Between the Sheets Chapter 3

Just so that the title for this chapter makes sense… it’s my weird sense of humor at work. The title of the last chapter was “The Best Part of Waking Up”. So, instead of it being the coffee with that jingle, it’s now Sookie’s boobs… yup, I’m a dork! I’ll admit it, own it and even relish in it every so often

Sorry for the long delay – between Hungry taking over my life and RL being what it’s been, I just couldn’t get back to this story. I’ll finish this one up before starting anything new – then I’ll head back to Revelry. Thanks to all of you who added me to favorites and alerts! Love ya! Thanks also to all of you who sent reviews – I promise that I’m back to responding to all sent from now on!

Thanks to MissyDee and Balti K for always being there for edits, advice and friendship! Love you ladies! MUAH!

Disclaimer – I don’t own any of these characters, Charlaine Harris does… and she’s a lucky, lucky gal.



I realize upon entering the room that my little spitfire is nowhere to be seen. I know she stayed in this room, presumably to put clothes on. “Lover,” I call out to her, “Are we playing hide and seek?” I’d much rather play hide the salami, but I guess I can work with this too.

I’m actually dumb enough to get on all fours and look under the bed, which I do after I looked in the closet, before I finally realize where she is. The fucking bathroom door is almost closed fully and there’s steam wafting from the door. Boy, I’m a fucking genius! Maybe Jay’s not the only moron in the group…just sayin’. I drop the sheet and burst out laughing. Really, for a fairly smart guy, sometimes I’m frighteningly stupid. I’m still chuckling to myself when I enter the bathroom.

I step to the far end of the shower and peel the curtain back slowly. My angel literally takes my breath away. Standing there before me is a naked, and very wet, Sookie. Now this should be obvious, seeing as she’s in the shower, but the reality of it is stunning. Her eyes are closed as water trickles over her face and down her glorious curves.

I’m not sure how long I stand there mesmerized, but she eventually shivers from the draft that the open curtain is causing. Busted.

“Is this a private party, Lover, or can anyone join?” Cheesy question? Yup. Did it produce the desired results? You bet your ass it did.

“You, my gorgeous man, have a standing reservation for this party.” She grabs my hand and guides me willingly into the shower.

She begins spraying me down with the removable shower head, then gets right to scrubbing me clean. She asks that I bend so she can wash my hair, rinse, condition and then rinse it again. Once my hair is taken care of, she grabs the body wash and uses her perfect little hands to scrub every inch of my skin.

Not only has my cock never been this clean (and I’m admittedly OCD about cleanliness) but it’s also never been this hard. She’s rubbing, scrubbing, and massaging my balls in her pursuit of the ‘ultimate clean.’ What she’s going to give me is the ultimate orgasm.

“Sookie,” I rasp, but don’t get any further.

She grabs the shower head again as she shushes me and rinses my body; she makes sure that there’s no soap left anywhere before she pronounces me done.

I hate to break it to her, but I’m nowhere near done. Hell, I haven’t even started. I’m so hard my dick could double as a Louisville slugger right now. I nearly lose my load when she turns her back towards me as she bends over to adjust the water temperature giving me a perfect view of her fantastic ass.

With a low groan I step into her and bend my knees so I can rub my dick between her perfect globes. I grab her by the hips and begin rubbing my cock up and down her cleft as I inform her that unless she’s aching to get fucked senseless, she really needs to be more mindful of bending over in front of me like this.

She wiggles her ass into me, making me groan loudly as it causes the best friction against my aching cock. She looks over her shoulder at me, batting her eyelashes like she’s innocent – the minx! Then, in a sickly-sweet voice she informs me, “Maybe losing my senses from a good, stiff, dicking is exactly what I’m looking for, Cowboy.”

Holy. Hell. Ask and you shall receive, you little vixen.

I reach around her to turn off the water, making sure to press my steely erection against her harder, and tell her “I’d be more than happy to provide that service for you, ma’am.”

I exit the shower and grab a big, fluffy towel to dry my lover off with and another to wrap around my waist. I fluff every inch of Sookie’s perfect body dry and am blessed by the gods when she returns the favor.

Once we’re both dried off I waste no time getting my cock where it needs to be. Without a word, I lift Sookie up and impale her on my erection, causing us both to moan loudly at the sensation. I can’t even move she feels so fucking good. I finally get myself calmed down enough to walk, and shuffle us forward (still guiding her up and down on my dick, of course) and push her up against the bathroom wall. We aren’t making it one more step, folks. I need her braced up against something so that I can fuck the shit outta my girl.

