A Thousand Years Chapter 29

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The next three weeks passed in a blur of plotting and passionate sex with my mate. I desired her to a nearly frightening degree ordinarily, but since she’d radiated her odd violet tint, I could not get enough of her magnificence. Instead of dying for the day I now slept, though with my unwavering yearning for Sookie, I rarely got the opportunity to.

It was still wonderful to know that I was able to move about in sunshine without fear of meeting the true death, but it was tantamount to torture to be forced to remain indoors after being given such a gift. Of course, we made spectacular use of our time as prisoners, but still I longed to… play? perhaps, in the light.

Jessica had kept in contact with us via text messaging, and in person when she was able. From what she’d been able to gather, Bill and Russell were planning to eliminate me and kidnap Sookie at the first “Town Meeting,” as Sookie called them. She had very little details of the exact plan since Bill had essentially told his child that her relationship with “his Sookie” was a conflict of interest. Obviously he was correct in not trusting the child, but it was inconvenient for our team nonetheless.

In the first few days following Jessica’s human’s death she had begun spending a great deal of time with Sookie’s brother, Jason. I found it bizarre, to say the least, but Sookie assured me it was common for people to bond over the death of a shared loved one. Whether Sookie knew it or not, this was more than simple bonding through tears; in watching Stackhouse and Compton’s child together, it was obvious to me that they too were mates. The telling was in the way they gravitated around one another like satellites, as well in their seemingly unconscious sniffing of one another at every opportunity. And, truth be told, I saw in their actions many of my own from when I’d first met Sookie; the tie was certainly there, and seemed to be developing rather nicely. Though it did not seem their connection was anywhere near as strong as the one Sookie and I shared; perhaps because they’d had yet to share blood. Regardless, for now I took what pleasure I could from watching the two of them orbit around one another, while they remained clueless of their deeper connection. Unfortunately, I was forced to take entertainment wherever I could find it since becoming a virtual shut-in.

Sookie and I had spent the time between our amorous excursions discussing what our lights could possibly mean. Obviously, Sookie’s contribution to our original orange shine was what allowed me to walk in the daylight. But what was the red that had emanated from me at that time? My bloodlust came to mind, yet Sookie did not seem to be suffering the signs of that craving. Perhaps it was a catalyst… something to boost her essential spark? Or had I gifted her with something else? With no answers, we found ourselves grasping at the proverbial straws on the subject. And what of her amethyst hue? Playing with the color spectrum, my lover pointed out that “red and blue make purple,” yet there had been no hints of blue lights that either of us had seen. It was a frustrating mystery to say the least.

Several days ago I had nearly walked in on a conversation between my mate and my progeny, but opted to eavesdrop instead of making my presence known. Of course, with the bonds I shared with both women I was certain that they knew my location, but both were gracious enough not to mention it. Sookie had been apologizing to my child for taking “what was rightfully” Pam’s in regards to all that I had signed over to her recently. Pam assured my mate that she cared not for the money, only that Sookie would now “cease her childish bullshit, and love (me) as she should.” My beautiful Sookie vowed to my child that she would henceforth “be the woman that (I) deserved.” Since that day the relationship between my women had been far less tense, and I found myself grateful again to any and all gods that relieved the stress their pettiness was causing me.

In the time since discovering Russell’s release we had been able to amass a small army. Herveaux had claimed his rightful place as packmaster and promised the services of himself and his weres in our defense. Sookie’s brother, upon learning the threats we were facing, also offered his service; though my mate was less than pleased with his willingness to lay his life on the line for her, regardless of how many times she’d been willing to die for him herself. There were many who owed me favors, and I used this opportunity to cash in every single one. All told, we had roughly twenty-five vampires and thirty weres, demons, and humans in our band of fools. Not to say that I didn’t appreciate their willingness to aid in our cause, I call them fools because we were all likely to meet our end before that fateful meeting was through.

