Between the Sheets Chapter 4

A very special thanks to makesmyheadspin on this one – she is wonderful and was willing to step in and beta for me so that I could surprise some people with the dedication at the bottom.

Disclaimer – I don’t own any of these characters, Charlaine Harris does… and she’s a lucky, lucky gal.

See you at the bottom to chat for a wee bit.



It’s been ten fucking amazing years since the night Sookie walked into my bar and blew my mind. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, but all in all, I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

It’s Thanksgiving, and as we do every year, our family gathers at the Stackhouse property for a huge meal. I can’t imagine having our holiday get-togethers anywhere else. This is where it all began. As I sit here looking around my table at our guests, I can’t help but to reflect on how this all came to be…

Of course, after I proposed that long ago morning, I took full advantage of our nakedness and had another go at my girl. I’m pleased to say that the sex is still as earth-shattering today as it was then; I’d love her with all that I am regardless, but holy balls am I thankful for good lovin’! Anyway, once we managed to pull ourselves from her room that morning we were able to get all the way through breakfast and almost to the start of the ceremony before shit hit the fan.

Everything was going along like clockwork (except, of course, for the death glares the other Stackhouse was giving his sister and I) until Sookie started a sentence “when we get married…” well, that was all she wrote.

Jason hopped out of the tree he was tweaking lights in and jumped on my back; if it hadn’t of hurt, I might have laughed. Him hanging off me, screeching like a howler monkey is something that will be forever etched into my brain. He was bitching and moaning about me not only “defiling his baby sister, but then brainwashing her into marrying a whore like me.” That shit hurt, and when I flung him off my back (not as gently as I probably could have) I told him so. There may have been a couple of punches thrown during our ‘discussion,’ but my memory is conveniently fuzzy on the details. So, once the little scuffle was over we were able to get things back under control without getting Bridezilla too worked up. Everyone thought we were nuts, and were completely convinced we’d never make it to the altar, but we didn’t care.

The wedding went off without a hitch. Both men were dressed casually, as were the rest of us; the bride and groom figured that if they were getting married in a field, no matter how special the field was to them, they’d look ridiculous in formal wear. They wore cargo shorts and short sleeve, button down shirts; Jesus went for a more traditional look in khaki colored shorts and a white, linen, button down with “Jesus sandals.” Lafayette however, being who he is, was in camo-patterned shorts and a sheer button down top with a pink, lycra muscle shirt under it – complete with an extremely lacy and jeweled tiara/veil thing.

The pictures still make me laugh, everytime I open that album. Not only for the visuals themselves, but because I hear Laf’s words each time I see that damn veil. I had asked him what was up with wearing camo shorts and a fucking tiara, and he looked at me like I was the stupidest person to ever drawn a breath and snarked, “Just cuz I like me some dick, don’ mean I gotta wear a dress and be a Queen. I’m a man, damnit! But Momma still has ta have a lil’ bling, ya dig?”

He’s fucking priceless, that one!

The ceremony was short but the reception was epic and very long, ending with Sookie and I having another few rounds of mind-blowing sex. That Monday, we went down to the courthouse to get our marriage license without telling anyone. Because it was Bon Temps everyone knew by lunch anyway, but we didn’t tell anyone.

We were married in the same back yard, with the same minister and folks in attendance three weeks later. I wore khaki colored cargo shorts, a white linen button down shirt and bare feet. My angel was dressed in a white sundress with little red flowers and bare feet; her hair was done in what’s apparently called an ‘up do,’ but it had little tendrils falling around her face. She was a vision of natural beauty, and she was all mine. We kept my house in Shreveport, but lived primarily at the farmhouse in Bon Temps. Sookie couldn’t stand to give up her family home, and I would never ask her to. We began here, and I can’t imagine raising our family anywhere else.

Speaking of family… we are the proud parents of two wonderful three year old twin girls, Adele and Faith. We also have a six year old son, Hunter, and an almost eight year old son named Chase. We had waited just a little bit to have kids so that she could get her roadhouse up and running; we had planned on waiting longer, but Chase had other plans and I’m so glad he did.

Chase is the perfect blend of Sookie and me, and is simply the apple of my eye. I love all my children equally, but there will always be a special place in my heart for that boy. He was my first, but he was so unexpected and came at the perfect time. Sookie had found out that she had a rather large tumor on her right ovary about six months after we were married. She had surgery to remove it two weeks after it was discovered, since the doctors didn’t want to wait on the removal due to the size and suspicious nature. Thankfully the tumor was not cancerous, but we were told there was some scarring and that getting pregnant might be difficult.

Needless to say, we were heartbroken at the thought of not having our own children. I never blamed Sook, how could I, but she certainly blamed herself enough for both of us and half the parish. It was a pretty rough road at that point, between the opening of the roadhouse and her medical problems. For a little while, I wasn’t a hundred percent sure we’d make it. Oh, I knew I wasn’t leaving her for anything, ever, but she had one foot out the door for quite some time due to the “failure as a woman and a wife” tirade she was on. The day that we found out she was pregnant with Chase, everything changed.

