A Thousand Years Chapter 17

So… I decided that since I made y’all wait 16 chapters for lemons, and everyone was so good about waiting, that maybe – just maybe – we needed a little more Viking sexing in this chapter.

Love me yet? Lol

Oh, and you might not wanna read this at work…

One more lil’ thing – I wasn’t going for a “Dom” thing in the last chapter. Not because I don’t approve of that lifestyle, but because that is not how I see this E/S relationship. I say whatever floats your boat is the perfect water for you – it’s just not the water these two are in right now.

Balti K is my beta and she makes the boo-boo’s go away!

Disclaimer – Still don’t own them, still wish I did!


Sookie shrieked through my ascent as I rocketed us high into the air, took a loop around the treetops that surrounded us, then hovered over the water’s surface for a moment to stare at her in the moonlight. Though I felt badly for scaring her after such an intense moment, I must admit – I laughed heartily in spite of my remorse. I plunged us into pond below, happy that at this time of year the water shouldn’t be too terribly cold for my mate.

Regardless of the temperature, however, we needed a dip. My cum and her sweat were plastered between us, which was simply foul. No matter how good it felt at the time, or how badly I had needed to mark her as mine, I had no desire to be crusty with my own release. And I doubt she doubt she did either.

We breached the surface of the previously tranquil water, my lover sputtering and smacking at my arm relentlessly. I couldn’t help but chuckle at her exasperated reaction.

“You scared the ever-living shit outta me, Eric! What the hell?!” she exclaimed as she continued to beat at me.

“Mmm… I like it rough, my lover,” I teased. “Beat me harder, please,” I begged in a voice rough with want, yet barely above a whisper.

“Bad! Bad, Viking vampire!” she scolded, making my dick hard all over again. “Down boy!” she demanded, though I was sure she didn’t mean my cock, since I doubted she could feel it thickening beneath her.

“Not a chance, Sookie. I think ‘down’ is out of the question, possibly permanently, now that I know what your pussy feels like as it grips me tight, drawing me deeper inside you. Now that I know how it feels to fuck you until you scream my name when you come,” I purred, swiftly earning another smack from my uppity Fae.

“Hush, you! None of that filthy talk!” she blushed.

The feelings coursing through the bond told a different story than her prim Southern ways however; apparently my little vixen loved my dirty talk. She wanted to hear, wanted to feel, wanted… me. Her pulse quickened with each word I uttered.

“I felt how much you loved the feeling of my tongue on your swollen clit as I ate your delicious pussy. How you loved me licking you, tasting you, teasing you,” I began in a low but firm tone. I was practically daring her to deny it. I could feel the lust building on her side of our bond.

“You loved how I licked you slowly, flattening out my tongue. You loved it when I sucked that scrumptious nub into my mouth, punishing it at a furious pace, my tongue as firm as my rock-hard cock. You relished the feeling of me sliding my long, thick fingers into your slippery sex. Curling them, searching,” I could feel her breath on my neck coming in short pants. I loved the effect I had on her just from my words alone.

Truth be told, she was affecting me just as strongly, but I wouldn’t reveal that fact just yet. My goal was to excite her, to awaken her lust in new ways; my needs could wait for a bit longer.

I adjusted my hold on her, repositioning her so she was no longer supported with an arm under her neck and one under her knees. I turned her so that she straddled my body, her legs wrapped around my abdomen. I didn’t want her to feel the pulsing hard-on I was currently sporting, so I situated her much higher than where I truly needed her.

“Your body quivered with desire as I searched for that magical spot within you. That spot that made you come harder than you ever had. I felt you, my love, your shock at such a forceful orgasm. No one had ever made you squirt your release before, had they?” Yes, I was vain enough to need to hear it.

No, Eric. Never, I heard in my mind. Apparently my shy girl was not comfortable with saying dirty things out loud, though she truly seemed to enjoy hearing it. We’d have to work on this.

“You taste simply delicious, lover. Better than the purest blood, more appetizing than my favorite treats from my human life, honey and berries,” I told her with pride. My lover was the most tantalizing taste to be found anywhere. “I dare say, your arousal tastes almost as good as your incomparable blood.”

I worried briefly, when I felt her sudden fury, that she had taken my compliments the wrong way. When I mentioned the taste of her life force, I hadn’t been thinking about how Compton had used her for her blood and I feared she would think so little of me as to compare my comment to his betrayal. Thank the Gods, however, her ire lasted only seconds before her emotions settled into a feeling of intense pride.

“Yes, dear one, be proud of your flavor. Your essence. No one is as amazing as you,” I assured her as I plotted what to say next.

“I loved the way your pussy felt as it gripped me so very tightly. I took such pleasure in the way it massaged and caressed my shaft as I drove my cock deep inside you. You and you alone, Sookie Stackhouse, made me roar with my release. No one else has ever tested my control the way you have.” I was still outright amazed at how she made me feel! “No one but you could make me come, more than once, without being touched. No one.”

