A Thousand Years Chapter 19

Sorry this is a little late! One of my best friends had a birthday party on Saturday night & I spent the day shopping with her beforehand. Between the shopping, the booze and the all-day hangover on Sunday – I didn’t get this written. I have also been ill the last few days (unrelated to boozing, lol) and K had jury duty – so it’s been a hectic few days for us both. If I can get ch20 up before Sunday, I promise I will, since I made you wait three extra days for this chapter. Sorry again for the delay.

So – on a side note – Yve327 was my 300th reviewer and made a choice as to what happens with Russell (we will get there eventually) and luvvamps was my 400th reviewer and made a suggestion about Bill/Eric/Sook that we will see soon. The best part – my muses figured out a way to link them together – I love my muses! And my readers; you guys rock!

Balti K is my beta and she makes the boo-boo’s go away and added some wonderful tidbits to this chapter (and many others)!

Disclaimer – Still don’t own them, still wish I did!


I flung my body from the pond’s edge and marveled at the feeling of freefall in the seconds between when I left land and when I met water. I, of course, knew firsthand what it was like to truly fly but I enjoyed this more childlike version of flight immensely. Even as a human I’d never been as carefree as I was in that moment.

I loved the feel of my body slicing through the membrane of the water’s surface; something humans could not discern by touch. That magical moment when your body hits the barrier of surface tension before cutting through it as a warm knife does butter. The feeling of the water embracing my presence, wrapping itself around me like a mother’s love while the sun broke through its depths, casting shadows everywhere below.

I had forgotten how magical daylight could be since I’d been made Vampire, and I’d certainly never been able to experience such subtle nuances as surface tension as a human.

This was the greatest gift the Gods had ever given me!

Aside from my mate, of course. No matter how I loved being in the sun after a millennium of darkness, nothing could compare to the gift of her love. I would not give my Sookie up for anything. I’d die a thousand deaths first.

Oh, Gods! To see my Sookie in the sunlight! I longed to make love to her again, here, this time with the sun in her hair. I had no idea how long this magic would last, but I knew then I would make my fantasy a reality soon. I simply had to have her in the daylight.

I swam for a while at the bottom of the pond, grateful I had no need to breathe. I wrestled a crocodile, an experience I’d have to repeat in the near future. Feisty creatures! I wondered absently if they were more aggressive in the day than at night. Though next time I planned to pick a fight with one, I intended to wear pants. Provided the croc didn’t decapitate me, I’d re-grow anything that was removed… but who really wanted to re-grow their cock?! I was rather fond of mine and now that Sookie and I were mated, I planned to use it far more frequently (an amazing feat considering how well known and well-fed my appetites were already), so losing my beloved member was simply not an option.

I felt my lover drawing nearer suddenly and while I was elated at her presence, I was also furious at myself for being so caught up in my childish fun that I lost sight of what was around me. I seethed briefly at my lack of diligence before deciding to simply enjoy this rare opportunity with my love. Of course, had it been anyone but Sookie, I simply would have glamoured them.

I broke through the water’s surface with a flourish, sending spray in every direction. “Hej, Sookie! Where’ve you been?” I asked with what I was sure was a goofy smile on my face. I couldn’t help but feel human, and damn near giddy, around my lover.

“Eric Northman!” my lover exclaimed in both shock and annoyance. “I was worried about you! You’re going to flash fry out here! What are you doing?” she yelled, her hands flailing about like a lunatic while she ranted. Apparently, in my haste to see if my sun resistance was permanent and physical as well as mental, I had forgotten to close both the closet and bedroom doors. When Sookie had woken up to attend to her human needs, she noticed my absence and became worried. It seemed I wouldn’t need to teach her to locate me using our bond; she’d figured it out on her own.

“Come! Come play with me! It’s wonderful here,” I begged as I flapped my arms about, beckoning her to me.

“I am Ægir, god of the sea, and you are Rán, my sea goddess.” I informed her, as if she should know precisely what I was talking about.

“There’s big gators in there, you crazy Viking. Get on out and let’s go home before one of them chomps off your you know what,” she said with shocking shyness considering our nocturnal activities not even twelve hours ago.

“Leave the sun to the water? Nope. I’ll just kill all the sea monsters. Gators. Krokodiler… Show yourselves! Cowards!” I made another grand gesture to emphasize my readiness to destroy any monsters that meant us harm.

She rolled her eyes dramatically, and shook her head as she burst out laughing. How I loved the sound of Sookie’s laugh.

I burst from the water suddenly, needing to hold my mate, to feel her near. Before her brain could register that I’d left the water, I was already upon her, engulfing her in my arms.

My mate screeched, then sputtered and complained about me getting her all wet. “That’s the whole idea, dear one. I love it when you’re wet,” I purred against her lips before claiming them in a desperate kiss.

It was mere seconds before my lips melted her frosty demeanor and she melted into my embrace. Sookie clung to me, as best she could with me being so wet, and gave herself completely to the kiss. Sensing her need to breath, I reluctantly broke our kiss but not our embrace as I peppered kisses along her jaw line.

