A Thousand Years Chapter 9

I forgot to say in the last chapter, for anyone that doesn’t know – “min kärlek” means “my love” in Swedish; at least it does according to Google Translate.

Millions of hugs and thanks to all those who have favorited, reviewed and alterted me or my story! 3 to you all!

Thanks to Balti K for betaing… she make Jenny’s boo-boo’s go bye, bye. Like POOF! Bye-bye! (yes, I know I need buckets of both coffee and therapy, lol)

Disclaimer – I don’t own any of these characters, Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball do (even if we wish he didn’t sometimes).


Sookie raised her head and smiled sweetly at me, her eyes shining with trust and affection; I could not say with any certainty that she loved me yet, but I could say I was now confident that one day soon she would. I slowly lowered my face towards her, not wanting to scare her away. I brushed my lips against hers ever so gently, relishing in the feel of us.

The kiss stayed gentle and hesitant for mere moments before becoming far more passionate. I was beginning to wonder if I would be permanently erect around Sookie; I was so hard for my little telepath at the moment, I was certain I would explode at the slightest touch… again. I wanted nothing more than to stay in this moment for the rest of eternity, but there were more pressing matters to attend to than our lust-fueled make-out session. Reluctantly, I forced myself to pull away from my delectable mate; it was time to discuss the fuckery that had occurred at Compton’s house earlier this evening.

“Sookie, as much it pains me to wait one more moment to consummate our bond, I’m afraid I must.” The look of confusion and disappointment on her face was simply adorable and made me want to devour her whole.

“We still need to discuss what happened at Compton’s house earlier this evening, dear one,” I reminded her gently. I knew discussing her worthless ex was probably not at the top of her list of shit to do, but it was a necessary evil for her continued safety.

A very inelegant snort escaped Sookie’s lips, causing me to grin widely. “I just can’t escape that sonofabitch, can I?” she exclaimed in a huff.

I raised my eyebrow in question, not understanding entirely what she meant.

“I’m having a perfectly lovely moment with you, and he has to disturb it again! Even though he’s got no idea where I am right now! It’s just… just… Well, it’s fucking infuriating, that’s what it is!” she ranted.

My little fairy hopped off my lap and began to pace in front of me. Her face was flushed; her hands were alternating between flailing about and clenching into tight fists. She was simply adorable, even when fiery mad… maybe especially then, so long as it was not directed at me, of course!

“Why the fuck can’t he just go on ’bout his business and leave me the hell alone? I’m done with his lying, worthless, freaky self-hating un-dead ass…” she paused to look at me, “Sorry, Eric. I don’t mean any offense to you or anything. I don’t dislike the undead, just the rotten, shifty fucknuts that lie to me.”

I waved my hand dismissively with a small, but genuine smile, letting her know that I was certainly not offended by that little comment. Hell, if I forgave her with no effort for stating her previous preference of cancer over me, that little jibe was a simple thing to get past.

She gave a slight nod, more comfortable now knowing she hadn’t upset me. The pause she took in order to explain herself seemed to have “calmed her tits” slightly however, since her rant appeared to be over. She opened her mouth as if to say something and ended up simply gaping like a fish out of water a moment before she sighed heavily, and came to sit beside me on the couch again. I ached to pull her into my lap, missing her nearness, but I knew now was not the time. Now was the time to explain the severe danger afoot, surrounding us both, as well as anyone we cared for.

“Tell me, Eric. Don’t sugar coat it for me either, just lay it on me about Bill,” she quietly pleaded.

Oh, I’d lay it all on her all right, but not for a little while longer sadly. I might understand the need to deal with any threats posed to us before engaging in more pleasurable activities, but I was still only a man. A man that had been walking around with a throbbing hard on all night for that woman; I could only control so much at once. And apparently it no longer extended to my brain.

Thankfully, however, my control still extended to my mouth. “Earlier tonight, just before you turned up at the cemetery, Sophie Anne arrived at Compton’s. At first I was nervous for your safety due to her proximity to your home. But as I watched, Nan Flannigan and the AVL soldiers began to appear out of nowhere.”

“No offense, Eric, but who gives a shit what that rotten bitch and her goons were doing there?” she interrupted with a shrug of her shoulders. “I mean, it’s not the first time she’s just shown up – it can’t be that big a deal, right?”

“Oh, Sookie, if only that were the case,” I began. “If Flannigan and the AVL were slinking out of hiding just after Sophie Anne showed up, it can only mean one thing. Bill planned to usurp the Queen, and he appears to have the full support of the AVL.”

