Chapter 1

This began as chapter 3 of A la carte and has developed into its own little story; so if it seems like you’ve read this chapter before, that’s why.


Getting to work at three in the morning was ridiculous. Just stupid, really.

At twenty-four years old, I was more accustomed to going to bed at that time. But I’d taken a job in a bakery/deli a few years back and recently got promoted from meat slicing girl to bakery chick. So getting up at the ass-crack of dawn and heading to work was mandatory.

What really sucked about this morning was that I was opening the store with the owner’s son. The guy was a troll; a drunk one to boot. Working with him always felt like a punishment. A trip to the seventh ring of Hell with the devil himself.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t complain too much about working if I didn’t have to open with Skippy the Wondertroll. I loved the rest of the folks I worked with and the job was easy. Easy enough to do while hungover, which was handy. The fact that I’d shown up more than once still drunk and was able to do the work was an added bonus, but not one I discussed randomly; no one needed to know that except for the few guys I really trusted there.

So I dragged my slightly hungover ass to the store to find the owner’s son already there and looking as miserable as ever. Apparently, someone was still drunk. At least, I assumed so, given his erratic walking pattern at the moment. All I could do was cringe.

Today was going to royally suck ass!

I said a very quick and quiet hello to Skippy and all but ran back to the bakery. He wasn’t known for intelligent or polite conversation while sober, when drunk he was beyond obnoxious. I hung up my coat, punched in, and went about turning on the lights, ovens, and other equipment I’d need for the day.

The saying “time to make the donuts” had never annoyed me until I was the asshole that had to make them. Now I hated the freaking things. Somehow, those yummy little bastards lose their appeal when you’re forced to make twelve dozen every Sunday…

Anyway, I wasn’t punched in for even five minutes when Skippy came to darken my corner of the store. He reeked like a vat of whisky and three day old dead muskrat, and I wanted to stab him in the eye with a fork immediately.

Why I’d agreed to take the promotion was beyond me!

As much as I hated him though, he gave me the best news EVER! He was going to go home and catch up on some sleep since he was coming down with something, not that I bought that bullshit for a minute, and was just waiting for Eric, one of the stock boys, to show up to stay in the store until the rest of the crew came in at seven.

I’d honestly never gotten better news.

I think I actually did the Snoopy dance, I was so fucking happy.

Eric was just adorable. Absolutely adorable. Tall, lean, crazy gorgeous eyes, sweet as could be, a smile to die for, and a wicked sense of humor. He’d started working at the store when he was sixteen and was now almost twenty. Watching him mature had been both wonderful and hellish.

I’d always called him my younger brother and I’d meant it, for a while anyway. Now I found myself having increasingly less platonic thoughts about him on a very regular basis. He was my very best friend really, regardless of his attractiveness. There was nothing we couldn’t talk about. I swear most days we spent more time talking to each other than actually working. How we hadn’t gotten fired yet was beyond me.

He’d blossomed into such an attractive man, with a personality that was as beautiful as his looks. I’d had quite the crush on him for a while and was fairly certain he felt the same, but his age was problematic. Age shouldn’t matter, right? But it does when one person is over twenty-one and the other isn’t. So… as much as I wanted him, I’d avoided acting on my baser instincts.

Until today…

Eric had arrived and Skippy finally left the store. The day had started out pretty normal; he helped me pull the day’s haul from the freezer and get it onto trays to proof and bake. We laughed and joked, talking as much as working but still getting what we needed to done. Everything was going well until I started frosting and filling the donuts.

He was sitting on the stool next to the donut icer as we talked, no big deal. Right? It shouldn’t have been, anyway. But somewhere between the Bavarian cream and the chocolate icing, my brain got fried. And his age difference and the fact that we were at work ceased to matter.

I felt his finger on my face before he spoke. “You have a little chocolate,” he whispered huskily. The way his eyes had darkened, along with his tone made me shiver.

Without thinking about my actions or their consequences, I grabbed his wrist and sucked his finger into my mouth, my eyes locked on his. I moaned a little at the taste of his chocolate covered skin, swirling my tongue around slightly as I slid his finger over my tongue.

