Chapter 2

No beta on this chapter, I was too impatient to post – so all boo boos are mine. And there very well could be some since I wrote it and then immediately posted. Lol.


Eric ended up leaving just a few hours after Skippy had returned to the store; it was supposed to be his day off, so I was extra thankful that he’d come in at all today. Not to mention how happy I was about what had transpired between us earlier.

The day had remained pretty uneventful; it was now noon and time for me to leave. I was just punching out when I felt his hands on my hips, his breath fanning my neck as he spoke.

“I told you earlier that I wasn’t going to wait for next time, so I think you should take me home with you,” he whispered before nipping my earlobe.

“Mmmm,” I purred. “I think you’re as brilliant as you are beautiful,” I smiled without turning around.

“I’ll have to follow you home though, I’m not leaving my bike here,” Eric said as he put some space between us.

“I didn’t know you got a bike,” I said as I turned away from the time clock. “Wait, you are talking about a motorcycle, right? Not a bike, bike?”

“I’m nineteen, not twelve, Sook. Of course I mean a motorcycle,” he chuckled. It was then that I noticed his leather jacket.

I could feel the saliva pooling in my mouth, and actually wiped at the side of my lip to make sure I wasn’t suddenly drooling. He looked freaking amazing! I knew in that moment that come hell or high water, I was going to have to fuck him on that bike – with the leather still on.

“Like what you see?” he leaned over and asked quietly as we walked through the back room of the store.

“Hush, you! Or I’ll jump you right here,” I replied, smirking at his muted groan.

It was my turn to groan when I saw his bike parked next to my car. It was so fucking sexy. Sleek, powerful, and a vibrant green color that made me wonder if we’d get arrested for fucking right there in the lot. I honestly wasn’t sure I could wait to have him on it.

“Holy fuck,” I whispered as we walked up beside his bike.


“You don’t even want to know how much,” I breathed.

“Oh, but I do. Just not here,” he nudged me gently with his shoulder, making me smile.

“Definitely not here,” I nodded.

“Stop,” he groaned.

“Stop what?” I asked, finally looking away from his sex machine.

“Picturing us fucking on that!” he practically hissed. “I know you are, and now I’m hard as hell. Do you know how painful it is to ride with a hard on?”

“Can’t say that I do,” I giggled. “But I promise to make it up to you back at my place,” I offered as I pulled him into a hug.

I made sure to press myself right up against his dick as I did; sure enough, he was rock solid. “What am I thinking of now?” I whispered against his neck, making sure my lips teased his skin as I spoke.

“Probably my cock,” he groaned.

“Yes, but no more than you’re picturing being balls deep inside me…”

“True,” he agreed with a shudder. “Let’s get back to your place. Quick.”

“Follow me,” I smiled as I pulled away, opening the door to my car.

The drive home seemed to take forever, but we eventually made it. The hardest part was keeping my eyes off him in the rearview; he was sex on legs normally – on the bike he was my downfall. I’d never seen anything so beautiful. The bike itself was crazy gorgeous, but with Eric’s long muscular form draped over it… there were no words.

I lived in an old Victorian house; my apartment was the whole upstairs. It wasn’t in the best of shape, but it was all I really needed. If I got a roommate, my bills would be considerably easier to pay, but I really hated the thought of sharing my space with another girl. I’d had some wonderful friends that had offered to move in, but rooming with a friend is the quickest way to ruin the relationship. So it was just me in this big old two-bedroom place, and it was perfect.

The best part of my apartment aside from living in it alone was my bathtub. It was not only a huge old tub, but whoever had built the house was a freaking genius in my opinion; the area around the tub had been built up so that along the sides of it were four large seats. The seats were incredibly helpful for shaving my very long legs and I’d dreamed of having sex in the tub from the day I moved in. And the shower. And on the seats outside the tub… I was getting wet just thinking of having Eric in there.

I didn’t even wait for him to dismount the bike. The moment he pulled into the driveway I was next to his bike waiting for that helmet to come off. He barely had it removed before my lips were on his. I don’t think I’d ever desired someone as badly as I did Eric. I just couldn’t seem to get enough of him now that I’d had one taste.

“I am going to do so many things to you on that bike, my man. One day soon, you’re going to take me for a ride out into the middle of nowhere, and I’m going to live out every fantasy I had on the drive home about you and this bike,” I warned him, not kidding in the least.

