A Thousand Years Chapter 25

I need to take a moment to recommend an amazing author to you. I’ve just discovered her, and all of her stories are out of this world good. Her name is Secret Nerd Princess. There is a completed one-shot named “At Least We’ll Always Have Buffy” which is wonderful, a completed multi-chapter (with a sequel that is in the works) called “Dead on Arrival” that is beyond words – truly one of the best stories I’ve ever read, and an in-progress story that is a crossover with Doctor Who called “Wonderland”. I’m not a Doctor Who fan AT ALL, but this story is soooo good. It’s really an Eric/Sookie story at heart with The Doctor helping Sook to discover what she really wants. I cannot say enough about SNP’s work. You really should check her out! So… now that the pimping of great work is done, on with the story.

Balti K is my beta for this story.

Disclaimer – C.H. & A.B. along with HBO own the characters and the original starting point for this story. The rest is my twisted lil’ mind having fun.


When we arrived at the safe house officially owned by our oft-hysterical air siren of a waitress, I was pleased to see that Cataliades was already waiting. There was only so much time before dawn, and while I would be safe from its effects (hopefully forevermore), I didn’t want to let that cat out of the bag publicly just yet.

I advised Sookie get herself something to eat while I handled the business unrelated to his pending discussion with her. First and foremost, I signed the necessary paperwork that needed to be filed to officially claim Sookie as mine in the eyes of the Authority, making her my “property.” Whatever. They didn’t need to know it was the other way around; that I was more her slave than her master. Then I set about endorsing my new will and all the documents that added Sookie’s name to all of my personal assets. Next came the deeds to all of my properties, including turning the ownership of Fangtasia over to her; she would pay Pamela and I as if we were employees, though in reality all profits were actually to be divided between my child and I as if we were still the sole owners. While I knew vampire magic wouldn’t keep Russell out of the club (being a public establishment rather than a residence) even with Sookie’s new ownership, I still thought it was the best option for us all at the moment.

I briefly explained to my child what was pertinent for her to know, as well as the basic reasoning behind my choices. I expected her to put up a fight, but was ecstatic when she agreed that it was a good tactical plan. I felt some anger and insecurity flowing through our bond along with her approval, and questioned her on it. After asking Cataliades to excuse us for a moment, I set about the task of prying Pam’s issues from her. Of course, learning from my example, she was intolerably vague and simply put it off to seeing me so “absurdly pussy-whipped by a bloodbag, no matter how fan-fucking-tastic her precious fairy vagina may be.” However, the emotions bombarding me from her side of the maker/child bond gave her true fears away.

“Do not worry, Pammy, I could never replace you. Who else could charge enough to my cards in one day to feed a third world country?” I opted for levity instead of having what humans call a “heart to heart,” knowing that she would not be receptive to that approach one in any way, shape, or form. Truthfully, other than with Sookie, heartfelt talks left me nauseous in spite of my inability to vomit.

“Whatever, you asshat,” the sneer on her face belied the sense of relief I felt from her.

It had been many, many years since Pamela and I had been bedmates, but I understood her trepidation at losing what we shared as maker/child. For as long as I could remember, she was the only person besides Godric that I had trusted, had confided in. And while I knew Pam was indeed sincere in her pleasure at seeing me so happy and at peace, I also knew how much she hated sharing. I had been content to let the conversation die where it was up until the moment that she admitted she’d considered ending Sookie’s life on more than one occasion.

I was on her in a flash, my hand at her throat. “You will not harm my mate, I command you!” I roared. At Sookie’s silent question regarding my wellbeing, I quickly reassured her all was well and then lowered my voice to avoid further attention. “I do care for you, my child, more than almost anything, but I will do whatever I have to in order to protect Sookie. Never forget that!” I seethed. The thought of hurting my child was a pain that coursed from the tips of my toes to the top of my hair, but nothing and no one would ever harm my mate again.

“I would never, Eric. Not now, I swear it! Even without your decree. You are too connected to her, and to harm her would destroy you at this point. I can see how tightly you are bound to one another. I just wanted to let you know how my feelings had changed toward the boisterous hybrid. I give you my word, Eric, I will protect her as I would you,” she said as a tiny trail of blood blazed her cheek.

“My apologies then. But know that I will not abide by anyone endangering my Sookie.” A part of me felt genuinely bad for threatening to end her existence, but if the choice was between Sookie and anyone else – Sookie would win. Every. Single. Time.

