guaranteed my safety, along with my status as bonded mate to Sheriff Northman, didn’t you, Sir?” she instructed while nodding. “No vampire, human, or other being will be able to separate me from Eric. My abilities belong to me and my mate alone, and will be used when and if we see fit. My bonded has the final say in any proposed use of my talents.” She paused to think at me, anything else I should add, Eric?

“Sookie, my love, do not forget to remind them that it is now a crime punishable by death for anyone other than myself to taste you. Plus, King Compton has so graciously agreed to witness our pledging at a date of our choosing.” I saw no need not to throw that in there. She might not be ready today, but hopefully she would eventually.

“Yes, Eric, of course. It was very gracious indeed of King Bill to agree to witness our pledging.” Sookie took a deep breath and repeated my additions to the entranced guards. She then told them to take their leave, pointing out as they left, “Now remember y’all, you were never after me specifically. I just happened to be here with my bonded. There is nothing special about me, I have no powers. I am simply Sheriff Northman’s bonded mate.”

I was quite proud of her for remembering to ensure her safety. The glow Sookie had been emitting slowly faded as I watched in awe as the AVL soldiers left the bar, content in their false knowledge. How the fuck my mate had glamoured an entire group of people, let alone a group of vampires, was beyond me. I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be able to do that with a group that size, especially since it was mostly comprised of vampires; the fact that she could was mind-blowing! And yet, my petite little hybrid made it look like the easiest thing on earth. Unbelievable!

After my bar was clear of everyone except myself, my mate, my progeny and fucking Compton, Sookie’s glowing resumed. She turned her attention to the fucktard of a King and glowered. My love raised a single, pointed finger and began her rant.

“You, Bill Compton, will never speak of me in such a disrespectful fashion again! I am a lady, and I expect to be treated as such. How dare you talk about my blood and my womanly-bits as if they’re sold on the shelf at the local Piggly Wiggly!” she seethed as her light began to shine brighter.

“If you can buy fairy pussy at the Piggly Wiggly, I’ve been shopping at the wrong fucking stores!” my progeny noted, seeming to be completely serious as she examined her perfectly manicured nails.

I was normally a proud vampire, perfectly content in keeping a tight rein on my emotions publicly, but my typical stony mask went out the window faster than the comments flying from the women in my life. The stress of the night and the various emotions I had experienced this evening was proving to be too much. I gave in to it all and roared with laughter, barely able to remain standing with the spasms coursing through me.

Pussy at the Piggly Wiggly… what the fuck would they come up with next?!


I need to give credit where credit is due; Ficlit78 in the story “Pretty Kitty” gave Sookie the ability to freeze people, although that’s not exactly what I am doing, I still didn’t want anyone to think that I was pirating ideas. I know that I’ve read other stories where Sookie and Eric were able to communicate mentally, though sadly I cannot name each of them now; I’ve read A LOT of stories on this site and loved them all. It is hard in a fandom that has had so many stories written not to overlap some ideas slightly – but hopefully I’ve made my characters different enough that no one feels I’ve plagiarized their work, for that would certainly never be my intention.

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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  1. “Pussy at the Piggly Wiggly!?” BEST & MOST HILARIOUS LINE EVER!! I’ll make sure to let all my gay friends living in the South know! The ladies may just be getting tired of the same old scene! OMG! That is just too funny! Loving your story BTW!

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