“Deal,” he immediately agreed. “But, I have some fantasies of my own involving us and this bike, so we have to make sure to cover those as well,” he brokered in between kisses along my jaw.

“Of course! We can’t leave you hanging, now can we?” I moaned.

“Take me inside, Sook,” he ordered before his lips claimed mine again.

I knew he meant inside my house, but I was sorely tempted to let him inside me right here in the driveway in broad daylight. Holy hell, I wanted him! I could feel the wetness that soaked into my thong; my skin was flushed, my pussy aching to be filled again… I needed to feel him inside me again. Now.

As soon as our kiss broke, I disentangled myself from his arms and grabbed his hand. I smiled softly as I tilted my head toward the house, signaling my intentions to bring him inside. Wordlessly, he nodded with a smile and dismounted the bike. We didn’t say a word as we climbed the porch steps, opened the door, and began our trek up the winding staircase to my front door. I never let go of his hand until it was time to unlock my door.

Not a word was spoken as we entered my apartment, nor did we speak as I twined my fingers with his again and led him into the living room. His eyes found mine as we stopped by the coffee table and the smile that graced his gorgeous face melted my heart. Wherever this thing between us led, whether it lasted a week or forever, it wasn’t just sex. For either of us.

“Make yourself at home, honey,” I began. “I have to shower really quickly, and then I’m all yours.”

He pulled me in for a kiss as opposed to responding. His lips were gentle on mine, not demanding or urgent. The kiss was slow, sweet, and filled with the promise of things to come. His soft tongue massaged mine, making my blood boil and my pussy ache as the kiss began to build in intensity. I heard his helmet hit the ground only seconds before his fingers were pulling my hair free of its holder. His large hands wound into my hair as he groaned against my lips. If I didn’t put the brakes on soon, I’d never get my shower. I was short of breath and tingling all over by the time I forced my lips from his.

“I’ll be right back,” I smiled as I placed a single, chaste kiss to now kissably-swollen lips.

I walked away without a backward glance, knowing that if I looked at him for one more second, we’d be fucking on my living room floor within moments. I grabbed a towel from the rack outside the bathroom before entering, quickly shutting but not locking the door behind me. I turned on the water before stripping and placing my dirty clothes in the hamper. By the time I got into the shower, the water was perfect.

I was leaning my bowed head under the spray with my hands braced on the wall in front of me when I heard the shower curtain move. It was but seconds later that I felt his hands on my breasts, his chest flush against my back, his hardened cock in the crease of my ass.

“I couldn’t wait,” Eric breathed against the back of my neck, his lips suckling my skin as he spoke.

“I’m glad,” I smiled.

“I can’t seem to get enough of you, Sookie,” his tone almost accusatory.

“Believe me, I know the feeling,” I moaned as he rolled my nipples in his fingers.

Eric quietly guided me out from under the spray, turning me around to face him. “Let me wash you?” he asked almost shyly. “I’ve had so many dreams about this moment,” he smiled.

All I could do was nod as my teeth chewed at my bottom lip. The thought of him washing me was so arousing, so intimate. He pulled me into his body, his hand coming up to pull my bottom lip from my teeth. The look of desire on his face made me whimper quietly just before his mouth sought mine. This kiss began far more passionately than the one in the living room, though he only let it continue for mere seconds as he turned our bodies so that he was now under the spray.

He broke our kiss far too soon for my taste, his forehead resting on mine for a moment before he turned me so that my back was toward him. “I’m going to wash your hair first,” he whispered.

I was curious to see which shampoo he’d use, but as his fingers began massaging my scalp, I could have cared less about anything other than him never stopping. His touch was magical; melting away stress in my body I hadn’t known was there. He worked his nimble fingers through my long locks, the act so sensual that my heart ached.

Eric tilted my head back slightly as I heard him taking the shower head from its holder; suddenly there was deliciously warm water massaging my scalp as it rinsed the shampoo from my hair. He repeated the process with my conditioner, and I couldn’t help but groan as the last of it was rinsed from my head.

I never wanted the moment to end.

He didn’t say a word as he reached in front of me to grab my body poof, nor did he speak as I heard him squeeze body wash onto it. “You’re so beautiful, Sook,” he whispered as I felt the first touch of the poof against my back. “Every inch of you is just… perfect,” he said reverently.

“You’re pretty spectacular yourself, sir,” I moaned as he ran the poof along the cleft of my ass.

