Between the Sheets Chapter 1

Eric is OCC to some degree here, you’ll see why as the story progresses – hope you’ll still love him!

Thanks to MissyDee and Balti K for being allstar betas!

Disclaimer – I don’t own any of these characters, Charlaine Harris does… and she’s a lucky, lucky gal.



It’s hot as fuck and way too crowded in this damn bar tonight; it figures the one night I take off from the bar in two months, the guys want to go drinking here. It’s not that I don’t love my bar, because I do, but I’ve had to work either behind the bar or in my office in the back – most nights doing both – every night for the last two months. After I fired that half-wit Sophie that Pam hired as bar manager, I’ve been run ragged.

I haven’t even had time to get laid– and I have women throwing themselves at me nightly around here. Well, I haven’t even tried as of late; not since I took a chick back to my office for a quick suck and fuck. Think what you want, but I’m not in a relationship and I have needs too, man. There’s nothing wrong, in my opinion, with a causal suck and fuck – as long as you’re up front about your intentions. And I always am. Besides, the sucking is generally on the chick’s part. Oh, I have no problem at all with going down on a chick, and I never leave a woman unsatisfied – but I prefer not to go down on the type of chick that’s willing to suck my cock in my office, within five minutes of meeting me. Anyway, Pam ruined my last attempt at random sex when she walked in and informed me that I’d be dining on her leftovers. Fuck. That. I do not partake in my sister’s sloppy seconds!

So when Jason, Hoyt, Lafayette and Jesus called tonight with their plan, I was powerless to say no. Since gay marriages have just become legal in our fine state, Lafayette and Jesus are tying the knot tomorrow. So, here I am out with the guys celebrating the upcoming event. Tonight we’re here to get annihilated and then the lot of us is headed out to the Stackhouse property to spend the night. Tomorrow we’ll be setting up for the ceremony in the backyard – getting them wed – and then getting shitty all over again. I figure after a weekend of partying with these nuts, by Sunday I’ll probably be dead.

I really wanted to go to a different bar tonight, but we’re stuck here. Again, I love my bar; but I have a tendency to jump in whenever the staff needs help if I’m here. It’s pretty much my whole world, so why wouldn’t I want to make sure it’s run right and things are going smoothly if I’m in the building? Tonight however, me helping out is not an option. See, I promised the guys I’d only get behind the bar tonight if I’m getting our drinks – I’m NOT to work according to the bride. Laf has forbid it, and it’s not worth dealing with that particular bridezilla if he doesn’t get his way! The bitches on that show got nothing on Lafayette Reynolds when he’s having a fit!

We’ve been here about an hour before Jason starts bitching that his sister and the rest of the girls are late. I didn’t know any girls were coming, let alone Jay’s sister. I’ve never met her in person. Oh, I’ve talked to her on the phone a few times, but I’ve never even seen a picture of her.

Apparently, she’s been off getting her MBA from Cornell University in New York State. Everyone that I’ve ever heard speak of Sookie Stackhouse only has good things to say about her. Everyone, well…except Bill Compton. He says she’s an uppity prude, but Jay say’s that’s just because they dated for a little while and he doesn’t seem to understand why Sookie broke up with him for cheating on her. Go figure? I may not be Mr. Relationship, but I don’t cheat when I’m in one. Compton’s a horse’s ass anyway, so his opinion means zip.

How have I never met the sister of one of my closest friends, you ask? Well, you see, I moved here after Sookie went away to go to school – it’s as simple as that. Plus, she hasn’t been home very often over the last few years – and when she has, I’ve been out of town. I became friends with Jason after I bought the bar; he owns the beer distributor I use. Hooch Inc. had the best prices of the two places in Shreveport. Plus, I really hate that asswipe John Quinn that owns TigerPaw Liquors! I wouldn’t give him my business if he was the only gig in town. Jason swears he chose the name Hooch Inc. due to the moonshine his granddaddy made when he was a kid. I’m sure it’s because of all the ass that joker gets. Seriously, that boy could get laid at a convent. Anyway, Jay introduced me to the rest of the crew and the rest as they say is history.