“Fuuuck, Sookie,” he rasped as he shifted on the stool, causing my pussy to clench as I felt myself getting wet.

I slowly pulled him from my mouth, my eyes still locked on his, and placed a small kiss to the tip of his finger before whispering, “Delicious.”

In the years Eric and I had been friends, we’d shared many a moment together – hugs, both long a short, and even quick peck kisses to the cheek on occasion. But nothing had prepared me for the kiss that followed.

Eric groaned low and long, and before I knew what happened he had his fingers wound in my ponytail and his lips were on mine. It took me a second to respond, but only a quick second.

His lips were soft, much softer than I expected. And as many times as I’d hugged him over the years, his scent was almost overwhelming to me with him so close. It wasn’t just his cologne; it was the scent of his toothpaste and his natural aroma that threatened to destroy me. A little bit spicy, a hint of sweetness, and completely masculine.

I wanted to devour him.

The kiss was passionate, desperate almost, and when his tongue licked my bottom lip asking for entrance – I was powerless to say no. If I thought his scent was appealing, it had nothing on his taste. In that moment, I knew I had to taste him everywhere. Savor him, every inch. I’d never found anyone’s mouth so consuming before. The way our tongues danced together, the tiny nips he’d give before soothing the spots with his tongue, the small moans and grunts that escaped him, the scent of his breath as it fanned my face…

I was lost to him, completely.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so fucking long,” he groaned as he tore his lips from mine to breathe. I couldn’t stop the moans that escaped me as he began nibbling and kissing along my jawline.

“God, yes! Too long,” I whimpered. I was shocked to discover that my hands had begun caressing the hard lines of his back, but I reveled in the feel of his muscular body through the soft fabric of his T-shirt.

His hand gripped my hip, yanking me flush against his body. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped me when I felt how affected he was. He was solid and felt long and thick from what I could tell. I felt myself growing wetter by the second and ached to feel him buried within me. His hand still wound in my hair tightened as I ground against him seeking friction, both of us moaning loudly then.

He began walking forward, leading me backwards toward the bakery table as his lips found mine again. Without a word and without breaking the kiss, he lifted me up onto the sturdy wooden surface. My legs wound around his back automatically, pulling him closer but not nearly close enough.

For several moments we ground against one another, our lips and hands never stopping. I was practically vibrating with need. His hand untangled from my now ruined pony tail, only to begin teasing my already hard nipples. I couldn’t help the desperate sound I made when he used both hands to tug and roll my nipples. My head flew back and I moaned like a woman possessed, grinding against Eric’s hard cock in a silent plea.

He pulled me from the table suddenly, barely making sure I was steady on my feet, before going to work the zipper on my jeans. Quick as a flash, my pants were undone and were making their way down my legs along with my thong. I was then lifted back onto the table as he set about removing the offending garments completely.

The moment I was bare from the waist down, he stepped between my legs again and kissed me with such passion it stole my breath. I was panting by the time he pulled his lips from mine. He grabbed ahold of the hem of my shirt and quickly pulled it over my head, before reaching around and unclasping my bra. In the next moment, my bra had vanished and his strong hands were guiding me to lie down against the table. With one more heart-stopping kiss, Eric began kissing down my body.

His lips left a fire in their wake, every nerve ending oversensitive and needy. I writhed and moaned, my pussy aching for his cock but not wanting him to stop. Some small part of me knew this was wrong; that we had no business doing this on a table that prepared food, let alone the fact that we were at work, but I couldn’t care. In all the fantasies I’d had about finally feeling his touch, none compared to this moment. Any price we might eventually pay was worth continuing.

After several agonizing moments, he finally resumed his downward trek. His eyes found mine as I felt his breath against my clit; I shivered violently both from the look in his eyes and the anticipation of what was to come. My world nearly exploded at the first swipe of his tongue, especially as he sucked my clit into his mouth at the last second. When he moaned against my flesh, I almost cried. The vibrations it caused against my clit nearly made me come.

His eyes closed briefly before he pulled his mouth from my center. “How do you taste this fucking good?” he groaned as his eyes locked on mine again. The fire in them made me whimper.

