A Thousand Years Chapter 7

Just a quick note about the lemons for this story… I promise they will come, and I’m fairly certain you will find them worth the wait. But I won’t throw them into a chapter just to do so. I’m currently working on chapter 12 & so far they still haven’t gotten to it – but it’s not all fluff and waiting. Remember her worthless ex & the AVL? Yeah, we’ll see them soon and they delay the sexy time. So if you’ll stick it out with me, I’ll make it worth your while.

Also, Yve327 was my 100th reviewer for this story, so I asked her if she would like to pick the place where our favorite couple finally get their moment. She did and I think she made a brilliant choice. I’m sure you’ll agree when we get there.

One more thing, I published my first “The Vampire Diaries” story yesterday. It’s titled “Anymore” and I hope you’ll check it out.

Disclaimer – Still don’t own them, still wish I did!


I’d never felt anything like the kiss I was presently experiencing; even the desperate kiss we shared in my office could not compare to the feel of her lips moving against mine right now. I was astounded to realize just how wonderful Sookie tastes, everywhere; I could hardly wait for the day that I would be able to find out if her feminine nectar was also as sweet. That thought alone had my dick considering exploding again and considering I was still mortifyingly sticky down there – I had better not fucking cum again now!

Our tongues moved together, caressing each and every inch of the other’s mouth. When I felt her soft, warm, tongue wrap around my right fang I was powerless to stop the growl that escaped my chest or the thrust of my hips toward her center. My poor, swollen dick needed some friction desperately. I walked forward with her still attached, never breaking our kiss, and set her on the countertop. I pressed my erection into her further, causing her to moan loudly. I had never felt such a consuming passion before; it was almost as if my body needed to be inside hers at any cost.

Fuck! It’s the bond!

I reluctantly broke our kiss and stepped back fractionally from her warm heat (just feeling her wetness through my jeans was enough to make me want to take her here and now); the look of rejection on her face broke my heart.

“Sookie, my love, I do not wish for our first time together to be in my kitchen on a fucking counter. You deserve much more than that, dear one.” I leaned in and kissed her nose gently, “I’ve never wanted anyone or anything more than I do you at this moment, but I will not shame you in such a way.” I could only hope she understood that it was because I loved her that I did not wish to dishonor her.

“I’m so sorry, Eric. I shouldn’t have attacked you like that.” The wholly unnecessary shame and regret she felt was killing me.

“My Sweet Southern Belle, please never apologize for wanting me as I want you!” I kissed her lips gently before continuing. “I want nothing more than to show you what a ‘Viking vampire sex god’ I really am, but not for our first time. Tell me you understand.” I kept to myself the fact that once we had consummated our relationship, I planned to take her on every available surface of each one of my homes, my bar, my car… fuck, anywhere and everywhere.

She nodded slightly before leaning forward and resting her head on my chest. “Good gravy, Eric!” she whispered against my chest. “That sure was some kiss though. I guess a thousand years of experience really pays off.”

“A thousand years preparing for you” I whispered back. “My expertise is only for Sookie from here on out.”

Her head whipped up and nearly knocked me on the chin. Thank the gods for vamp reflexes or she would have cracked her skull open.

“Only for me?” I nodded in confirmation. “What does that mean, Eric?”

“It means that I will no longer be putting my ‘experience’ to use on anyone other than you, Sookie. You are my bonded.” Her WTF? expression told me that she still didn’t understand the significance of that term. “Sookie, I couldn’t have sex with anyone other than you now. I seriously doubt my body would allow it.”

Her face became enraged suddenly, much to my confusion. “So now I’m forced to have sex with you because you can’t spread the love with anyone else?”

“No, Sookie. Of course not! I have never, nor would I ever, force a woman to have sexual relations with me. I will simply have to rely on self love, as you humans call it, until you decide you want to be intimate with me.”

“And if I never do?” she asked with a petulant tone.

“Well,” I sighed, “then it’s going to be a long and sexually uneventful eternity for me until your death, and mine which would follow quickly after yours. Understand, however, I would not want for you to lie with me if it wasn’t what you truly desired.”

She eyed me cautiously for a moment. “So you would really jerk off, pardon my rudeness, for the rest of your un-life rather than have sex with someone other than me?” I nodded, unsure of where she was headed. “And what of my blood, Eric? Or my telepathy?”

“Well, I have a sneaking suspicion that I would also be unable to feed from another live donor, even in an emergency. If it would put your mind at ease, I will survive off True Blood for the most part… but Sookie, I will need to feed from a human donor sometimes, especially if I am injured. If I am truly unable to feed from even bagged blood, will you permit me to occasionally feed from you? I will not do it more than I absolutely need to, if that is your desire, however.” As much as I hated the thought, I was willing to do anything to prove myself to her.

“You would do that, Eric?” I acquiesced. “You hate True Blood,” she whispered.

I couldn’t help the shiver that escaped me. “Truly, I do. It is possibly the most vial substance ever, but if it will prove to you that I don’t only want you for your body or blood – I would do anything. And to answer your earlier question, we have an arrangement for your ability, but if you no longer wish to honor it then I will never ask you to use your gift again if I can help it.”

