A Thousand Years Chapter 16

Just to be clear before we get started here, I don’t have any issues at all the Sookie on the show, but I picture her as less thin in my head. Not overweight, but not “Hollywood” skinny, either. I would say that she’s more like book Sookie – let’s say she’s very well endowed uptop and is a solid size 10-12. Being in shape is wonderful, but not everyone can be below a size 10, no matter how they try, and that’s okay too. I’ve been everything from a size 4 to a size 34 (I’m 5′ 10″) and I can tell you that I looked the best at a size 14. Meaty, curvy and not at all breakable. This is how I see Sookie, not tall, but curvy in all the right spots. Just so you know.

Oh, and there is nothing at all wrong with super skinny folks, by the way, I just don’t see this Sookie that way.

Yve327 picked the spot for their first lemons and I think she did a brilliant job! I added a little to it, but I hope she feels I did her suggestion justice.

Balti K is my beta and she makes the boo-boo’s go away!

Disclaimer – Still don’t own them, still wish I did!


We walked in silence for a little while longer, as I allowed her lead me to her safe haven. I was content to simply be in her presence, basking in the love flowing between us. What an amazing experience this had been thus far! I had never expected to care for anyone enough to want to hear all the sordid details of their life, let alone to be spellbound by them, yet I couldn’t fathom being uninterested in anything that pertained to Sookie. I was also astounded at how untroubled I was revealing so much of my life to her, yet I knew I would deny my sweet Sookie nothing; I’d give her anything she ever wanted, even the most intimate details of my thousand years.

Feelings of nervousness and anticipation from my mate shook me from my inner thoughts. I looked down at Sookie to see what was causing her influx of apprehension when we came to a stop. The smile on her face, along with her emotions and surprisingly tight grip on my hand, told me we had reached our destination. She looked up at me with wide, hopeful eyes, and my heart melted just a little more. Amazing what this woman does to me, just amazing! As much as I wanted to kiss her senseless at the moment, I knew she was desperate for my reaction to her place, so I reluctantly pulled my gaze from my beauty’s face and took notice of my surroundings.

The clearing we were on the edge of was shockingly gorgeous. The gibbous moon shone down onto a patch of moss near some particularly fragrant night blooming jasmine. The bubbling of a nearby stream was almost as loud as my mate’s pounding heart; I had no idea where the stream originated, but I could plainly see where it entered the moonlit pond. It was as if this place was calling to us, demanding that we consummate our bond right here.

I was going to claim my mate for the first time in a place that could be considered a poet’s wet dream. I’ve turned into a large, overly emotional pussy and I couldn’t give a fuck less!

Fuck it! I was moments from finally burying myself balls deep within my mate. I was the luckiest man on earth! Pussy or not.

However, I’d waited so long to claim her, I wasn’t sure the bond would afford me the gentleness I originally intended to show her. I had planned to cherish her, to slowly make love to her, but I feared the primal need that snarled just beneath my consciousness would demand I take her in wanton, animalistic ways. I would not love her any less, no matter how I took her. But after being denied so long, the need to prove beyond a doubt whom she belonged to was almost more appealing to me than walking in the sunlight after a millennium. I could not contain the growl that escaped me as I thought of ways to dominate and consume her.

I turned towards Sookie slowly, being very careful not to lose control and simply pounce on her. In a voice that surprised even me with its hoarseness and desire I said, “Lover, I cannot wait any longer to consummate our bond. It has grown to an actual, physical, ache.”

That was understatement! My poor cock had been up and down so much in the past twenty-four hours, I was positive it not only had whiplash but was also in danger of suffering from that strange medical condition that occurs when that “little blue pill” works too well. All I knew was that my dick had been too hard, for too long, and my balls felt as though they’d been bound then dipped in silver. I needed to come. Hard. Fast. And fucking Now!

Sookie nodded at me in understanding, and I could feel through our bond that she was wound tighter than a spring as well. Once I realized I wasn’t making her uncomfortable, I felt emboldened to continue. “I had planned to be gentle for our first time, my love. I wanted to spend hours cherishing every inch of your body before allowing myself to climax.” I took a calculated step towards her, my voice dropping as I tried to convey my overpowering need through my next words, “But… I think we need a new plan.”