“You know, man, I get that Sook’s just getting back into town today now that she’s graduated… but seriously, she needs to hurry up and get her ass down here with the girls.” Jason looks like he could spit tacks right now.

“I didn’t know your sister was moving back here.”

Jason proceeds to explain that she’s decided to buy an old roadhouse and open it back up again. She and Lafayette used to work there together before it closed down. Now, apparently, she’s going to put her MBA to use in reopening her old stomping ground – with Laf as her cook. I’m curious to meet her. It’ll be interesting to see how different she and Jay really are since I hear it’s like night and day. I’m also interested in meeting the woman that’s willing to put up with Laf’s mood swings; no matter how good a cook he is, he’s a drama queen! I certainly couldn’t work with him.

It’s time for another round of drinks, so off to the bar I go. We’re packed tonight, and since it’s only eight o’clock it ought to be a very good night for my pockets. There’s enough staff on that I don’t have to worry about picking up the slack, especially since I promised Bridezilla back there that I wouldn’t. It is busy enough, however, that I really should get the drinks for our group myself. I head behind the bar to grab our three pitchers and head back to the table.

“Asstard, you forgot the tequila.” Jason throws his lemon rind from the previous round at me and tells me to get my “Thor lookin’ ass” back out there to get it.

“It’s a good damn thing I need you for the sake of my business, you fuckin’ troll. Use some manners and say please, bitch.” I slap him upside the back of the head. Then I pinch his cheek and tell him what a good little bitch he is once he says please.

I go back out front and head behind the bar again to grab the Patron along with the other container of lemons and limes that I cut earlier for our little group; the salt’s already on the table. I’m taking the whole bottle, because I refuse to have to get up every three minutes to get Jay another shot. I’m nobody’s bitch! When I turn around to head back towards the table, the hottest blonde I’ve ever seen is standing there waiting for drinks. Bridezilla can suck my fucking dick – I’m waiting on her!

I set my shit down and put on my most charming smile as I lean over the bar and get directly in her line of sight. “Hi there, what can I get for you tonight?” I’m surprised I didn’t stutter or some shit, she’s really beautiful. Now normally I have no issues talking to hot women – but just looking at her gives me butterflies. Wonder what the fuck that’s about?

Her eyes go a little wide when she takes me in, and a blush creeps over her cheeks as she smiles at me. “I’ll have a tight snatch, a between the sheets, a sit on my face, a deep throat, a creamy pussy, butt sex and a slippery bald beaver, please.”

I think I just came a little bit. And maybe fell in love, too.

I stand there like a moron, completely unable to speak. She waves her hand in front of my face and giggles. Fucking giggles. If I wasn’t already hard, I would be now! “Hellooo. Anyone home in that pretty head?” she sing songs at me.

“Yes, I was waiting for you to add your screaming orgasm to the list.” Hey, as flabbergasted as I am, I’m still me – and I am smooth.

She doesn’t say anything back to that, she just smiles broadly and blushes again. Definitely need to find out who this woman is. I need the name of my future wife! Laugh if you want, but that blush is fucking killing me!

I get to work on her drinks. I can feel her watching me as I work. So of course, anytime I have to turn my back to her I’m careful to make sure she has a good view of my backside. It’s not as conceited as it sounds. See, I caught her staring at it in the mirror behind the bar. I bent over, and when I stood up – I noticed her ‘holy shit’ face in the mirror. Can I help it if I like that she likes my ass?

When I’m done making the drinks, I put them on a tray and offer to help get them to her table. She accepts and tells me she’s meeting some friends. I have her meet me at the end of the bar, after putting the Patron and citrus on the tray and ask her to show me where we’re off to. We’re headed back towards the VIP section when she shocks the shit out of me by saying, “The screaming orgasm will come later if you play your cards right, cowboy.” I damn near dropped the tray, and I’m pretty sure I came a little again.

