A Thousand Years Chapter 14

Okay… I’m having a problem with this site today – it doesn’t seem to want to separate my paragraphs – so if it’s still a hot mess after this attempt, I’m sorry, but I’m leaving it because I’m literally like two seconds away from a hairy conniption! Lol… too much stress for one little chapter!

I’m sorry it took so long to respond to everyone’s reviews over the weekend, and I know that I missed out on at least one “guest” review because I didn’t log on all weekend. I truly appreciate every review, and my deepest apologies go out to you all! Thanks to everyone who has reviewed, alerted or favorited this story (or myself); you are all just wonderful beyond words.

I’m updating early so that I may spend my day tomorrow writing. I’m re-working Revelry, writing a new story for The Vampire Diaries, and working on this. I’m hoping, maybe, that I’ll have a book finished in the next few months – one that I can get published… we shall see. So I’m sorry that this isn’t just “porn with plot” as some of my stories have been, but I’m really trying to hone the craft so that I might get a book published next year. There are two I’m working on, and we’ll see which one wins out in the end. Wish me luck! I hope you enjoy the early update. Next one will be on Sunday, as scheduled. Hugs to you all!

Balti K is my beta on this one & we love her bunches!

Disclaimer – Still don’t own them, but I still wish I did!


“That guy really is a pathetic little cumdumpster, isn’t he?” my progeny asked rhetorically as our laughter subsided.

“Indeed,” I agreed before moving on to business. “Now, Pamela, I need you to pull up the specs for each of the properties suitable for that joker’s meetings, and email them to me before dawn.” I had her rapt attention now that we had officially switched from play mode back into work mode.

“I also need you to get a hold of Mr. Cataliades, and let him know I need to see or speak to him immediately. I’ll need those contracts by dusk tomorrow.” My mind was whirling with all that needed to be done in such a short time. There were only a few short hours until dawn, and though I wasn’t truly worried about Bill’s threat, I saw no need to take any liberties with Sookie’s safety or freedom.

“I’m all over it, Eric. We wouldn’t want to give that nasty little fuck any reason to pick a fight… though I certainly would love to put his balls in a silver vice and string him up for a while after what that goddamn cement did to my hair and clothes,” she trailed off as she walked away. I seriously doubted she’d ever get over the trauma of bad hair and ruined Chanel suits that Bill inflicted upon her tonight. What a diva my child was.

I was brought from my thoughts by Sookie’s angelic voice. “Who is Mr. Cataliades, Eric?” she inquired softly.

“Desmond Cataliades is my lawyer, my love, as he is for much of the supernatural world. He is shrewd, incredibly discrete, shockingly loyal to those he deems worthwhile, and is surprisingly even tempered for his species.” Most daemons, whether half-breed or not, were ill-tempered fuckers, but Cataliades was quite calm most of the time.

“What species is he?” she asked, her eyes wide in anticipation of my response.

“He is semi-daemon, and that is one of the many things we will have to find time to discuss at some point in the near future. We really must get you up to speed, so to speak, on the supernatural world around you, especially since you’ll be attending court with Compton and I soon.” It would be monumentally bad for her to look ignorant of our world at the meetings, especially the initial meeting where Bill is first recognized as King. I really needed to have that talk with her soon…

“Demon? Are you shitting me?” she gasped. “Like, little red guy with a tail, horns, and all?”

“I assure you, it is impossible for me to be shitting you, as you say. I cannot defecate.” How I got that out with a straight face and serious tone after my earlier fit of laughter, I’d never know.

“Whatever, smarty pants,” she giggled. “Now, explain please.”

She was just precious! “No, dear one. He is a beefy man, who for all intents and purposes, looks like any other husky human male with the exception of his eyes. Upon close examination you can see that there is something ‘other’ about his eyes, though he has to look you in the eye long enough for it to register, which he does not if you are human. As far as him having a tail… well, I have never gotten close enough to that area to check. Nor do I intend to, thank you very much,” I added with a wink, earning a giggle from my mate as I wrapped my arms around her.

“I’m very proud of you, Sookie, and maybe even a little bit afraid as well,” I was being entirely truthful in that comment. “You took out a centuries old vampire with seemingly no effort, you glamoured an entire group of vampire soldiers, then incapacitated your former vampire lover, all without breaking a sweat. Quite impressive, I must say.”

“Yeah, I’m suddenly strong with the mental kung-fu. It’s pretty cool, and a little scary too, if that makes sense.” Gods, how I loved her quirky sense of humor!

“Perfect sense. And I agree wholeheartedly. Many of the powers you are exhibiting are quite normal for the Fae, however, two-way telepathy is not typically one of them. In fact, I’ve never heard of a mental communication link between bonded pairs, or anyone else, before. I’m sure that our bonding has helped to activate your powers, as well as give them a boost, shall we say?” I was certain it was my powerful blood that had intensified her abilities, perhaps even created new ones. It was something we would have to investigate thoroughly at a later date, once this bullshit with Compton had subsided. I just had to figure out from whom to seek guidance once we were ready.