“Come swim with me, my love,” I asked as I continued to gently kiss and suckle her jaw and neck. “I long to swim with you in the sunshine,” I whispered.

“But the sun, Eric!” she exclaimed as I felt her apprehension rise. “You have to get out of the sun! You’ll die! And I can’t lose you!”

I watched in awe as her eyes began to tear, her fear palpable. How wonderfully bizarre to have Sookie Stackhouse nearly hysterical over the possibility of my demise after all the times she’s expressed her hatred of me, threatened to stake me, or stated her preference to deadly diseases to me. My, oh my… how times had changed.

“My love,” I began to soothe her quietly. “I promise I am in no danger presently. I’ve been out here for hours yet I feel no pull of the sun, nor do I feel even the slightest tingling in my skin to warn me I’m going to start burning anytime soon. I am safe, I swear.”

I could tell from the bond that she only partially accepted my assurances, so I continued to reassure her. “I promise you, Sookie, the moment I feel anything – even the slightest twinge – I will rush us to back to the house. I have no interest in leaving you, my love. Ever,” I vowed before leaning in for a brief but heartfelt kiss.

It took several more minutes, and many promises, to assure my mate that I was safe in the midday sun. Once she was secure in my wellbeing, I was finally able to appreciate her in her element. My Sookie belonged in the sun, more than any other creature on earth, I was sure. The way her eyes sparkled in the light, the subtle highlights in her hair that were only now visible to me, the warmth of her skin as the sun kissed it – these things were magical to me. I’d never been more captivated by anyone or anything than I was by Sookie in this moment.

Slowly I undressed her, my eyes roaming over her body as I revealed each new inch of skin. I couldn’t bring myself to so much as kiss her at the moment for fear that I’d miss how the sun danced across her curves. I grew hard as I took in her naked form, longing to make love to my woman in a setting I never dared hope for.

I was torn between wanting to play like children in the sunlit woods and ravishing my mate in wanton and depraved ways. Who knew how long this immunity to daylight would last? I wanted to enjoy all things with her while I was able. What swayed my decision were the feelings of lust and need coming from my gorgeous Fae. I forced my eyes back to her face to find her nibbling on her lower lip as she shifted her weight to rub her thighs together in search of friction. I inhaled deeply, pleased to find her delicious scent of her arousal filling the clearing.

I stepped forward and reached out for my lover. I gently grasped her face between my hands, placing a chaste kiss on her lips. I intended to build her up slowly, prolonging her need to increase her ultimate pleasure. Today, here in her sunlit place of refuge, I would show her the benefits of my thousand years experience as a lover. Pulling away from our kiss, I ghosted my fingertips across her cheekbones, tracing a line near her ears and across her jaw line. I kept my touch feather light as I trailed my fingers down her neck and across her collar bone. Though our bond I was able to feel her response to my touch; her lust rose steadily with each new area my fingers stroked.

Knowing I’d want to lie her down soon but needing to touch every inch of her, I walked behind Sookie, begging her with my eyes to remain still. Thankfully she understood my intentions enough to stay where she was long enough for me to tempt and tease her. I barely touched her as I traced along her skin; I followed the outline of her hair hanging down her back, flaring my fingers outward to sketch the line of her shoulder blades. Ghosting around her ribs, I just barely grazed the outsides of her ample breasts as I descended towards her full hips and bottom.

Her breath hitched as I caressed the swell of her ass before engulfing both cheeks with my palms, squeezing ever so softly. I could feel her body tremble as I trailed my hands across her ass, walking slowly back around to face her. I gently picked my lover up in a bridal embrace and sunk down to my knees before laying her down on the soft grass and wildflowers. I couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her full lips, so I leaned in to capture her mouth before resuming her slow torture. My arousal had built enough that I was unable to resist deepening the kiss. I loved the taste of her mouth, the way her tongue felt as it massaged mine.

All too soon however, I withdrew my mouth from Sookie’s; if I didn’t break away then, I knew I’d take her before I was ready. This moment was about her, not me. I needed to worship her, cherish her and above all – love her.

I began my gentle caresses across her skin again, my eyes never leaving hers. I loved the barely veiled need her hooded eyes shone at me, watching as she drew shallow breaths and tried not to moan as I touched her. When my fingers danced over her pert nipples, my lover was unable to contain her plea-filled mewl; a sound that went straight to my cock.

I listened, enthralled by the noises she made as I circled her full breasts with the tips of my fingers. I had to use all my willpower not to thrust into her as she growled when my fingers grazed her soft curls; the noise so intoxicating, my control was pushed to the brink yet again. My loins throbbed as she pleaded with me to make love to her when I massaged and squeezed her inner thighs, just a hair’s breadth from her glistening pussy.