It probably should have felt awkward as I felt him wash in between my cheeks, but it didn’t – it was intimate and oddly arousing. Next thing I knew, he was running the poof down the backs of my thighs, making me squirm with desire.

“Turn around, please,” he breathed, and I obeyed instantly.

The sight of Eric kneeling in front of me made my legs weak. He was focused solely on his task, which at the moment was washing my feet. Slowly he scrubbed every inch of my long legs until he reached the apex of my thighs. His eyes found mine as he ran the poof over my already drenched pussy. He smiled seductively as he traded the poof for his hand.

His fingers teased me as much as they cleaned me, and by the time he was done I was a panting mess. Eric’s eyes never left mine as he stood to wash the top half of me. The look in his eyes combined with the sensual way he was washing me had me ready to beg, plead… sob if I need to. I was so desperate for him.

Once he’d washed every inch of me, Eric guided me under the spray again. He pulled the shower head down again after a few moments to make sure that all of me was rinsed clean. When I reached for the soap to begin washing him, he simply shook his head and explained he’d already showered at home earlier.

He reached around me to turn off the water, then opened the shower curtain and stepped out to get our towels. He quickly wrapped his around his waist before turning back to me. Without a word he dried every inch of me, taking only the briefest of pauses at my most delicate areas. I couldn’t remember a time I’d ever been more aroused, both physically and emotionally.

He gently toweled off my hair, before grabbing a pick to comb through my hair. He turned me away from him gently and immediately began working through the tangles that my curly hair always had. No one other than my beautician had ever combed my hair for me, not since my mom as a kid. I was flabbergasted at the feelings his care produced in me. I couldn’t wait for a time he’d let me return the favor.

“All done,” he smiled as he turned me toward him once again. I returned his smile as I took him by the hand and began leading him from the bathroom; Eric still in his towel, me completely nude.

Once we reached the living room, I led him to the couch. I instructed him to have a seat and climbed onto his lap, straddling him, as soon as he was seated.

“How long can you stay?” I asked as I began kissing along his shoulder blade.

“At least until my shift at six tomorrow night,” he moaned as I ground against his cock through the towel.

“Perfect, because tomorrow’s my day off. How’s breakfast in bed sound?” I asked as I continued to rock against him, my lips now blazing a trail up his neck.

“Like heaven.”

“Excellent,” I smiled as my lips found his.

My fingers ghosted up his arms as our tongues wound together. I felt him move slightly just before his large hands grabbed my hips, his fingers fanning across my ass cheeks as he ground me against his dick, his hips raising to meet me in rhythmic thrusts. My hands massaged his shoulders, his neck and back as we kissed until we gasped for breath.

“You took such amazing care of me in the shower, honey, and now you’re going to let me do the same for you,” I informed Eric as I slithered off his lap onto my knees in front of him.

I unwrapped his towel and opened his legs before crawling forward between them. I kissed along his muscular thighs as my hands massaged the backs of his calves, each kiss bringing me closer and closer to his throbbing length. I watched in fascination as his balls seemed to tighten in anticipation and his dick twitched and moved under my scrutiny.

Just as my mouth laid its first gentle kiss to his sac, my hands began massaging his thighs. He smelled of soap, along with his natural aroma, and my mouth watered at the arousing scent. I continued to run my hands over his legs as my mouth began massaging his balls. Focusing on the right one first, I placed open mouth kisses to his skin before running my tongue from the very outer edge to the center in slow circles. I could hear his breathing getting shallower as I worshiped his body, and he moaned aloud when I sucked his testicle into my mouth gently – making my pussy clench as I grew wetter for him by the second.

I paid the left one the same careful attention, reveling in every sound that escaped him. Once satisfied, I lowered my head and licked from right behind the balls all the way to the weeping tip of his cock, smiling as his hands once again wound into my hair.

“Fuck,” he groaned so sexily, I moaned with him.

I used a single finger to hook around the base and bring him closer to my mouth. I licked the swollen head like a lollypop, pausing every so often to suck just the head into my mouth. I then dropped back down to lick him from base to tip again, loving that he moaned loudly every time I did. I bent my head again and licked from the bottom of the right nut all the way up the side to the tip, across the head, then back down the left side to the base of his sac again.

By the time I’d completed the third round-trip, Eric was begging.

“Suck me, Sookie,” he rasped. “Please. You’re driving me fucking crazy!”

