A Thousand Years Chapter 30

Sooo… Hi! Remember me? This story? Yeah, I suck for being gone this long. I know. But hopefully you remembered what happened so far, and you’ll stick with me until the end.

And I’d screwed up the timeline before – In chapter 20 Bill had wanted them to go over and read his human staff in two days & the first meeting was to be a week from then. Then chapter 29 jumped to two weeks later. Let’s just say that Bill kept putting things off and now they’re finally going to have the meeting in three days. Sorry about that!

Balti K is my beta for this story and I adore her. But she’s been super busy and couldn’t get to this chapter – so all boo-boos here are mine.

Disclaimer – Don’t own them, wish I did.



Placing my ear to her belly, I closed my eyes and reveled in the twin heartbeats that thrummed beneath my sensitive ear. Never had I heard such a glorious sound. No finer symphony had ever been written. As I lay there, I began to wonder if I’d ever leave this spot. The place of miracles.

Slowly, and not without a sense of remorse, I raised my head away from the sounds of the tiny lives I had helped to create. My eyes found hers and I felt no shame whatsoever in the blood tears I knew I was shedding. I covered her body gently with mine, careful not to place too much of my weight upon her. Words escaped me as I lowered my lips to hers. There was no way to express aloud the hurricane of emotions that churned within me, so I poured everything I had into the bond and our kiss. Though she was certainly still apprehensive and more than a little scared, she reacted as always, diving into the expression of our love enthusiastically.

When my lover needed air, I rested my forehead against hers, closing my eyes and taking a moment to bask in the joy that had found me. Pulling away slightly to look into her gorgeous eyes, I whispered, “Sookie, my love, I believe I now know what the purple light was caused by.”


“What? How?” she asked, the excitement she felt vibrating through our bond. “You’re scaring me, acting all frickin’ weird, just tell me what’s going on!”

“My love, I can hear heartbeats in your womb,” I explained.

“Huh?” was the less-than-elegant response from my shocked mate.

“We have created life, Sookie. Twins, if I am hearing things correctly.”

“I… how… WHAT?” she screeched.

“Well you see, when a mommy and daddy love each other very much,” I began, trying to lighten the mood, only to have her slap me shockingly hard on the back.

“I know how babies are made, Eric! But your little swimmers are dead, and I haven’t been catting around, so how the heck am I pregnant? Are you sure we don’t have an infestation of some kind? Maybe your hearing is off?” she led hopefully.

“Sookie,” I led cautiously. “Do you not want to have children? Or children with me?” I all but whispered the last two words.

My obvious apprehension seemed to shake Sookie out of her stupor. Her tumultuous emotions stilled nearly instantly, all focusing on feelings of remorse. Her sudden change in mood did nothing for mine, of course.

“Oh Eric,” she sighed thoughtfully. “Of course I’d love to have your babies, not that I was sure I really ever wanted them before. But if I really am pregnant, I’ll be beyond thrilled – because they’re yours.”

“Did you truly not want kids, Sookie? I’m sorry, but there’s little we could do about it now.”

I was heartbroken to put her in a situation where she’d be having children she didn’t want, but I was loath to consider aborting the children. I fully supported a woman’s right to choose what happened with her own body, but I’d never wanted anything as much as the family she now held in her womb. To have Sookie was a gift from the gods; to have a family with her after a millennium all-but-alone was… priceless.

Sookie was quiet for several moments before explaining. “Eric, I’d never wanted kids because I’ve always considered myself a freak with a terrible disability. How could I pass that on to an innocent baby in good conscience?” she asked rhetorically before pausing briefly. “But to have your babies, now… after I’ve accepted the differences in myself? Eric, there’s nothing I’d want more!”

My heart soared with her words, but I had to ask, “Truly?”

“What do you feel from me?” she asked as she concentrated her emotions for my benefit.

“I feel hope, fear, love, elation… you truly are happy?” I breathed, relieved beyond words.

“I am. Happy doesn’t even cover how excited I am!” she giggled before turning serious. “But, baby, how the hell are we going to keep them safe?” she asked timidly.

That was the question. One I’d asked myself at least a million times in the few minutes since discovering our miracles.

“I will not lie to you, Sookie… I do not know. But I WILL figure it out!” I vowed passionately. “No one will harm you OR our babies!” There would be no other option but to devise a plan. I would not lose my family.

Not after it took me a millennium to find them.

“I know you will, Eric. Shit, I’m scared though. Bill’s crazier than hell, and more than a little obsessed with me. And Russell makes Lorena look like the poster-child for sanity. We’re in deep here, baby,” she sighed, the burden of the dangers surrounding us obviously weighing on my lover.

“Yes, the next few months will prove daunting, to say the least. But Sookie, in light of our new situation, if things prove too dangerous here – we WILL be leaving the country, no matter how loath we both are to running away. My pride means nothing in comparison to you and our children.”

There was no chance I would stay and risk the lives of my mate and unborn children. There were plenty of places in Europe where I had amassed numerous allies over my lifespan, very powerful allies that had no love for Russell and his particular brand of crazy. Not to mention the stronghold I still owned in my native country. There were limitless options where we could find sanctuary and build a wonderful life for our family. Pride and self-image were important, especially in maintaining my authority as sheriff, but I would run like a coward with my tail firmly between my legs if it saved their lives.

