A Thousand Years Chapter 27

Question for y’all at the bottom.

Balti K is my beta for this story and I adore her.

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As we closed the front door, my sweet Fae’s stomach decided to express its displeasure with the dearth of food she’d consumed this day, and we laughed at the noises her small body was making. Apparently she had only had a few crackers earlier, being too nervous to actually eat anything of substance. As much as I wished to take her out for a romantic meal, the dangers we faced prevented the possibility.

After a brief discussion I convinced her to allow me to order carryout from a restaurant that I’d heard wonderful things about. Thankfully, the establishment also carried a broad selection of top-shelf bloods. Even more appealing about the establishment was that they remained open into the wee hours of the morning to cater to my kind. Coming out of the coffin certainly had its advantages.

Sookie chose a meal of filet mignon, lobster tail, green salad, and twice baked potatoes. I myself opted for a Royalty Blend that contained hints of fairy blood. While they made bloods that were far more potent in Fae essence, I wanted to unwind, not become punch-drunk.

Once the food was ordered I turned to my beautiful mate. “So, my love, how are you fairing after all that we have learned tonight?” I asked as we settled back onto my sofa. My mate was a survivor, to be certain, but she had still learned (and been given) a great deal tonight.

“Ya know, it’s real hard to say. I still think you went overboard with willing me all that you did, but I understand your reasoning and I certainly appreciate it. But, I’m telling you now… I don’t wanna be cashing in the inheritance anytime soon, bucko. Besides, what good is all that money gonna do me if I’m going to check out when you do?”

She certainly had a valid point there. In retrospect, it did indeed seem foolish to hand everything over to her when our lives are so entwined. “Perhaps you should consider changing your will as well, dear one. While I assure you I have no intentions of leaving this earth anytime soon, it may be prudent to ensure that someone you care about will benefit from my wealth should we both meet the true death.”

“Hmmm… you’re right. ‘Course, it might help if I had a will at all. Please remind me to ask Mr. Cataliades about that when we next see him.”

“Considering the threats we now face, Sookie, it would be wiser to contact him sooner rather than later.”

“True. Sad, but definitely true. Okay, could you please ask him to leave three quarters of my ‘estate’ to my brother including all family photos and heirlooms, and the rest can be divided up between Tara and Lafayette?”

“Certainly. I will email him instructions in a bit.”

“Oh,” she interrupted. “Maybe it should all go back to Pam instead? I mean, it wouldn’t be right to give it to folks that hardly know you instead of the person you’ve spent more than a hundred years with.”

“Pamela would not want it back, my love. And she will be well provided for at the time of my demise. Though, we will have to be certain that upon your death the ownership of Fangtasia reverts back to my child. All other assets that are jointly owned between us are already set to be transferred to her upon my final death, but since you are now the sole owner of the bar, we will need to make allowances for that. She would want you to do whatever your heart desires with the rest. She has, after all, amassed quite a fortune herself, despite her ridiculous spending.”

“Fair enough then,” she smiled happily.

I shot off an email to the demon from my phone and waited only seconds for his reply; he would have the necessary paperwork forwarded to us by the time I rose tomorrow. We chatted about her lineage for a time, and I took time to explain to her all I knew of Niall and his place among the Fae. She was saddened to know that she was the last of her line, and was understandably shocked to learn that she was technically next in line as ruler of the realm.

“I mean really, what the heck to I know about that world? Or about being a princess, for cryin’ out loud? If they’re looking for beer and deep fried pickles, I’m their gal, but I don’t know squat about being a ruler!”

“My dearest Sookie, you would be brilliant at anything you put your mind to. You are intelligent, fair, endlessly compassionate, and my match in every way. How could you not be a wondrous leader? However, I do not believe we’d be able to stay together should you decide to ascend to the throne. Vampires are not allowed in that realm, for obvious reasons.”

“Yeah, that makes sense, what with faeries being vampire catnip and all. But they can shove their fancy title where the sun don’t shine! I’m not going anywhere without you, baby.”

“Truly, we are going to have to find you more appropriate pet names for me, Sookie. I have not been a ‘baby’ in a millennium. It’s a ridiculous term of endearment.”

“Oh p’shaw, it is not. It’s a way of saying you are most dear to me. Now suck it up, Buttercup, cuz I’m gonna call you baby whenever I want,” she declared while waggling her tiny finger at me.

“Ugh, we shall see about that. Anyway,” I said, attempting to change subjects. There was no need to argue about such trivial matters, no matter how emasculating the term was. “What did you think of the demon?”

“He’s awful sweet, and kind of adorable. Though, I gotta admit… I was dying to ask if he had a tail,” she declared laughing. “But I hardly think it would have been appropriate. And patting him down would have been just awkward.”

“You’d have made the old boy’s day if you had!” I laughed at the thought. I then proceeded to growl lowly at the thought of her hands frisking another man. “Though I strictly forbid you from doing so, no matter how curious you are.”

“You’re no fun, baby. No fun at all,” she winked, causing yet another stream of growls from me.

“What? He’s adorable, Eric,” she sassed as the doorbell rang. “Saved by the bell,” she chirped adorably.

“Indeed, you saucy minx; allow me to get the door.”

