A Thousand Years Chapter 3

First, I’d like to thank everyone for the overwhelmingly positive response to this story! So far, this story has gotten the most hits in the quickest time & I am beyond thrilled! Much love to you all!

Next, Balti K and I went back through and worked with the tense in this story. I really wanted to try a more traditional tense instead of the present tense I typically write in. So, we re-worked chapters 1 & 2 and will be going with this tense the rest of the way through the story. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

As always, thanks to MissyDee and Balti K – love you ladies!

Disclaimer – I don’t own any of these characters, Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball do (even if we wish he didn’t sometimes).


“Over my pile of ashes, she will!” I exclaimed as I jumped from the tree, landing in a protective crouch between Sookie and the fairy.

Realization dawned on me as I sensed other fairies were beginning to circle in an attack formation. I didn’t quite know how I’d defend her against the many enemies I now knew were there, but I knew one thing for certain – I would die trying.

“Eric!” Sookie exclaimed as she rose to her feet. “This is Claudine, I know her. How dare you threaten my fairy godmother?”

I could not look directly at her and still maintain vigilance against our enemies, but I could not – no, I would not – ignore her. “Sookie, you might know this creature, but do you realize that there are over a dozen other fairies circling us in an attack formation as well?”

I could tell by the gasp that escaped her she had no idea there were other beings present.

“Sookie, I am more than your godmother,” the lead fairy began. “I am also your cousin, and you need to come with us for your own safety.” Claudine’s gaze turned murderous as she fixed her eyes on me. “The Viking is no friend to you! Look at how he has tricked and used you; he wants you only for your blood and your body. Vampires are incapable of love.”

That fucking bitch would to die a very painful death before this night was over if I had anything to say about it.

“How are you my cousin, Claudine?” Sookie was apparently choosing to ignore the comments regarding my trustworthiness at the moment.

“That is unimportant!” The ignorant fairy dismissed Sookie’s question with a wave of her hand. Shit… I could have told her how stupid that really was, but where would the fun be in that? Who was I to stop that bitch from hanging herself by pissing off my little fire-ball?

“Unimportant? How the fuck could that be unimportant, oh great fairy godmother?” Sookie’s tone was bitingly sarcastic, telling me that Tinkerbelle, or whatever the fuck her name was, was in deep shit now.

I had not wavered in my protective stance in the least while their discussion was taking place though I began to truly fear for our safety as not only were the fairies drawing nearer, but I could hear the proverbial shit hitting the fan over at Compton’s. I was quite certain that if we did not vacate the area immediately, we would have much more to worry about than those fucking pointy eared bastards.

“Sookie, I need you to trust me again,” I began to quietly plead. “There is huge trouble for you over at Compton’s house at this moment and these fairies are most certainly not your friends.”

I chanced a glance at her in my peripheral vision, to find her examining me closely. “Hold that thought just one moment, Eric.”

She then turned her attention back to the ringleader. “Come with you where, Claudine? And don’t think for a fucking minute that I’m going anywhere with you without finding out how you are related to me!”

Before Claudine could respond there was another shimmer, then from startlingly close to us a voice boomed, “ENOUGH!”

Sookie jumped about a foot in the air, and then scurried behind me just as the newcomer reached to grab her.

“Queen Maab. What is it you want with my human?” I hoped that for once my Sookie possessed even just an ounce of self-preservation instincts and wouldn’t correct my possessive pronoun.

“I do not believe she is your human, Viking.” She looked me up and down, likely assessing my threat level. Oh, I promise you, Queeny, I’m much more of a threat than you can possibly guess.

“I’m sure as fuck more his than yours, whoever you are!” Thank the gods! Sookie fucking Stackhouse finally had common sense! I never thought I’d see the day!

“Be that as it may, you insufferable waste of the spark, you will be returning with me to Fae so that I can seal off the portals and put an end to the pollution of my race!” Maab sneered at Sookie as she lunged for her again.

I wasted no time in rushing the lunging Queen; I captured her and immediately sank my teeth into her neck. It was going to take every ounce of my control not to drain the delicious fairy, but it was necessary for Sookie to see what these creatures really were, so draining her was not an option. After I took several fast and strong pulls at her neck, her features began to shift.

