A Thousand Years Chapter 28

I decide to post early because I wanted to respond to a couple reviews and frankly, I’m coming down with something and may spend the whole day in bed tomorrow. I will hopefully get the next chapter of Tangled written tonight, if not I promise not to make y’all wait too long. Long author’s note ahead – sorry.

Response to Guest review in regards to Sookie’s powers: Thanks for taking the time to read and review my story, and I just wanted to take a second to assure you that Eric is still very necessary in this story. I understand your concern that with her new powers that there will be no suspense in the story, but I hope as it progresses you will find that’s not the case. My point in making her the way she is in my version was to rid our worlds of the simpering, whining girl that abounds in the books and show. What the heck good are the powers she has in those worlds if she’s always still in trouble and always getting someone else killed instead of saving herself. I wanted her and Eric to be more like equals instead of her being a liability. Now, that’s not to say she won’t find herself in trouble here, because she very well may. I hope you finish the story and enjoy it. If not, then I’m sorry it wasn’t more to your taste, but I truly appreciate the time you took to read it and share your thoughts with me. *hugs*

To the Guest review that felt Sookie was too hard and needed to be softer (though not as soft as Bella): I assure you that I’m not trying to make her into a Dominatrix, not in any way. I’m just trying to give her more of a backbone. I’m doing this story all in Eric’s POV, so we don’t get to hear what goes on in her mind, but in no way is she trying to rule the roost, or anything like that. There will be softer moments and plenty of loving between them – I’m just trying to make her more practical and less apt to throw hissy fits. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review! I appreciate your thoughts and just wanted to let you know where the character is coming from. *hugs*

Soo… in my last author’s note I told you that the purple lights would be explained in the chapter after this… unfortunately, they were never mentioned until THIS chapter. LOL! Hello, my name is Jen, and I’m a bo-bo sometimes! Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy how they come about, as well as what they mean. (runs away smacking head chanting, “Stupid, stupid, stupid…)

I’m not really sure if this is NSFW, so what if we give it a NSFW-lite rating? Lol! It’s not my dirtiest, but it’s not a day at Sunday school either.

Balti K is my beta for this story and I adore her.

Disclaimer – Don’t own them, wish I did.



That was what my lover’s skin normally tasted of.

However, tonight, with the splatters of Royalty Blend that adorned her lusciously-bronzed flesh, her taste was indescribable. The only way she could taste better would be if she were covered in her own blood, but then I’d be too concerned about her wellbeing or attacking whomever wounded her to enjoy it. There would never be enough. I could feast upon her for a millennia and still not be sated.

We still had yet to move from the dining table as I laved her clean from the results of her uproarious line of inquiry. I had begun my attentions at her dotted-red bosom, where my sustenance dripped just slightly into her ample cleavage. From there, I bathed her neck and shoulders with my eager tongue. My cock ached, and battled fruitlessly for release from its denim prison as I turned my focus to her scrumptiously-speckled arms.

I growled deep in my chest, the sound feral and desperate, as I hoisted her up onto the table, sending everything at her place setting crashing to the floor. I suckled her sweet fingers, savoring each drop held there. In my lust-fueled frenzy I ripped the shirt from her, frantic for more. Finding none, I tore her bottoms away and grunted hungrily at finding my bounty flecked across her curvy thighs.

I had seen many a woman covered in blood throughout my numerous years, but none had overcome me with such an animalistic passion as Sookie’s crimson-freckled body had tonight. I was a man possessed. I had not felt so out of control since the earliest years of my turning. This was beyond blood-lust; this was the sweetest of insanities.

More. I had to have more.

Her undergarments were gone in a flurry of growls and moans, as I lifted my bottle of blood to her skin. I poured small amounts in strategic places then decorated her perfect body with my fingers, not unlike a human preschool-aged child with colored paints and thick paper. My tongue stroked her clean enthusiastically, only to dirty her again. No part of her was safe from my attentions; though the three orgasms she experienced as a result assured me she was thrilled to accompany me into this madness.

Please, baby,” she groaned on the cusp of her fourth release, “I can’t take anymore. I need to feel you,” she begged.

My own need was agonizing, but hearing my mate beg for my aching cock shattered my restraint. I hadn’t realized until that moment that I had neglected to remove my own clothing in my haste to consumer her, and worked to remedy that condition as quickly as possible. Within seconds I was bare as the day I was born and poised between my lover’s thighs.

With a slowness alien to my inner turmoil I entered my mate, carefully drawing her calves around my hips. The table she rested upon proved to be the perfect height and allowed me to still feast on her round, heavy globes. Sookie fell into bliss just as I seated myself within her fully, the contractions of her velvet walls testing my stamina in ways I never dreamed possible, wringing breathy moans from us both.

As she rode out her aftershocks, I began riding her. My strokes were steady, but sure, as I silently thanked the gods in every language I knew for gifting me this glorious creature. I buried my head in her neck and grunted whispers of love and praise into her silken skin. Though I’d found my heaven inside this woman in the previous times we’d joined, this was a whole new level of satisfaction for me. In being bound so tightly to this tiny, infuriating woman, I’d found the home I never knew I’d lost.