I took precautions in obtaining our dinner, making sure to neither step outside, nor allow the delivery man to enter; you could never be too sure. Compton or Russell could have been lying in wait, though the possibility of them finding me was remote, or the man could have been glamoured into harming one of my women or myself. Once the food was safely inside, my lover and I set ourselves at the kitchen table.

It was odd sharing such a domestic scene after so many centuries alone. While Pam and I had shared a meal occasionally over the years, that normally involved a feed and a quick fuck, and was certainly never done at a dining table.

“So… the demon is adorable, you say?” I asked innocently. As if she really expected I’d let the subject lie.

“You don’t think so?” she asked, moaning around a bite of potatoes.

“I do not. He is daemon, which is automatically unappealing in my book. Plus he is pudgy. And he smells of sulfur. Plus, he’s older; significantly older than you, in both actual years and appearance. What could be appealing about that?”

“You’re such a piss-pot, sometimes, you know that?” she giggled. “Mr. High and Mighty ‘cuz you’re so hot. Older men are distinguished and can be quite sexy at times. Just look at Robert Redford or Sean Connery, if ya want proof. And, what’s wrong with a little fluffiness, huh? I’m certainly not svelte, does that make me unappealing as well?”

“Silly, infuriating girl. You know precisely how much I desire you. You are a paragon of beauty in a sea of mediocrity. You, my love, are a goddess,” I said, ignoring her obvious infatuation with the elderly human actors.

“Well, you’re not so bad yourself there, mister. But he is cute. He’s got a nice, deep voice. He’s sure smart, and he’s obviously loyal. Plus, his eyes are pretty cool, so that doesn’t hurt his cause.”

Though I knew she was just playing and had no intentions of leaving me for the lawyer, I could not help the fact that my blood was beginning to boil. “You will cease this madness immediately, Sookie. I will not have you fantasizing about another man, especially one who is old enough to be your father.” I regretted the words the moment I had said them, especially when I felt her shock and hurt through our bond. In my haste to dissuade her from another’s arms, I’d neglected to acknowledge what my words would do to her. She’d told me of her wretched uncle, and I had violated her trust by throwing an older man in her face. “I apologize, dear one, forgive me. That was thoughtless and unkind. I did not mean to bring up painful memories. I just let my possessive nature get the best of me.”

She sat for a long moment, fork still in mouth, before she spoke. “I understand and forgive you, Eric. I was just having fun. And you’re right, that was just plain shitty of you, but I goaded you and I know better. Let’s just move on, shall we?”

“Absolutely. I’m truly happy you liked the demon though, especially now that I know you were just feigning interest in him. He certainly seems to be both fond of, and protective of you. He will likely prove to be a valuable asset to us.”

“I would think you’re right, he must be very powerful.”

“Indeed Desmond is, and a fierce warrior as well. His loyalty will serve us well.”

We ate in comfortable silence for several minutes before my lover shocked me senseless. “Ya know, I’m not even sure how a relationship with Mr. Cataliades would work, even if I was interested in one.”

“What do you mean, lover?”

“Well, he’s a demon, right? Like all fire and brimstone, demon?” I nodded affirmation despite her strange topic of conversation. “So I doubt we’d be compatible,” she continued.

“I still do not understand the point you are trying to make, Sookie.” I detested feeling confused and was trying to keep my irritation to a minimum.

“Well… the way I see it, if he’s from a place like Hell’s supposed to be, wouldn’t his junk be all hot?”

“His junk?” Lost. I was well and truly lost.

“Actually, I guess it would more be the fluids inside it rather than his junk itself, but you get the point.”

“I assure you, my confusing little devil, I do not.”

“Okay, this is real embarrassing, but… wouldn’t his cum be all hot? Like acid or something? Can you imagine?” she shivered. “It would scald me from the inside out.”

I regretted the rather large gulp of blood I had taken right before she’d spoken as soon as she finished her last word. I was so taken aback by her quirky line of thought, that my uproarious laughter caused the remaining blood in my mouth to project forward like a fountain, covering everything in its path with dots of deep red.

I coughed and sputtered, choking impossibly on both the remnants of liquid and my mirth. I positively roared with laughter, bending myself nearly in half with the force of it. For the second time in as many days, I found myself leaking blood tears as I giggled like a buffoon. This woman surely would be the death of me yet.

Once I had somewhat recovered, I looked up to find my mate gawking at me, adorned with speckles of wasted life-nectar. My unneeded breath caught at the sight. She was positively glorious, and all mine.

I was out of my chair, and licking the blood from her skin before she could blink. Within seconds her shocked squeak gave way to breathy moans.

Tonight was to be a good night indeed.


So, I don’t know why my brain automatically thought about burning cum… and yet it did. Sick and twisted little mind I have. Who’d have thought that such an innocent review would lead to blood-fountains and lemonade?

Anyway, sexy-time coming up next, folks.

And, my muses kidnapped me and decided to be hookers, lol. So I have a PWP short-story featuring these two, plus Pam and Alcide. The question is, do I save it for next year’s IWTS contest? Or, did y’all wanna read it now? I should have it done in a couple days. Your choice, lemme know.

Oh… and because you folks are so super-duper freaking awesome, I’ll let you know that we find out in ch29 what the purple light was…

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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