I had likewise tried contacting the Prince of Fae to request his assistance in defending his kin, but sadly the old fool had yet to respond. To say his lack of enthusiasm in the continued existence of his great-granddaughter was maddening would be an understatement. Would it not force Sookie’s hand in regards to her lineage, I would begin plotting his death the moment our most pressing battle was finished – provided I survived, of course.

Compton had called earlier this evening to inform us that the meeting was to take place in three nights time. He commanded that we be on his “palace” doorstep at first dark, and actually had the audacity to demand that Sookie and I came alone. When I questioned him about not using my office building that had already been contracted out to him, he made the excuse that “it no longer fit his exact needs.” His sudden change in plans, along with his emphasis on “exact,” would have raised my suspicions even without Jessica’s limited intel. Strategy and deception truly weren’t among his strong suits.

It seemed that Old Billy-boy had finally decided to repair his dilapidated home; when money was no object, it was amazing how contractors could be motivated to complete their work quickly. I pointed out to him (not so politely) that it was idiocy to have a mandatory attendance meeting for all vampires in his retinue, but then expect me to leave my child and those who owed me fealty at home. After all, they were his subjects too. Truly, how that pitiful moron had made it out of his newborn years without being staked, was beyond me. Had I been his maker, I would have ended him within minutes of his rising. Between his accent, his ridiculous sideburns, and his penchant for yuppie-wear, he never would have made it out of the grave. But then, I always was too discerning for Lorena’s taste, and that woman gave crazy a new definition.

Regardless, we now had a definite timetable for our impending battle. While I was certainly nervous for the safety of those I held dear (as well as my own, of course), I was relieved to be done with the waiting and the hiding. It was beneath me on so many levels to cower like a sniveling child. But Sookie’s wellbeing was at stake, and only knowing it was best for my mate was what made it remotely tolerable, though no less demeaning.

I had managed to sneak out several times with Sookie during the daylight hours to ensure that Fangtasia was being well tended to. Within a day of Russell rising I had contracted the mutt to build a rooftop entrance into my club. Once installed, it gave us the opportunity to slip inside to my office with no one the wiser should there be prying eyes about. The witch had given us hexed crystals to use that enabled us to move about unseen; it was a cloaking spell, similar to the one she used to hide Sookie’s and my bond originally. I begrudgingly admitted to the motor-mouthed female that I was indeed impressed with her talents and appreciated her efforts. Regardless, her never ending rambling and sassy attitude wore on my nerves whenever I was forced to interact with her.

I had slept for several hours in the arms of my lover earlier today, but had found my brain too restless to remain in bed. For hours now I had been going over plans, checking and re-checking every detail, trying to make sure we had missed nothing. Defeat was not an option, nor was losing anyone closest to us. Certainly there would be casualties, war worked that way, but my aim was to keep the numbers to the barest minimum for our side.

I felt the moment my bonded had awoken, and was pleased that she would be joining me momentarily. Though it had only been a few hours since I had last seen her face, I missed her immensely.

Instead of feeling her drawing nearer, however, I felt a rush of fear and discomfort from her. I sped from my desk in search of my mate, finding her hunched over the toilet, vomiting violently. I hurried to her side, dropping to my knees next to her and gathered her hair away from her face as she continued to be ill.

“Are you alright, my love?” I asked, handing her a glass of water and rubbing gentle circles on her back once the fountain of half-digested food finally ceased to flow.

“I’m not sure,” she whined adorably. “I was sleeping so peacefully, and I woke up excited to come find you. Believe it or not, I was planning to ravish you again,” she laughed, “As if we haven’t had enough sex for a small country this week already.”

“There will never be such a thing as too much sex with you, my dear.” I could fuck her every hour of every day for the next thousand years and still want more.

“Whatever, you big ole horn-dog,” she giggled. “But anyway, all of a sudden I felt awful and just knew I was gonna puke, and you know the rest.”