“I really, really hate the thought of being a scaredy-cat, Eric,” she sighed again, seeming to pause to consider her answer. “But… it’s definitely a good idea to be prepared. So if you want to set up some kind of contingency plan, I’m more than okay with that. Do you think Amelia’s cloaking spell will work to hide the pregnancy? Because if not, we need to beat feet outta here before that fucking town meeting!”

“Have I mentioned lately that I love the fact that you’re as brilliant as you are beautiful?” I grinned before claiming her lips passionately. “I suggest that we tell Pam about our impending arrivals before we contact the witch. I cannot imagine my child would see the humor in finding out the news from her fuck-buddy before us,” I cringed at simply the thought of her reaction. “As long as you have no objections, we should tell Pamela as soon as she rises and then contact the witch before dawn. If her spell isn’t going to work to conceal the children, then we need to plan our departure immediately. And if her mojo will indeed be effective, then we should have Doctor Ludwig examine you as well.”

“Of course we should tell Pammy, baby. She’s your first child, and she’s going to be an auntie soon,” my lover smiled before cringing. “I wonder how much designer crap our babies will be forced to endure?” Sookie laughed, shaking her head. “And you really must have great hearing if you can pick up the babies’ heartbeats already. I’m not even sure a pregnancy test would register it yet. Calling that creepy doctor is probably a great idea, no matter how I dislike her.”

“Indeed. My hearing is quite exceptional, even by vampiric standards. As is my sense of smell; flight was not the only gift I was given at my transition,” I paused as I felt a quickening in the bond with my progeny. “I feel Pam animating through our bond, lover. I will call her to us as soon as we are both dressed and the sun has fully set.”

“I’ll get dressed now then, and I think I’d rather have this discussion in the living room, if you don’t mind. Plus, after being so sick, I’m wicked thirsty,” she smiled sheepishly.

Sookie and I dressed quickly, anxious to tell Pamela of our expanding family. Getting my mate some fluids and hopefully something small for her stomach was also quite necessary. Plus, I had a hope that since my progeny was such an expert strategist, that she would have new insight into how to ensure our survival without running. Though, I would have her begin our escape plan the moment we were done talking, just in case.

This was a miracle. MY miracle.

I was NOT going to lose it now.

Especially not to that side-burned fuck-stain and the psycho fuck that murdered my family.

Perhaps Godric was right, perhaps forgiveness would have prevented this threat to my family. But I could not change what the choices I’d made, so dwelling on what I should have done would do nothing but detract from what I could do now. Instead I would focus all my energy on eliminating the threats against us, or finding us safety in the event I couldn’t end Russell and Compton.

My mate and I made our way to the kitchen. I warmed up some True Blood for Pamela and I while Sookie drank down two glasses of water. I rummaged through the cabinets and found some crackers that I hoped would be easy on Sookie’s stomach before pouring her a glass of sweet tea. We gathered our snacks and set out for the living room. Pamela was already waiting for us, likely she had sensed our tumultuous emotions through my bond with her.

We sat down and explained about the pregnancy. My child sat stock-still for several moments, her emotions as locked down as her body. In an instant, I was slammed with a myriad of feelings from my child before her small frame collided with mine. Her exuberance was contagious, as were the blood tears that now flowed from both our eyes. I had never expected Pam to be so excited about my children, but I was thrilled she was.

Thankfully, she was far gentler when she embraced my pregnant mate.

“We need to leave the country immediately, Eric!” Pamela exclaimed as soon as she let go of Sookie. “It’s not safe here with the asshat kings! Not now that Sookie is carrying our babies!”

Our babies?

That was unexpected, though most welcomed.

And, so much for her having a better plan than running… FUCK!

“Pammy,” my mate began in a tone that was generally used when trying not to scare off wildlife or small children. “We’d prefer not to sneak out the back door like a bunch of rats, if at all possible. Eric’s no coward, and neither are we. My mate is always telling me how smart you are, what a great planner you are. Can’t you come up with any other ideas?” Sookie asked serenely.

Pamela sat down in the chair across from us with a loud “harrumph” before going silent for several long minutes. I began to wonder if she’d slipped into downtime, we waited so long for her to speak. My fingers found Sookie’s as we stared at my child, entwining them with hers as I relished the feel of her skin on mine.

I could feel Sookie’s happiness in the bond. She was thrilled that my child had accepted our news with such happiness. Truthfully, I had worried over Pamela’s reaction as well. She was one of the best things that had ever happened to my long existence, but my progeny was not known for her grace, tact, or ability to share. Pam’s deviation from her normal modus operandi made my heart swell with pride and joy.

“If you two are going to insist on staying, which I will state for the record again is NOT a smart plan, then I would suggest that you implement an exit strategy as soon as possible – just in case. I know you’re both happy in the backwater cesspool, for some ridiculous fucking reason,” my child rolled her eyes hard enough that I was surprised they didn’t fall out of her head before giving us a look that clearly stated she thought we were both morons.

