A Thousand Years Chapter 5

Not much to say today, for once, lol! Except, I totally had a fangirl moment earlier this week; I appreciate all the alerts and favorites more than words can say, but when one of your favorite authors puts your little story on their alert list for the first time ever, what do you do? If you’re me – you “SQUEE!” out loud like a lunatic, wake your sleeping husband because it’s late as hell at night when it happens, pissing him off royally… what else?! LOL!

Disclaimer – I still don’t own these guys, just the direction I’m taking them in.



The feeling of her soft lips drawing forcefully from my wrist had me ready to cum in my pants for the first time ever. It certainly wasn’t helping that all my mind could picture was what those soft lips would feel like wrapped around my cock, but alas… the mind wants what the mind wants. So there I sat with a throbbing hard on, set to explode at any moment.

I was saved from eternal humiliation when Ludwig drew my attention to the faint blue hue that my love had taken on.

“You need to bite her, Northman, before she discharges that energy again and kills herself.”

I wanted to argue it might do her more harm than good for me to feed from her at that moment, but I was forced into action when her body began to shake. I leaned in and licked her jugular before sinking my fangs into her silky skin.

Several things happened at once, the combined effect reducing me to coming in my jeans like a human virgin. The succulent sweetness of Sookie’s blood hit my taste buds just as her blue sheen enveloped me, filling me with a sense of love and peace I’d never known, and like a freight train, all of Sookie’s emotions hit me at once – the most powerful one being the start of her orgasm. Even though a large part of me wanted to ‘crawl up my own ass and die,’ as the vernacular went, the rest of me was beyond thrilled to suffer the humiliation since it meant that Sookie and I were now bound by blood.

Sookie and I detached from one another and remained speechless as we simply sat and stared at one another. I was slightly overwhelmed at the feelings that were bouncing back and forth between us, so I could only imagine she was as well.

“It is done,” Ludwig pronounced cryptically. “You’ll receive my bill in the morning. I’ll expect payment by the end of the week.” With that Doc popped out of my home, and my hair. Though I guess I shouldn’t complain too much about the old sprite, seeing as she seemed to be continually saving the life of my mate.

“It’s a good thing that horrible woman is useful, because she has no bedside manners whatsoever!” Sookie grumbled quietly.

I didn’t even try to restrain my laughter and let out a loud, barking laugh.

“What?” Sookie said defensively. “She’s an insufferable little troll.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Actually, my love, she is a brownie, not a troll. Trolls are much larger and far uglier creatures, if you can believe that.”

“Oh mylanta! There are really trolls out there?” she exclaimed with shock and disgust. “So you mean to tell me that brownies aren’t just delicious chocolate cake-like things, they’re homely, mean little physicians too?”

I roared with laughter over that, much to her dismay. “I’m sorry, Sookie, I’m not laughing at you. I’m just having a hard time with the image of Ludwig as an attitude-having piece of cake.”

Thankfully she saw the humor as well and giggled with me. After a few moments her laughter died down and a very serious look crossed her face.

“Help me sit up, please, Eric.”

I sat her up and brought myself to a standing position as well. I was about to sit down on the couch beside her when she asked if we could go sit “somewhere less intimate,” so I led us into the kitchen. I got myself a True Blood and began heating it, then offered her anything her heart desired.

“Sure. I guess then I’ll have a sweet tea with fresh lemon slices, on ice.” She bit out sarcastically.

“Certainly, my love, coming right up” was all I said as I set about getting her drink.

The look of disbelief on her face as I sat down next to her with our refreshments was priceless.

“What are you doing with human food here, Eric?” I could feel her emotions beginning to swirl as she waited for my response.

“Every one of my homes is fully stocked with human food, Sookie. My servants and my day man know they are welcome to it, but ever since Dallas I have been fully prepared in case the need arose for me to shelter you for a time,” I explained calmly.

“Me?” she breathed out, clearly shocked. “Why the hell would you prepare for sheltering me? I’m not nice to you, like ever.”

“First off, you have been nice to me from time to time. For instance, when you freed me from that altar at the church, or the next morning when you stayed with Godric, for which I will never be able to repay you.” I reached across the table taking her hand in mine, grateful when she didn’t pull away. “There are no words to describe how it comforts me that he didn’t meet his final death alone, nor can I express what it means to me personally that you would do this for someone you barely knew, a vampire at that.”

“Eric, no one deserves to die alone. No matter what they are, everyone should have someone to care for them at the end. Plus, while I might not have known him well, Godric saved my life twice. First he saved me from that really large rapist, then from that vamp-ho, Lorena. I couldn’t have left him to die alone, nor could I have let you stay to die with him. You aren’t exactly flame retardant, you know.” She smiled the sweetest, smallest smile at me and I swear my heart fluttered within my chest.

“So maybe I have grown on you, just a touch? Hopefully you no longer prefer cancer to me?” I tried to keep the mood light with my questions, but the truth was, that small barb from her before our trip to Dallas was one of the earliest signs I was developing true feelings for her. For the first time that I could remember, someone’s insult had actually hurt me.

Her face fell slightly before she lowered her eyes to the table. “I’m sorry about that, Eric. That was a very unkind thing for me to say. I won’t say that you didn’t deserve to feel hurt after what you did to Lafayette, but I know the truth is that he’s very lucky to still be alive.”

“I only kept him alive for you, Sookie, I hope you know that. If it were anyone else, I would have provided them a horribly slow, painful death. But I knew how important he was to you, and couldn’t stand the thought of you suffering from his demise.” I couldn’t help but interrupt her; she needed to know it was her that I was thinking of when all I did was detain and torture a known seller of ‘V,’ who was a suspect in the disappearance of one of my subjects.

She smiled slightly at me as she said, “I know that, Eric. He also told me that you gave him your blood so that he wouldn’t die from the gunshot wound which was infected. He told me that what I ‘find meaningful, you find curious.’ Which, by the way, is an interesting way to say that you’re falling for someone.”

I sputtered for a moment as I tried to figure out what to say in response to that when something dawned on me… “Sookie, are you saying then that you believe me? That you believe I have fallen in love with you?” If I still required breath, I’d have been holding mine as I awaited her reply.

She studied me carefully for a moment, as she pondered my question, so I opened myself up to her emotionally. I let her feel everything – all my love for her, along with my unease at having feelings, my fear of something happening to her, my outrage at that asshat Compton and his treachery. I let her have it all; I held nothing back for the first time in my existence.

Sookie drew in several ragged breaths, her hand still cradled within my own, before answering my question. “I will admit, Eric, that if I wasn’t able to feel your emotions that I would have a much harder time accepting this. However, I can feel you now and I know that you care very deeply for me.”

“Then why do I feel the inevitable ‘but’ coming on, my love.” I asked as I rubbed circles on the back of her hand with my thumb.

“Well, that ‘but’ has two parts,” she said with a sad grin. “Number one is how someone like you could ever love someone like me.” When I began to protest she raised her free hand, silencing me.

I clamped my mouth closed with an audible snap to wait for her to continue with her current ridiculousness. “Number two being how do I feel about you?”

Well now, that, ladies and gentlemen, was the question of the millennium.


Well, that’s chappy 5. Hope you liked it. I’m still hoping for a Wednesday or Thursday update, but we’ll have to see how much writing I get done by then. My goal is to always be five chapters ahead so what happened with Revelry doesn’t happen here. Muse vacations suck balls – and not in the happy in pants way!

Definitely an update next Sunday regardless. Have a great week my friends.

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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