A Thousand Years Chapter 23

Okay… before we get on with the story, can we just take a minute to talk about the season finale? First, let us discuss the GP shot: *drool, slobber, drool* Can I just say that I for one am very, very pleased to know that he is indeed proportionate?! Sweet baby Jesus! I’ve quite unfortunately slept with men who weren’t that big when fully erect! And yes, I know… what a pity – for me! Anyway, the line that is “yikes, yahoo, yum” – yeah, that about sums it up. Second, the finale sucked; it sucked sweaty and stinky monkey balls! It was thrown together sloppily and was utterly ridiculous; an insult to the intelligence of the fans. But, at least Sookie didn’t end up with Sam at the end of this one! Rant over, now on with the story…

Balti K is still my beta for this story, and she’s wonderful!

Disclaimer – Don’t own these guys, just the fresh take on it.


“No! No, no, no…” Sookie pleaded to the figures that had long since met their fate. Tears were streaming down her cheeks at an alarming rate as she shook forcefully.

Sookie’s cousin, Hadley, was the first to be revealed; I had been under the impression that she had taken off, never to be seen again. Apparently, I was mistaken. Next was a dark haired boy that I recognized as the bellhop from the hotel in Dallas, though why he was on the menu was beyond me. Lastly was Jessica’s pet, Hoyt, I believed his name was. No wonder she was arguing with her maker so vehemently…

There were no words to offer Sookie, as I knew none of the three survived the encounter with Russell, so I merely positioned myself behind her and wrapped her in my embrace offering any comfort I could.

“Please, God, not them!” she wailed as I held her tightly.

We watched disgusted as Russell ate like a man possessed. Really, I’d seen rabid dogs with better table manners. I had tried to turn Sookie into my chest hoping to shield her from the gruesome task of watching people you care for die, but my stubborn Fae refused to look away. Knowing her, she likely felt it was her duty to watch their demise, a final goodbye of sorts.

Jessica rushed toward her lover as Russell began to feast upon him, only to be backhanded several yards away brutally. After he finished dining, the king looked to be nearly fully restored; a fact that would likely prove dangerous to me and mine. Compton stood talking to Russell for several more minutes, never noticing that his progeny had collapsed with grief next to her nearly-dead human. The baby vamp was an absolute wreck as she pulled his head into her lap, sobbing uncontrollably.

It wasn’t until she had bitten into her own wrist that Compton finally paid her any mind. The word “no” was clearly readable on his lips, and what followed could only have been a Maker’s command to not bring the boy over. Several seconds later it was obvious the human had died as Jessica laid herself over his body seeking comfort.

Sookie’s sobs at her friend’s passing pulled at my being, her agony and loss flooding the bond. But that gradually faded a bit to the background, allowing something else to come to the fore. Anger assaulted my senses, so white-hot in nature, shocking me with its intensity; I’d never seen, nor felt, my lover so enraged.

“There’s no way those mother-fuckers are walkin’ away from this, Eric. That sonofabitch didn’t even bat an eye at killing the man his child loves,” she seethed.

“I agree, my love. I will take great pleasure in ending Compton for you,” I vowed. I was almost certain to become erect from killing him, the idea titillated me so.

“No, Eric. Bill is mine to kill. I fuckin’ owe that lyin’ sack of shit!” she hissed, the hatred in her voice almost palpable.

I couldn’t disagree with that, though I longed to be the one to bring about his final death. But for her piece of mind, I’d gladly concede. “Perhaps you will allow me to watch then, lover? I’ve wanted to stake that fucker for so long now; it would be a pity to miss the show.”

“Mmm…” she muttered distractedly as we watched Russell and Compton conclude their meeting. Russell took to the sky as the guards trekked back to the SUV. Bill attempted to lift Jessica from Hoyt’s body to no avail. He said a few words to her and she abruptly pulled herself away; I had little doubt he had to use his influence over her to achieve his goal, considering the venomous glare she gave his retreating form.

“Sook, how the hell did you do that?” Herveaux asked as the images faded to nothing.