I held her for several minutes just rubbing her back lightly, until whatever demon had infested her gullet decided to make its presence known again. Truly, I’d had no idea how much food and liquid a human stomach could contain until I saw it rushing from my mate. While I loved this tiny woman beyond compare, the sight truly was disgusting, not to mention the smell.

Once she had finished again, I carefully undressed her before shedding my own clothing, and helped her into a warm shower. Hopefully the heat and moisture would soothe her aching muscles and help her relax. This was one of the only showers we had ever taken together where sex was not the cause, or end result. As much as I still desired her, her greenish hue told me that perhaps now was not this time for adult-play.

As I was drying her off I mentioned offhandedly that it might be time to look into an exterminator; I was hearing a thrumming sound and was certain that birds had taken up in the attic. It was not until I knelt to dry her luscious thighs and tiny feet that I realized the noise was coming from inside my bonded.

I sat stock still, staring at Sookie’s stomach, wondering if I was going insane. I knew she had not been with any other man since I had first slid inside her, but what I was hearing was not possible unless she had known the touch of a human or possibly were. Wisely, I held my tongue as still as my body while my mind raced to work out what I had just learned. My heart and mind both knew that my Sookie would not betray me in such a fashion, but I found few other logical causes for her condition. I battled back my rage and worked harder than I ever had to maintain logical thought.

I would have felt Sookie’s pleasure had she been intimate with someone since forging our bond, so I did not see how it could be possible for the situation in her uterus to be a result of another male. But I was vampire; I was as incapable of producing offspring as any other dead creature would be.

And yet…

This was my mate, and she would never forsake me in such a way. The words of the Pythoness floated through my mind again, instructing me to have faith, to trust in our love and in our bond. I was filled once more with peace at the thought.

I hadn’t realized I had frozen until I heard my mate’s frantic voice trying to rouse me. “Eric! Eric, you’re really scaring me, baby!” she wailed as I felt two wet splats fall onto my shoulder.

I lifted her into my arms the moment I was upright, and whisked her off to our bed. I laid her down gently, both out of my love for her, and for the precious cargo she now carried. I looked deeply into her eyes before lowering myself to leave a reverent kiss to her still flattened stomach.

Placing my ear to her belly, I closed my eyes and reveled in the twin heartbeats that thrummed beneath my sensitive ear. Never had I heard such a glorious sound. No finer symphony had ever been written. As I lay there, I began to wonder if I’d ever leave this spot. The place of miracles.

Slowly, and not without a sense of remorse, I raised my head away from the sounds of the tiny lives I had helped to create. My eyes found hers and I felt no shame whatsoever in the blood tears I knew I was shedding. I covered her body gently with mine, careful not to place too much of my weight upon her. Words escaped me as I lowered my lips to hers. There was no way to express aloud the hurricane of emotions that churned within me, so I poured everything I had into the bond and our kiss. Though she was certainly still apprehensive and more than a little scared, she reacted as always, diving into the expression of our love enthusiastically.

When my lover needed air, I rested my forehead against hers, closing my eyes and taking a moment to bask in the joy that had found me. Pulling away slightly to look into her gorgeous eyes, I whispered, “Sookie, my love, I believe I now know what the purple light was caused by.”


Lots of information in this chapter, trying to move the story ahead. For those of you who guessed the purple glow was a baby – you were right. Wonder what the red one was all about? And is that all there is to the purple one? And, how will they fare – being parents with all the dangers they face? Hmmm… time will tell.

More to come soon.

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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    So glad to see this site up and moving and excited for the removal of ff stress that was piling. I adore the tales you weave and am looking forward to updates in the future. Do you plan to add the follow blog feature so we can get emails with updates ?

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  3. I absolutely love this story. I can’t wait to read about the upcoming battle or to see Sookies reaction to being pregnant….please update soon the suspense is killing me!!!!!!

  4. I just re-read this story. I love this story. I love your other stories too but this one is my favorite. I would love it if you were able to update this one again soon. 🙂

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