Overwhelming pride and feelings of true accomplishment flooded the bond; I also felt a small amount of embarrassment coming from my mate, though the heavy dose of lust she felt seemed to overpower it. My little woman loved knowing she had such control over me. Something else we’d have to investigate further at another time…

I was again being consumed with the need to be buried inside my mate, but it wasn’t as forceful, as all encompassing, as it had been earlier. Perhaps if I took her sooner, rather than waiting so long, the need would not be so feral. I finished cleaning the evidence of our last round from her chest, making sure to pay particular attention to the peaks of her breasts, teasing them into taut points. I massaged her neck as I cleaned it, wrapping my large hand nearly fully around the front of her throat as I did. Never squeezing, just putting enough pressure there to gauge her reactions, arouse her interests, and let her know subconsciously whom she belonged to; whose mate she was.

As I cleaned my lover, her small hands reciprocated, washing away all traces from my chest as well. Her hands were soft, probing, barely more than butterfly kisses on my skin. I ached for her, everywhere. There was no place I didn’t want to feel her touch, her love.

Tell me more, Eric. Please, she silently pleaded.

Tell me, out loud, my Sookie. Tell me aloud that you want to hear more and I will give you all you desire, I answered her though our connection.

“Eric, please,” she begged, but that would not suffice.

“Please what, my love?” I whispered seductively.

“Talk to me more, tell me, please,” she begged with a moan.

I growled as she gave in to me. I ran my hand slowly down her chest toward her perfect pussy as I began. “I love the way your skin feels like the softest silk, everywhere,” I punctuated as I massaged a nipple.

Her sigh followed by the soft whimper that escaped her made my soul and my dick ache for her desperately. “I love the way you respond to my touch; the sounds you make, the way your body trembles in both anticipation of and reaction to my caresses.”

As my fingers neared her enchanting center, her body began to shake. I watched in complete awe as she had an orgasm just from my words and my gentle petting. It was not an earth shattering orgasm by any means, not like some of the ones she’d experienced earlier, but still – it was enough. I felt oddly vindicated that I could make her come without actually touching her sex as well.

“Mmm, my love,” I growled lowly. “It would appear you are as much at my mercy as I am yours. How wonderful, for us both.”

I ran my fingers through her folds gently, teasing but also testing her readiness. I needed my mate, now, but taking her so forcefully was not something I wanted to do again so soon. As much as the vampire in me loved the roughness of it, she was still mostly human and far less durable. I rejoiced when I found she was ready for me, not that there was much doubt after she had just climaxed. I relished in the feeling of her slickness compared to the water around us, loving the difference in texture.

Grabbing the head of my cock, I began to run it along her wet center slowly, replacing my fingers. I moaned aloud at the feeling of her slick heat coating my tip. I teased and tortured us both as I fucked myself along her lips but never quite entered her.

My lover and I shuddered together as she came on my dick, coating me further even through the water. Just as she began to come down from her second orgasm, I began working my tip into her gradually– savoring every millimeter of her glorious cunt. In my haste to claim her earlier, I was unable to fully appreciate the intense pleasure of my length being slowly devoured by her wet heat. The slight chill of the water around us magnified the temperature difference, making it even more glorious. It would seem that every time I thought I’d found the greatest pleasure possible, my magnificent lover proved me wrong.

As I finally worked my last inch into her, we moaned in unison at the feeling of becoming one. There was simply nothing like it in this universe; the heat, the silky constrictions, the tiny electrical impulses her pussy sent me, humming along every millimeter of my cock. Incredible!

We whispered words of love and commitment as we moved together slowly, her hips meeting mine stroke for stroke. It seemed like mere seconds before her next orgasm overtook her, nearly milking me of mine. Her head dropped back, her lips parted ever so slightly as she panted through the waves of pleasure. I clenched my teeth so hard I punctured my own lips with my fangs in an effort not to come with her.

I lifted us out of the water, floating barely above the surface as my lover came down from her blissful climax. I laid us on the grassy shore of the pond just below a giant oak tree, placing my lover below me as I carefully situated myself as to not squash her while making sure my cock never left her sweet pussy. When her eyes finally focused on my face, a low growl escaped her throat; the sound deadly, yet sexy as fuck!

Her eyes locked on mine, Sookie brought her mouth to within a hair’s breadth from mine and licked my lips sensually with her soft, warm tongue. I came undone in that moment, my orgasm ripping through me unexpectedly as I realized she was lusting as much for my blood as my cock. I let out a roar of shock and pleasure as I released, clinging to my mate for dear life.