“Long story,” she replied, rolling her eyes before turning to address me. “Eric, I really wanna get someplace safe, like now. My Spidey senses are tingling like crazy.”

My intuition was also telling me to seek refuge, though I didn’t understand her pop-culture reference. Focusing on what was important, we concluded our meeting with the pup and advised him to seek shelter and avoid any interactions with the soon to be deposed Vampire King of Louisiana. I swiftly flew my ladies back to Sookie’s house so that she could pack. Whether she liked it or not, she’d be staying with me until Russell was finally dead.

When we landed, I explained to Sookie my plans for our safety and was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t rush into one of her tirades in regards to “vampire shit.” Perhaps things really were going to be different between us from here on out.

While she readied herself, I set about changing the ownership to most of my safe houses into my bonded’s name. I called Cataliades and requested that he meet us at the house currently owned by Ginger so that we could complete the paperwork. Thankfully he agreed and inquired if he would be able to have his talk with Sookie while he was there. I saw no issues with it and granted my permission; provided, of course, that my lover was up for it after the night she had already suffered through.

Pam and I spoke briefly in regards to possible ways to eliminate Russell, as well as maneuver Bill into position for Sookie to exact her revenge. Just as my fiery bombshell was descending the stairs, there was a knock at the door. Sookie told me it was a vampire using our connection, so I elected to be the one to greet our “guest”. I threw open the door with purpose, a murderous glare decorating my face and ready to attack, only to find a leaking baby vamp shaking before me.

“Eric, I mean Sheriff, is Sookie here?” her voice vibrating as much as her small frame was.

“Jessica, you poor thing, come on in,” my overly-trusting love begged.

“Sookie,” I started.

“No, Eric. She won’t hurt me, and she needs a friend right now. I’d be a wreck if I lost you,” she admonished me.

“One wrong move, Jessica, and you won’t get the chance to say goodbye before I remove your head. Do we understand one another?”

She nodded respectfully before she threw herself into Sookie’s waiting arms. My lover led the hysterical girl to the sofa, wrapping a hideous quilt around her shoulders. I was tempted to point out that Jessica no longer felt the cold, but the child seemed to snuggle into it as if it were a lover’s embrace. Women, whether breathing or not, were such a conundrum to me at times; why that tattered old fabric would bring any measure of comfort to anyone was beyond me. But it obviously did, so who was I to complain. If it gets her to stop leaking and help us end Compton, let her have sex with the wretched thing.

Pamela and I excused ourselves to the kitchen for the illusion of privacy at Sookie’s silent request. I knew I was close enough to be able to keep my lover safe, should things suddenly go south with the grieving vampire. I heated up blood for my progeny and myself as we finalized plans for the next few days. What we would do about running Fangtasia was still a mystery, seeing that we couldn’t prevent Russell from entering since it wasn’t a private residence. We may need to shut down for a few days, but at the same time, it may be a good way to lure Russell in. Perhaps it was time to call in some age-old favors.

I had been keeping an ear on Sookie’s conversation while Pam and I handled business, when I heard the words that could be the key to our success. Jessica admitted to Sookie that she longed for Compton’s death in retribution for killing her beloved human. This was certainly something I could work with.

Rushing into the living room to stand before the huddled women I hedged, “Jessica, you realize what you just said is considered treason? Are you sure this isn’t simply the inane ramblings of a weepy teen? Or do you truly crave revenge?”

“I wanna eat his fucking skull, after dipping his balls in liquid silver!” she seethed.

“Well, my dear. In that case, have I got a deal for you…”


So… I hope this alleviated your fears – I know many of you were concerned it was Jason or Lafayette under the hoods. I couldn’t kill them off – I’d lose my comic relief! I love those two characters! We’ll find out why these three in particular were chosen in the next chapter.

The next chapter is written and with my beta now, I’m hoping to have it up soon. She’s a very busy gal and always gets to the chapters just as soon as she can. I promise to post as soon as I’m able.

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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