But as close as we were, it still wasn’t enough. I slid my arms around her back and drew her to my chest needing the closeness. Soon however, my vampire strength withstanding, I found myself weak in the knees as I held her. Of course it was not her load that was the problem, but the weight of what was transpiring between us that made me fumble. I stumbled clumsily (yet another first) to the nearest wall and pressed my lover against it less gently than I meant to. I would have asked of her wellbeing but both of us were beyond words, each only capable of wild moans and wails.

It felt as though my soul was splitting as I neared my climax, though it was far from unpleasant. My body felt warm from the tips of my toes to the ends of my eyelashes, any movement from either of us sending millions of tiny shocks throughout my body. I had not felt such warmth since my human days, not even basking in the sunlight just yesterday. Something big was happening for us again, I was certain of it… and I was utterly powerless to stop it.

I was hanging on by mere threads and found my Sookie fairing no better as her supple walls began massaging away the last snippets of my control. I was thrust violently over the edge when my sneaky lover leaned forward using her legs for leverage and bit savagely into my neck, pulling deeply. I roared with shock and pleasure, biting into her buttery throat as I exploded deep within her. I felt energy burst forth from my loins of such magnitude my knees gave way, barely leaving me with the wherewithal to gather us to ensure Sookie would land safely atop me without losing our connection.

The fall jostled loose both our teeth from each other’s throats, resulting in rapturous roars from each of us as our eyes found one another’s. With my eyes still locked on Sookie’s, a vague part of my vast mind noted the odd glow that now lit my lover’s skin. A rich, deep violet glowed all around her to the ends of her wheat colored hair. I watched, awestruck, as I tried to gather my wits about me in spite of my epic release. Slowly the purple hue began to fade, seeming to be drawn toward her lower half as I leaned my lips to hers.

She sighed happily into my mouth as the kiss drew to a close and I readily returned the sentiment flooding the bond with my love and devotion to her. “Wow, Eric. If that’s what you spitting blood on me leads to, please… do that more often!” she giggled adorably.

“Indeed, lover. That was truly amazing my dear, I’ve never felt the like.” How this petite blonde managed to surprise me at every turn was beyond me, but you would be hard pressed to hear me complain.

For several long moments we laid on the linoleum, basking in the afterglow of our glorious coupling. Though I loathed disturbing our peaceful moment, I knew I had to bring up the newest lightshow. “Sookie, you were glowing. Again.”

“I was?”

“Most assuredly.”

“Same colors as before?”

“No, dear one, this time it was a purple hue your skin glowed with.”

“Huh? Wonder what that color’s about? Not that anyone will tell us, what with their hoity-toity secrets an’ all,” she seethed. “It’s just not right, ya know, them knowin’ and not sharin’. After all, it’s about us!” How I loved hearing her escalated Southern lilt when her temper rose.

“Speaking of sharing… are you two quite through in here? I find myself rather… hungry. And if you’re not sharing, then kindly get out of the damn doorway so I can get one of those appalling bottles the human scientists deemed blood. It’s almost dawn and I’m not going to bed hungry just because we’re trapped here like rats while you two fuck like bunnies,” my progeny snarked, earning a startled squeak from my mate.

Having finally rediscovered my strength, I gathered up my mate and zipped us upright before speeding us to the bedroom for some clothes. What kind of protector was I if I’d forgotten my own child was still in the house? Pitiful, truly.

“Lord, I forgot all about Pam being here, Eric. You’re dangerous, my love.”

“Says the woman who so captivated me, that the sky could have fallen in without my knowledge,” I laughed.

We quickly dressed and rejoined my child in the kitchen. My lover blushed a deep scarlet when she realized Pam was sitting in the chair that had begun our intense love-making. Faster than I dreamed possible, Sookie flitted about the dining area ridding it of the remains of our clothing. She then wiped the table with a bleach-soaked cloth muttering about “not eating her dinner with a side of ass cheek, thank you very much,” causing my child and I to erupt with laughter.

I sent a text to my dayman instructing him to bring by more human groceries for my bonded, as well as an assortment of blood substitutes for Pamela and I; if we were to be housebound for a while, I saw no need for lack of variety. Boredom was truly the enemy of those with extended life spans.

Sookie joined us at the table after making herself a sandwich platter, since much of her meal had ended up on the floor. It was time to tell my child about some of the happenings between Sookie and I of late. I recounted what she needed to know, leaving out the intimate details as best as possible, and was not at all shocked by Pam’s response to my new sun-block ability.

“Are you fucking kidding me, Eric? This is complete and utter bullshit! You have all the fucking luck! You owe me so much more than shoes for this shit,” she seethed.

“Don’t blow a gasket, Pammy. It’s not like I set out to make him a daywalker, though I wouldn’t change it for nothin’. I couldn’t give it to you if I tried.”

“Oh, you could ‘give it to me’ alright, princess. But I’m thinking my master would shit kittens if you tried.” My progeny was not wrong; I had no intentions of sharing Sookie, as I’d expressed previously, even with Pam. Apparently, something in my facial expression exposed my last thought and sent Pam backtracking.

“Yeah, yeah, I know… no sharing of the precious fairy vagina. Yada yada. Anyway, since I still turn into a pumpkin at dawn, I must retire for the day. Have fun, kiddies,” she said with a backward glance.

“She’s sure somethin’, Eric.”

“That she is, my love.”


Small time jump coming up, hard to believe this whole story has only spanned a few days in their world. Lol.

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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