I hated that it had come to this. Sophie Anne had the capacity to be a magnificent ruler had she only shown a little more common sense. She was intelligent, ruthless, and unwavering in her course once set. Unfortunately, whether due to the age at which she was turned or pure greed, she was unable to behave any better than a spoiled child in most instances. Sophie Anne’s course had been set on gaining control of Sookie and what her blood could do. I had little doubt Bill’s course differed much from our former Queen’s; whether for blood or love, Bill likely wanted control of my mate…

Sookie’s eyes were huge as the implications of Bill becoming king occurred to her. “I’m fucked, Eric,” she whispered as new tears began gathering. “I will never be able to escape Bill now if he is going to be king. I’ve had too much of his blood. He’ll never let me go.”

When the tears started falling I gave up on giving her space. I scooped her up gently and shifted my position so that my back was resting against the arm of the sofa, depositing Sookie between my outstretched legs so her back rested against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her protectively, trying to soothe her quietly as I made my pledge to her. “Sookie, my love, there is no need for you to fear. I will keep you safe at any cost, I swear it.”

“I will not allow you to risk you life for me, Eric,” she protested, her voice hoarse from crying.

“You wonderfully infuriating woman, did you not hear me earlier? I could no more risk my life at this point than I could yours,” I assured her. “As I was beginning to explain earlier, I believe that if we have a contract drawn up, guaranteeing the monarch of Louisiana your services as needed (with my supervision of course), we should have no problems avoiding him laying claim to you.” That was my sincerest hope anyway. Our unique bonding through one exchange, to save her life, helped. If Compton was too much of a fucking fool to agree to it, I would simply annihilate him and take his place, no matter how much I loathed the idea of being king.

“Do you really think that will work, Eric? I mean, he’s kinda pushy and not always too bright, so I’m thinkin’ he might not do the ‘smart’ thing here.” She certainly had a point, though I wasn’t going to worry too much about Compton’s lack of intelligence, or survival instinct, presently.

“Sookie, there are other things that can be done if Compton refuses to listen to reason. Plus there is the matter of us being bonded now, so it will be more difficult for him to ignore protocol and tradition.”

“Difficult for him to ignore, but not impossible… right?” There were times I wished my little Fae was not so quick on her feet. This was certainly one of those times.

“You’re right, Sookie, not impossible,” I acquiesced.

She didn’t even bother speaking; she simply turned her head towards me and gave me a look that clearly said, “Well? I’m fucking waiting here.”

With a heavy sigh I resigned myself to explaining fully. “I said I would never lie to you, and I won’t. I would prefer not to discuss the ‘what ifs’ right now, but if you are going to insist, then I will.”

There was no pause between my last word and her, “I insist,” not that I actually expected one.

“If Bill chooses to ignore our bonding, then we can become pledged as well. And before you ask what pledging is,” I hurried to halt her interruption when she drew in a breath and opened her mouth, “it is a ceremony that unites a bonded couple. It is akin to the human marriage custom, except pledging is unbreakable. No divorce,” I paused when her body became rigid against mine.

I gave her a gentle squeeze and whispered, “I will not force you to pledge yourself to me, sweet Sookie. I did not want to talk of these things tonight because I didn’t want you to feel like I was pressuring you. I want you to know: nothing would make me happier than if you wanted to pledge with me, but we are certainly in no rush to make any such decisions.”

“M…Ma…Marry? Eric,” she swallowed hard enough that I felt it in my chest, “Would you really want to be tied to me that way?” The uncertainty in her voice made me want to scream, but considering I had flown off the handle once already tonight, I reined it in.

“Lover, there is no tie that exists which I wouldn’t want with you.” I spoke with conviction. Since I doubted she’d see the humor presently, I kept to myself that bondage for fun would be an excellent experiment in tying her to me in the future, though I had every intention of talking her into it eventually. I had an extreme predilection for sex games. Variety is the spice of life, they say, and nothing spices thing up more than a little BDSM with a gorgeous and willing participant… and I ached to teach Sookie all that I had learned over the years.

I placed a gentle kiss to the crown of her head and squeezed her close once more before asking, “Do you still wish to continue this discussion, or would you rather save it for when we know more of Bill’s plans?” As I said before, I would always do my best to give her a choice.

“Yeah, sorry,” she said with a diminutive giggle. “The whole marriage thing just messed with me for a minute. Please… continue.”