By the time we had finished hashing out our issues Sookie had eaten and had joined us in the living room. I called Cataliades back in and waited while he explained the paperwork and legal dealings to my mate. As expected she balked when presented with everything, but after explaining all the reasoning behind it she graciously, if grudgingly, agreed to sign it all. Of course, she had to add that she would not be a “kept woman”, and she still expected to be able to earn her keep once the danger with Edgington had passed. I assured her she could work any job her little heart desired (though preferably not for the shifter, if possible); I was just thrilled, and a little shocked, that she reasonably agreed to wait until her safety could be guaranteed.

“Well, now that the business portion is out of the way… I must say, it is nice to finally meet you, Ms. Stackhouse,” the demon said as he held out his hand for her, directing us back to the biggest reason for his personal visit. He must truly think highly of my bonded; Daemons were as finicky about physical contact as we vampires could be at times.

“You as well, sir. Eric tells me that you have some information for me about my history and my connection to the Fae?”

“Indeed I do, Ms. Stackhouse. Much of it will be very personal, and I just want to make sure before we begin that you are comfortable with both Mr. Northman and Ms. Swynford De Beaufort in attendance while we speak.”

“Umm…” my lover paused as she pondered her options. Eric, I don’t want to insult Pam, but I’d really rather it be just us right now. We can tell her whatever we think she needs to know later, but I have no idea what this man has to say. Can we send her outside or something?

I understand completely, my love, but we still have to think of her as well. I cannot send her too far away, you understand? At her nod, I sat for several seconds staring into Sookie’s eyes as I weighed options.

“Pam, head to your daytime resting chamber, and start getting in touch with some old friends. I have a feeling that the day to cash in some favors has finally arrived. Please also be sure to contact the witch and her mentor; we are going to need all the help we can get.”

It was obvious that Pam knew she was getting the brush off, though the tasks were indeed valid; I cared not for her irritation at the moment. If my lover didn’t want Pam to hear any of her sordid family secrets (a plethora of them, no doubt, since Cataliades had insisted on meeting with her personally), then Pam could go fly the proverbial kite for all I cared.

All of my safe houses were equipped with private air supplies for each of our daytime chambers. The thought behind the extra precaution was to avoid ever having silver pumped into my quarters while I was dead for the day. Until bonding with my feisty Fae, I would have been able to awaken once the burning began, but I would still have met my death in a ball of fire upon exiting the room. Pam’s inability to daywalk ensured that I would not be making any changes to my protection plan any time soon. Regardless, as soon as we heard the hermetic seal engage, it was time to get down to business.

We listened as Desmond described how Sookie came into her fairy blood. Apparently, her grandfather, Earl, was the child of Niall and his human mistress, Einin. I had known of his two other sons, Dermot and Fintan, born to this woman, but I had never heard of Earl. Apparently, he was given to human friends of Einin’s (the Stackhouses) to keep him safe once Niall had begun having trouble with the other fairy clans.

So, not only was Sookie Fae, but Fae royalty nonetheless. I had little doubt that once Pam heard the news, she’d whine endlessly that I had “all the luck.” And while I was indeed fortunate to have Sookie at my side finally (and willingly), I was not sold on the idea that her heritage was truly a blessing. With the continued infighting between fairy clans, her being the reigning prince’s great-granddaughter would only put her in more danger. Especially since after Hadley’s death, Sookie and her brother were now the only living relatives of Niall. I wondered briefly if being one-eighth Fae automatically made someone a divining rod for danger, since my Sookie most assuredly was. Or perhaps it was a mark of the Brigant line in her blood instead.

I was shocked to learn that Desmond was Sookie’s godfather, of sorts; a “sponsor” as he called it. Apparently, it was the infinitesimal amount of blood that the daemon had given her at birth that was the cause of her telepathy, which earned the portly man a very unladylike “Well, sir, fuckin’ thanks ever so,” from my pissy mate. Evidently, her snorting was indeed contagious, since I was unable to hold one in after her ungracious outburst.

“You are most welcome, Ms. Stackhouse… considering how many times it has already saved your life, as well as the lives of others,” Cataliades reprimanded her gently. “Now, since it’s obvious that you two have created a blood-bond, I am certain that you must have some questions for me.”

“Excuse me?” my mate questioned, no ire in her tone.

“Yes. I’m sure you must be curious about some of the changes you both have gone through recently,” the lawyer replied, smirking knowingly.

What. The. Fuck?


Thank you to everyone who has stuck with (or recently discovered) this story. I adore you all! Reviews or the alerts that tell me you added me/this story to one of your lists are like sunshine on the cloudiest of days.

The next chapter is already with my beta and should be up very soon.

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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