Chapter 3

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We continued to kiss for a while, our hands leisurely exploring each other’s bodies. I could still taste his release on my tongue and wondered what he thought of his flavor. Was it as arousing to him as tasting myself on his tongue had been? He didn’t seem to be particularly bothered by it, considering his lips rarely left mine…

Anyway, I could feel him beginning to harden against my still drenched core and I couldn’t wait for him to be buried deep inside me. I began rocking against him slightly, allowing my juices to coat his cock. Eric’s hands that had been massaging my back just seconds earlier now froze as his tip ran through my folds. I angled my hips just a little and sighed into his mouth as his head entered me.

I rode just the tip for several moments, relishing in every sound that left Eric’s mouth. Slowly, I angled my hips again, taking him deeper inside me. Even though I’d had him earlier, I was still shocked at how full he made me feel. So thick, so able to reach spots inside me no one ever had.

I couldn’t imagine anyone feeling better, ever.

I paused briefly as he I felt him bottom out inside me, just savoring the feel of being so connected to Eric now that we were alone. Earlier at work had been amazing, but this was so much more special, intimate… right. His hips flexed beneath me, driving him just that little bit deeper, making us both moan; there was no choice – I had to move after that.

I kept the pace slow at first, making sure to pull him nearly all the way out before settling him inside me as far as he would go. Each time I lowered onto him, I made sure to rock or swivel my hips, driving us both crazy. We continued to kiss for the longest time; only separating to breathe, and even then our lips never stayed.

It was his teeth scraping across my hardened nipples that drove me into my first orgasm, the feeling coming out of nowhere and barreling through me like a freight train. Eric took over our rhythm as I climaxed, grabbing me under the ass and moving my body for us. His hips flexed and dipped as he guided me, his stamina impressive.

I was barely aware I was moving before my back hit the sofa. Eric had somehow lifted us without ever dislodging from my still spasming pussy, and repositioned us so that he was now on top of me along the length of my couch. He gathered both legs into one of his large hands and placed them up against his shoulder, his cock still buried deep inside me.

“You feel so good coming all over my cock, Sook,” he moaned as he started driving forward. “You’re so tight, so wet, the way your pussy tries to milk my cock… fucking perfect!”

I was still beyond words at that point, so I simply began running my hands over his hips, thighs, and lower stomach as he fucked me. He felt so amazing in this position! He was so much deeper than ever before, and though I’d thought it impossible, he seemed bigger too.

His strokes were long, but rapid, and I could feel another orgasm building quickly. I was desperate for him to come with me; so, on every downward thrust I flexed my inner muscles, causing Eric to groan and swear with every pump.

“You’re going to make me come, Sookie,” he warned.

“Good,” I purred with a smile.

One of his hands came up to caress and tease my nipples as the other sought my clit. He once again rubbed furious circles on my nub, making my eyes roll back as he simultaneously hit a spot within me no one ever had.

“Harder,” I yelled. “Again!”

He more than delivered.

Eric quickened his pace along with the force of his hips, and within seconds I was falling over the edge again. My back bowed off the couch as a scream erupted from me, my whole body flushing hot as my orgasm rocketed through me.

I felt Eric’s cock twitch deep inside me only seconds after I began to climax, a roar leaving his throat as he caught himself on the back of the couch. His body convulsed several times, my eyes drinking in the raw sexuality of his expression.

He truly was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen.

We continued to move slowly, almost unconsciously, as we rode out the aftershocks; his eyes closed in blissful relaxation as he leaned against the back of the couch, my legs still slung over his other shoulder. It was several minutes before those gorgeous eyes opened, though they locked on mine instantly.

“You’re incredible,” he smiled.

“As are you, my man. As are you,” I panted, still out of breath from my epic release.

His hands began massaging my legs; he made sure to rub every inch of both before finally bringing them down as his softened cock fell out of me. He settled himself on top of me so that he was now laying between my legs, his head resting in my cleavage. My hands began caressing his back, occasionally running through his hair as we just cuddled. The moment was so peaceful, so right.

“I always knew you’d be a snuggler,” I giggled quietly.

“You’re very snugglable,” he grunted, sounding half awake. I couldn’t help but smile. We laid there several moments in silence, me caressing him as he placed random kisses to my breasts and chest before he spoke again.

“Do you have any idea how many times I’ve sat in that fucking deli with a raging hard on for you?”

“No!” I gasped. “You were hard for me at work?” I asked, truly shocked.

“Shit, yes! So many times. Nearly every time I came back to visit with you, I left hard.”

“I had no idea! But, in the interest of fairness – can I tell you how many times I pictured taking you right there as you sat on that stool?”

“Unless it’s every time I was there, we’re not even. You owe me restitution,” he snorted.

“Mmmm… I think I can come up with some interesting payments…” I trailed off, my mind already churning with all the things I wanted to do with him.

“I can’t wait to collect,” he hummed happily.

We settled back into silence for a bit, just holding each other even as I felt his cum dripping out of me. “I’m gonna need to steam clean the couch,” I laughed, causing him to chuckle heartily.

“Sorry?” he asked, not sounding nearly as repentant as he was going for.

