Between the Sheets Chapter 2

Thanks to MissyDee and Balti K for being rocking betas!

Disclaimer – I don’t own any of these characters, Charlaine Harris does… and she’s a lucky, lucky gal.



I’m almost asleep when I hear her mumble something about not ever letting me go, as she snuggles up against me tighter. I squeeze her hard and tell her that I want to marry her.

Fuck. Did I use my out loud voice just now?

I don’t get long to wonder before it becomes clear I’m sure I did. Her whole body stiffens and she whispers, “Eric, did you just say what I think you did?”

Double fuck, fuck! Definitely used the out loud voice. Though, I find I’m more worried about her reaction than I am that I actually said it. I’m also very pleasantly surprised to discover I mean it wholeheartedly.

“Yes, you tiny miracle, I said it.” Well, there’s no point in lying about it. “I’m not sure I meant to say it out loud, but I’m hoping you aren’t going to pull a Cinderella on me now.” In my mind, I’m running through scenarios that would allow me to keep her here, even if she wants to run.

“Ummm…” She’s quiet for another minute as she ponders her response. “I’m not going to run, but I am going to ask to table this very strange conversation until the morning when we’re sober.”

She snuggles into me closer, which I didn’t think would be possible, and asks if that’s okay with me. “It’s fine, Sookie. I’m sure I’ll still mean it, but at least then we’ll know.” Something suddenly dawns on me, “You’re not asking to wait just so you can Houdini your ass out of bed while I’m asleep, are you?”

Again, I run through ways to bind her to this bed as well as my world.

“Nope. No running. You don’t honestly think I’d run from a cock like that, do you?” She wiggles her ass against said cock. “Run, fuck no. Marry? Well, maybe. So let’s sleep on it.”

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, triple fuck. She might just fucking say yes. My dick throbs against her ass involuntarily as I have yet another mini-gasm. This woman has completely bewitched my soul.

“Then go to sleep, my gorgeous girl. There’s much to ponder tomorrow.”

I hold her tightly while my mind races. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to sleep tonight, but as long as I’m holding her… I’m okay with that. Eventually, her breathing gets rhythmic and I know she’s fallen asleep.

I find myself wondering when I turned into such a giant, throbbing pussy. I’ve never been the type of guy to be all emo and lovesick puppyish. Yet, here I am now, holding this tiny woman, ready to weep with joy that I’ve found her.

I can’t help but wonder how much shit Jay’s going to cause between us, and whether or not this will ruin our friendship. I’d hate like hell to lose him; he’s been my best friend since the day we met. But I’ll be ‘tarred, feathered and deep fried’ – to coin one of his phrases – before I let him stop me from being with my angel. I’ve never even dared dream that being with a woman could feel so right. This shit never really happens – it’s all Hollywood make believe. Yet, here I am.

As I finally drift off to sleep, I find myself wondering how I’m going to convince this woman to actually marry me. I wonder if I’m above kidnapping and bondage until she agrees?

Scary to say, but probably not.


The first thing I’m aware of is that my hips are thrusting upwards rhythmically. Then I notice that there’s something warm and wet surrounding my dick.

The humming sensation that travels through my very hard shaft makes my eyes pop open. Holy fucking hell! I literally almost blow my load instantly as I take the sight above me.

Sookie is standing over me – with her legs on either side of my chest and her glorious, glistening pussy, is the first thing my eyes see. Once I can tear my eyes away from the heaven that is Sookie’s tight heat, I realize that the sensations haunting my dick are because she’s bent over and sucking on it like she’s trying to win a medal in an Olympic sport!

Any question as to whose team I’m rooting for? Then you’re dumb! Team Sookie, all the way!

“Lover, are you trying to kill me?” I rasp as I run my hands up her legs, slowly. I start at the ankles and caress her gorgeous legs before grabbing her hips and forcing her to bring that sweet, sweet pussy closer to my mouth. She realizes my intentions and happily gives into my plans. Her legs settle on either side of my head and she positions her glorious pussy over my mouth.

Her moans increase in intensity as I part her folds gently with my tongue. I’m happily amazed that I wasn’t imagining how fabulous she really tastes. Her pussy really is the sweetest honey; no booze required. I lick up and down her folds slowly, teasing her bundle of nerves. Her moans are driving me to the brink of control. I’m sure I won’t last a whole lot longer.

I need her to come with me, there is no other option. I will not leave this goddess hanging while I bust a nut. I intensify my efforts and slide two fingers into her dripping pussy. I pump in and out of her slowly twice, then curl them inside her and begin to rub her easy button as I suck her clit into my mouth and lick it ferociously.

She takes me down her throat – all the way – once, twice…I know I’m going to lose it any second. I bite down on her clit, firmly but not hard enough to cause actual pain, in order to keep from coming. Waiting just is not in the cards though.

Apparently, this was all she was waiting for. My cock had just made its way deeper into a throat than I’d ever been, when I bit down. I feel her walls clamp down around my fingers, as she began to hum around my cock. I can only guess she was screaming, because her pussy was spasming violently. I’m on sensation overload, and come with such force that I can’t believe I didn’t choke my girl. I literally roar like a wild animal as I shoot stream after stream of my seed down her throat.

After our orgasms finally end (seriously, they seemed to go on forever) I withdraw my fingers from heaven and lick them clean. We’re both still panting like maniacs as we begin to kiss, lick and suck each other clean. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of her sweet, sticky goodness.

