A Thousand Years Chapter 4

Again, a huge thanks to all of you who have read, reviewed, and added this story to your lists! I just love y’all! I would like to thank the guest reviewers that have popped by for this story… I would send you a PM thanking you if I could, as I do with all my reviews, but I can’t – so THANKS, lol!

My sister from another, MissyDee was kind enough to go through this story when I first wrote it and I adore the hell outta her for it! So as always woman, thank ya very much! Love you bunches and tons!

Gargantuan thanks to my friend and sister-in-law Balti K who has tirelessly gone through every chapter, more than once, working on tense with me! You are a machine and by far the most amazing beta anyone has ever been fortunate enough to work with.

Okay… mush moments over, onto the story!

Disclaimer – I still don’t own these guys… but they sure are fun to play wih!


I flew us to one of my many safe houses to take refuge. I had several in my name, as well as a few in Pam’s. This one, however, was in Ginger’s name and I’d chosen it to prevent any other vampires from being able to enter. Ginger, of course, had no idea she owned it – but I was smart enough to secure my invitation, along with Pam’s, prior to glamouring her memories away. The house was an unassuming ranch style on the outskirts of Bon Temps. I bought this home shortly after discovering where Sookie lived; I wanted to feel close to her, though it was nowhere near close enough for my liking.

I touched down quietly in the front yard, desperately trying not to jar Sookie in my arms. She had passed out shortly after asking me to protect her. Though I was concerned with her sudden fainting, I was not overly surprised by it. That was an extraordinary amount of power that her little body produced, so it was really no wonder that it needed a temporary reprieve.

I took her into the house and gently set her down on the large sofa. I then headed to the bathroom to grab a basin of warm water and a washcloth. I did not wish the evidence of all her tears to remain on her gorgeous skin for one more moment, plus I imagined the warm liquid would feel good to her after all her suffering as of late. If I weren’t positive she’d stake me, I’d have put her in a nice warm bath. Alas, I was afraid that with all she’d been through she would only think I was trying to have my way with her and it would do nothing to further inspire her trust in me.

Her breathing had grown shallow and her heartbeat a bit erratic in the few moments I’d been gone gathering the basin. I rushed to her side and knelt down next to her, at a complete loss as to what could be wrong with her. My only guess was that the burst of power was far more than her body could handle, and it was now in the process of shutting down.

I whipped out my phone to call Dr. Ludwig, explaining at breakneck speed what Sookie had done to the fairies and what was now occurring because of it. She demanded my address and popped into my living room before I was done speaking. Fucking brownie is creepy as hell, but fast, thank the gods.

“Outta my way, Vampire,” she barked at me as she moved to examine Sookie.

Ludwig looked her over quickly; making little grunts and clucking noises as she went, pausing only to retrieve something from her bag.

“I can give her this potion which will restore her light enough for her to wake briefly, but I cannot cure her. If she chooses to allow it, the healing will be up to you,” she announced as she uncorked the vial.

“Chooses what? How the fuck can I cure her?” I barked at the brownie.

“You fool of a vampire, Northman.” She rolled her eyes at me. “How else? With your blood.”

She opened Sookie’s mouth slightly and poured the potion down her throat. Thankfully, Sookie’s natural instincts took over and she swallowed it automatically. Several agonizing seconds passed before her eyes began to flutter and her heart resumed a more normal rhythm.

“Eric,” she whispered as her eyes focused on me.

Before I could respond, Ludwig leaned over into Sookie’s field of view and began speaking. “You are dying, Ms. Stackhouse.”

I could not control the flinch that rocked my body at her words. I can’t fucking lose her! I just found her after a thousand years!

“What?!” Sookie gasped.

“You used up too much of your fairy spark, fueled by your life essence, when you flash-fried those fairies and now your body is failing. Your only chance is to drink the Viking’s blood.” I would really have loved to beaten some bedside manners into that little hobbit. Or even just the ability to sugarcoat the truth.

“I don’t want to be a vampire,” Sookie rasped, seeming to accept her impending death.