“Well worth it – every dime it will cost,” I offered, not kidding in the least.

Hell, I’d buy a new couch if I had to – the sex had been so good!

“You’ve really thought about us before?” he asked almost shyly.

“Absolutely! Way more than I probably should have, considering our age difference. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you, Eric; I just didn’t think it was appropriate. I’m still not sure it is. But I don’t care anymore.” I meant it, too. Now that I knew what it was to be with Eric, I knew I wouldn’t give him up easily. Not unless he wanted to go.

Thankfully, he seemed to have no interest in bailing.

“Age is just a number,” he reminded me yet again.

“You know all the reasons I’ve turned you down before, and I still believe in all of them – I just don’t care anymore.”

“About fucking time,” he groused, causing me to laugh.

“Can I tell you how arousing I find it that you’ve been hard for me at work?” I began. “Have you jerked off while thinking of me?” I asked, wondering if he’d be honest. Not that he’d ever been known to lie to me in the past, but this was a very private question – especially to a nineteen year old man.

“Oh yes. Often,” he nodded against my chest before sucking a nipple into his warm mouth.

“That’s so fucking hot, my man. Just the thought of you – all hard and aching for me, sitting back there in the deli as I worked, picturing me naked… makes me wet all over again. And to think of you bringing yourself to orgasm as you think of us together… I could come just imagining it,” I breathed as I felt myself growing wetter again.

“Have you fingered that sweet little pussy while thinking of me, Sook? Did you ever get wet for me while I sat in the back with you?” Eric asked, his voice deepening as I felt his breathing change against my stomach.

“I prefer to rub my clit, slide my fingers through my folds, rather than finger myself – but yes, I’ve masturbated to thoughts of you. Of us. I stayed in bed one morning before work when I knew I’d be working with you that day and got myself off four times before getting up. Then I used the shower head to get me off twice more, and I still wanted to jump you the moment you walked through those double doors,” I admitted with a smile, thinking of how good it had felt that morning.

“God, that’s HOT,” he groaned as he began kissing up toward my lips again. “I’m going to have to fuck you again now, Sook. My dick’s aching for you all over again, just thinking about you playing with yourself because of me,” he warned me.

Not that I minded, of course.

His lips met mine as I felt his ready cock brush through my folds, his hands drawing my legs around my hips as he slammed into me in one fluid thrust. He took me hard and fast, bringing me to orgasm four times before he finished with a loud grunt and a violent shudder.

There was nothing sexier than watching Eric come. Nuh-thing.

Both of our stomachs were growling by the time we finished, though he still took the time to kiss and snuggle me briefly after. I loved the fact that he’d just fucked me within an inch of my life, but still remembered to make me feel treasured during and after. I’d always known he was a special man, but he was turning out to be extraordinary.

He offered to order a pizza while I showered, and he’d hop in as soon as I was finished – knowing that if we showered together, we’d never actually eat. The pizza was expected in thirty minutes; I’d showered in ten, Eric was done in another 5. He wore only his jeans when he returned to the living room, while I wore a sleep tank and short-shorts. By the time the doorbell rang, we were both panting and wound up all over again. I had to answer the door to save Eric the embarrassment of doing it with a tent in his jeans.

I’d barely eaten my first slice when I felt his fingers sliding up my thigh as we sat on the floor and ate on the coffee table. Eric quickly discovered I’d gone sans panties as his thick finger ran through my already wet folds. I’d never been so aroused by someone, especially so frequently. I began to wonder if I’d be permanently wet around him.

He teased and tempted me until I was begging for him to enter, not caring whether it was his finger or cock, just so long as he made me come. He leaned over and began talking quietly in my ear as his finger dove into me, his thumb rubbing circles on my clit.

“I could stay balls deep inside you all day, Sookie Stackhouse, and it still wouldn’t be enough. I never knew anything could feel as good as when my cock’s deep inside you. So wet, so tight, able to take every inch of me… that pussy was made for me, honey. The way you tighten those velvet walls around me as I fuck you, stealing every ounce of control I thought I had…”

“Oh God…” I whimpered, my orgasm rapidly approaching.

“And the way your soft lips feel wrapped around my dick as you suck me – I can’t get enough. I don’t know where to put my cock first when I see you; your mouth or your pussy. It’s an impossible choice, Sook! The way that tongue caresses me as you suck the life from me… it’s like I’m dying when I’m inside your mouth. Everything is too much, too unbelievably good. You should be ashamed of the way you have me ready to beg all the time,” he scolded, though I knew he was only playing.

But the things his words were doing to my body were no joke. As he bit down gently on my collarbone, my world exploded. I came hard and fast, though once it began it seemed to last forever. My hips actively fucked his fingers as he worked me through my climax, desperate whimpers and strangled pleas tumbling from me.

Once I’d come down, Eric kissed me with heartbreaking tenderness before locking his eyes on mine while he licked my release from his fingers. I could have taken him right there, the sight was so erotic. In the end, however, we decided to finish with the now barely-warm food and clean up before we settled into a hot bath together. I’d never been so thoroughly fucked, or so clean, as I’d been this day.

I silently prayed that every day could continue to be this good…


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Love and hugs to all!

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