I really need to figure out how to get this little wonder to become my wife. You might say it’s too soon but I say the stars aligned perfectly last night and I found my other half. My soul mate, my goddess… my everything!

She stops her efforts in getting me clean and begins to climb off of my face. I want to cry as she takes my favorite new toy away, but then I realize that she can bring my other two favorites closer. She manages to swing all the way around but moves very little, really.

Next thing I know, she’s straddling my stomach and kissing me with such vigor, I know I’ll have bruised lips later. We must’ve made out like lovesick tweens for a while, because next thing you know – Jay’s pounding on the fucking door.

“It’s eight fucking o’clock in the morning, you horndogs. Now come up outta there so I can kick your ass for deflowering my baby sister, Northman!” Is he fucking kidding me right now?

No fucking way she was a virgin? Right?

“Uh, Sookie…” I start, but I don’t even get to finish my sentence.

Sookie jumps up off me, not even bothering with clothes, and throws open her door.

“What the fuck, Sook? Put on some goddamn clothes!” Jason screams as he covers his eyes.

Sookie’s screaming right over him though, “FUCK OFF, Jason, you insufferable ass!” She begins poking him in the chest, forcing him backwards farther into the hall. “He did not deflower me, you shit. I ain’t been a virgin in fucking years!”

My very, very stupid best friend actually asks his sister if she’s “a whore then, since she ain’t no virgin.” Well… I knew he wasn’t always the sharpest pencil in the box but still, I never pegged him for suicidal. I don’t know my future bride all that well, yet, but I do know enough not to say something like that to any woman – ever!

The next thing I know, Jay’s head looks like it’s one of those old typewriter rollers – you know, the kind that makes the dinging sound and then snaps back. She hit him so hard that I seriously have to wonder if she’s killed one of the gerbils he’s got turning the wheels up there.

There’s a funny story behind those gerbils in his head. One night we were out drinking and one of the nurses from the local hospital was boozing it up at the bar with Jay. She tells him about a man that came in with a dead gerbil stuck up his ass. I’d never heard of such a thing, and God willing, I never will again. But my man Jay turns to the lovely girl straight faced and says that he “didn’t need any critters stuffed up his ass, he already has them running the turbines in his head.” That girl actually took him home that night. See? Could get laid in a convent, I’m fucking telling you.

Anyway, he’s screaming at her for hitting him, she’s screaming about him calling her a whore. Me? I’m just wrapping the sheet around my fucking waist. Somebody needs to put a stop to this shit. It’s far too early, and I have more fucking to do. As well as a fiancée to secure. So Jay needs to fucking go – like yesterday!

I walk up behind my little Tasmanian devil and gently grab her by the shoulders. “My gorgeous girl, could you please put some clothes on for me?” I hesitate when I realize what I just said, “On second thought, could you just grab a blanket or towel, something that I can divest you of with ease? And let me talk to my best friend here for a hot minute?”

She’s still so pissed she’s literally shaking like a leaf, but she nods and starts to head back into the room. Oh, she tells him what a “fucking ass faced bitch he is” as she goes, but she does go. It’s all I can ask for at the moment.

I step out into the hall and am less than surprised when Jay wads me one to the gut. “You’re lucky I still consider you my best friend, you fuck, or I’d have hit you in the kisser. Let’s see how much my crazy ass sister wants you then?” You can see that he’s actually considering hitting me again.

“Jay, stop. Just stop man,” I say as calmly as possible. “I really don’t want to stand here in the hall to have this conversation while half naked, but whatever man.” I run my hand through my hair and take a deep breath. “Look, man, I know you’ve seen how I normally am with women. So based on that alone, I’d understand you have reason to worry.” He’s nodding like a fucking bobble-head at me.

I pause to figure out exactly how much to tell him. “Seriously, Jay, there’s something really different about how I feel about Sookie. I swear to God, man.” I know I need to go on a ball finding expedition before this weekend is over, but I might as well finish this shit off first. “There aren’t words to describe how it feels with her.”

He starts running off at the mouth about how full of shit I am and that if I’m just going to hump and dump then I better burn my bar to the ground myself, before he can get to it. “I’ll make sure you’re still in it when I napalm it,” he fumes at me. Oddly enough… I believe him.

“Jay, shut the fuck up.” That gives him pause. “I’ll marry her right fucking now if she’ll let me. I’ll stand beside Laf and Jesus, and marry her today.”

Jason’s standing there gaping like a fish on land as Laf walks by and announces, “You best be finding your own fucking day to get married, bitch. This one here is taken, and I ain’t sharin’ the spotlight with NOBODY! Ya dig?”

That breaks the tension. Jay and I bust up laughing watching Laf saunter into the bathroom. I sober up first from the laughing fit and say to Jay in a serious tone, “I could easily fall in love with her, buddy. I think I already have. Not to be all girly on ya, but…she feels like home to me man.” I don’t know how else to explain it.

He looks at me for a moment, examining me closely. I’m not sure what he finally sees, but finally he nods at me and utters, “You break her heart, I’ll fucking end you man, no matter how much I love ya like a brother.” He turns on his heel and heads back down the hall to his room.

I turn around and prepare myself to reenter the room of my queen. I fully realize that once she agrees to marry me (and I won’t take no for an answer, by the way) I really need to get my mancard back. I think I’ll have to go all caveman on her ass and fuck her into oblivion, just to reassure myself I still have nuts.

Before I can worry about getting back my man card, however, I just have to figure out how to explain all this to a woman I barely know, but know I can’t live without after last night.


Thanks for reading! Tons of love to you all!

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