Time stood still as I gazed upon the perfection that is my Sookie. I knew I was supposed to accept her decision, be brave and let her go – not force her into anything against her will. Unfortunately courage was not what I was able to muster up at that moment. Instead I fell to my knees beside her again and bared my soul.

“Sookie, please… don’t leave me.” I couldn’t help the plea that escaped me; I was on my knees begging for the second time in my existence. “Every moment I’ve ever experienced in the last thousand years has led me to you, to this moment, and to our future, together.” I could feel the bloody tear sliding down my cheek and for the second time since being made vampire – I was crying.

“Eric,” she whispered with a look of awe shining through her agony.

“Please, Sookie. Please take my blood and live… for me. I cannot lose what I have only just found.” I laid my head on her stomach, unable to watch her face if she declined.

“Northman, Sookie, before you decide I must advise you; I suspect this very well might create a blood bond due to the unusual combination of her fairy heritage and the extreme draining of her spark. If it does, it will be permanent and completely unbreakable by anything short of death,” Ludwig warned in a serious tone.

I could hear her heartbeat beginning to falter again, and raised my head to look into her eyes. “Sookie, my love, we are almost out of time. Your heart is beginning to fail again and I’m sure Ludwig’s potion will not work a second time. Please, stay with me.”

“Wh… what is a blood bond? And do you want one with me?” her voice was becoming weaker with each word.

“My sweet Sookie, I’d love to do everything with you” I say with a wink. “And yes, I would happily enter into a bond with you in any situation, but especially in this one. Please don’t choose death over being tied to me.” I realized as she opened her mouth to speak that I never answered the first part of her question. “A blood bond is a connection that forms normally when blood is mutually exchanged three times. Ludwig thinks that due to your Fae heritage, combined with your decimated spark and life essence, this one exchange will be enough to bond us permanently.”

“I won’t be some kind of creepy Renfield, will I?” she asked with wide, terrified eyes.

“No, my love, I would never allow it. I would be able to feel your emotions, and you mine. We would both be able to send emotions or feelings to each other, but we would not be able to override the other’s emotions. Think of it the way you hear someone else’s thoughts as you are thinking yourself; there would be two ‘voices’ in your head, but you could chose to ignore mine. We would always be able to find each other by pinpointing the other’s location through the bond, but we would also feel physical pain if separated for too long… and when one dies the other will follow shortly after.” I hated telling her the truth of it all, but I could not lie to her either. She deserved to know the whole truth, even if that truth made her refuse. It would be better to lose her over truth than to have her hate me for the remainder of her time on earth for a lie.

The look of shock on her face was unmistakable. “You would do this for me?” she whispered. When I nodded at her, she spoke again before I was able. “You would willingly meet the true death for me if I choose to stay human?” her voice incredulous.

“I would do anything for you, Sookie. I would die a thousand true deaths if it means you won’t leave me now.” My voice resonated with the truth behind my words as I leaned in and whispered, “You have made me fall in love with you, Sookie Stackhouse. You made me understand that word, you cannot leave me now.”

Her eyes widened as a tear escaped and cascaded down towards her ear. For the briefest of moments she stared deeply into my eyes, though what she was searching for I did not know.

She raised a shaky hand up to cup my cheek and said the most wonderful word I had ever heard.


She didn’t even have time to blink before my bleeding wrist was at her mouth.


I had no idea when I started this story that this Eric would end up being so stinking cute! I love all versions of our Viking, but I have to say – I think I might just love this one a little bit!

I know I said every Sunday, but the response to this has been just lovely! I have every intention of keeping with the Sunday updates, but every so often I may update on Wednesdays or Thursdays also… depends on how far ahead I stay in my writing!

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me! See you Sunday!

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2 thoughts on “A Thousand Years Chapter 4

  1. if only! if only eric hadn’t taken off back to fangtasia and stuck around to save sookie from the fae, told her what was in his heart he probably would have gotten there much sooner. after all, all sookie ever needed was someone to accept her for herself.

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