Chapter 4

My beta is Ali989969 and I love her to bits!

Hope you enjoy!


We spoke very little as we put away the rest of the pizza and went to start the bath. That was the oddest part of today with Eric – the not talking. Normally our conversation was as effortless as it was endless, and yet today we’d had very little to say after having sex in the bakery.

Thankfully, the silence didn’t feel awkward or forced, just… new for us.

I couldn’t even say that my silence was due to a busy mind; I was the most at peace I could ever remember being. It wasn’t that my mind was occupied with what our label was now, where the relationship would lead, or if our friendship would survive… none of those entered my mind. Wherever we went from here, we’d be fine in the end.

We’d still be best friends.

Eric slipped in behind me as I bent over to turn off the water to the tub, his hands lowering my shorts before I could stand up straight. I smiled to myself, pleased that he was as spellbound by me as I was him. I loved that we were insatiable, that we found each other utterly irresistible. I felt like such a fool for waiting so long to let us get to this point.

But, maybe if we’d gotten here sooner, it wouldn’t be so amazing now…

Deciding to focus on what we could have instead of what we’d missed, I let myself surrender to Eric’s touch. His strong hands guided me to lift each foot, holding me steady as I stepped out of my shorts before running his fingers up the backside of my legs as he stood. He paused to run his hands over my backside, making my skin breakout in gooseflesh.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Sookie?” he asked in a quiet tone.

“No,” I replied, shaking my head. “I’ve never wanted to try. Have you ever done it?”

“Can’t say that taking a dick to the ass is high on my to-do list,” he chuckled. “But no, I’ve never taken a girl that way either.”

“You goof!” I giggled, wiggling against him.

“Is it something you’ll try with me at some point?” he asked as he began pushing my tank up my body slowly.

“If you’re a good boy, I’ll consider it. But you’ll have to earn it,” I teased as he lifted the tank up and over my head, finally turning me to face him. I was shocked to discover that he’d shed his jeans in the few minutes my back had been turned.

“Hmmm… and what do I have to do in order to win that privilege?” he purred, making my stomach flutter.

“I’ll have to think about that,” I smiled as I began placing open-mouthed kisses to his chest. “It’s a very special honor, you know,” I whispered.

I felt his fingers under my chin as he guided my head up to meet his eyes. “Every moment with you is an honor, Sook. I’ve waited a long time for this, for us. And as much as I’d like to try anal someday, if you never want to do it that’s fine. No pressure, okay?” he smiled before kissing me sweetly.

And in that one moment, he’d earned the right to do something I’d always sworn I’d never try.

It wasn’t that I was opposed to anal in theory, it’s that I didn’t trust most of the guys I’d been with enough to consider it. I wasn’t a teen anymore, but people in town still talked shit about each other like they were in high school. The last thing I’d wanted was to be known as a girl who took it up the ass for sport. But somehow I knew Eric would never disrespect me like that, and I suddenly looked forward to doing something new with him.

Just… not tonight.

Our kiss didn’t last nearly long enough for my liking, but as Eric turned and climbed into the tub I stopped caring. To see this beautiful man surrounded by bubbles in MY bathroom was heavenly. Once he’d settled into a comfortable positon, he reached for my hand and guided me in so that my back rested against his chest.

My head fell into the crook of his neck as we just snuggled and talked. His plans for college, my plans to eventually finish my degree, our families, and the sheer ridiculousness of our jobs… it felt so normal, so domestic. Even when our discussion turned toward us, things didn’t get awkward.

“So…” he began quietly as he twined his fingers with mine where they rested on his bent knees. “What are we, Sook?”

“Aside from best friends?”

“Well, yeah, of course. What we’ve been doing today doesn’t change that,” he quickly clarified. “But are we now friends with benefits, or something more?”

“Something more, for sure,” I smiled.

“Good,” was his only response before he manhandled me, turning me to straddle him in the tub with a quickness that stole my breath.

