A Thousand Years Chapter 20

So, since I was late this week (like stupid late), I decided to post this today instead of tomorrow. There will be no Sunday update, and I’m sorry. I will do my absolute best to get the next chapter up by Wednesday, but I can’t promise anything. K is going to be traveling up this way and we’re both preparing for the holidays with our separate families & then our joint one. Have I mentioned that having one of your best friends for a sister-in-law effing rocks!? Cuz it does! Anyway, I am planning to have it up by then, but the updates for next Wed. & Sunday might be screwy. Not only do we have the holiday, but I have a benefit for a friend with cancer on that Saturday, then that night we have a major girl’s night planned with all the folks that are in town. We’ll have to play it by ear. Just wanted to give you a heads up so that y’all wouldn’t think I was just bailing and futzing around – I’m not walking away from this until it’s finished. Promise.

On that note, if I don’t get to update beforehand, I hope each of you has a wonderful holiday. But, once again, I really do plan to update on or before Wed. Now, I’m gonna post this and get back to writing 21 so I can! Hugs!

Balti K is my beta and she makes the boo-boo’s go away! Even when it means her BF is cranky that he doesn’t have pie…

Disclaimer – Still don’t own them, still wish I did!


I knew before he ever got close enough to detect his foul stench of self-importance it was Compton sniffing us out. Sookie’s silent dialogue with me confirmed his identity, as she recognized what she termed his “void”. I hated the fact that he was putting a damper on our perfect day with his presence. Fucking rotten, slimy little weasel, always ruining my fun!

Apparently I had inadvertently directed that last bit to my lover, because she silently informed me, He doesn’t have to ruin anything, my love. We can show him what he lost…

By the Gods! Are you implying we give him a show, Lover? I hesitantly asked. I did not want to pressure her into exhibitionism if she was not ready, but I was more than happy to prove my superiority to Bill in every aspect imaginable. The fact that she was willing to help me humiliate him in such immodest ways made my dick harder than steel and throb with anticipation.

I gently pushed Sookie backwards, laying her on the soft blanket, before situating myself once more between her shapely thighs. While a large part of me was loathe to let Compton feast his beady little eyes upon my naked mate, the less possessive part of me was more than happy to show that halfwit what it was to truly pleasure this woman. Only I could command her body like a finely tuned instrument, only I could make her come with barely a touch; the fact that in return she made me whimper like a child and come faster than a teenage virgin was irrelevant, of course, and nothing he need know… ever.

Sookie and I were very much aware that Bill was standing some thirty feet away hidden behind a large tree, but we paid him no mind. If he wanted to peep, we’d give him something to see. I ran my hands over her soft flesh, everywhere I could reach, as I brought my face to her sex. I paused to nuzzle her soft curls, inhaling deeply to savor her uniquely intoxicating scent combined with my own scent from our previous joinings, before taking my first long lick. I doubted I’d ever grow tired of her taste or the way her body responded as I devoured her.

I pulled out all my best tricks as I lapped at her sweet pussy, keeping her right on the verge of her orgasm for what felt like hours before finally allowing her to come. Sookie growled, long and sexy, just prior to the start of her climax. Once it began my lover screamed my name loud enough to wake the dead as her body arched off the ground, pushing her gushing sex into my face hard. I stroked her gently as she came down from her high, massaging her body and further proving to Bill that she was mine to touch.

Once she was recovered my feisty Fae bade me stand; I complied with her request as she brought herself to her knees in front of me. My cock was throbbing and in desperate need of attention, so I was not surprised at all to see a pinkish bead of precum at the tip. Sookie put her hands on my hips and pushed lightly to my left as she scooted on her knees in the same direction as she silently informed me, He’ll get a better view if you skooch just a bit, baby.

Baby comment aside, how I loved the way this woman thought!

When her reply of, why thank you, BABY, came through I realized I’d forgotten to keep my thoughts private. This communication link between us would definitely take some getting used to.

When Compton got his first full view of my rather impressive cock (what can I say, I’m more than proportionate and not known for my modesty), I was barely able to contain my laughter at his gasp. I swear I could hear his teeth grinding and wondered briefly if my lover could as well. Any thoughts of Compton left my mind however, when I felt Sookie’s warm tongue lapping at my weeping member. She moaned loudly as she tasted my essence, making my cock twitch in appreciation.

She licked at it gently again, slipping her soft tongue into the slit, before sucking just the tip into her mouth. So warm, so wet, as she engulfed me slowly – I thought I’d lose my mind from pleasure. I’d come a fair number of times in the last twenty four or so hours, yet I began to wonder if I’d ever be sated fully as I struggled not to release the moment I hit the back of her throat. Sookie relaxed her muscles and swallowed around me, massaging me tightly as she worked me into her fully. If I thought I’d pulled out all the stops in fucking her with my mouth, I was mistaken. My attempt was utterly pitiful in comparison to what she was doing to me. No matter how I tried, I could not hold back my release for long and I came with a roar and shook as I watched her swallow every drop.

“No one has ever made me lose control the way you do, my sweet Sookie. Your mouth is so heavenly, I come like a teenager whenever you wrap those perfect full lips around me.” I cared not that Compton could hear my confession, let him think what he wants of my stamina. I still lasted a good while longer than he did while he jerked his own pathetic member behind a tree. From the love and appreciation coming through our bond I knew my lover enjoyed my commendation, which was all that mattered.