After a quick recovery I lean down and breathe in her ear “Oh, I can play much more than just cards well, I assure you.” Whether it’s my words, or my breath on her ear, I’m not sure – but she shivers as I speak.

“Then I’m damn glad I met you tonight…”

“Eric. And you are?” Before she can answer Jay hops up from the table and picks up my future bride, swinging her around.

“SOOKIE!” All four men scream like little girls.

Holy shit! This is Sookie Fucking Stackhouse? What. The. Fuck?

After Jason puts his sister down, he asks her how she found me. “Oh, he’s the hot bartender that offered to carry my drinks back here for me.” Okay, first, I need to see a doctor about the amount of mini-gasms this tiny woman is giving me because I think I just came a little again. Second, she thinks I’m hot! Go me!

Everyone bursts out laughing except me, Sookie and Lafayette. “What do you mean this mother fucker was behind the bar WORKING? Bitch, you know you’re only allowed to get momma’s drinks tonight. I don’t care how busy your bar is, you’re here for me!” He’s actually stomping his foot, with his hands on his hips, pouting.

“I’m sorry, Laffy.” I give him my best sad puppy expression. “I didn’t mean to work in my bar tonight, helping my customers.” I set the tray on the table. “What was I thinking? Helping this gorgeous girl with her drinks? Shame on me!”

That seems to help his mood a bit. “Of course you can help our girl! I’d be as mad as a wet hen if you didn’t!” He turns to Sookie, “Now come give LaLa a hug, baby girl!”

As Sookie hugs Laf, I can’t help but to stare at her ass. She’s fucking perfect. Curvy in all the right places, but not fluffy, she has an amazing rack; she’s all woman and Jason’s sister or not – I’ve got to have her! Now!

“Stop lookin’ at my sister like she’s lunch, you fuckstick!” Jason punches me in the arm, hard.

“What? I didn’t know she was your sister when I first met her!” I don’t bother adding that I don’t give a shit now that I know. He’ll be happier in the dark about that one!

“Yeah, but you know it now!”

“Yes, but I can be quite forgetful sometimes, Jay.” He tells me what a rotten fucker I am and punches me in the arm again.

Sookie turns back to me and asks if I really own the bar. I assure her I do. Then she tells me that I’m the one her brother warned her about. When I inquire as to why she informs me that Jay says I’m a real lady killer. I laugh hysterically at this. “I’m obviously a shit poor one then, I haven’t had sex in months!” It’s true, unfortunately. I had given up on sex for a while because of a psycho chick I dated named Aude. She was beautiful, and seemed really great at first, but then two months in she started calling herself Mrs. Northman and showing me the gift registries for our wedding. Bitch had to go! Needless to say, after that I was feeling less than frisky. Then the bullshit went down with Sophie and my two-month work stretch began. The next time my horny sister hires someone just so she can fuck her, I might just ship her ass back to Sweden where we came from! Maybe I ought to ship her back anyway after her cock-blocking stunt in my office last time I tried to get laid.

Sookie looks convinced that I’m lying, and tells me as much. “I’m sure you have women throwing themselves at you nightly, with the way you look. You expect me to believe that you’re not catching any of them?”

“What you believe is entirely up to you, dear one. I’m simply stating the facts; what you do with them is your choice.” I go on to give her a brief synopsis of why I’m going through a drought presently and she manages to make me hard all over again with her next statement.

She pats my arm and calls me a poor dear, and then she says, “Sounds like you need a screaming orgasm as badly as I do.” Then she winks at me, and I’m fucking gone! Hello, hard on – thanks for joining us again so soon!

I lean closer to her again, pressing my body against hers and breathe into her ear “Sookie, I’m absolutely sure that you and I will want multiple helpings of screaming orgasms once we get started.” I trail my fingers down her bare arm and continue in a throaty voice, “The things I want to do to you ought to be illegal.” I’m serious. I want to devour this little girl. I’m so hard right now, I’m certain my cock will have a zipper imprint on it. I’m thanking the gods I wore boxers tonight! Normally I don’t bother, but it’s fairly obvious that I’m aroused now, without the boxers I might actually be embarrassed.