Gone was the ethereal beauty that was their cleaver disguise, and present instead were the pointy ears and hideous features that were the true fairy’s nature. I heard Sookie gasp as she observed the changes in Maab, so I removed my fangs from her neck but did not relinquish my hold upon her.

“Take one more step towards me and mine, and I will not only end your Queen, but I will singlehandedly eviscerate every last one of you while feasting on your delicious blood” I managed to growl out through my blood lust. I must truly love that woman if I was more worried about her continued safety than the fairy blood I was wasting. Fairy blood really was “vampire crack,” as she had so eloquently put it previously.

“Sookie, I cannot promise you that your life will be perfect if you choose to remain here on this plane. I can, however, promise you that if you go with these creatures it will make the harm you have suffered at the hands of vampires look like a day trip to Disney Land. They are a despicable, evil race of beings that will stop at nothing to posses what they desire.” I was interrupted by her scoff.

“Before you say it, I will admit that my kind have treated you with little difference to what I am accusing them of. However, I have only lied to you in extreme circumstances; to save my maker and to save all our lives with Russell. Yes, I tricked you into drinking my blood and I probably could have handled that better, but I will never regret our connection resulting from it, Sookie.” I paused to make sure she was still listening, as well as to strengthen my hold on the struggling fairy in my arms.

“The fuckery of Compton and my Queen are not all that ‘vampire shit’ entails, Sookie. There is far more to my race, and even more to me personally, Sookie. I’d like to give you time to discover that but I fear if we do not vacate this area quickly, we will not be able to at all.” I was forced to pause by the surprise I felt when Sookie appeared at my side and placed her hand on the arm that was looped around Maab’s neck.

“Let her go, Eric,” she ordered quietly.

She was out of her fucking mind! However before I could voice my less than polite opinion, she squeezed my arm gently, looked me right in the eyes and whispered, “Please, Eric, for me.”

If only I did not love that tiny, doe-eyed woman! Then I’d be able to tell her to fuck off with no remorse. Instead, I was forced to give in to her demands and released the fairy, knowing I’d die inside if she decided to leave with them. I resumed my attack position, poised to pounce at a moment’s notice should the need arise; no one would be taking my Sookie away from me against her will. I could only wait and pray to the gods that she wouldn’t want to go.

Sookie slowly released her hold on my arm, only to briefly touch her wonderfully warm hand to my cheek before returning her attention to Maab. For the briefest of moments, there was the most tender look on Sookie’s face and it was directed at me. Now, as she gazed at Maab, she looked murderous. And I, for one, had never been more pleased than I was right then! For once, I was not on the receiving end of said look.

“I will not be going anywhere with you, bitch. You are not my family, and I am not a waste of anything, whatever a fucking spark is!” Sookie began to shake and I feared that she had reached the end of her rope.

Just as I noticed that her hands were beginning to glow with a vibrant white light, I also noted that the fairies were starting to close the distance between them and us. Fuck! They planned to attack.

I had every intention of scooping up my Sookie and taking to the air. Fuck what she wanted right then… her safety would always rank higher than her wants in my book! It was almost always better to ask for forgiveness than permission, and this particular moment was a prime example of that theory! I didn’t get the chance however, because the white light that originated in her hands had suddenly spread like a second skin over her entire body.

I was awestruck and completely immobile at the sight of her. Just as the fairies reached us, the light erupted from Sookie, turning every being around us into ash – except me. I felt the sting of her light as it crossed over me, and I could say with all honesty that I could live several more millennia and be thrilled to never experience that again. That fucking shit hurt, and I was no stranger to pain!

The light retracted into Sookie as she crumpled to the ground. I immediately wrapped her up in my arms and lifted her body to mine, bridal style. Her eyes were barely open as she whispered, “Protect me, Eric.”

My dead heart clenched at her words. “Always, my love. Always.”

With a gentle kiss to her forehead I took to the air, holding dearly to the greatest gift the gods had ever given me.


Next chapter will be up next Sunday I would imagine. I’m going to try to stick to a standard update day for this story.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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