His hips were thrusting gently, his skin was flushed, and I could see tiny beads of sweat on his brow. As much as I wanted to continue to tease him, I was nearly as desperate to feel him in my mouth as he was to be there.

I suckled just the tip for a few moments before finally taking him within my mouth fully. He was so very hard, every inch of him swollen and yet oh so soft on my tongue. I loved the feel of him in my mouth. I took him all the way in until he hit the back of my throat before easing back up, my tongue moving along his shaft everywhere I could reach as I did.

“So fucking good,” he moaned. “Fuck, I could almost come already; your mouth feels so good.”

I moaned at his compliment, making his hips thrust upward as I did. I gagged only slightly since it happened on a downward pass, but it was well worth the momentary discomfort at his pained groan of my name.

“Holy shit, Sookie,” he grunted as I increased my suction on the next upward pass.

My fingers began teasing his balls; I gently traced along his sac, the area down behind his balls, and along the lines where his legs met his thighs, my mouth never leaving his cock. I paused every so often to suck and lick only the head, but always brought him back deep inside my mouth quickly – I missed the feel of him there too much to linger at the tip.

I could feel him swelling larger, his moans increasing in volume and frequency, signaling his impending release. Though I was nowhere near ready to stop, this time was solely about his pleasure and I couldn’t deny the need to taste him as he erupted in my mouth. While I wasn’t normally a huge fan of swallowing, there was an honest, burning need to taste Eric’s essence.

I began to gently tug and cup his balls as I took him deeper into my mouth than I had so far this time. As he hit the back of my throat I swallowed, forcing him deeper inside me. His hands tightened in my hair as I bobbed slightly, milking him with my throat.

“Shit…” he panted. “You gotta stop, you’re gonna make me come!”

No. Fucking. Way was I stopping.

Instead, I backed him out of my throat and began sucking him again. Up and down I worked him at a rapid pace, my tongue massaging his cock as I sucked, my fingers continuing to tease his balls. His hips kept pace with my head, his breathing labored and loud as words tumbled from his lips.

“So good… that fucking tongue… sucking me so perfect… can’t hold back much more… want to come in that pretty pussy, but FUCK… shit… shit… oh dear God… I’m really getting close here, Sook… can’t wait much longer… gotta stop…” he groaned the last bit, sounding as if he had to force the words from his throat.

I took him all the way down again, swallowing him deep into my throat until my lips locked around the base of his cock. A long growl left Eric as his body shuddered, his hands pulling my hair nearly to the point of pain as he tried to get me off his dick. My lips massaged the base of his cock as I continued to bob on him, my tongue massaging dick as it slid within my throat. I felt him swelling thicker still, his cock beginning to pulse within throat and against my tongue.

“Fuck… can’t hold on… Sookie, please,” he begged as he pulled on my hair once more.

Instead of releasing him from my mouth, I moaned against him as I pressed my thumb gently into the center of the very base of his balls. Eric’s body seemed to convulse momentarily as a grunted shout tore from his chest. He bucked furiously in my throat, nearly choking me, so I backed him out just as his orgasm began.

I continued to work him back and forth as stream after stream of his release flooded my mouth. He was warm, salty, and yet surprisingly delicious against my tongue. The sounds he made as he came drove me wild, and I couldn’t help but moan as I continued to suck him desperately.

His orgasm seemed to last forever and I was almost sad when he began to soften. Hands down, this was the best experience I’d ever had giving head. I loved every second of it and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to do it again. Oral didn’t feel like a chore with him. It felt more like… cock worship. And I was happy to pray at his altar as often as possible.

I made sure to lick every drop of him clean before releasing him from my mouth, placing a kiss to the tip as I did. I was thrilled to see the look of utter satiation on his face, the relaxed posture of his body. I don’t remember ever seeing Eric look so peaceful.

His eyes finally opened as his head leaned down to search my face. He took several deep breaths before reaching for my hand and pulling me up into his lap. His lips found mine and he kissed me as if he hadn’t touched me in years.

“Give me just a few minutes to recover and I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk for days. That was amazing, Sook. Fucking amazing!” He praised as our lips parted, his forehead coming to rest against mine.

“Take all the time you need, my man. I’m not going anywhere,” I smiled as I claimed his lips again.


I’m sure we’ll see more of these guys soon. I like their adorableness.

Thanks for reading!

Love and hugs to all!

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