I wanted to ask her if what her thoughts were on pledging with me, but I knew tonight was entirely too soon for such discussions. I had to admit, the thought that she wouldn’t want to be tied to me in every possible way was like a stake to my chest; one that slowly worked its way towards my dead heart as I was powerless to stop it. I tried to look on the bright side however, as the saying went, since she had had nothing negative to add to our conversation and I knew it was possible she might very well desire a pledging some time from now. Our bonding only occurred tonight, and it was forced in order to keep her alive, so I knew on a logical level that the concept of marriage was rushing things. Still, I could not help but be melancholy at the thought of her not wanting me in every way I wanted her. Fucking feelings! They’ve turned me into a giant pussy. Pam would never let me live this shit down if she knew. I’d be getting Midol and Tampax in care baskets with chocolates and chick flicks, until the end of time starting the moment she found out! We must make certain she never hears how low I have fallen…

With a small sigh as the only sign of my internal monologue, I continued. “We could of course leave the country. I have friends in very high places, especially overseas, so there would be no problem in relocating to any part of the world your heart desires.” I knew her answer would be no, but still I had to offer.

“Eric, I would love to see the world with you someday. Hell, I’ve never been anywhere other than NOLA and Dallas, but I don’t want to see the world just because we’re running from Bill. I am not a coward.”

“That, my little angel, is why I know with every fiber of my being that we are mates. I would rather cut off my own head than run from a fight, but I would do so without pause or remorse if it ensured your safety.” I hugged her tighter to me, filled with immeasurable love and pride.

“Yeah, I don’t run so well. I probably should, far more often than not, but I don’t,” she snorted.

I found myself wondering if all human women snorted as often as Sookie did. Was that normal and I’d missed it all this time? I hadn’t exactly paid an exorbitant amount of attention to most women I’d encountered over the years, so it was certainly possible that it had escaped my attention. Women before Sookie served two purposes in my world – blood and sex. Talking wasn’t a priority unless she was screaming my name or singing my praises as a lover. This snorting was something I’d have to pay more attention to. I could not imagine I would find it as charming in any other female as I did my mate, since it was really a very un-ladylike thing to do, but with Sookie I found it to be simply adorable.

“This I have noticed, much to my chagrin.” I chortled. “I knew it wasn’t really an option anyway, but I had to ask. For what it’s worth, I am glad we are on the same wavelength.” I felt her nodding against my chest as I continued. “The next option is for me to kill Bill and take over the throne. I abhor the thought of it, but I will certainly do so without hesitation to keep you safe.”

“I hate the thought of killing him, Eric. Even if he is a fucking tool.” How I loved that woman and her adorable sayings!

“I know you don’t want him finally dead, Sookie. But please understand there may be no way to avoid it.” I could give a shit if that fucker lived or died, but I hated the idea of hurting her.

“I can feel that you don’t want to hurt me, so I know you won’t do anything simply for spite. If Bill ends up dead at your hands, Eric, I will know there was no other way to ensure we’d be safe.” I wanted to jump for joy like a child on Christmas morning at her admission! Finally Sookie had some faith in me!

I turned her towards me and claimed her mouth fiercely. I felt her shock at the sudden change in position, but her immediate spike in lust told me that I hadn’t scared nor injured her. Maybe talking her into some light BDSM won’t be as difficult as I originally anticipated, it seemed Sookie liked it a little rough.

My hands developed a mind of their own as they began roaming her body possessively. I couldn’t get close enough, fast enough; the urge to consume her was nearly overpowering. Sookie’s body turned towards mine, bringing her hands into the mix. Our hands explored everywhere they could reach as our mouths worked together in a flawless rhythm.

I was ecstatic. Finally, I was going to bury my rigid cock within my mate’s warm heat. After the insanity of this night, we were finally going to get our reward. I was seconds from removing her shirt when the phone began ringing.

Curse me and my preparedness! “Sookie,” I said breaking our embrace, “I must answer this, it is Pam.” I detached myself from her and rose up from the couch.

“How the fuck do you know that?” she huffed.

I couldn’t help but laugh at both her words and tone. Apparently, someone got a little tetchy when her sexy time was interrupted. “I keep a supply of cloned cell phones in case of emergency, only Pam has that number and she would only call it when utterly necessary.” I explained as I reached the phone.

Unplugging it from the charger and answering it, I commanded, “Speak!”

“Compton is here, at Fangtasia. The King is requesting your presence immediately.”

By the gods! How many more times must my poor cock be denied tonight?!


Action to follow for a lil bit now, damn Bill for being the hideous cock-blocker he is!

Oh, and I’m about to finally write the lemons, real lemons, for this story – it’ll be a few chapters away for you guys, but it’ll be here before you know it!

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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