A Thousand Years Chapter 18

I almost didn’t get this chapter finished, and as it is I didn’t get it up yesterday. Sorry for the late posting, btw. I was very, very caught up in the election Tuesday and stayed up entirely too late to be useful yesterday (as did your beta! –BK).

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“I don’t remember it being Halloween,” my adorable and thoroughly fucked little faerie mused as she noticed our odd orange hue.

“Indeed. And I don’t remember dressing as a pumpkin,” I mused. “Or a traffic cone,” I added with a smirk. If she wanted to approach this peculiarity with humor, who was I to stop her? Besides, after all the drama of these last few weeks a little levity was wonderful and quite welcomed.

I felt fine, orange tint notwithstanding. Thoroughly fucked, but fine (and since fucked beats fine, I was stupendous!). From what I felt in the bond I could tell that my lover was also feeling well sated, yet completely normal otherwise. Whateverthefuck that was, I wasn’t sure we had to worry about it too heavily just yet.

Once again, my lover’s thoughts mirrored my own. “I don’t know what that was, Eric, but I feel okay. You okay?” she asked with an adorable grin on her face. I confirmed that I was indeed quite well before nuzzling her neck gently. The overwhelming urge to claim her had calmed some, though I doubted it would ever fully subside (her fire was just too arousing!), and I was able to appreciate just being near her again. I loved her skin, the way it felt against mine. All the unique scents which blended together in perfect harmony to create Sookie’s essence comforted me and calmed me in ways I couldn’t explain.

I leaned back, pulling my lover down with me, and hugged her tightly to my chest. My cock was only semi-hard presently, but remained nestled within her warm heat; I couldn’t imagine a more perfect ending to this night. Even with our ridiculous encounter with His Majesty and the unsettling light show, tonight had been amazing. I was so fortunate that my mate understood the animalistic side of me, that she harbored no ill will towards me and my overwhelming need to claim her. Of course, I suppose that was part of what made her my mate, her complete understanding of my urges.

I hated that I wouldn’t be able to sleep in the same bed with her today if she wanted to remain at her ancestral home, but there was little I could do about it presently. I had no light safe space available there. I wondered if she’d allow me to correct that rather large inconvenience…

“Lover,” I began as I rubbed her back gently, nuzzling her neck as I spoke against her silken skin. “Would you permit me to add a lightsafe chamber to your home? Perhaps make some other modifications that would allow me to slumber there with you at times?” I prayed she’d say yes. “I hate the thought of being away from you, Sookie,” I added in almost a whisper. I detested admitting weakness of any variety, even to my mate, but just the idea of us being separated was causing me physical pain.

Sookie snuggled deeper into my chest and sighed contentedly. “Sure, baby. Whatever you want, just please try not to make the house look too different…” She snorted, yet again, before continuing, “Of course, it already looks different, so yeah – do whatever you need to. I trust you.” I wasn’t sure I’d ever get used to being called “Baby,” but for her I’d try.

I thanked her and told her I’d do everything I could to ensure that the charm of her family homestead was protected. I was simply elated she’d finally admitted she trusted me. It felt like the final step in her agreeing to be mine, and all that entailed. I had no worries that she’d lose her fire, her spunky attitude, now that she’d chosen to be more reasonable and less impulsive. She was no wilting flower or spineless submissive, despite her Southern-bred gentility. I had witnessed enough in the last forty-eight hours to reassure me that my mate would remain forever feisty, in one way or another.

Sookie requested we remain cuddled together here for a little while longer, and I happily agreed. I could hold my mate forever and it still wouldn’t be long enough. I rubbed her back and occasionally laid gentle kisses to any exposed skin I could reach as I held her tightly to me. I relished the peace of the moment. I lay there thinking of the insanity that had become my world since meeting Ms. Stackhouse. For someone who had previously led a quiet life, simply managing the vampires in my fealty, she had certainly caused upheaval. But what a ride it had been thus far, and I heartily looked forward to whatever her presence would bring into my life next.

I listened as Sookie’s breathing evened out, signally she was drifting off to sleep, and prayed to my Gods that I’d be able to hold her like this every night as she slept for the next thousand years. I was so comfortable, I must have drifted into my downtown for next thing I knew, Sookie was screeching above me about the sun being up.

I had a moment of panic when I realized I was exposed in the bright sunlight, but I quickly realized I had yet to begin burning. There wasn’t even a tingle. How odd…

I scooped my lover up, forgetting our clothing completely, and used my enhanced speed to get us back to the safety of her home quickly. I rushed us through the door and hid myself on the stairs to the second level where no direct sunlight could touch me. I waited as Sookie locked the doors downstairs and pulled all the curtains closed before grabbing herself a glass of water and a handful of grapes. My chest puffed out proudly for a moment as I realized I’d worked up an appetite in my woman with our nocturnal activities. Viking vampire sex God indeed!