Sookie went back to the woman I married and our relationship was as if the past six months of hell had never happened. Yeah, by the way, Sookie found out she was pregnant on our one year anniversary. What an anniversary celebration that was, let me tell you; my dick gets hard every time I think about it… but that’s a thought for another time, since I’m sitting at my dining room table surrounded by all our family and friends.

Anyway, to get back on track here, Chase’s pregnancy was horrible for Sook, but she never complained. She was so sick and the morning sickness never went away; she threw up on our anniversary and continued to do so many times per day until the minute he came out. She literally threw up on the delivery room table, but thankfully not on me or Chase. Fuck the fact that she yakked on two of the nurses and the doctor – that’s what they make the big bucks for.

So Chase is my miracle baby and he saved our marriage, as well as his mother’s happiness. I have serious doubts as to whether Sookie would have ever mentally or emotionally recovered if she hadn’t been able to have children, and thankfully I’ll never have to find out. The other pregnancies had their ups and downs, but our relationship has never suffered like it did in the first year.

No relationship is perfect, of course, but I’m happy to report that mine is probably as close as it comes. We argue, but we never attack one another or try to intentionally hurt one another. We disagree sometimes on how to raise the kids or what they’re allowed to do, but we find a way to work it out without a shitload of drama – and that is fucking priceless to me. I hate drama. How I’m friends with Jason and Lafayette, I’ll never know because they epitomize drama, but still…

I’m brought from my reflection by the turkeys being carried to the table. Yes, I said turkeys. We have three turkeys, two hams, a couple pans of lasagna, a veggie lasagna and eggplant parmesan for the few vegetarians in the group, and a shit ton of sides. See, we have thirty-five adults at the house right now, plus their kids. All total, last headcount, we have about sixty people here today. We moved the furniture around and set up many, many folding tables, and rigged up one hell of a long dining room set that spans the length of the house. Our dining room, living room and foyer are all in a row with nice wide doorways. So for instances like today, we simply line up the tables, shove our shit up against the walls and make the biggest damn table you’ve ever seen. There are still tables in the kitchen for the older kids, but they still have to come out here to the main table to fix their plates.

It’s an amazing feeling to have us all together every holiday, there really are no words to describe it and I wouldn’t trade my life for anything in this world. Once all the food is at the table it’s time for to give thanks, which Sookie and I do each holiday; we thank everyone for coming and making our holiday complete with their love and friendship. This year, I have a little something extra I need to say though.

I clear my throat when Sookie finishes her part and begin. “I am thankful this year, like every other, for everyone’s presence in our lives. We truly are the most blessed family in the world to have all of you been a part of our journey. I would like to say that this has been the most amazing decade of my existence and I look forward to many more with you all. I never dreamed when Sookie walked up to my bar all those years ago that my life would be forever altered, but it’s been the most amazing dream and I never want to wake up.”

I pause to grab Sookie’s hand and bring it to my lips, kissing the back of hers gently before continuing. “I would like to make a small announcement in regards to our family gatherings from here on out, beginning in the New Year.” I take a deep breath and pause for dramatic effect. “With the amount of people that we have here at the house each holiday, I’m afraid we are running out of room to be able to continue hosting these dinners the way we have been. So this Christmas dinner will mark the end of an era for us as things will be very different in the new year.”

There are collective gasps and murmurings throughout the group, but I raise my hand to signal for silence so that I can continue. “Please, let me finish.”

Once everyone settles down, I continue. “The thought of being without all of you and any new family members that will come over the years, at holidays is simply unacceptable to me. Your presence in our celebrations is absolutely mandatory, so with that in mind, I have a surprise for everyone. Beginning in January, we will be building an addition to the house. Sookie and I will finalize plans as to whether it will be attached to the house or whether we will simply build another building on the property to cook and house our dinners. We will make sure that there is more than enough room for us all to be in one room at once, no matter how large our group gets.”

I turn to look at my gorgeous wife and her eyes are shining with tears that have yet to fall. “You’ve given me everything I ever wanted in this life, my Sookie. Our family, both nuclear and extended, means the world to me and I can’t imagine a holiday without everyone around me. I’m sorry I didn’t consult you, but I wanted it to be a surprise. Alcide’s construction company will be doing the work and we’ll have it done long before the fourth of July celebration, don’t worry honey.”

Her tears finally begin to fall as she leans over to press her lips gently to mine. When she pulls away she has the most curious smile on her face.

“I’m so thrilled, Eric, this is going to be able to continue. I was so worried that we would have to stop because of the space factor, so thank you for ensuring that we can still gather as a family for the holidays. We’ll look at plans and decide before the construction starts.” She turns her head toward the larger group and adds, “We’ll want opinions from all y’all too, okay?”

There are “yeses” and nods all around.

