A Thousand Years Chapter 21

Sorry for the long delay. There were the holidays, sick me, sick kid and now there are many doctor appointments to follow with my mom as it’s looking like she has skin cancer. Updates should get back to once a week, at least, in the near future – but if there are delays it’s because they’re unavoidable, not because I’ve lost interest in writing this. Sorry for any delays or frustrations while you wonderful readers have to wait.

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After Sookie unlocked the door, I gently pushed past her and rushed into her living room, quickly locating my phone. “Muttenchops” appeared on the caller id and I couldn’t help but smile briefly at my pet name for the wolf, knowing he’d be furious if he saw it.

“Herveaux?” I questioned as I answered the call, my sense of dread increasing ten-fold. The mutt hated me every bit as much as I did him, so for him to call it must be urgent.

“Northman, we have an issue.”

“Thank you, Rover, I figured that out all by myself, seeing as I’m presently talking to you. I thought dogs were supposed to be intelligent,” I added with heavy sarcasm. “Now, tell me what the fuck is going on.”

“Dick. Fucking vampers!” I could hear him ranting quietly; apparently someone forgot that we “vampers” have super hearing…

“It’s not just a dick, Dog, it’s a gracious plenty,” I declared while giving my sexy little Fae a lascivious glance. “Now, I ask again, what the fuck is going on?!”

“Edgington has been released!”

Everything stopped in that moment. I’d never been more terrified than I was as I heard those words. How was I supposed to protect myself, let alone Sookie from an insane vampire who was three times my age? I had barely been able to get him encased in concrete in the first place without losing my life – how the fuck was I supposed to dispose of him this time?! It’s not as if he’d fall for the same tricks twice. Plus, I had no interest whatsoever in being a crispy-critter again in order to weaken him enough to be a nearly even match for one of the oldest vampires on the planet.

Wait just a fucking minute…

My mouth opened, and I’m ashamed to say I stood there gaping for several long seconds like so many of the local inbreds before regaining my composure.

I seemed to be immune to the sun now! Gods, could it really be so easy – or I so lucky?! If it could last long enough for me to find Russell’s hiding place (that is, if he didn’t find and kill us both tonight), then I could drag him out during the daylight hours and fry his ass in his sleep. The possibilities were far from ideal, but not nearly as abysmal as they were moments ago.

“How the fuck did this happen, Mutt?!” I ground out.

“Get your ass down here, Northman, and I’ll fill you in. But fuck you if you think I’m going to put up with you insulting me over the phone when I’m the one doing you a favor here!” he spat out before the call went dead.

That fucking pup has some brass balls to hang up on me! Especially at a time like this! Perhaps it’s time to have him neutered…

“Let him be, Eric. There’ll be no neutering of anyone anytime soon,” my mate ordered as she walked up, placing her hands on my face gently.

“Tell me what’s happening, please.”

I closed my eyes briefly to enjoy her warmth. Sighing heavily, I resigned myself to tell her of our likely demise. “Sookie, my love, Russell has somehow escaped.” The gasp that slipped out from her was like a dagger to my soul. “I need to go see Herveaux right away, even though it’s dangerous to be out in the open. I want you to stay here, and do not let anyone inside.”

I should’ve known it would never be that simple with Sookie Stackhouse.

“I’m not staying here, buddy!” she exclaimed as she dropped her hands from my face like she’d been tasered. “I’m not hiding here for one second while you go out and risk your life! You’re outta your ever-lovin’ mind if you think you’re going anywhere without me!”

Were I not so incensed with her outright disregard for my wishes, I’d find her outburst sexy as hell. “You will not leave this house! The king is too powerful, Sookie. I’ll be lucky to survive if he attacks, there’s no way I’m letting you risk yourself.” Surely she could understand this.

“Eric,” she took a deep breath to steady her, “please come sit.”

Taking my large hand in hers, she led us to the beat up old sofa and pulled me down next to her. That simply wasn’t close enough for my taste, so I quickly pulled her into my lap, calming myself with her scent.

“I’m not helpless anymore, baby. I can help you with Russell. Not only can I help watch your back, but I’ll fry his crazy ass if he gets anywhere near you!”


“No, Eric. We’re a team. If we’re truly bonded mates, we do this together.”

“But, my love, I couldn’t bear it if you were hurt in the crossfire!” I pleaded. I’d meet the sun if she left me. Fuck! I’m not even sure that’s an option anymore! Fuck! I’d hate to have to command Pam to end me…

“And you could die if you go alone. How do you think I’d feel if I sat here waiting for you, frantic, only to have you never return to me? Especially when I know I can help!”


“No!” she interrupted quickly, placing her fingers to my lips. “It’s done. You wanted me to be yours, Eric. And I will not be an unwilling participant in my own life again. Either we’re a true team, equals in every way possible, or we’re done. You choose. Plus, it’s not like leaving me here will do anything more than make me a giant sitting duck. It’s me he wants, after all, and while he can’t come inside, there’s nothing to say he won’t rip the house down around me or light it up like kindling. I’m safest with you!”

The look on her face told me she was resolved in this without needing to check our bond. She meant every word.

“Of course I consider you my equal in terms of abilities, but I have so much more experience at battle and strategy. In this case ages does count for something,” I said before briefly touching my lips to hers. “But I see your point. And, as much as I want to protect you, I know you are more than capable of handling yourself. Forgive me?”

“Hmmm…” she pretended to consider it, but our bond let me know I was off the hook. “I guess I can. You are kinda cute after all, so I’d hate to lose you.”

I lifted her with me as I stood from the couch and rushed us to her bedroom; we really needed to get out of here and down to the site. “Thank you, Lover, for being so kind. How gracious of you to forgive me with so little effort,” I laughed as I slapped her ass. “Now get that sexy body clothed so we can get out of here.”

I shot a text off to Pam telling her to, “bring clothes for me to Sookie’s. Now. Edgington is loose,” knowing she’d be rush right over. I agreed to a brief shower, even though I wanted to keep her scent on me. I’d fought against the idea heavily, citing time as the reason, until she pointed out that I smelled like sunshine. Apparently it was intense enough that she could sense it on my skin, so obviously any Supe near me would catch the scent as well, which was utterly unacceptable.

We showered together and somehow managed not to have sex again, which, in my opinion, we deserved an award for. I could feel Pam approaching so I secured the towel around my waist and went downstairs to meet her while Sookie got dressed. I zipped into the bathroom and dressed while catching my progeny up on the situation.

“So King Asshat was stalling you earlier? Well, at least now we know why.”

I stopped dead in my tracks and gaped at my child. Of course! How could I be so fucking stupid?!

“Mother fucker!” my mate bellowed from upstairs, her words mimicking my thoughts precisely.

I wasn’t sure which of us would get to Compton first, but one thing was for certain…

Compton would meet his final death before dawn.


So, as much fun as them sexing the hell outta each other is, sometimes they need to come up for air… or drama, I guess, in this case. Sorry for the shorter than normal chapter, but I wanted to get an update out to you guys as soon as I could.

I’m going to shoot for an update on Sunday, but if I’m to be realistic I probably won’t get one to y’all until this time next week. K is interviewing for jobs and I’ve got the medical drama with my mom – but we’ll do our best.

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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