A Thousand Years Chapter 22

Hellloooo… this story?

Yeah, it’s been a while… Sorry. I hardly remembered it myself.

I could give you a hundred reasons, but in the end, none of them would matter. I’m back now and it’s time to resume this story!

Thanks to all of you who’ve reviewed, favorited or alerted this story (or me), and to those who’ve simply stopped to read this – each and every one of you are amazing.

Balti K is still my beta for this story, and she still makes the boo-boo’s go away quite nicely!

Disclaimer – Still don’t own them, dang it all!


“That slimy, little, two-bit weasel! I’m going to flash-fry his balls and have them bronzed and mounted for you to use as a paperweight!” my mate bellowed as she descended the stairs, now fully dressed and ready to leave.

“Ooh, Eric… she’s much more entertaining than I’d originally thought. Can we share her, pretty please?” my progeny begged, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

I growled from deep in my chest at the thought of anyone but me touching my mate, ready to light into Pamela, when Sookie effectively shut me down.

“Hush now, Pammy. I’m way too pissed off for your lesbian weirdness tonight,” she admonished my child with a wave of her hand and a roll of her eyes.

“Fine. Killjoys,” Pam pouted. “So what are we going to do with the ass-goblin king? And, how the fuck are we going to survive Russell’s wrath? He was bat-shit crazy before the two of you killed, frapped, and Drano’d his boy-toy.”

“Indeed. He was a handful to get into the cement. Now that he is out, he will be that much harder to eliminate. Our only hope is that he’s weakened at least a bit from being wrapped in silver and buried for two days.”

“Can we never say that word again? It makes my stomach all… fluttery. I’ll be having nightmares about the demise of every outfit I own for millennia to come,” Pam vowed with a shiver. Drama queen.

“Enough. We need to get over to Fido’s construction site and see what we can detect. Perhaps we can prove Compton released him and track Russell from there. We then need to get ourselves somewhere secure for the night. There is still much for me to tell you, my child,” I said turning toward Pamela. “We are a bit short on time at the moment; we will get you up to speed before dawn.”

Without another word I ushered my ladies out of Sookie’s home. My mind was whirling with possibilities. We needed to see what scents had been left behind at Russell’s entombment sight, figure out precisely how he escaped, plot how to dispose of our imbecile Peeping-Tom-of-a-king, and determine the quickest and most effective way to finally end a vampire three times my age. No pressure. Nope, none at all…

To save time and remain as stealthy as possible, I flew the three of us over to Herveaux’s site; why Pamela still hadn’t learned to fly was beyond me. All the vampires in our line had the ability to soar, yet she remained earth-bound. It was infuriating beyond description to both myself and my child.

Regardless, we arrived within minutes to find the mutt pacing by a large mound of muddy slop. Unable to help myself, I dropped Pam without warning when we were five feet from the ground; watching her snap off the heels of one of her favorite pairs of boots was retribution enough for her requesting to share my mate. I smiled widely at her enraged expression, winking at her as I gently set Sookie on her feet.

“First you sacrifice my favorite pumps to that hideous Maenad, then I’m encrusted with paving material saving your ass, and now you purposely snap the heels off my babies? These are Christian Louboutin Equestria boots, Eric; they’re practically sex for your feet! And you treat them like pleather shit-kickers from Wal-Mart! You really are a cock-knob, you know that?!” she growled.

“Still want to share, Pammy?”

Before she could retort I turned my focus to Herveaux, “Report.”

“Prick,” he spat. “In addition to what I told you on the phone, I smell Compton all over the area. And it’s fresh, not more than twenty-four hours old. There’s another scent I don’t recognize, but it smells oddly of Compton; maybe his maker, or child?” he paused for breath. “There’re shovels lying near where the king was buried, and they’re pretty beat-up, so I’d say they used that to loosen the moist concrete and bust Russell out. And of course, the pile of silver chain is a dead giveaway,” he motioned toward the far side of the debris pile.

I gave my lover a light squeeze around the waist before releasing her to sniff out whatever else I could find. Walking around the area I sensed several things; Bill was certainly involved, as were several of the AVL guards I’d scented in the past, and most shockingly his progeny had also been present.

Lover, Jessica was here with Bill. Does she bear you any ill will? I asked silently.