“I know at least two more people will be joining us for next year’s dinner already, so it’s good we’ll have more space.” She says offhandedly as she reaches out for a roll.

“Hell, Sook, just about everyone in the dang town is here now. Who else is coming?” Jason drawls.

“Well…” and she turns her head towards me with a glorious smile on her face.

My breath catches as my mind catches up to her hints.

“Sookie… honey?” I whisper.

“The twins I’m carrying should be here by the July fourth gathering, so y’all better have everything ready by then, because I’m not gonna feel like doing much at all by that point.”

All of a heartbeat later I let out a whoop of a cry and whisk my wife up out of her chair into a hug. There’s no room to swing her around like I’d like to, but hell – I’ll take what I can get. I can barely hear the sounds of joy coming from our group at this new bit of information, and that’s saying something because this is one rowdy crowd we have here, as I hold my wife.

“A baby?” I rasp, my voice thick with my own tears.

We had been told that more babies were probably impossible after Sookie suffered a tubal pregnancy after the girls were born. This is simply fucking amazing, and I’m beyond thrilled that we seem to always beat the odds.

Two babies, sweetie,” she corrects me while laughing.

“I love you, Sookie. I love you so fucking much!” I whisper as I begin peppering her face with kisses.

“As I love you, Cowboy.”

Ten years ago, the hottest woman I’d ever seen walked in my bar and ordered the sexiest drinks I’d ever made. I never could have imagined that I’d be here surrounded by all these people, about to be a father of at least six kids, a decade later.

If I live a thousand years, I’ll never be able to repay this tiny miracle for the amount of joy she’s brought into my life.

I’m the luckiest motherfucker in the universe!


Thanks for reading! It’s been a much longer journey than it should have since my muses went on an unauthorized vacation! I would like to take a second to thank my readers. You guys are simply the best! Thanks for all the additions to alerts and favorites – it makes me giddy to know you guys really enjoy this. I would also like to thank all of you who take the time to review – it means the world to me to hear your thoughts on my stories, it is the fuel for the muses – I swear to you it is.

This ends BTS. I know there were many, many wonderful suggestions on where to take this story and I appreciate each one. This truly was supposed to be a one shot, and I know I could have continued it, but this is where the muses said “STOP!”

So, I did.

I am getting a couple very special visitors next week, so I won’t be writing for at least a week, but RL has slowed down some and I’ll be getting back to Revelry once the girls are gone (not that I want them to go!)

I am thrilled to say my dear friend and sister-in-law, Balti K is coming up for the week to stay with me and our other very special guest. MissyDee is coming across country to stay with me for a few days and I gotta tell you folks – I’ve never been happier! When K turned me onto FF a year ago, I never dreamed it would lead to me making lifetime friends – and yet, it has. MissyDee is what I’ve deemed my “West Coast Twin” because we are so similar it is alarming (in the best possible way) and I’m thrilled to say she’s become one of my very closest friends. I just love her dearly. If you’re not reading her work… YOU SHOULD BE, LIKE NOW! RIGHT NOW… COME ON, GO… It’s that good. I’m sorry to say that Storiesforevy can’t come as we had originally planned – but never fear… we are making a road trip to go visit her for the day! Can’t leave our girl out now can we? If she can’t come to the party, we’ll bring it right to her! She’s another author that if you’re not reading her stuff, you really should be – she’s fantastic and I can’t wait to meet her in person. I wish it was possible for makesmyheadspin to join us, but unfortunately RL is not letting it work out that way for this trip, but I’ve no doubts we’ll all get together at some point. I’m proud to say that she’s agreed to start pre-reading for me as well, not just this story, and I’m beyond honored – cuz let’s face it, she’s the bomb! Makesmyheadspin was the very first author I read anything by on this site and I fell in love with her work instantly – you really need to be reading hers as well. It’s amazing to me that the first three authors I read (MMHS, SFE & MD) have turned out to be those that have become true friends to me.

I’m blessed and thrilled to have made such great friends while doing something I love to do. So, in case I haven’t said it enough K, I love ya for a shit ton of reasons – and you can add introducing me to fanfiction to that immense list!

Anyway, enough with the mush-book I’m writing here, lol. I’ll be publishing a new chapter for Revelry soon, so look for it if you read that story of mine. I also have my first supernatural story in the works for SVM/TB and am waiting until I either finish it or get a shit ton of chapters done before I publish (I’ve got 9 now, so I’m getting there). I also am starting a Twilight FF (that MMHS is not reading for, we all know she’s not a Twi-girl, lol) that I will publish when I get a little more done on. It’s a Bella/Jasper story and it’s coming along nicely.

You’ll hear from me soon (but I promise to leave the epic author’s notes home next time).

Tons of love to you all!

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  1. I haven’t read this before. Don’t know how I missed it. It’s a great little story. Maybe it’s the move and I can see all the titles. Glad It’s here for you to share. Thanks for sharing. Now I’m going to see if there is anymore I missed!

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