Chapter 6

My beta for this is Ali989969, and she’s super fantastic!

Hope you enjoy!


“Seriously, I don’t get you. You fuck like a rock star, yet you’re a practically a baby,” I giggled, as I pushed him slightly to lie beside me. As much as I loved his weight on me at times, Eric was heavy and breathing is mandatory.

“Asshole,” he snorted. “I’m no baby. And I really wish you didn’t have that attitude sometimes, Sook,” he looked at me, his disapproval evident.

“Do you know how much shit I’m going to take for this relationship, Eric? Truly?” I asked, pissed at myself for ruining the moment; even though we needed to talk about this. “There’s nearly six years between us. I feel like a whore, yet you’re so much more mature than the normal nineteen year old… it’s hard. Ten years from now, this is a non-issue. Hell, two years from now, it won’t be. But today? HUGE. How do you not understand that?”

“It’s not that I don’t get it, Sookie, it’s that it doesn’t matter. I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I care about what we feel. We could be really happy if you’ll let us,” he sighed.

“Oh, I’ll let us, ’cause I’m not letting you get away,” I smiled softly at him as I ran my fingers over his jaw. “But you need to understand that I won’t be the only one getting shit here. Yes, by many you’ll be seen as a stud. But what about what everyone else thinks? You say you don’t care, but have you thought of that? Your mom, brother, dad… what will they say? Grandparents? Friends… Are you prepared for the fall-out?”

“My dad and you get along like gangbusters,” he laughed. “The rest will cope. Or not. I don’t care either way, because it’s not our problem, it’s theirs. You understand that, right? Because I don’t want to take this too much farther only to discover you can’t take the heat. So you tell me – what do you want to do here, Sook?” he asked the last bit quietly, as if afraid of my answer.

“Keep you chained to my bed for the next few decades?” I laughed, though I wasn’t joking in the least. I leaned in to kiss his lips softly before adding, “And keep you around longer than that. If that’s okay with you, of course…” I trailed off, suddenly nervous.

His smile was blinding it was so large. “More than okay,” he finally breathed before his lips claimed mine again in a much longer kiss.

We made love slowly, savoring every inch of each other’s bodies, before falling asleep that night wrapped in one another’s arms. I left him sleeping in my bed a few hours later when I had to leave for work with a note telling him to make himself at home. I wouldn’t have cared if he stayed forever at that point, though I knew he’d have to go back to his dad’s eventually.

The next three weeks passed in a blur. Eric came over nearly every day, staying the night more often than not. It was shocking how normal it felt to have him fit into my life so perfectly, but I never questioned it. It just worked, and I was happier than I’d ever been. Sadly, many other people did question it though.

We’d both taken shit from the store owner and all three of his son’s, as well as most of the older employees in the store. Eric’s brother, Bill, was less than amused as well but had kept blissfully quiet after initially speaking his mind. I’d always gotten along with Bill well in the past, and was thankful that he seemed to be coming around slowly to my relationship with Eric. The rest of the stock boys at the store were happy for us, and I was grateful for the friendships I’d formed with them all prior to the change in me and Eric.

Oddly enough, it was Eric’s dad that had taken the news the best. “About fucking time,” he’d snorted one day when I went with home with Eric after a glorious ride on the bike. “Now maybe he’ll stop whining about you all the time, kid,” he’d joked as he pulled my ponytail slightly, making me laugh and Eric blush red.

I’d been asked to close tonight after one of the deli ass-hats called in again, even though I’d already worked an eight hour shift earlier today. I’d managed to get icing all over my shorts this morning at the end of my shift and had just been getting ready to go do laundry when Skippy called to tell me to come back to the store. He’d been kind enough to give me tomorrow morning off in exchange for working a double today, but that didn’t help me find clean clothes!

Eric and I had spent nearly every minute of the last three weeks either fucking, playing, cuddling, or riding his bike, so my closet was completely empty. I had one clean work shirt and a jean skirt hanging in it currently. I’d never worn a skirt to work at the store; there was too much bending, lifting and squatting in that job for me to wear the mini-skirt. And yet… I had no fucking choice tonight. I sighed heavily as I got dressed before gathering up my stuff and getting on the road.

The only advantage to tonight was that Eric was also working until close and had tomorrow off. As much as I wanted to be able to spend the day in bed with him tomorrow, I was doing my fucking laundry at some point. Maybe I’d drag him with me? Lord knows he hadn’t been home to do his wash either! Somehow, we’d have to squeeze in time at the laundry mat amongst all the sex. Maybe we could find somewhere to have a quicky while there…

Anyway, the night at work had been fairly uneventful. It was busy for a while, especially at the damn sub station, but other than that it had been fine for the most part. I would probably get some shit tomorrow if the two customers I offended turned me in, but I wasn’t worried about getting fired. There are times I just can’t seem to keep my mouth shut, no matter the consequences.

Normally customers in our store were super cool and a lot of fun. I truly enjoyed waiting on everyone, even the assholes most of the time, but sometimes people are just amazingly dumb. I ordinarily have a ton of patience for them, but I was super tired, horny, and in no mood for stupid fucks tonight.

So… customer number one got a sarcastic earful when she walked up to my counter with a sour-puss on and said, “I need a pound of bologna, sliced, to go. And hurry the hell up, too.”