The shiver and blush that my flirting produce in her make my dick twitch, again. “Now I’m definitely glad I met you,” she says coyly. I can’t tell you how glad I am I met her! I know I’m in lust, but given time I am certain I could love this tiny woman. No one has ever made my body and mind react the way she does.

I’m introduced to the rest of the girls – Arlene, Tara, Amelia and Holly. Everyone except Amelia has been part of the group for a while. I’ve seen Arlene and Holly; Tara I already know as she’s Laf’s cousin. Amelia is new to the group; she was Sookie’s roommate at school. She’s originally from New Orleans, but went to school up North and is now moving to Shreveport to help Sookie with the new business.

When I ask why she ordered such wonderful shots, she informs me that the drink choices are a result of all the time she, Tara and Laf worked at Merlotte’s, the old roadhouse she’s reopening. Holly and Arlene also worked there, but Sookie spent the most time with Laf and Tara. Apparently, the tradition with the drinks started one night after work when the trio decided to go through the bartender’s recipe book and make the dirtiest shots they could find. Afterwards, it was a game to get bartenders to blush at other bars. She didn’t make me blush, but boy did she get a whole host of other reactions from my body.

So we spend the next few hours playing pool, darts and just hanging out shooting the shit. While I don’t spend every minute with Sookie, I have to admit to being surprised at how much time we do spend glued at the hip. If it wasn’t me gravitating towards her, it was her drifting towards me – and Jay never missed a second of it.

Several times throughout the night, he makes comments about how his buddy and his sister are not going to being doing the horizontal tango. She finally has enough telling him to go find some skank to bang and to stay out of her business. “I can do whatever I want to with my pussy, Jason Michael Stackhouse! You hush up now!” Here I go again with my mini-gasms as soon as she says pussy!

It’s almost midnight by the time we decide to head back to Bon Temps and the Stackhouse property. We use one of the three buses I own to cart our drunk asses home; I never want a law suit because some dumbass can’t hold their booze and gets in an accident after leaving my bar – so I bought them to shuttle the drunks home. I provide overnight parking for those who take the bus – it’s a win, win – and now I get to ride in one with Sookie on my lap.

Jay has a meltdown that his sister chose my lap over one of the “perfectly fucking good and perfectly fucking empty” seats that were available, but she thankfully chooses to ignore him.

When we initially get back to the house it’s time for a quick inventory to make sure that we have all we need for tomorrow’s party. Next it’s time to get everyone settled into their rooms. With this bunch, thank God there are a lot of rooms. When Jay goes to show me which is mine, Sookie stops him by saying that there’s hardly enough room for everyone, so it’s best if we conserve space by her sharing hers with me. Dear god, thank you for giving me this perfect girl! I don’t know what I did to deserve meeting her, but I promise to show my appreciation to her ALL NIGHT!

He pitches a fit, but she kindly reminds him that it’s her home and she can put guests wherever she wants, including out in the shed if he doesn’t hush his mouth. After he leaves the hall grumbling to himself, she ushers me into her room.

It’s a good sized room with a California King sized bed – I’m now certain this tiny woman was made for me. When I inquire as to why such a small woman has such a huge bed, she said that when she bought it last year she just knew she needed a big bed. Indeed she did.

She has me put my toiletries in the en-suite bath and shows me where to find the towels. I inform her that I have no sleep clothes with me; I normally sleep naked, but I was planning to sleep only in my boxers here tonight. The gods smile upon me when she says that she prefers to sleep nude anyway.

“Woman, are you trying to kill me?” I growl as I grab her around the waist her pull her to me from behind.