I had barely finished my sentence before grabbing her, pulling her tantalizing body flush against mine, and crashing my lips to hers. As she gasped in surprise, I took full advantage of the situation and thrust my tongue into her warm mouth. I relished in the feel of her soft tongue, her delectable taste, and the little moans that escaped her as my cock grew harder than I’d ever remembered it being. Gentle was definitely not going to happen for our first time.

Fuck, gentle might not happen for the first ten times, as badly as I needed her right now!

I growled deep in my throat and whispered words of apology as I tore the shirt from Sookie’s body.

“Eric!” she exclaimed. Her voice was breathless with both need and surprise, but I sensed no fear or anger. If she asked me to stop I would, of course, but I would certainly have to leave her presence until we were able to consummate our bond. Remaining in her company was simply not an option anymore if I had to calm myself; my need had grown too great.

“I need you, Sookie Stackhouse. I need you now!” I rasped as I tore off her pants, leaving her in just her bra and panties. “I cannot wait any longer, please. Let me have you, or tell me to stop. Now!”

Sookie gasped at my forceful removal of her clothes, then grabbed hold of my hair, deliciously fucking hard, and drew me to her. “Bring it on, my love. Just remember, I pay back in kind.” She brought her mouth mere millimeters from mine and dropped her voice to a whisper so quiet, if I weren’t Vampire, I’m not sure I’d have heard her. “And I’ve got moves you’d never expect, cowboy,” she promised as she brushed her lips with mine, teasing me – taunting me. Gods, she was fucking perfect!

I groaned loudly as I ripped her bra then her panties from her body so quickly, she never saw it coming. I was nearly undone by her words that so closely mirrored those in the fantasy I entertained while she was in Jackson looking for fucking Compton. Within seconds I’d torn the clothes from my own body as well, leaving us both gloriously bare before one another. I took a short moment to pull back and admire the goddess before me.

The curve of her waist made my mouth water, the swell of her ample breasts, the strength of her muscular legs and the contrast of the soft flesh surrounding them. She had visible tone in her upper arms, no doubt the result of carrying heavy trays of food and drinks at her ridiculous job. She was simply incredible, and she was all mine! She wasn’t so skinny that I worried I’d break her with the things I planned to put her body through; my delicious Sookie was more durable than that.

I dropped to my knees before my goddess and prepared myself to worship at her altar. I warred with my inner animal, struggling to keep him at bay for as long as possible. I needed to claim her but I didn’t want to scare the shit out of her; I had to find a balance, somehow.

I grabbed the fleshy globes of her breasts and marveled at the contradictory feeling of their weight and silkiness. Her skin was so soft, so smooth, yet her breasts were both firm and remarkably heavy. She smelled divine and I ached to taste her – everywhere. I settled for her rosy buds first. While I took one pert nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it hungrily, I rolled the other one between my thumb and forefinger. I made sure not to neglect either perfect breast, I didn’t want to leave her wanting. And by the sounds coming from above me, my efforts were more than appreciated.

I spent several minutes paying homage to her amazing tits, reveling in her flavor and texture, but all too soon I knew I had to move forward. I had never felt this all consuming, nearly terrifying, need before. Ever. And I was no stranger to copious amounts of sex! In fact, I was quite demanding as a new vampire, in all my appetites. But I had never experienced anything as powerful and demanding as this. I knew consciously that it had to be our unique bond multiplying these animalistic urges, but I was still frightened by them. I’d never felt so out of control in my life, not as a human nor vampire. Blood lust had nothing on the need I felt to bury my cock deep within my mate and not let it resurface for weeks. The animal within me, that beast which needed to claim his mate, wouldn’t be denied much longer. However, I simply had to taste her sweet pussy first. The scent of her arousal was wreaking havoc on my control and my entire jaw nearly vibrated with the desire to be coated in her sweet, slick flavor.

I descended slowly, resting my ass on my feet as I lowered my face to her glistening sex. Sookie was so aroused, so ready for me, her juices were not only visible on her clit but were coating her inner thighs. I growled low and long at the sight. Gods, she smelled fucking delicious! With the last remaining bits of my control, I brought my tongue to her engorged clit and gave a long, slow lick.