“No one has ever made me feel the way you do, my Viking. I didn’t know it was possible for sex to be so fucking amazing!” I had little doubt she was both offering honest praise and taking the opportunity to rub our sex life in Bill’s face.

I pulled her hands from my hips and pulled gently, helping her to stand. Wrapping my arms around her waist once she was upright, I lifted her into my arms and captured her mouth in a slow, passionate kiss. This woman never failed to amaze me and I found myself continuously blown away by the fierceness of my love for her.

Bill finally tucked away his little winky, zipped up, and stomped loudly from the shadows, walking at a leisurely pace as he blatantly stared at my woman. Sookie must have felt my ire rising for I heard her angelic voice in my head, Let him look, Eric. He can’t have me, I belong to you now. So let that little fuck see what he gave up.

I grunted my consent, though my irritation at his brazenness didn’t fade as I barked, “What the fuck do you want, my liege? Can you not see we are a bit occupied here?”

“Ha! As if I care what you’re doing with my leftovers, subject. I am here to talk business.” I didn’t know which of us wanted to kill him more at that moment. The spike in race coming from my mate was staggering.

“Leftovers?” my mate seethed in a tone so laced with malice, I almost shivered. Apparently the fucktard king had already forgotten what a formidable enemy his ex could be.

“I will not argue with you tonight, Sookie,” Bill began.

“You WILL pay her some fucking respect though, Compton. As my bonded mate she deserves it, let alone the respect she deserves as your former lover, who has saved you on multiple occasions. We’ll overlook for the moment that she’s more physically powerful than you’ll ever be, and due some reverence for that. Do not speak of her, or to her, in such a demeaning fashion again,” I commanded in a tone that left no room for arguing.

“Very well, so long as you both remember that I am now in charge around here.”

Pretty arrogant for a man with a cock the size of an infant and the stamina of a jackrabbit, you fuck! My lover screamed in her head as she donned an obviously fake smile, and I was utterly unable to contain the chuckle that escaped me at her mental rant. “Crazy Sookie” was now with us, if I was judging her expression correctly, only now I could be privy to some of her hilarious inner monologue.

“What business could possibly be so important that you had to watch us worship one another in the woods? Surely whatever it is could have been handled by a phone call requesting a meeting?” I inquired.

“Or if it was so urgent, you could have announced yourself and waited for us to put on some damn clothes, you pervert!” Sookie added with a huff.

I walked us off the picnic blanket before lowering Sookie to the ground. Once safely on her feet, I picked her towel from the ground and wrapped it around my mate to give her some protection from Compton’s lecherous gaze. His “harrumph” of disapproval was infuriating since he actually had the audacity to be annoyed that I would cover my mate.

Bill prattled on and on about needing to set up his first monthly meeting as the new king, needing to have us read several of his human guards as soon as possible, and many – many – other things. Soon it became apparent that not only was he never going to leave, but that he was stalling us for some reason. I’d been wondering if that was his game plan for several minutes since much of what he wanted to discuss was feeble and desperate, none of it was urgent enough to warrant him needing to discuss it in the woods. We’d requested several times that either he join us back on the porch as Sookie’s (since we would not be inviting him in), or that we would dress and meet him at his residence. Neither option sufficed, and his refusal made Sookie and I quite suspicious of his true motives.

Finally we agreed to meet at his “mansion” two nights from now to read his human staff and that his first meeting as king would be a week from tonight, at my office building in downtown Shreveport. When Compton actually tried to make small talk, as we stood there with Sookie wrapped in a towel and me with my dick out, I’d finally had enough.

“What’s your game, Bill?” I questioned.

“I don’t understand what you mean, Eric. I simply needed to formalize some plans to ensure the transition to my reign as king goes smoothly. I require both your and Sookeh’s help in several areas and I decided to speak to you now. I detest waiting,” he said, his tone aloof as he pretended to swat at bugs.

“Do you really expect us to buy that, Bill?” Sookie asked, her voice betraying her irritation.

“I don’t really care what you buy. You are barely my concern anymore, Sookeh. Your precious Viking either.”

The look of malice he gave my mate at that moment was enough to make my blood boil and my fists clench. Before I could eviscerate him, however, he announced that he had “more important people to see,” and sped off towards his property.

“What the fuck was that all about, Eric?” my mate said with eyes wide at his sudden departure.

“I don’t know, my love, but I will find out. I promise you,” I vowed. Something about him calling me “precious Viking” wasn’t sitting well with me.

We gathered up our things quickly, wanted to get back to her house as fast as possible. I had a terrible sense of impending doom settling into my bones and was none too thrilled at our exposed condition at the moment. Just as we reached her porch steps I heard my phone ringing inside.


Luvvamps thought it would be lovely if we could humiliate Bill – since she likes his character about as much as I do, lol. We thought that Bill being a peeping-perv and watching them in the act would be fun. Also that it would be wonderful if Bill were to see beyond a doubt how inferior he was to our Viking. We thought an up-close shot of the “GP” would remove any confusion as to who the better man is. I thought that our stronger Sookie would just love to make Bill feel even worse by being such a willing and happy participant with the “GP” – I hope you agree.

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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