“But,” Pamela continued, “loving this dump is no reason to get caught with your dick out, Eric. I know you’re smarter than that, since you taught me to be the brilliant bitch I am. So I suggest we spend some time brainstorming not only escape plans, but plans to bury those fucking losers. If we kill all the fucktards threatening us, we won’t have to leave your swampy-paradise,” she smiled. “We should also contact my little witchy-morsel to make sure the babies won’t be detected by any Supes.” Pam paused, seeming to consider something.

“As a matter of fact, I’ll text her now,” my child announced as she pulled out her phone. “And tell her to get over here pronto with all her mojo-mumbo-jumbo. She’s got to load you up, sunshine. That way we have even a chance of saving those precious babies you’re toting around.”

“Thanks, Pammy,” my mate beamed. “We were actually going to ask you to call her after we told you our news.”

“No need, Auntie Pam is already on it,” my child nodded as her fingers flew over the keys on her phone. Seconds later a text came back and she informed us the witch would be joining us shortly.

We strategized for what felt like hours, but was really only twenty minutes, when a knock sounded at our door. My progeny let her fuck-toy in and she immediately pissed me off.

“I assure you, Sheriff, my spells are impeccable. So why is it that your child insisted I come here tonight, at a moment’s notice, to ‘boost my mojo’?” Miss Broadway demanded with her hands on her hips, a scowl on her face, and an air of importance she had no right to.

“First of all, witch, just because you are fortunate enough to have my child’s face in your vagina on occasion gives you no right to present such a haughty attitude with ME. You will turn down your sass, watch your fucking tone, and pay me the respect I have fucking earned in my thousand years on earth. I expect you to show me my due at all times, or I will end your existence without though or remorse. Do not presume that just because I am in a domestic relationship now that I am domesticated. I will rip your fucking tongue out and stuff it in your uppity ass if you EVER speak to me in such a fashion again,” I warned her in my best ‘don’t fucking tempt me’ tone.

“Eric,” Sookie scolded me.

“No, my love,” I cut her off. “While I realize you like this woman, she is wildly out of line and her actions cannot be tolerated. This is not how underlings speak to their superiors in my world. OUR world. And to allow her to disrespect me is both dangerous and foolish. If word were to get out, or if she were to address me in such a casual and rude manner in public, I would be seen as weak. Any perceived weakness, especially now, is potentially fatal to us all,” I educated my mate. “I realize you are unfamiliar, to some degree, with how things work in our world, but it is time for you to learn. I do not do this to be mean to her, my love. I do it to protect more than my reputation as a bad-ass. I do it to protect all of our lives.”

“You’re right, and I’m sorry for overstepping my bounds,” Sookie said respectfully.

“It is more than okay, my love. You are still relatively new to all of this. I do not expect you to know everything immediately, and I will do my best to educate you in private whenever possible.”

Truthfully, I was shocked my mate agreed with me so easily. I was so used to her losing her temper and behaving in a childish manner, that her new-found maturity was surprising. Welcomed, certainly – but unexpected nonetheless.

I turned my attention back to the witch after kissing my beautiful mate. “I expect no less than an apology before I agree to tell you why your presence is needed here tonight.”

“Of course. My apologies, Sheriff,” the witch bowed her head, finally showing some common sense and a modicum of the respect I rightly deserved. “I was out of line, and I humbly accept any punishment you see fit. My forwardness knows no bounds at times, and I’ve had a truly shitty day. I should not have taken my frustrations out on you. It won’t happen again.”

“Thank you, Miss Broadway. Now, you are here because a new situation has arisen and we need your assistance to ensure the safety of my mate. I will give you all the details you need so that you may adequately perform your duties, but I will be taking away the memories of this night once we are finished,” I advised the witch.

“I understand, and I will help you however I can,” she answered contritely.

“My mate is expecting, witch. A miracle has occurred due to our unique bond, and Sookie is carrying my biological children. Being a vampire, you can understand how unexpected and blessed this event is to me. The safety of my mate and unborn children is of the utmost importance and I need you to verify that your present cloaking spell will be enough to disguise our situation until we can dispose of some powerful enemies. But I need you to be certain of her safety in regards to your spells, witch. Any mistake on your part that causes harm to my family will not bode well for you or your continued time on this earth.”

“I understand, Sheriff. And congratulations to you both, you’ll make a wonderful mother, Sookie,” she smiled timidly at my mate. “Let me just get some things set up and we’ll see where we’re at, okay?” she offered as she began doling out her witchy-wares.

Everything important in my world hinged on what this obnoxious woman said in the next few minutes. If I could sweat, I would be.

Gods, please let her answers be favorable…


More to come soon. I can’t promise a strict update schedule with school being out for the summer, my disabled mom, and my other writing, but I WILL NOT abandon this story. Or my other fanfics!

I’m almost done with my first novel. I’ve started about ten of them, I swear, but I’ve finally almost finished one. I hope to have it published soon & I’ll give you all the details then.

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me & sticking with me through the ridiculous delays! 

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