I use the wall to support her so that I’m able to get one hand in between us, enabling me to assault her clit. I rub it hard and fast, knowing from our previous romps that she loves this, praying I can make her come quickly. I want to move us to the bed so I can watch her ride me, but I refuse to leave this bathroom until she’s come at least once more.

My ministrations, along with my cock gliding in an out of her, are making her moans increase in length and volume. I know she’s going to fall over the edge soon and when her walls begin to quiver around my dick, it takes every ounce of self-control not to fill her with my cum.

“Unngh. Errriccc! Just like that… oh, yes. Unnngh…” she leans her head into the crook of my neck and bites down, hard.

I assume that she does this to help drown out her scream as her orgasm rips through her, but what it actually does is make me cum with a roar. Never knew I’d love being bitten so much.

“Holy fucking shit, SOOKIE! Oh. My. GOD!” Bye bye, sweet mancard! I’m sure you’re lost forever now.

I realize that I’m babbling as I continue to pump in and out of her when she grabs my face, looks me in the eyes, and announces, “I love you too, Eric. I know it’s probably way too soon, but I never dreamed I could feel like this.” She whispers the last bit right before laying the mother of all kisses on me.

I have a nanoseconds worth of freak out, wondering if it was just the great orgasm that made me declare my love out loud, before realizing that I really do love her. It doesn’t make a bit of fucking sense, seeing as I’ve known her less than twenty-four hours, but I do. I love her. I love Sookie fucking Stackhouse.

I absolutely fucking adore her.

I fell in love, really in love, in my own bar last night. No shit!

Not at all what I pictured happening when I agreed to go out last night, but I am not fucking complaining.

What’s that saying Jason’s always using? Something about a penny… Oh! In for a penny, in for a pound, right? So here goes.

“My beautiful Sookie, have you given any more thought to what I asked you before we went to sleep?” I whisper against her lips.

She pulls back from me slowly and indicates by wiggling against me that she wants to get down. I hate to part with her for even a second, but I do as she wishes. Sookie takes my hand and pulls me into her bedroom.

Without a word she leads me to her bed and indicates that she’d like me to have a seat. I’m not going to lie, my stomach is in knots thinking that she’s about to turn me down. I’m smart enough to know that she has every reason to , I mean hell, we barely know each other, but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt like hell if she does! I situate myself at the edge of the bed and allow her to stand between my legs when it’s clear that’s what she wants.

She simply takes my face in both her hands and stares into my eyes for a moment. She still hasn’t said anything, but the look on her face speaks volumes and is working wonderfully to calm my nerves. We just sit there, my hands on her hips and hers on my face, staring deeply into each other’s eyes until a slow smile begins to creep across her beautiful face.

“Yes,” she whispers.

I’m unsure if she means yes she’s thought about it, or yes as in Woot Woot! – so I ask. I’m not gonna lie, I can barely breathe I’m so nervous about her answer.

“Yes, I’ll be your wife.”

She doesn’t even get to take a breath after her last word before I’ve jumped up and am swinging her around in my arms, laughing like a fucking lunatic. If we weren’t both naked, I’d be running through the halls with her right now announcing it to everyone!

Wait, back up a second… we’re fucking naked! Why am I not buried inside her pussy at this moment? I make a quick mental note to rectify this immediately!

I stop swinging us around, but don’t release her as I crash my lips to hers and kiss her with all that I’ve got, pouring every ounce of emotion and need into it. We’re both panting heavily when we finally break for breathings sake. I rest my forehead against hers and close my eyes.

“You really are my miracle, my sweet Sookie. You won’t regret this, I promise,” my voice is a passionate whisper as I make this vow to her.

I silently pledge to myself that I’ll do whatever it takes, always, to ensure this perfect woman’s happiness. I will protect her, honor her, love her and worship her with all that I am.

It also dawns on me that my angel needs a ring. Hmmm… now that’s something I need to take care of immediately. I’m silently pondering the specifics of getting my girl her rock when she wiggles against me, reminding me that we are in fact still naked.

Suddenly, I’m sure we have more pressing matters to attend to than her ring…


I’m not too sure yet how much more gas this story has. There may be another couple chapters, it may be a long one, or this might be it with an epilogue and an outtake of Lala’s wedding (with a sequel of our lovebirds eventually).

Time will tell, I guess. Opinions are most welcome, that way I can gauge reactions and maybe breathe some life back into the muses for this one.

Pain in the arse, fickle muses!

Thanks for reading! Tons of love to you all!

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