No, Eric. Not that I’m aware of. Jessica is my friend, I can’t believe she would do something to intentionally hurt me. If only I knew…

I turned to see what had caused Sookie to stop speaking so abruptly and was unable to contain my gasp of shock. My amazing Fae had her arms extended in front of her, palms facing each other and angled slightly vertically, with a huge ball of living light dancing between them.

The orb pulsed and shimmered as it grew in size, until it suddenly burst forth from her palms. I found myself nearly blinded from the flash of energy as her light settled upon Russell’s interment sight. My mouth fell open with an audible hiss as ethereal figures appeared before us.

“Lover, how are you doing this?” I queried my voice barely more than a whisper, my eyes never leaving the remarkable sight before me.

Shhh, baby, I need to see if there’s any sound to go with the pretty pictures, she admonished me using our connection.

The four of us stood enthralled as we watched Compton, his goon-squad, a cloaked figure, and his progeny all milled around the area of Russell’s committal site. The mystery entity seemed to be using its hands as sensors (maybe), though it was hard to make out any details due to the oversized, billowing sleeves of its garb. Bill and the shrouded one led the group, making several passes over roughly the same area before they came to a stop. Compton appeared to ask something, before the robed figure bowed deeply and vanished before our eyes. Bill then seemed to instruct his guards to begin freeing Russell. We looked on as the rescue began and Jessica began to plead with her maker.

“Can you turn the volume up, sweet cheeks? I’m thinking we should be hearing this…” Pam snarked, though her eyes never strayed from our silent film.

“Obviously not, Pammy, or I would have already. Now sush, before you piss me off,” my feisty little blonde shot back. Will everything about her make me hard? I wondered as my dick began to stir again.

Goodness, I hope so, my sexy Viking.

As do I, my love, I smiled just as Compton grabbed his progeny by the hair before shoving her toward the back of the SUV. Jessica’s blood tears were evident as she pulled open the rear hatch, obviously murmuring apologies to those being forced to exit.

We watched as Jessica led the three prisoners to stand beside Compton; all had sacks over their heads and were shackled at the ankles, and wrists, with chains that linked their hands to their feet. The king didn’t even look up, let alone address his prisoners. It was obvious to both Herveaux and myself that they were intended meals for Russell once he was freed, but the strangled mewl that burst from Sookie’s chest implied that she’d only just put the pieces together.

The hired thugs worked at a furious pace to release my enemy while Bill’s progeny continued to plead with her maker. Compton’s eyes never left the ground as he rocked back and forth on his toes, a maniacal smile dancing on his face.

Compton was clearly impressed with himself, seeming immune to the pleas of his progeny, until Jessica had either worn his patience to the breaking point, or had finally said the wrong thing. In a shockingly fast move, Bill backhanded the girl sending her flying nearly one-hundred feet way. In the next instant the king was straddling his child, a sharpened stake pressing into her chest hard enough that I could no longer see its tip. We were unable to hear what Compton was saying to the baby vamp, though the outcome looked grave for Sookie’s young friend.

Suddenly Bill’s head whipped around toward Russell’s burial site; he jumped off his child and rushed to the sludge mound, effectively sparing Jessica’s existence. Compton appeared to be barking orders to the guards as Russell’s body was pulled from where I’d struggled to lay him. Moments later Mississippi’s king was free, looking drained and wrinkled, yet gleefully enraged. Clearly his internment had only exacerbated the damaged we’d done by leaving him in the sun. His skin, where we could see it, was still black and shriveled; his fangs had yet to grow back, but the light in his eyes, even in the translucent vision, was nothing less than terrifying.

“Where’s Northman?” were the first words Russell appeared to speak; and though we couldn’t hear it, it was easy to see that he growled his carefully enunciated words. However Compton responded we couldn’t make out, but it caused my insane nemesis to smile broadly.

Our fearless leader then pointed out Russell’s freedom meals with a sweep of his arm. He looked like one of those ridiculous game show models showing off a new car. Pathetic.

But when the guards removed the hoods to reveal who was on the menu, all four of us gasped aloud.


Okay, yes… I know I suck monkey-butt for leaving a cliffy after not writing this since last November. BUT… As long as real-life holds out for me, I’m back with this. The long delays in updates should be over.

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me! And thank you for sticking with me through the long wait!

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