“I was able to talk to Barry, that bellhop in Dallas, telepathically. It’s how he knew to go find Bill and tell him I was being held in the basement of that church. I called out to him and begged for help,” she explained. I found this information very interesting, and added it to the list of questions I’d have for whomever at a later date.

“That is very unexpected, my love, and certainly something we will have to look into…”

Before Sookie and I could continue our discussion, Pam called out to me from my office, letting me know that Cataliades was on the phone waiting to speak to me.

“I must take this call, Sookie. Please, get yourself a drink and relax. It’s been a long night for us all, but especially so for you, my love. I will take care of business as quickly as possible.” I kissed her temple and headed back towards my office. I instructed Pam to keep Sookie company while I spoke with the daemon.

My child gave me a glare of annoyance, though I knew it was only for show. Whether Pam would admit it or not, she had a fondness for my mate and enjoyed her company; I could feel it through our maker/child bond. I picked up the phone and after exchanging pleasantries with my attorney, I began the discussion regarding the contracts for the new king. After I outlined all inclusions for said contracts and all matters of the king’s business were completed, I turned my attentions to personal matters, letting him know he could take a little more time to accomplish those particular tasks. While I would still leave some things for only my child, there were many assets I wanted Sookie to share in. She’d be furious, of course, when she found out, but I would be an unworthy mate if I did not provide for her financially. Besides, we were partners now, this was not charity… at least I hoped to convince her of that somehow. Besides, I wasn’t planning on meeting my final death anytime soon. It was just better to always be prepared, rather than leave her bereft in my absence.

“There are some things I would like to discuss with you and Ms. Stackhouse, when we can find a time agreeable to all parties to meet, Sheriff Northman.” I wondered what more there could be to discuss when he continued, “I want to congratulate you on finding your mate, Eric. So often in our world, one never finds their true mate, and I am thrilled to know someone as fair and honest as yourself was able to find and secure yours.” Desmond added, his sincerity evident in his voice.

“Thank you, old friend. She is amazing; my match in every way. I am… happy, quite a strange feeling for me, I might add.” It was stranger still that I would admit this aloud, yet there I was. Simply shameful! “What more could there possibly be to discuss though, Desmond?”

“Quite a bit, though you shouldn’t worry yourself too much about it presently. Attend to the matters with the new king first, then the three of us can meet. I knew her grandmother and biological grandfather quite well, so there is much I need to tell her now that the time has come. I may be able to answer some questions you both have, no doubt. But, I would like for you to be present when I speak with her, of course,” he added quickly. Good to know someone still respects the tradition of bonding without prompting.

“Of course. Give my mate and I a day or two to let things settle down with the new king and our personal interests, but we will meet with you soon. Maybe we could arrange something for two or three days from now, if that is agreeable to you? I could sign the new will and paperwork adding Sookie to my accounts at that time. Could you also draw up the necessary papers for me to clam her as mine to the Authority?”

“Absolutely, Eric. Call me to make arrangements whenever you are ready. Give my regards to your bonded please,” he said before disconnecting the call. It was not often someone hung up before I did, but with him I didn’t get offended by it.

During my call with Cataliades, I had felt great humor flowing through my bonds with both Sookie and Pam. I found myself quite curious as to the cause of their enjoyment. I made my way out into the main bar area again, and found the two women in my life talking and laughing while enjoying a drink. I could probably lose my ‘man card’ for admitting that it warmed my dead heart to see them bonding, but I was plenty secure in my manhood and didn’t worry too much about anyone revoking it. Fuck, I’d love to see someone try! Pam must really enjoy Sookie if she was willingly drinking True Blood when her life wasn’t on the line!

I tried to question my girls about what was so humorous, but neither would budge in answering me. I stooped low enough to threaten Pam with a Maker’s command, but Sookie quickly put an end to that idea. She actually threatened to “never finish what we started earlier if I didn’t leave her Pammy alone!” The smug look of satisfaction on Pam’s face was almost too much for me, and I knew I’d never live that moment down.

I, Eric Northman, Viking and Vampire Sheriff, had just been scolded by a female who was nearly a foot shorter than me and a millennium younger… and I fucking obeyed. Maybe I should worry about the revocation of my manhood!

I had no idea what kinds of gift baskets Pam would be sending me for the next several centuries, but I knew without a doubt they would be fucking painful to my masculinity. Sookie, innocent thing that she was, had just started a mammoth prank war between my child and I, with absolutely no idea she’d done so. I already knew Pam would soon be leaving me things to seemingly emasculate me, and I would find ways to punish her for each of them, thus causing her to prank me more… it would be a vicious cycle for at least the next two, possibly three, centuries. Was it sick that I wanted to thank Sookie for it in a way? There were zero possibilities of my existence being boring thanks to her, in more ways than one now.