Eric settled my legs so that they wound around his waist; his mouth was on mine in the next second, his kiss demanding and hungry. He’d been hard before we got into the tub, so it was no surprise to feel his cock searching my folds now. I was, however, surprised that I wasn’t sore after all the sex we’d had. Especially given this size of his dick! Two things I was very grateful for now.

Eric didn’t enter me right away. His cock rubbed against my core, occasionally pressing right on my clit making me moan. My arms wound around his neck as his settled on my ass, guiding me where he wanted me. His lips ghosted over my jaw, he nipped and nibbled my neck before soothing the spots with his talented tongue, all the while passionately whispering against my skin.

“I love the taste of your skin, Sook. The way you feel under my tongue… You feel like satin under my fingertips, everywhere… I love finding a spot that makes you moan, makes you writhe with need for me… The feel of your pussy against my tongue makes my cock so fucking hard – I could come from your flavor alone…”

He was killing me slowly with his words! I’d never had a lover so vocal. And to know it was Eric talking to me this way…

I shuddered deeply as an orgasm ripped through my body, his cock still running slowly through my folds.

“Eric,” I breathed, shocked to have come from petting and his sexy words alone.

God how I love to feel you come! The look on your face as your body reacts to mine… the way your pussy starts to suck me the minute my head enters makes my toes curl and my eyes roll back… you’re so soft, so warm when you’re wrapped all around my cock – there’s nothing in the world like it,” he continued to torture me even as I felt his thick head begin breaching me.

His lips found mine again as he began slowly working his way deeper inside me. The water was cooler now, though not unpleasant, while it caressed my skin as we moved. Inch by wonderful inch, he touched spots in me that made me gasp and moan. When he was finally in to the hilt, Eric paused for only a second, just long enough to tell me how good I felt again.

I was too overwhelmed at the moment to vocalize what he made me feel, but I silently vowed to spend hours telling him how amazing he was very soon. The things his sexy voice did to my body as we made love were practically criminal, I could only assume that he’d enjoy hearing my praises just as much. It was something I was suddenly looking very forward to; I’d never been a very vocal lover, not with words anyway, but for Eric I wanted to be. And somehow, I knew I wouldn’t feel foolish doing so.

His hands left my ass and began caressing my back as he rocked into me gently. There was no sense of urgency in his movements; it was very sensual the way we joined this time. My hips met his, gentle thrust for thrust, as I felt my orgasm building again. My hands clasped his shoulders as I fell over the edge, his movements never faltering, his tongue and teeth teasing my sensitive nipples.

“I’m never going to get tired of how you feel as you come on my cock,” Eric groaned before his lips claimed mine again.

He moved us as we kissed and before I knew what was happening, I was perched on one of the wall seats along the tub, Eric’s dick never dislodging from me. The look of bliss on his face as his pace quickened made my stomach clench. I drew one foot up to rest on the seat next to me, the other I stretched out to rest on the seat opposite me, opening myself up for him further. I lightly scraped my nails up and down his back, my hips keeping pace with his, as I began talking to him.

“You feel so good, honey. I love how strong you are, you’re so sexy… I can’t believe how hard you make me come… I can’t get enough of you.” I was nervous about talking to him at first, but the more I spoke, the more he seemed to come unhinged.

Feeling empowered, I continued in a hushed tone in between the kisses and nibbles I placed everywhere I could reach, “I love the way your huge cock fills me up, like it was made to reach every inch of my pussy… the way you make my legs shake as your tongue teases my clit… I love the feel of your heartbeat against my tongue as I suck that gorgeous cock… and I look forward to the day that I feel you deep inside my ass…”

“Fuck!” Eric swore as he pulled himself from me.

I was nervous that I’d done something wrong until I realized he was reaching behind him to drain the water from the tub. Eric stood quickly, his dick standing proud and still glistening with my juices, before offering his hand out to help me. As soon as I was on my feet and steady, he stepped from the tub and guided me out. My feet barely hit the floor before he gathered me into his arms bridal style and carried me from the bathroom.