Sookie joined me on the stairs and led me to her bedroom, showing me a small space in her closet where I could lie amongst the boxes while I slumbered. It was hardly welcoming but it was better than lying under the house like a rodent as Compton did. I had worried I would need to burrow under the porch to be safe, so the tiny closet alternative was more than fine. I kissed my lover good-day, making sure she’d know precisely what she was missing while I was dead, and closed myself into the small space. Thankfully it was a larger closet than most, though it was not the full bedchamber I kept for myself, nor even the walk-in spaces I was accustomed to for closets.

A fraction of my vast mind listened as my mate readied herself for her own sleep. The delicate padding of her tiny feet around the room as she gathered clothes, the rustle of fabric as she put on her garments, the squeaking of the springs and scratching of the sheets as she climbed into bed. How I longed to be there next to her!

A much larger part of my mind focused on the oddity that was my non-crispy condition after being in the sun. I’d noticed the clock as I walked into my lover’s bedroom and it was now mid-morning, so we’d been laying in the direct sunlight for several hours completely unaware of the passage of time. How had I not burned? Why was I not dead for the day or suffering the bleeds? Stranger still is that I felt none of the usual pull that the sun normally induced. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

When I went into the daylight with Russell I felt the tingling of my skin immediately. Oh, it took me a few minutes to start to scorch, but I felt the effects of the sun on my body immediately, accompanied by the instinctual warning and resistance to exposing myself in such a fashion.

I felt none of that today.

I continued to ponder these very strange, yet incredibly exciting, developments as I listened to Sookie drifting closer and closer to sleep. Once I knew she was in a deep slumber, I exited my hiding spot as quietly as possible. I desperately needed to examine my new condition, but I didn’t want to worry my mate while doing so.

I slipped downstairs and stood in the entryway marveling at the way the soft sunlight danced across my pale skin. Even though my “otherness” was obvious once exposed to sunlight, it was indescribable to experience. My skin, was so white it was nearly transparent; the veins beneath the surface so blue they almost glowed. And still there was no burning, no tingling.

I moved to the back door hoping to avoid any unannounced but watchful eyes, and stepped out onto the porch. I watched pollen grains and dust motes sparkle like diamonds on the warm currents of air. The sun was warm on my frigid skin and I was reminded of nights near the hearth in my human home. The feeling was glorious! I listened to all sorts of new sounds from the world around me from the diurnal creatures not normally active at night. I breathed deeply, tasting the different flavors of the plants and flowers around me. I held statue still, highly attuned to every inch of my skin as I ensured my safety and rejoiced when I discovered that I still felt no indication of burning.

I longed to see the place where Sookie and I made love in the daylight. To watch the sunlight sparkle on the water’s surface and see what flowers bloomed in the clearing during the daylight hours. I probably should have gone inside to search for some clothing, but that would have taken precious moments away from my exploration.

Content in my naked state, I stepped off the porch and onto the grass. It was still slightly damp from the morning dew as my bare feet wandered through it; soft, warm and moist against the soles of my feet. I took several slow steps towards our pond just reveling in the new sensations. I knew not what magic allowed me to walk unscathed in the sunlight, but I was beyond grateful to whatever it was. Obviously it had something to do with the strange orange light Sookie and I had created. I couldn’t imagine what else it could be, but I still had no idea what could have caused our light show. Regardless, I certainly wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth… who knew how long I’d be a daywalker?!

I knew without a doubt I’d be crushed when the magic did wear off, but for now I’d be content in enjoying every second I could get in the sun.

I shot into the air, laughing loudly, and landed on Sookie’s roof. Apparently daywalking had no impact on my other abilities. I had momentarily forgotten to be quiet in my explorations and made an effort to contain my enthusiasm. Not only did I not want to concern my lover, but I also didn’t want to alert anyone else to my new flame-retardant skin, especially not anyone who could take the information back to Bill. I watched the surrounding area from atop her house for a few moments, concentrating on any movement in the direction of Bill’s place. It seemed just regular patrols by the human guards of the AVL. I then floated down to her yard again now that I felt more assured I would not be discovered.

With one last look around her sunlit property, I gave in to my desire to return to where we made love and sped to the clearing. It was even more beautiful in the daylight. There were flowers of all colors and sizes throughout the clearing and in the trees. Animals I’d never seen alive except on film stilled around me, aware of my predatory nature. I walked around briefly to touch and smell everything. As glorious as making love to my Sookie had been, this was an experience of a whole other magnitude.

I never thought I’d see the sun like this again. Never.

I felt like weeping I was so filled with joy. Those few moments in the sun with Russell had been amazing at first, but then turned disgustingly painful. Yet here I was strolling through the fucking sun! And no twinge of a burn at all! Amazing!

When the glint of the sun on the still pond caught my eye, I could contain my glee no longer. With a battle cry to the heavens I ran at human speed and pushed off with my feet when I hit the water’s edge.

I was going to fucking enjoy this!


Me thinks someone’s about to go swimming…

Mmmm… naked, wet Eric…

Sorry… got distracted for a minute there. But can ya blame me?!

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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