Eric didn’t say another word as his mouth descended on me again, though his eyes never left mine. I couldn’t believe how good he was at this! He wasn’t even twenty, and yet he was far better at oral than any of my previous lovers. He knew just when to flatten his tongue and when to do quick, hard flicks. He nibbled gently at the perfect times, sucked at just the right moments…

My first orgasm snuck up on me and took my breath away; the second had me calling his name aloud. The third made my body arch off the table and my legs shake uncontrollably as a stream of nonsensical words tumbled from my lips. I’d never come so hard in my life. I felt boneless and shaky, but it was so worth it.

However, when I felt his finger nudging my entrance, I had to stop him; I was too sensitive and needed a break. I pushed myself up on my hands and sat up fully, though I was still pretty wobbly. I gently pushed his hand away from my pussy, then grabbed his face and drew him back to my lips. I could taste myself on his tongue as we kissed; a sensation that was oddly arousing.

My hands trailed down his body as we kissed, finally landing on his very hard cock. My initial observation was right; he was very long and thick, I could tell even through his pants. I nudged him back with my body, easing myself from the table as I went. When my feet were finally on the floor I urged him to turn around, leading him to rest his back against the table I’d just vacated.

I undid his pants as we continued to kiss, gently drawing them over his hips along with his boxers. When I couldn’t lower them further, I pulled away from his lips and eased down to my knees. The floor was cold against my skin, but I barely noticed as his cock sprang free from its confinement.

He was even more beautiful than I’d imagined. I’d never seen a more perfect penis. He was long, thick, had a very slight curve, with a perfectly bulbous head that almost begged to be licked. My mouth watered at the sight.

His hands grabbed the table at my first tentative lick. His scent here was amazing; a tiny bit musky, all male, and more appealing than I ever thought it would be. And there were no words for the taste of that little bead of fluid at his tip. I’d never found anything so delicious, so arousing.

I began working his shoes off so I could remove his pants fully, all the while taking teasing licks to his head. I’d pause every so often to suck his tip into my mouth slightly, never fully encasing it in my lips. I couldn’t wait to feel him deep inside my mouth, in my throat. While I’d always been a huge fan of giving oral, I’d never wanted to more than I did in this moment.

Once I finally had him naked below the waist, I quietly asked him to remove his shirt. I was licking him from base to tip as the last word left my mouth. His skin there was so silky and smooth, though it covered a steely hardness. I smiled slightly at the way he moaned as his dick twitched in the wake of my tongue.

The moment I reached the tip, I took him within my mouth fully. As long and thick as he was, I was still able to get nearly to the base. I’d never been so happy to have almost no gag reflex! I swallowed as he hit the back of my throat, drawing him even deeper within me. The shout of shock and awe I received was more than enough reward for my effort.

I moaned loudly around him as his hands wound into my hair, pulling the tie out and tossing it God knows where. He didn’t force my head though; he just seemed to be overwhelmed with the need to touch me in that moment. I eased him back out of my throat, running my tongue along his shaft as I moved. I paused at the head; licking, sucking, nibbling just slightly, before starting the process over again. I kept my pace slow, very slow. I wanted to drive him wild, not make him come. I needed to feel him inside me soon.

It wasn’t very long before Eric begged me to stop, even with my torturous pace. “I can’t wait any longer to feel you wrapped around my cock, please,” he groaned as he tugged me up from my knees gently.

His mouth found mine only seconds later, the sheer desperation in our kiss almost frightening. I might have been able to come from that alone if we’d kissed much longer, but instead he bent slightly and grabbed me by the legs before lifting me up against him. Again my legs automatically wrapped around him, his cock now rubbing exactly where I needed it.

Eric turned us as we kissed, rubbing against each other desperately. He set me back up onto the table and pulled back just enough so his tip was at my entrance.

“Condom?” he rasped.

“Pill. You clean?”

“Yes, thank fuck! You?” he smiled.

“Yes, sir,” I grinned in return, only to groan as he began to push forward. Thankfully his lips covered mine again and swallowed up my mewls and moans.

