A Thousand Years Chapter 26

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“What exactly do you know of our experiences, demon?” I growled.

While I did truly like Desmond, and trusted him (as much as I trust anyone other than myself, and the two women in my life), something seemed very off about him having any knowledge of the changes my mate and I had recently gone through and the instinct to protect what was mine was nearly overpowering.

“I know what has been foretold, Eric.”

“By whom? The Ancient Pythoness? She saw Sookie and I bonded, along with all that we have been experiencing since then, and told you?” I asked, my tone laced heavily with disbelief.

“The Ancient One has told me very little, personally. Apparently, however, she has been in contact with Niall. You know how cryptic she can be, but I am to tell you that any ability that the two of you gain will be permanent. I am also directed to inform you that your bond is unbreakable, even in true-death.”

My lover and I turned to face one another; no words were spoken in either form, we simply sat staring as we digested this new information. I would be forever able to walk in the sun… the concept was quite inconceivable. Never again would I worry about burning, or be relegated to darkness. I’d be able to see the sunlight in my lover’s hair for eternity…


“Desmond,” I began, turning away from Sookie’s loving gaze. “What of Sookie’s lifespan? Will the fairy blood extend her life, or will she have only the briefest of moments on this planet as the rest of the humans do? And if the bond is so unbreakable, what happens to me when she does pass?” The thought of losing her in a short fifty or sixty years was unfathomable to me. Not to mention that my continued survival was now directly linked to hers, from what we understood.

“No, she will not wither and die as rapidly as the humans do; especially now that she’s given her spark a boost, of sorts. I have spoken to her kin and they believe that she could live hundreds of years even without another drop of your blood, though with it they believe she could live for much, much longer.”

“And what of being turned? Would that even be possible, Mr. Cataliades?” Sookie shocked me by asking. I felt myself stiffening at the mere thought of having her with me for eons to come.

“As far as we understand it, Sookie, it should be quite possible. That is, of course, if you are interested in being turned. Your consent will play an enormous part in the success of the change. Please know, however, that you will live far longer than the average human without having to be brought over to Eric’s side. The choice should be made because it is your heart’s wish, not for longevity purposes. It is, after all, not a decision that can be undone.”

“Eric,” my lover said, turning to me. “I give you permission to turn me if something catastrophic happens. Consider it a reverse DNR order. I don’t want to die anytime soon, especially since my life is linked with yours. You, of all people, belong on this earth,” she declared with a small smile. I was shocked to feel apprehension in the bond, as if she worried I would not want to bring her over.

“I will do my best, dear one, to make sure that we never need to worry about it until it is your wish to be made vampire. However, I am very happy you would choose to stay with me for an eternity if the situation necessitated it.”

“I choose to be with you for an eternity regardless, Eric. I have no intentions of giving you up now,” she said, patting my hand gently.

“Do you believe that Sookie would be a daywalker if turned?” I asked my lawyer.

“The Oracle believes that when Sookie is turned, she will retain all of her fairy powers, including the ability to daywalk. According to Her, Sookie here will be a force to be reckoned with.”

“I assure you, Desmond, she already is,” I smiled, allowing Sookie’s recent triumphs to flood my memories. Rare and talented hardly covered the person my mate had always been… now she was nothing short of spectacular.

“Did the Ancient one give you any information in regards to the king of Mississippi? What we should expect from Russell, maybe? Or even better, how to defeat him?” I seriously doubted that the cryptic old woman would share, considering how much she enjoyed toying with me specifically, but it never hurt to ask.

“You know better than that, Eric,” he said with a small laugh. “Your sire’s sire lives to torment you while protecting you. She always has. She did say that as long as you trust in each other, and let no one come between you, you will be fine. ‘Stand together, tell them. Their victory lies in their bond,’ were her exact words.”

“She’s your Gran, Eric?” I laughed aloud at the human term.

“Well, in a manner of speaking, yes. Though I assure you, that is hardly how she sees it. Though, I must admit, the old crone certainly has looked out for me over the years as kin would.” More than once in my many years, Her Grace had gone out of her way to warn me of things in order to keep me alive. When questioned, her response was always, “Fate has plans for you, dear boy, and I refuse to let your need to prove you have the biggest ‘sword’ foil them.” Godric’s maker was truly one of a kind.