She turns in my arms and begins running her hands up and down my arms lightly. “Not at all, but I am trying to seduce you.” She goes up on her tiptoes and kisses the cleft in my chin. “How am I doing so far?” She whispers against my skin.

“Oh, I’d say you’re at about a twelve right now,” I wink at her before pulling her into me tighter, letting her feel my erection against her stomach.

“Huh, and what’s the scale we’re working with… besides huge?” she smirks.

“A scale of ten,” I grin at her and press myself into her a little harder, grinding on her a bit.

She doesn’t say anything, she simply brings her hand up to cradle the back of my neck and pulls my face down to hers for a searing kiss. The hard on I had before has nothing on what’s happening in my pants now. Her lips on mine send a shock through my body that culminates in my cock. I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever been this hard.

When her tongue grazes my bottom lip requesting entrance, I can’t help but moan as I oblige. When her tongue starts massaging mine, I swear to you I can feel the pre-cum leaking from my dick. She’s a fucking amazing kisser. I’m moaning and panting like a teenage virgin as we’re making out, but thankfully she’s as bad off as I am. When we break to breathe our hands and lips still don’t stop their exploration. We’re pawing at each other like a couple of animals.

Another minute alone together and I have no doubts that we’d be naked and on our way to Happy Town; unfortunately her fucking brother is the world’s largest cock block! He walks right into the room and has a hairy conniption at the fact that we’re “dry humping the fuck out of each other,” but neither of us could give a shit.

We ordered two party packs of pizza, wings and soda before we left the bar, and they just arrived. Sookie and I reluctantly agree to break for food. I have to remind her of why she needs to eat – she’ll need her strength for the shit I’m gonna do to her later! She promises to eat well and informs me that I better fuel up too. “After that kiss, cowboy, I’m planning to ride you all night long.”

“You’re going to be the death of me, woman!” I growl as I nip her bottom lip gently before turning her around and shoving her towards the door playfully. “If we don’t go NOW, I’m taking you hard and fast and I don’t give a fuck who hears.” I motion to my dick, “I’m so hard it’s difficult to walk. Do you see what you do to me, gorgeous girl? I’ve been hard all night, and after that fuckhot makeout session, I’m having a very hard time not fucking you into oblivion RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!” I shove her again – lightly of course – but I’m in no way, shape or form kidding. I want to pounce on her and fuck her until I can’t walk anymore.

“Hmmm, I look forward to it,” she purrs as she takes me by the hand and leads me out to the dining room.

We all laugh and joke while we eat – well, Jay manages to give us the stink eye throughout our meal, but that just makes everyone laugh harder. Once we’re done eating these geniuses decide it’s time to get back to drinking. I’m pretty set right now and want to remember all the things I’m going to do with little miss sunshine later tonight. She declines another drink as well, but says she’s down to hang out for a bit.

It’s now two in the morning and all the rest of the crew is SHITFACED! Good lord above, are these some funny mother fuckers when they’re hammered. Finally everyone is ready to go to sleep; a process that is sped up when Laf announces that if we don’t all go to our rooms, he’s going to fuck his hot piece of Latin ass right here for us to watch.

You never saw grown men and woman move so fast!

Once we’re back to our room, Sookie asks me if I’d like the first round in the bathroom before bed. I take her up on her offer, wanting to freshen up a bit prior to any extracurricular activities that might take place. I take care of my needs and use a washcloth to freshen up my ‘delicate’ areas.

When I exit the bathroom I’m instantly hard and aching to release. There is Sookie, in a room lit by nothing but a scarf covered lamp, naked in the center of her bed. My boxers are suddenly too tight, and look ridiculous!

“I think you’re over dressed for this party, cowboy.” She crooks her finger at me, beckoning me to her. I crawl up her body, kissing as I go – avoiding her most intimate spots for the moment – and lick from the base of her neck to that wonderful spot below her ear that I found earlier. “Well, as hostess of this little party, I feel it’s your job to help me with proper attire,” my voice hoarse with desire.