Yeah. So… I raised an eyebrow at her and smiled, saying, “Are you sure, ’cause here I thought I’d give you the pound hunk and let you gnaw on it at the counter.” Stupid hag.

Customer number two called in for a sub an hour later and was a total dick on the phone. “I need two, two-foot subs. You got that, right? I want two WHOLE subs. Four feet of bread total. Got it?” was how the conversation began.

I responded with a very bored sounding, “Yes, sir. I get the concept of two two-foot subs. I’ve been working here for years. Go ahead with your order, please,” as I ground my teeth.

He ordered his subs, saying everything three times, before adding, “And I want those to go. Do you understand that? To. Go.”

I was fucking over his ass. “Yes, sir. I get the concept of to go. It’s not as if you can eat in our illustrious dining room, since it’s a freaking grocery store in the middle of Farmville. We’ll look forward to seeing you shortly.”

“Fuck stain,” I added aloud as I hung up the phone. What a dick.

I made the jerk’s subs and then told everyone I was taking a break. It was only an hour until closing and I couldn’t wait for it to end. I went out back to the shed to get some air and stood leaning over a pallet of dog food, bitching to no one. I was mid-rant when I felt his hands on the bottom of my skirt. I jumped about a foot, but when I tried to raise my torso and turn toward him, Eric placed one of his hands in the center of my back and one on my hip to keep me steady.

“It’s been nearly twenty-four hours since I was inside you last,” he growled as I heard his zipper descend. “It’s too fucking long.”

Next thing I knew, I felt my skirt come up over my ass and my underwear was being pushed aside. In the next breath, I felt his thick tip nudging my entrance. He was surprised to find me wet already, but I’d been horny for him since the moment he kissed me at the time clock when I arrived. I couldn’t seem to get enough of him, even though we fucked three times a day or more. Eric slid in with one fluid thrust, burying himself to the hilt instantly.

“It’s going to have to be quick,” he breathed against my neck, his fingers finding my clit.

“Fuck me hard then,” I moaned as he began to move.

I grabbed onto the sides of the pallet as his hips began slamming into my ass. His rhythm was hard and fast as he rubbed glorious circles against my clit. The hand on my hip moved to tug on my nipples, making me moan and beg. I had my first orgasm in no time, aided by his amazing words.

“Fuck! You feel so good wrapped around my cock like this, honey,” he moaned into my neck as his pace quickened. “So fucking tight, so silky and wet. Can’t go this long without being inside you again,” he growled.

“You need to come soon, my man,” I reminded him. As much as I hated the idea of stopping, we were fucking at work. Again.

We really needed to stop doing this.

“Not ready,” he panted. “Want to fuck you forever… so good… gotta hold off.” I could feel he was getting close though. His cock was swelling even larger inside me as his strokes became erratic.

“Come for me, baby. Let me feel you, show me how much you love this pussy,” I whimpered as I flexed my inner walls around him. “I wanna hear your breathing change, feel that gorgeous cock flexing inside me as you fill me with your cum. I can’t wait to go back inside, knowing your cum is dripping out of me as I finish my shift.”

“Fuck, Sookie!” he shouted as I felt him erupt. His grip on my hip was painful, but I didn’t complain.

The bruises would be well worth it.

His orgasm drove me into my second, this one causing me to fall flat against the pallet. I came so hard, I worried about passing out for a minute. Shit, he was amazing! We were panting and giggling, him still buried inside me, when we heard his brother’s voice from behind us.

“Are you two fucking kidding me right now?” Bill boomed. “You couldn’t wait an hour? One fucking hour?”

Eric and I burst out laughing, causing him to slip out of me. He carefully pulled my underwear aside, though I felt his finger run through my folds quickly, and pulled my skirt back down. His finger was on my lips in the next second, our combined juices being brushed over my bottom lip. I turned and looked into Eric’s eyes as I licked our releases from my skin.

“Delicious,” I whispered as I leaned in for a kiss. It was brief, but passionate, and I whined when he pulled away to address his still yelling brother.

“No, obviously we couldn’t wait. Now quit your yelling, before everyone finds out,” Eric hissed.

“She’s going to smell like sex for the rest of the night. You both are! You think people won’t know?” Bill yelled, throwing his hands up in exasperation. “Don’t fuck here again. I’m not kidding, you two,” he ordered before turning to go back inside, muttering to himself the whole way.

“What a spoiled sport,” I chuckled, trying to ease the tension in Eric’s shoulders. I was thrilled when it worked. “Thank God he’s not riding home with us. He’d shit if I gave you head with him in the car.”

“I get road head?” Eric asked as he turned toward me quickly, looking like a kid at Christmas.

“If you’re a good boy you do,” I smirked as I walked past him to head back in for closing. I squeaked loudly when he smacked my ass, causing him to laugh heartily.

Closing couldn’t get here soon enough!


Sorry it’s a shorter chapter, but I had to type on my laptop – which is a nightmare for me. I MISS MY DESKTOP! Whaaa!

And I decided this would be a story where Bill and Sookie have never been, nor will they ever, be involved.

Thanks for reading and reviewing. Much love to you all!

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  1. You said this was new but it seems very familiar, and not just the 1st chapter. No big deal, I just hope that now your back we’ll be getting more!

    I find it so funny that Sookie keeps calling him “my man,” everytime she says it I hear it in my head in Ruby Rhod’s voice. “Korben! Korben my man! I don’t have any matches!” Lol

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