He walked down the long hallway opposite the kitchen and paused only briefly in the doorway to the extra bedroom, seeing it was an office with no bed, Eric quickly made his way around the corner to my room. He sighed in relief as he spotted my queen bed, and in three strides of his long legs he was laying us on it.

Eric spooned in behind me only halfway up the bed, pulling my one leg up over his hip. His arm against the bed came up under mine and reached across my chest while his other arm grasped my hip. His cock began running through my folds again, both of us shifting until he lined up and began to slide in.

“You had me so close to coming in that tub, Sook. The minute you started talking my balls began to tighten,” he accused as he began a steady rhythm. It wasn’t hard or fast – just long, deep strokes. “That was so fucking sexy.”

“You liked hearing how good you make me feel?” I gasped as his dick ran over my g-spot at just the right angle.

“Fuck yes,” he groaned as his pace picked up slightly.

“Do you want to hear that I’ll never be able to work in that store again without getting wet, just thinking about how good you fucked me on that table? Or how amazing that first swipe of your tongue was?” I asked as I began licking and nibbling his arm that was draped across my chest. “Or how every time I see your bike in the parking lot, all I’ll be able to see is us fucking on it?”

“Oh shit,” he moaned as his paced quickened once again.

“I’ll never be able to hear your voice again without remembering how sexy it sounds, and all the delicious things you say, when you’re balls deep inside me,” I continued as I swiveled my hips as much as I could in this position, tightening my pussy walls on every stroke. “Or how about if I tell you how every time I see you from now on I’m going to have a hard time not jumping you wherever you are. How I’m picturing, even now, all the places I can ride you at work without anyone knowing. Or how I’m always going to wonder if you’re hard for me when we’re near each other – no matter how many people are around… how my fingers and lips will ache to feel your dick. How I wish I could turn back time to have felt your touch sooner, and how I’ll pray every night before bed that I never have to go without it again…”

“I’m getting close, babe,” Eric warned, his tone deep and raspy as his fingers found my clit. “I need you to come with me.”

“I love to feel you come, Eric,” I moaned as he drew my release closer, his fingers rubbing hard and fast.

It was only a few pumps later that I felt his rhythm falter; a long, sexy growl leaving him as his cock pulsed within me. My orgasm began right after. I came so hard I couldn’t make a sound, my mouth open in a silent scream as lights flashed behind my eyes. We moved together slowly until he softened and slipped out of me, his head resting against the back of my shoulder as we caught our breath.

He stood after kissing the back of my neck twice and returned moments later with a warm washcloth to clean me with. He threw the cloth in the hamper after he finished and lifted me into his arms to draw back the covers. He placed me back in bed before climbing in next to me, opening his arms in invitation.

I snuggled in as close as I could next to him, my head coming to rest on his broad chest as my legs entwined with his. He drew lazy circles on my shoulder as I played with the little bit of chest hair he had. I asked him about breakfast preferences for the morning while we cuddled, and he asked me about dinner after our nap. We fell asleep shortly after though it was still early, both of us worn out.

We woke several hours later and I made us a simple dinner of grilled chicken, baked potatoes and a salad. We talked and laughed as we cooked, ate and cleaned. I’d never felt so comfortable with a lover after sex. The feeling was amazing.

After dinner we snuggled on the couch and watched a movie, though we kissed through more than half of it. We went to bed fairly early, surprisingly without sex. We simply cuddled as I read to him a few chapters out of the novel I’d begun just days earlier. He held me through most of the night, and when I woke in the morning he was snoring softly as he spooned in behind me.

Yesterday had certainly begun in an unexpected manor, but it turned out to be the best day I’d ever had.

I couldn’t wait to see what today brought…


There’s still more to come with these two, but I figured it was time to end day one since it’s 4 chapters worth.

Thanks for reading!

Love and hugs to all!

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