Fortunately, being ‘vampire sex god,’ I never lost my erection and continued to impale myself in my lover, though I was no longer able to maintain the torturously slow speeds of a few moments ago. Sookie hummed and growled as she sucked on my lip, then thrust us to new heights when she bit down to draw more blood from me.

In a move that shocked the fuck out of me, my sweet little Fae shoved me over and reversed our positions. Seemed someone wanted to have herself a ride…

Gods, how did I get so lucky?

I placed my hands on her hips, not to control her movements, but to enjoy the feel of her muscles moving as she worked herself on me. I watched in absolute awe as Sookie rode my cock, raising and lowering herself as she moaned. Though I wanted to keep my eyes locked on hers, I couldn’t help but stare as her insanely full breasts bounced as she moved, daring me to taste them. Who was I to deny their needs?

As I lifted my head and shoulders off the ground to taste her rosy buds, my lover very forcefully shoved me back down with a definite, “No!” To say I was disappointed was an understatement. And I may or may not have pouted; though as there were no witnesses, there was no reason to resolve any confusion on the matter.

I decided to play along with my mate and let her call the shots for a time; it seemed only fair after I’d risked fucking her to death like a man possessed earlier. I memorized every sound she made, every twist of her hips as she rode me. This would be a night I would never forget – no matter how long I walked this earth. I had little doubt that when I did meet my final death, this night would be the Valhalla I was summoned to; surely there could be no Heaven greater than this?

All too soon I felt the signs of my impending release building to heights I’d never before experienced. This promised to be something incredible. From the sounds my lover made above me, I imagined she was heading for what she’d likely call a “hum-dinger” as well.

Sookie placed her delicate hands atop mine where they rested on her hips and patted them slightly; I guessed that she wanted me to let go now. As I released her hip, my love grasped my hands tightly, weaving our fingers together. Hand clasped, she leaned forward and lowered our hands to my chest, sandwiching them between us.

“You are mine, Eric Northman,” she declared softly as a tear rolled down her cheek. “As I am yours.”

I could feel through our bond that it was not in sadness that she cried, but in a sense of deep completion. As I felt something warm and wet trailing down the side of my face towards my ear, I realized that I was leaking as well.

I sat up swiftly, releasing her hands and wrapping my arms around her back tightly, fastening her to me. My lover’s arms encircled my neck as our bodies neared the crest of our lovemaking. I kissed her deeply, emotions flowing freely though our link, before pulling back to declare myself to her again.

“You are mine, Sookie Stackhouse. As I am yours,” I vowed before claiming her lips again.

I noticed a faint tingling all over my body just as my climax began. I pulled my mouth from hers and perceived that my lover was nearly vibrating, she was so tightly strung. I felt her pussy grip me impossibly tight as her orgasm began and I had the overpowering urge to bite her.

Just as my cock began to pulse within her, my fangs sunk into the butter-soft skin just above her left breast. Sookie screamed in pleasure at my first pull of blood, then leaned forward and bit viciously into my neck, pulling roughly at my life essence.

Another orgasm tore through us both as we fed from one another, completing a circle of energy flow and reinforcing our already intense bond. The all over tingling I had felt before was now a buzzing, almost like an electrical current under my skin. I pulled back from her neck after licking it closed and gasped in awe at what I saw.

My skin glowed with a deep red hue, almost the color of blood; I couldn’t see any points where I wasn’t lit up like a holiday decoration. When I looked to my lover for answers, I noticed that her body was glowing with the most amazing yellow light I’d ever seen. She was even more beautiful than the sun in this moment.

“I love you,” we said simultaneously as our eyes locked in wonder; she’d noticed our newfound glows as well.

The lights on both our skins began to pulse, slowly at first, then building in both speed and intensity as we watched. All I knew was that my dick was throbbing in time with our skin and I was fairly certain I was about to climax again. I held my lover tighter, scared but oddly ready to explode, and was grateful when she clung to me just as fiercely. We held on as if it were the only way we could keep the other from bursting apart.

Our independent colors grew to a radiant brilliance and suddenly exploded around us. As the lights burst forth, my cock pulsed violently and I bellowed as my seed spilled into Sookie. I was only vaguely aware of her pussy contracting around me as she screamed through her own orgasm.

Moments later, when I was able to focus my vision enough to see my mate, I noticed that we were both completely encompassed in an odd, orange glow.

What the fuck just happened to us?


Hmmm… what the hell was that all about? Wonder if they’ll find out what their Technicolor sex-life is soon, or if they’ll have to wait a stitch…

By the way, this story has officially become my most reviewed one to date. Revelry was at 314 reviews before I took it down for editing (we’re steadily working on that, btw) and I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you all so much. Thank you for taking time out of your lives to give me feedback. I never ask for reviews, I just don’t do that, but I’ll never be able to explain just how much each and every one of them means to me! I love you all – I have the best readers in the universe and I am beyond blessed that you deem my material worthy of your time!

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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