He was stretching me in the most delicious of ways as he entered. It wasn’t painful by any means, I just felt full in a way I’d never experienced before. By the time Eric was fully inside me we were both panting. He paused for several moments, whether it was to give me time to adjust to his size or to savor the moment, I wasn’t sure. Either way, no one had ever felt so wonderful.

“You feel too good,” he whispered against my lips, making me clench around him involuntarily.

“Please, I need you to move, Eric,” I begged.

And move he did.

His pace was slow at first, steady. He’d pull out nearly all the way before sliding back in. It was gentle at first, reverent. When we weren’t kissing, our mouths moved over each other’s skin. Necks, jawlines, clavicles, chests, breasts… we couldn’t seem to get enough of one another.

I never had to ask him to pick up his pace. Like everything else with Eric, he seemed to know instinctively what I needed. He was still pulling nearly all the way out at first, but his pushes back in were more forceful. Deliciously harder, making my eyes roll back as he fucked me.

Perhaps we should have been concerned with the noises we were making, but neither of us was. All you could hear throughout the back of the store was the slapping of skin and the natural music of phenomenal sex.

“I’m getting close, Sookie. You feel too fucking good,” he groaned as he bit down on my collarbone. “I need you to come soon,” he begged.

I was beyond words at that point, so close to my own orgasm. I could feel it building in my lower stomach. It was going to be epic. His hand worked its way between us, finding my clit with ease. Eric began rubbing fast, hard circles on my nub, coaxing my orgasm closer with each pass.

“Come for me, honey. I need to feel your cum soaking my cock,” he ordered.

My body obeyed without question.

My toes curled as my orgasm began, a low mewling sound escaping me before I screamed Eric’s name. I’d never experienced such a strong orgasm before, not even earlier with his talented tongue. Spots danced before my eyes, my hearing faltered, and I grabbed onto his back to ground me as I felt myself floating away.

“Fuck,” he bellowed as I milked him. “So fucking good! Gonna come now,” he warned me as I came back to myself.

It only took two more forceful pumps of his hips before I felt him begin to twitch inside me. His movements became erratic as I felt him spurting within me. The roar that erupted from his chest was almost inhuman, his grip on my hips nearly painful as his orgasm seemed to last forever.

Somehow the sight and feel of him climaxing drove me right into another orgasm, though it wasn’t nearly as powerful as the last one. We continued to rock together for several long moments as we saw each other through the aftershocks of our releases. Our mouths found one another’s again, and we kissed languidly now; kissing for the sake of intimacy instead of buildup.

When we broke to breathe he leaned his forehead against mine, his eyes closed and his face utterly peaceful. “That was…” he panted.

“Fucking incredible!” I supplied, making him chuckle.

“Yes it was,” he agreed.

“We were fools to wait,” I offered as I moved to kiss the tip of his nose. Which was, in my opinion, the cutest nose in the history of mankind.

“Good thing we learn from our mistakes, ’cause I’m not waiting so long for next time,” he vowed.

“Me either,” I smiled. “No more waiting. Though we should probably not fuck here again,” I laughed.

Eric opened his eyes and turned to look at the clock. “Definitely not, but we need to get moving before we get fired,” he sighed.

“Shit!” I exclaimed as I looked at the clock.

We were never going to get the fucking donuts done before we opened.

We quickly got cleaned up and dressed. Eric worked to finish the rest of the donuts while I took a minute to bleach the bakery table. The sex was fucking amazing, but that’s where food was prepared. We really shouldn’t have had sex on it.

Somehow we were lucky and managed to get nearly everything done for opening by the time Skippy got back. We took a little shit for not being ready to open, but since he was still half-drunk, he didn’t push too hard.

“Why the hell does it reek of bleach back here?” Skippy asked, almost as an afterthought as he turned to leave.

“I uh… spilled the cake dye all over the table and didn’t want it to stain,” I stammered, trying not to laugh.

“Huh… well be more careful from now on!” he gripped as he left through the double doors.

Eric and I nearly fell over laughing as soon as he was gone.


Thanks for reading and for sticking with me! You guys are the best! Love and hugs to you all!

And I have started working on the next chapter of ATY, so YAY!

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