“How… why…” my Fae stuttered.

“I will explain another time, my love. For now, let us finish up with Mr. Cataliades,” I suggested before leaning in to place a chaste kiss to her soft lips. Turning toward Desmond I asked, “Anything else to report?”

“Yes, The Ancient Pythoness also said you needed to eliminate Compton’s threat quickly. He could cause you both major problems if not. I was assured that you would still be victorious should you not end him quickly enough, but that your road will be that much rougher for it.” The demon paused, smiling at me before adding, “She also said to tell you both that you are absolute morons for not taking care of him when you had the chance. Had you vaporized him at the same time as Flannigan, your future would have been nearly trouble free. Sookie, she specifically wanted me to tell you that not all first loves are good, and that while your kind and forgiving heart is admirable, you need to ‘zap him to kingdom come.'”

“Assure her that I understand. I lost my cousin and two innocents because I didn’t fry that little fuck. Oh, excuse me, I apologize,” she blushed, realizing that she’d cursed again in front of a near stranger. I was certain her Southern upbringing was currently warring with the influence of too much time around my progeny.

“No need to worry, my dear. Compton really is a blight on the vampire race. He’s impetuous, greedy, and childish beyond reason, and is an embarrassment to the supernatural community at large. Aside from that, he’s an arrogant little fuck, with absolutely nothing to back up his limitless ego. I have despised him from the moment I met him, and I assure you that my distaste of him has only grown with time.”

Getting back to the discussion of our newfound abilities, I asked, “What of the glowing lights when we consummated our bond? Have you any knowledge of that?”

“I do, but I am not to tell you. I apologize, but I am under strict orders from The Ancient Pythoness to let you discover those paths alone.”

To say I was displeased with that answer was an understatement, but I could not fault Cataliades; he was simply following orders. “I understand. Though you can tell her I do not see the humor in her games when they involve my mate.”

“I certainly will, but you know she’ll just laugh at you.”

“Indeed she will,” I sighed. “Was there anything else to discuss?”

“Nothing that needs tending tonight, and in a moment I will leave you both to the rest of your evening. If all goes well, I will also be in attendance for the first public meeting Compton holds and shall see you then. Just remember, trust each other, love each other, and protect one another, and you will all survive. Thank you for meeting with me tonight, both of you. It was a true pleasure to finally be able to speak with you, dear Sookie.”

She raised herself and threw her arms around the shocked demon, “You as well, sir. Thank you so much for your help.”

“Anything, anytime, child. Your great-uncle Fintan was a dear friend of mine, and while I never had the pleasure of meeting Earl, he was sorely missed by Fintan every day.”

I thanked the lawyer for everything and showed him to the door, accepting his private numbers for “emergencies,” as he suggested. With another fond farewell to my mate, the demon exited our door and teleported away a nanosecond later.

“Ya know, I’m about damn sick and tired of everyone having these cool parlor tricks except me,” my buxom blonde griped.

“Oh, I know. How dreadful to be you, lover. You glamour vamps, fricassee those who mean us harm, shoot lightning from your fingertips, are indescribably powerful and will likely grow even stronger soon, and will have an indefinite lifespan. What a disgrace you are,” I scolded sarcastically.

“Hmmm… ya know, when you put it like that, I guess it’s not so bad to be me. In fact, I’m pretty fuckin’ awesome, huh?”

“That you are, my love. That you are.”


So… don’t be mad at me for not defining the Technicolor lights, please. I don’t want to give that away until it’s time. Don’t want to ruin the story, you understand. The one thing I will PROMISE is a HEA for our couple. It just may be a road rich in challenges from time to time… but without some struggles, what good is the HEA?

So… I’m thinking it’s been ten chapters(ish) since the last dose of lemons… might be time to remedy that soon…

Oh, and InvertedMeridian made an innocent comment in her last review, and my muses are apparently crazy and had some random thoughts on the matter. The results are in the next two chapters.

One last note – chapters 27 & 28 are with my beta now and I’m working on 29. She’s having a busy week, so I’ll post as soon as I’m able, but it likely won’t be until the weekend at the very earliest, possibly early next week. Just wanted to warn y’all.

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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