“If you can help it?” she questioned.

“We may need to take precautions so that you cannot be forced. There is still much to discuss about the goings on at Compton’s earlier tonight, but I fear that we may need to have some kind of contract drawn up that only allows you to use your gift with my permission, thus keeping you from being exploited by others of my kind.” I feared if Compton did indeed become King, he would try to take Sookie for himself, bond or no bond.

“Do I really have to worry about others, Eric?” I gave her a sad nod. “Will it ever end?” she asked quietly, her voice thick with emotion.

I sighed heavily. “Sookie, I’m very sorry to say that the moment your cousin opened her big fucking mouth about you, your fate essentially was sealed. Even if it hadn’t been Compton that was sent to get you, Sophie Anne would have sent someone. Now that the word about you has spread, I fear it’s something akin to open season on you, my love.”

Her eyes welled up with tears again. “What am I supposed to do, Eric? I don’t want to live in a cave, for fuck’s sake!”

“We will figure something out, Sookie. Even if you don’t ever want to be romantically involved with me you are still my bonded and I will always protect you. I have some ideas on what we can do, but I need to know how you feel about me and us first.” I had several plans formulating, but nothing would be decided without that critical information.

“Don’t laugh at me,” she began while steadfastly avoiding my eyes, “but right now, I mostly still want to jump you.”

I managed to only chuckle slightly at that. “My love, I believe it is the bond, combining our individual desires, that are making us so… frisky, shall we say?” She looked confused. “Sookie, there are two kinds of blood bonds. One which the vampire enters into for convenience and control, and one into which they enter for love. In the first, the result is a Renfield of sorts, as you suggested. You were never in danger of that, however, because I entered into this bonding intending to love you, not control you.” I reached up to tuck a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

“So it’s your love that’s making me want to pounce on you?” She smiled shyly.

“No, my dear. It’s my love that’s making it near impossible for me not to pounce on you. I suspect that if you are feeling the pull as well then you must have some feelings for me beyond revulsion.” The thought that she might just love me too was beyond pleasing.

“Will we have to have sex then? I mean, what does the blood care if we do it?” She was just too cute for words at times.

“The bond wants to secure us as mates; our bloods are seeking closeness with their respective sources. If it were only me with these feelings, then only I would be feeling the pull, but I am not alone. So I ask you, please my love, do not make me beg you to tell me your feelings.” For her, I would beg, though I would greatly prefer not to. I was still a bit raw (and sticky) after my embarrassing moment earlier tonight.

“I am confused, Eric,” she said as she pushed me back slightly. “I’ll lay it all out on the line if you will.”

“I’ve already told you, Sookie. I will hold nothing back from you, unless it is for our survival – and even then you should be able to feel enough of my emotions to know what my intentions are.” Her look of skepticism had my temper rising again.

“Is it really so hard to believe that I could be honest with you, Sookie? Do you truly think so poorly of me, that you feel I would lie to my mate?” I was unsure as to why exactly my blood was boiling right now, but boiling it certainly was. I knew she was well within her rights to have questions, especially after the emotional number Compton did on her, and yet I found I was furious that she didn’t trust in me more. I bared my soul to that woman, and still she found me inadequate – it was maddening!

“Woman,” I practically barked, making her jump slightly. “I have put your safety ahead of my own multiple times before we were bonded. Do you honestly think that I would risk the safety of either one of us now that the death of one means the other will follow?!” Honestly, that woman would be the death of me! “Even if I wanted to sacrifice myself for you again, I would be unable because I couldn’t live the knowledge that my death would lead to yours.”

“Eric…” she began. But I wasn’t in the fucking mood to hear it.

“Do you truly not understand how difficult this is for me, Sookie?! Have you considered that at all? Not only have I discovered that all the bullshit and heartache I have been feeling since the day I met you is because I’ve fucking fallen in love for the first time EVER! But then I watch you almost die on the very same night I figure it out, not an hour later! On fucking top of all of that,” I broke away from her, for fear of hurting her in my sudden fury and began to pace “I bond myself to someone that is so all-fired fucking determined to see me as a monster that she pushes me away each time I pour my soul out to her.”

I was simply beyond enraged. I knew I should cut her some slack, to some degree, but I was quite unable to presently. “I am NOT Bill fucking Compton, Sookie. I will not grovel at your feet, promising you a love that you obviously have no interest in. While I’m trying to understand the fact that he hurt you, I also know that you can feel what I do and should know that I’m telling you the truth. The fact is, however, that you are simply too fucking stubborn to hear it.”

I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn’t handle her rejection anymore… I needed to get away. “You will always have my protection, Ms. Stackhouse, but I will bother you with my affection no further.” I bowed slightly to her and exited the house, leaving my broken heart in the kitchen with the love of my existence.


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend & I’ll most likely see you on Wednesday or Thursday. Never fear, I know this is a cliffy-type ending, but I’m sure they’ll both remove their heads from their respective rectums soon…

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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