She pulls my face to hers and graces me with another of those amazing kisses. When our lips part, she pushes my chest asking me to please stand next to the bed. I oblige, obviously, and when I do she surprises me by standing on the bed in front of me. We get down to another fuckhot make out session as she runs her hands all over my chest and arms. My hands travel everywhere over her, still avoiding her nipples and her sweet, sweet pussy. My fingertips do graze the inside of her thighs and the sides of her breasts, but I’m simply teasing right now.

She breaks our kiss and begins planting wet, open mouthed kisses down my neck. As she lowers her body, resting on her knees, she trails kisses down my chest. My breath hitches as her fingers dip into the waistband of my boxers, with her mouth kissing dangerously close to the head of my dick.

Painfully slowly, she lowers my boxers – finally freeing my cock from its prison. Her eyes are huge when she looks up at me, “Holy shit, Eric! Did you register your weapon with the proper authorities?” The look on her face is priceless.

I grab one of her little hands and wrap it around my dick. “Consider this the application process. Do you think everything’s in order?” My hand is covering hers, guiding her hand up and down my cock slowly.

“Ungh, yes. I think everything is most satisfactory.” She licks her lips right before the most devilish smile crosses her face.

I’m powerless to move as I watch her face descend on my dick. She slowly removes the hand that’s still encasing hers and stills her movements on my throbbing member. When she places a chaste kiss to the head, my eyes roll back into my head as a moan escapes my lips.

“You like that, cowboy?” All I can do is nod as I watch her with hooded eyes. “You want more?” Again, all I can do is nod. “Tut, tut,” she clucks her tongue, “I want to hear you say it.”

“Please, Sookie, suck my cock for me. Please, gorgeous girl. I need to feel your hot mouth on my dick.” I swear to god, for the first time in my life I’m trembling. I do not fucking tremble, yet here I am.

She begins licking and kissing my cock and I am in serious danger of losing control for the first time in my life. Holy hell, what’s she doing to me? The more she licks, the weaker my knees get.

“Sookie,” I barely choke out, “please let me lay down. Your mouth feels so fucking good I don’t think I can stand.” What? I’m not afraid to admit that I might fall the fuck over from the feeling of her mouth on my cock!

We rearrange so that I’m lying on my back and she’s straddling my legs, sucking my cock. It’s as if I’ve found heaven the moment my cock is buried in her mouth; while I’ve always been a big fan of blow jobs, I’ve never had one this good.

“Oh fuck, Sookie! So good. Your mouth feels so. Fucking. Good.” I can’t help that my hips begin to thrust up to meet her ministrations. It’s as if they have a mind of their own.

Within minutes she has me on the verge of losing my control. I can’t stand it, I want to come so badly, but I don’t want her to stop either. I gently pull her head off me using my grip on her hair and ask her to sit on my chest with her ass facing my head.

As soon as I feel her mouth descend upon my cock again I lift her ass and bring her body to settle above my face. There’s no way I’m going to last a whole lot longer, but I’ve got every intention of taking her with me when I go. I use my tongue to part her folds and moan deeply as soon as I taste her sweet honey.

“Lover, you taste fucking amazing!” I have no idea how I’m ever going to want to eat another pussy after tasting the perfection that is Sookie’s. I could eat her for every meal, and if she’ll let me, I think I’ll die trying to do just that!

She raises her mouth to the tip of my cock and licks the slit. As I let out a guttural moan I can hear her respond, “Baby, so do you!”

She’s licking and sucking and driving me out of my mind! Luckily, I can tell from the humming on my cock that I’m affecting here just as much! I can feel my dick starting to swell, signaling that I won’t last much longer. “Sookie, come with me… I can’t wait much longer.”

Though I’ve been paying close attention to her amazing pussy, I redouble my efforts in order to have her finish with me. I suck her clit into my mouth and thrust two fingers into her dripping pussy, searching for her magic spot. I know I’ve found it when she’s basically screaming around my cock. I can feel her walls begin to flutter around my fingers and I know she’s almost there. I thrust into her faster, while still sucking her clit – flicking it mercilessly with my tongue. Her moans are almost constant and the vibration from them has me right. On. The. Edge.