And I came at the taste.

I, Eric Northman, thousand year old vampire, came from a single, miniscule taste of Sookie’s pussy.

And I fucking prayed I’d do it again with the second lick. And the third, and the fourth…

“Merciful Odin, Sookie,” I rasped as I raised my eyes to hers. “You cannot possibly taste this good! Nothing could taste this fucking good! It’s not possible!”

“Eric,” she moaned in the sexiest voice I’d ever heard, and I nearly blew my load again.

I leaned forward and inhaled deeply as I brought my mouth back to her waiting sex, the scent of her arousal only enhancing her indescribable taste, and licked her again. And again. I needed more.

In a move that surprised us both, I reached behind her to brace her head and neck and swept her to the ground, laying her out before me. Ignoring her squeak of shock and wasting no time, I pushed her legs apart, bending them at the knees and cupping her ass in both hands to lift her as I drove my face into her pussy. I was a vampire possessed. I licked and teased and tasted. My hands traveled all over her glorious body as my tongue brought her to her first orgasm, and her second. Her moans, groans and panting breaths did nothing to calm my inner animal. I could hold out no longer.

As she reached the precipice of third climax, my control was shot. Using my enhanced speed, I climbed her body and entered her in one hard but fluid thrust, just as my lover fell over the edge. “I’m so sorry, my love, I hope I didn’t hurt you but I just couldn’t wait anymore,” I begged her to understand as I began to thrust into her, pulling nearly all the way out before diving back in. Sookie screamed and thrashed below me as I pistoned my throbbing dick in and out of her glorious sex. She screamed as she contracted around me, but I felt nothing but pleasure thrumming through our bond.

I felt like weeping. It was all just too much, too intense. The feeling of her pulsing around me as she came nearly blew my mind; the pure pleasure coming from her side of the bond along with my overwhelming delight at the feel of finally being balls deep inside her – it was too much. Plus, I hated that I could have hurt her when I entered her so forcefully, but I couldn’t contain myself any further. I prayed to my ancient Gods that I wouldn’t harm my mate in my haste to consummate our bond, and that they’d entertain requests from me at all after all the harm I’d done in my existence.

I continued to plunge myself into her at a pace that drove us both mad, but managed to coax a fourth orgasm from her. She was positively dripping with arousal and making the most intoxicating sounds below me. Her moans, mewls, heady breaths, and nonsensical words only spurred me further. Never had I been so driven by the need to fuck, not even as a newborn vampire. This woman would be the death of me, and I found myself eager for the end to come if this was to be how I exited this world!

As I fucked her I whispered words of love and praise, along with apologies for my roughness, all the while I chanted over and over “I love you, Sookie Stackhouse!” in my mind. The only words I could garner from her inner thoughts were an occasional “love you” mixed with praises to her God and obscenities. I wasn’t aware my sweet Fae even knew some of the words traipsing through her mind at the moment!

I felt her nearing another climax when her pussy began to quiver slightly around my length. I felt the corresponding tightening in my scrotum and the telltale swelling of my shaft, signaling my release would soon be coming as well. I was suddenly struck with the urge to mark her, show the world to whom she belonged. There was no option but to obey this desire; I could think of nothing else but making her scream my name, then marking her as mine.

I pulled out of her and brought my mouth to my own personal Valhalla, attacking her pussy with a staggering ferocity, making her scream as I pushed two of my thick fingers inside her. I curled them upwards as I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked it at inhuman speeds with my tongue. Her back arched, pushing her pussy into my face roughly and I growled at her need for release. I fucking did this to her. Mine! My mate, my pussy, my orgasm! MINE!

Her walls began to rhythmically squeeze my fingers as her soft moans gave way to loud pleas for her orgasm. I planned to make her come harder than she ever had before. Fuck, harder than any human had before. MINE! My inner beast rejoiced in her reaction to our efforts, needing her to scream our name as she broke apart for us. Just as she began her crescendo, I stopped flicking her engorged clit with my tongue and sank my fangs into her on either side of it, sucking forcefully – greedily.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT! ERIC!” she screamed for all the world to hear as she fell apart on my fingers and tongue. “Arrggghh!” she yelled her juices flew into my awaiting mouth. I’d made many girls squirt over the years, but from the feelings of shock and awe flowing through the bond, I guessed that no one had ever elicited this delectable phenomenon from her before now.