Sookie was nearly vibrating with need by the time I actually touched her sex. I could feel through our bond that she was dangerously close to orgasming before my first pass through her slick folds. I ran my finger slowly through her wetness, relishing in the evidence of her arousal. I did this to her. Mine! I pushed my middle finger into her as I brought my thumb to her engorged clitoris; two full thrusts of my hand combined with the simple pressure of my thumb on her nub sent her sailing over the edge.

Watching Sookie climax is a joy I never knew I was missing until the first time I experienced it. Watching her come in the sunlight was simply a gift from the Gods. The way the light illuminated her features and shone on her tanned skin was beyond mesmerizing. The sun reflected and caught in the millions of tiny droplets of water and sweat covering her and enhanced her inner luminescence. This was the moment poets wrote of, the moment artists struggled to capture on canvas. This was what Bernini attempted to encapsulate in his Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. This was beauty incarnate.

As she came down from her climax, I positioned myself between her legs, my tip barely touching her opening. I praised her beauty and whispered words of love as I entered her at a tortuously slow and deliberate pace. Her legs, previously bent at the knees and spread wide against the ground, drew up to rest against my hips. She didn’t quite wrap herself around me, just merely held me steady as I pushed forward.

Once fully sheathed within her I stilled momentarily, needing to revel in the feeling of connection to my love. I loved how completely I filled her without being too much for her to take all of me, feeling every millimeter of her glorious heat. It was as if she were made for me alone, we fit so perfectly together. I loved how she gripped and caressed me, even as we lay still. Her pussy was Heaven, at least the only Heaven I could dream of.

When she flexed her muscles around me, squeezing me tight, I lost the control needed to remain still. I pulled nearly all the way out of her before pushing back in to the hilt, repeatedly, occasionally swirling my hips slightly on the down stroke. I clenched my jaw tightly as I resisted the urge to drive into her more swiftly, wanting to prolong our pleasure. Sookie clawed at my back and wrapped her legs around my hips in an effort to increase my pace; still I resisted.

I brought her to her second orgasm, nearly giving in to my own as she seized around my cock. If I thought her wondrous as she came on my fingers, it was nothing to the beauty of my steely member coaxing one more from Sookie. The noises she made were deeper, more primal this time as she came undone, and I found myself all the more besotted with her. I gradually increased my pace, making sure to plunge in as far as I could each time I entered her. If I had found a way to crawl completely inside my lover, I swear I would have. Being connected to her this way was indescribable.

Eventually my need to climax could no longer be denied, and as my lover crested her fourth orgasm, I finally allowed myself to succumb with her. My muscles tensed as my scrotum tightened, my body gearing to empty into hers. My lips parted on a long, low groan as my seed coated her insides, triggering a fifth orgasm from her. The feeling of her pussy rhythmically embracing me was enough to prolong my climax to staggering lengths. I was sure that if I were human, I’d have blacked out from the pleasure of the moment.

I collapsed on top of Sookie, careful not to rest my full weight on her as I didn’t want to crush her. We lay there for quite some time, simply clinging to one another in post-coital bliss. I stayed buried inside her as long as I was able, my cock taking its time to soften completely. When I finally fell out of her, I resigned myself to detangling my limbs from my love. I asked Sookie if she’d be willing to swim with me, and thankfully she agreed.

I stood, taking my lover’s hand, and pulled her up with me. Intertwining our fingers, I led her to the water. We waded in up to her shoulders before I kissed her gently and released her hand. We spent the next few hours swimming and playing, occasionally exiting the water to warm ourselves on the grass around the pond. No gators bothered us, sensing my predatory nature, though I knew they were there.

I sped back to the house at one point, leaving my lover resting on the grassy knoll to get us some sustenance. I grabbed a couple of True Bloods for myself and the leftovers Sookie had informed me of, along with a pitcher of sweet tea, a large picnic blanket, and two fluffy towels before rejoining her pond-side. We talked and ate without a care as dusk approached and I was amazed at how much time had passed.

Not a single singe mark after nearly a full day in the sunlight. I didn’t suffer a drop of the bleeds, nor did I feel worn out from lack of rest. It was miraculous! Unexplainable, astounding, and I hoped it never ended. I became cautiously optimistic that this would be a permanent condition. Sookie and I discussed the likelihood that it was the strange lights we gave off earlier, and the melding of those lights, that resulted in my new daytime abilities. We both wondered what, if any, benefits of our earlier bond she would gain.

The sun had set only moments prior when I felt a presence drawing closer to our location.

Eric, Sookie thought to me, Whoever is coming is not human.

Fucking hell, would the drama never end?!


So, most of us loved “drunk” Eric – while the circumstances of mine are different than how it aired on the show, the scene was just too perfect not to replicate in some form. He’s just too cute for words!

Oh, and my brilliant Beta found the Swedish version of “Hey” which is “Hej” – so that was not a typo, that was planned and quite clever of her!

One more thing – then this author will shut up, lol. I just need to say again how amazing you all are! The amount of reviews, favorites, views and alerts for this story blow me away & make me so warm and fuzzy inside! Thank you to each and every one of you! I love you all!

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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