I could hear the fax machine engage in my office, and knew it was likely from Cataliades. As I excused myself, Pamela informed me that she had printed up the property specs I’d requested and told me to grab them when I got my fax. Bossy little fuck, she was. I was incredibly pleased to see that not only had Desmond sent the contracts for Sookie’s services, but had also sent the new will and account papers for us to sign. Once I could speak to Pam privately and have her witness my signing of the will, both their futures would be secured – regardless of my own. Then I just needed to convince Sookie to sign the account paperwork, and she would become part owner in all of my personal assets. Everything that was jointly owned with Pam, Sookie would not be privy to, unless something should happen to Pamela since her shares of said interests would revert back to me upon her final death. I tucked the paperwork from my attorney, along with the property specs, into my coat pocket and left my office to rejoin my two gorgeous women.

After enduring several barbs from my insolent child, Sookie and I took our leave, needing to get back to the safe house before dawn; Pam had opted to stay the day at Fangtasia. I carried Sookie in my arms as I flew, her legs wrapped tightly around my waist; a fact that did not go unnoticed by my once again erect cock. My mate was slowly killing me with my desire for her, and the knowledge that we wouldn’t have time to consummate our love before dawn was infuriating to say the least. I could push it and stay up for a while to take her, but there was nothing sexy about having the bleeds during sex – especially sex with your mate for the first time. Were she some common whore, I’d happily bleed all over her in order to get off, I was in such bad need of release again. But Sookie was no common whore to be used in such a way! She deserved to be savored and cherished, particularly for our first encounter. Granted, I’d certainly fuck her senseless on multiple occasions in the future, but I’d always make sure she was taken care of first, every time. Our first encounter needed to be about me making loveto her, even if the concept was previously foreign to me.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to worry about the impending dawn forcing me to turn away her affections tonight. My love had fallen asleep on the flight home, nestled safely in my arms. I had a split second worth of panic as I worried that her powers had drained her life-force again, but I quickly realized she really was just asleep when I heard her soft snores. My heart swelled with love for the tiny woman in my embrace as I realized she was comfortable enough with me to drift off to sleep while flying, even after all that had happened tonight.

I got us into the house, secured our safety and brought us into my, our, private chamber. As I laid her on the bed, she stirred. “Where are we?” she asked sleepily.

“We are back at the safe house, dear one. You are safe, and it is nearly dawn, so we need to get settled in for the day.” I removed her shoes as I continued, “I brought you into my chamber, Sookie, and I’d love for you to spend the day with me in here while I rest. Of course, if you are uncomfortable with that, you can sleep in one of the guest bedrooms.” I hated the thought of her not being next to me while I was dead for the day, but I’d understand and respect whatever choice she made.

“I’d love to sleep next to you, Eric. But,” she paused briefly, looking embarrassed, “is there a potty in here?”

I laughed heartily at her child-like phrase and timid tone. She was just perfect, even in her silliness. “No, my love, but I assure you that there will soon be one in each of my private chambers. That way it will never again be an issue.” I showed her how to safely come and go from my secure area as I slept and she agreed to stay with me for the day. When she asked about sleeping apparel, I gave her one of my button down shirts to sleep in. She let herself out of the chamber to use the restroom upstairs and returned shortly, proving she could easily move about the house. The sight of her entering my chamber dressed in my clothing stirred my libido to staggering heights. Gods, how I wished there was time to take her properly now.

We climbed into bed and she instantly cuddled into my side, resting her head on my chest. The feelings of contentment flowing through our bond were overwhelming; I’d never felt so at peace as I did now, with my love cuddled up to me. The dawn was nearly here, I could feel my body beginning to shut down for the day. Never before had I hated the dawn as I did now, with the exception of the dawn that took Godric from me.

“Eric,” she sighed, sounding as if she was floating away. I noted absently that it was really me that was fading.

“Hmmm?” I hummed, my body on the verge of shutting down. I attempted to fight the dawn so I could stay awake with my love, but the stress of the past twenty-four hours proved too much for my body. I simply needed the recovery period too desperately, especially after being fricasseed in the sun.

“I think I love you,” she declared quietly as she kissed my chest just as I died for the day. I ached to say it back to her, but was unable.


Awe… she loves him! Well, duh, Sookie! You silly bitch – who wouldn’t?! I mean really!? Crazy Alan Ball, who in their right mind would EVER chose Bill over our Viking?! Gah… that show gives me heartburn sometimes! Lol…

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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  1. alan ball just makes my ass want to dip snuff with his preoccupation with all things Compton. knowing that old a.b. is gay just seals the deal!

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