I lapped up every drop she gave, cleaning her completely, then drew one last pull at the still dripping marks around her clit, causing shockwaves to travel through her body. The sight of her spent, twitching and quite thoroughly fucked did me in. I quickly pricked my tongue with my fangs and licked the bite marks on her sex, closing the wounds for her, before traveling up her body. I settled across her waist, my legs straddling her, my cock aimed at her perfect tits.

“I’ve taken you, my love. I’ve fucked you senseless and claimed you,” I proclaimed as I began to stroke my throbbing cock. Some part of me knew I probably sounded ridiculous saying such things to her at the moment, but I needed to say them. I couldn’t describe why, but I needed to announce, loudly and for all to hear, that I had fucked my mate into a breathless pile of goo.

I would not last long; my balls drew closer to my body as the coil in my stomach grew impossibly more taut. “Your cum is mine, your orgasms are mine. I did this to you, my love. No one before me could ever make you feel like this, and there will never be another after me to try,” I pronounced. I was seconds from coming, for the first time ever I wondered if I could meet my final death from pure pleasure.

A sly smile crossed my lover’s face as she finally came back into herself, leaving the stratosphere from her last orgasm. She reached up and batted my hands away from my twitching cock and I growled at her.

What the fuck?!

“And your cum is mine, Eric Northman. Your orgasms are mine,” she declared as she took my weeping cock into her tiny hands, working me slowly but with delicious force.

“Sookie!” I rasped as my hips thrust forward into her tiny, warm hands. Gods, to have her touching me was indescribable!

“No one has ever made you feel this way before, and after tonight no one will ever get the chance to try. You. Are. Mine, Eric Northman!” the fierceness in her eyes and the determination in her tone set off a chain reaction in my body I had never experienced. “Come for me, now! Show me who you belong to,” she commanded in a tone I would fantasize about for the rest of time.

My balls tightened, my fangs – which were already extended – grew to impossible lengths, and my cock swelled to a size that impressed even me. With a cry that I hardly recognized as my own, I came. Shooting stream after stream of cool, pink-tinged semen onto my lover’s tits and neck. Just as my climax reached the most agonizing heights, Sookie raised her head and sucked the head of my spurting cock into her mouth.

She’s swallowing my fucking cum!

I growled before bellowing, “Mine!” as the last of my come shot into her hot mouth. She hummed her approval around my dick and I knew I’d be hard again mere moments from now, ready and aching to take her again. But first…

I withdrew from her mouth and slid down her body, capturing her lips with mine for a searing kiss. If it were up to me, I’d spend the next fifty years, right here, kissing my sweet Sookie. But alas, she was still mortal and needed to breathe.

As I pulled away, I trapped her face between my large hands, forcing her eyes to meet mine. “I love you, Sookie Stackhouse. More than words can describe. You are mine now, forever!” Let her take that any way she wants; I would never be able to let her go willingly now.

“Hmm… and you are mine, Eric. Forever,” she informed me.

I scooped her up in my arms and flew us into the air, laughing at her squeals of shock.


I was going for a combination of the wooded clearing they made love in for the first time, and her pond (near the fairy portal). I hope I succeeded and gave them a place they’d be proud of.

Also, yes… Eric is a bit on the sappy side in parts in this. I have a hard time believing that he’s not in the books or the show as well; it’s just that we aren’t normally privy to his inner workings. Vampires are supposed to have heightened senses, so it would stand to reason that they feel EVERYTHING much more intensely than we humans would. I assure you, he’s still the same bad ass, use your heart as a sippy cup and smile, kinda guy when need be. He’s just… more.

So, in accordance with some wishes that he be a little more dominant, I decided to have him TAKE her the first time (and she fucking loved it). Maybe, just maybe they’ll make a sweeter kinda love next… or maybe he’ll need those other nine times to work through his inner animal…

I will be updating on Sunday. Chapter 17 is already with my beta & I’m halfway through 18 – so at this point we should be back on schedule with no issues. See you all soon!

Hope the lemons were worth the wait! *big smile*

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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