When she gives my balls a light squeeze, just as her walls clamp down on my fingers, she takes my cock all the way down her throat. “Holy FUCK! SOOKIE!” Quiet is not an option as I come with a roar! God bless this little woman, she swallows every drop even though she is in the middle of her own storm.

I remove my fingers from her glorious pussy. Then lick her and my fingers clean. I’m not wasting a drop of her delicious nectar. When I’m finished, I place a soft kiss to her still quivering mound.

While I’m cleaning her, she’s paying the most careful attention to providing the same service to my cock. She licks and kisses every inch of my shaft and balls; she’s so attentive that I’m getting hard again. I tap her on the tush and ask her quietly to bring her face to mine.

She turns and straddles my body, placing her pussy on my stomach. Our kisses start out passionately, but with maybe a bit of something else in them too. They don’t feel like they did before. Oh, they’re still fucking amazing, but there’s something more to them. As the kiss deepens Sookie begins to grind herself against me, letting me feel how wet she is again for me.

“So wet for me, Lover,” I moan against her mouth.

“Only for you, Eric,” she grits out.

I raise her hips a little and settle her over my erection. I don’t penetrate her; I just rub her pussy along my shaft – my head hitting her clit on each upstroke.

“I want to feel you inside me, Eric. Now.” She breathes against my neck as she nibbles on it.

“Condom, Sookie.” I grunt.

“Pill. You clean?” she manages to get out as she begins moving faster against me.

“Yes. You?”

“Absolutely.” With that declaration she impales herself on my cock. As she buries me to the hilt inside her tight, hot pussy, she throws her head back both of us moaning loudly at the sensation.

I always laugh at books and movies when the guy says being inside a chick feels like home. I mean sure, it feels fucking wonderful to be balls deep in a girls’ pussy – but home? Come on.

That’s what I thought until this second, anyway. The feeling of my bare cock, buried to the hilt in Sookie’s tight pussy is almost more than I can stand. I’ve never felt anything like this before! Oh, I’ve had sex without a condom prior to this moment, but it’s still never felt like this!

“So good, Sookie. So. Fucking. Good,” I mumble against her lips, our movements stilled. “Fucking perfect!”

“Oh god, Eric,” she moans. “Please, fuck me.”

I’m more than willing to give her everything she wants and then some, but she has other ideas. She begins riding me – slowly at first; each time she raises her hips she pulls up so that only my tip remains inside her, then she thrusts back down hard. It’s enough to make me lose my mind. I place my hands on her hips, not controlling her movements, just holding on.

She leans forward and begins rocking against me at a faster pace. From this position I’m able to suck on her perfect nipples. Moving one hand from her hip to her breast, I show it the proper amount of attention required from something so perfect and then switch sides. Sookie is moaning above me, her walls begin to flutter around my cock; she brings her lips to mine, kissing me hard enough to bruise my lips I think. “So close, Eric. So, so close,” she moans against my lips.

Truth be told, so am I. I reach down between us and begin to massage her clit with my thumb. Her moans increase in volume and frequency as I feel my cock begin to swell within her. I pinch her clit firmly, but not too hard and she lets out an enormous scream as her walls being to clamp down on my dick – ripping my orgasm from me. I can barely contain my roar as her pussy continues to massage my cock.

It takes us a few minutes before either of us can move, or barely breathe. Finally she pulls herself off of my softening dick with a sigh. She tucks herself in next to me, her head on my still heaving chest.

“Well, that was sure something,” she giggle-sighs.

“Mmmm. Yes it was.” I mumble happily.

We spend a few more minutes kissing and snuggling; I’m normally not a huge snuggler after sex, but with her I can’t seem to get enough. Finally she sighs happily and asks if I’d like to join her for a shower. Hell yes, I would!

We take time in the shower to wash each other thoroughly, then we spend more time getting each other dirty again. First she drops to her knees and brings me to climax with her mouth, then I give her oral while she stands against the wall with her leg slung over my shoulder. By the time her second orgasm hits from my tongue and fingers, I’m ready to go again and take her against the wall while her legs are wrapped around my waist. I’ve been known for my outstanding rebound time since I was a teen – but I’ve never experienced anything like this!

Once were completely sated, we quickly wash each other off again as the hot water is all but gone. We take our time drying one another off, and make our way back to the bedroom. There’s no need to change the sheets, as we never got under the comforter so we simply get into bed and begin leisurely kissing again.

After a few minutes the kisses increase in intensity again, and next thing you know, we’re off to the races. We start with me on top, which rapidly brings her to her first orgasm, and then we switch to her on her knees and me behind. This damn near makes me lose control and gives her two more orgasms before we’re switch to the reverse cowgirl position. I’d like to say that I am able to hold out for quite a while, but I’m done for within a few minutes – but not before giving her another two climaxes, the last one finally triggering mine.

Finally I’m sure that I can’t go again tonight, even if my life depended on it. We laugh about how insatiable we are and wonder how we’ll end up getting out of bed to attend the wedding tomorrow. Between the fact that we’ve been going at it almost nonstop for three hours and that it’s now five in the morning, along with the reality that we’re going to want to repeat the process tomorrow, I have no idea how we’ll manage.

“So, did you like your screaming orgasms, cowboy?” She winks as she’s tracing patterns on my chest. “Were they everything you hoped for?”

“Shit, Sook, they were all that and more. You can order me between the sheets anytime you want,” I mean that whole heartedly.

“Careful what you wish for, Eric. I may never let you out of my bed and may force you to have my tight snatch, between the sheets, daily.” Huh.

“Baby, you throw in a butt sex, and I’m all yours! Bring on the shackles!” I squeeze her tighter.

“Cowboy, you play your cards right and you might just get your order.” She says as she rolls over, drawing me with her so I’m spooning in behind her.

“I’ll do my best, ma’am.” Little does she know it, but I’m not sure she’s ever going to get rid of me now anyway. “And I’ll be sure to throw in a couple extra screaming orgasms for you little lady.”

“Perfect, then I’ll be sure to give you an extra special slippery bald beaver along with your deep throat.”

The deep throat comment has my dick twitching again, so I warn her that we better get to sleep before I accost her again. She giggles and promises me some quality time at regular intervals this weekend. I’m fairly certain I’m a lost cause already and if she actually throws in anal – I may propose this weekend.

I guess we’ll just have to see what happens next.


As far as this Eric goes, MissyDee lovingly called him a girl – after laughing at him – and to some degree he’s right. I see this Eric as normally a lady-killer, but Sookie brings out the inner warm-fuzzies in him. If the story continues, should you want, I promise Eric will rediscover his balls (at least in the bedroom he’ll be our dom Eric). Hopefully y’all love him anyway!

The recipes for the drinks mentioned are listed below.

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Tight Snatch

1 shot vodka
1 shot peach schnapps
orange juice
cranberry juice

Between the Sheets

1 oz brandy
1/2 oz light rum
1/2 oz triple sec
sweet and sour mix

Sit on My Face

1/3 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur
1/3 oz Frangelico® hazelnut liqueur
1/3 oz Bailey’s® Irish cream

Deep Throat

1/2 oz Bailey’s® Irish cream
1/2 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur
1/2 oz whipped cream

Creamy Pussy

1 oz Bailey’s® Irish cream
1 oz Tequila Rose® strawberry cream liqueur

Butt Sex
2 oz strong black coffee
1 oz vodka
1 oz triple sec
1/3 oz lemon juice

Slippery Bald Beaver
1/2 oz butterscotch schnapps
1 oz Bailey’s® Irish cream
1/2 oz strawberry puree

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