Hungry For Your Love Chapter 6

Sooo…I was truly horrible about getting back to everyone on their reviews for the last chappy – I’m really sorry, but had a medical procedure this week and between it and the rest of RL, I just couldn’t. I promise to do a better job and not be a slacking hooka!

Thanks to MissyDee and BaltiK for being allstar betas!

Disclaimer – I don’t own any of these characters, Charlaine Harris does… and she’s a lucky, lucky gal.



I’m standing here with my mouth agape watching my mother hug my first love. Now it’s no secret that my mother was not Sookie’s biggest fan back in the day. Did she hate her? Never; at least she’s never said so out loud. But let’s just say that my relationship with Sookie was so epically fucked up back then that my poor mother “didn’t know whether to shit or go blind” with the two of us. She’s a pistol, my mom.

I would never in a million years, expect the hug fest occurring in my mother’s kitchen right now however. It’s surreal.

My mother finally releases Sookie from her embrace, but grabs her hand and leads her to a seat at the kitchen table. “Sit here dear, let me get the boys settled and I’ll be right back.” My mother kisses Sookie’s cheek and ushers the boys out of the kitchen.

Alex and Liam tell Sookie it was nice to meet her and that they hoped they’d see her again “wicked soon.” She always could win people over in thirty seconds flat.

“Your boys kick ass, Eric,” she says with a smile as I join her at the table. “And holy shit, what’s up with your mom? I mean, it’s not like I expected her to come after me with a pitchfork, but that was fucking nuts!”

I couldn’t agree more, and tell her as much. She asks me who Charles is and what’s really going on with my wife, and I assure her I don’t have any idea on either count. I’m willing to bet at this point that my wife is having an affair – I’d be a moron not to think so. Sookie is kind enough not to express any opinions she might have on the subject and instead offers to be whatever I need, whenever I need it.

What I need, what I want and what’s right are such different things sometimes. Though, if my darling wife is fucking another man… all bets are off, ladies and gentlemen. I thank her for her consideration, kindness and friendship just as my mother reenters the room.

“Izzy, it’s really wonderful to see you again,” Sookie says with a genuine smile as my mother takes her seat next to Sook.

“You too, my dear. Though I must admit, I’m shocked as shit to see you!” my mom laughs. “What? Did you teleport here? How the hell did you two find each other after all this time?”

I’ll be damned…I never asked Sook how she found me. Huh?

“Shit, this is embarrassing.” Sookie puts her head down on the table and mumbles her answer. “I paid for one of those people search and background check things on the internet,” she’s so quiet with her head against the table that I can hardly hear her.

My mother didn’t miss it though and cackles loudly, “Ha! You paid to find Eric? Oh, that’s rich!”

Sookie looks momentarily dejected until I take her hand and lace it with mine. I bring our linked hands to my lips and kiss the back of hers before kissing each knuckle gently. “Sookie, I don’t care how you found me. I’m just so fucking happy you did.” I hope she hears the sincerity in my voice.

When her eyes meet mine, she smiles broadly at me I know she does and I can tell she’s just as happy as I am. Our little exchange does not go unnoticed by my mother; she’s looking back and forth between us like we’re a tennis match in progress. Finally a slow, knowing smile spreads across her face.

“You two look awful cozy. Anything you kiddies would like to share with the rest of the class?” she asks as she puts her elbows on the table and clasps her hands together resting her chin on them.

Sookie’s blush goes straight to my dick and I’m finding it surprisingly difficult to will away the hard on I should not be sporting in my mother’s kitchen.

“Nothing I can think of, Mom,” I say in a warning tone.

My mother – being the person she is – totally ignores my warning and asks a question I really wish I had thought of myself.

“Sookie, dear, why didn’t you just get his number from Sam or Tommy? It seems silly to pay to find Eric when the guys knew where he was.”

When Sookie explained that she’d tried that unsuccessfully, I’m really not surprised the guys wouldn’t give her my contact info. It took me fucking forever to get over her – not that I really ever did, but that’s not the point. I know them, and they were just looking out for me. I could be pissed about it, but it won’t change anything and she’s here now. The guys also know how unhappy I am with my wife, so I’m sure that played heavily into their decision as well.

I listen to my mom and Sookie catch up for a bit, joining in the conversation occasionally. What fucking floors me is when my mom tells Sookie that “as many problems as you and Eric had as kids, you were simply too young to be that involved. He’s grown so much since then, and I can tell just from this little amount of chatting that you have too. If he’s ever smart enough to dump the Poodle, I’d be happy to see you two give it another go.”

Our faces are the exact same mask of ‘holy fucking shit’ shock. Once Sook recovers, she tells my mom that she didn’t come back into the picture to break up my marriage and then gives a very brief and condensed version of why she did contact me.

I tell Sook we need to get going soon and that I’m going to go check on the boys. They’re huddled on the couch watching The Family Guy and sipping at ginger ales. I may not love my wife like I should, but I’ll never be sorry for meeting her – my boys are the best thing that ever happened to me.

They apologize if they shouldn’t have told me about Charles; they tell me they “might not always like mom, but they don’t want to get her in trouble either.” I assure them that it’ll be fine, and that whatever’s going on – I’ll never leave them. My boys – being the little geniuses they are – tell me that they know I’m not happy with their mother, but that no matter what they want to live with me.

Well, at least that’s settled. If what suspect is happening is actually happening, that’s a bridge we’ll be crossing soon.

The boys tell me how much they like the “Cookie Lady” – they’re such smartasses – and that I seem really happy when I’m with her. Alex asks if I’m leaving mom for Sookie. I assure him that if something happens and his mother and I don’t work out, it will have nothing to do with Sookie.

We talk for a few more minutes about them staying at my mom’s tonight and what to do if they need me. Just as I’m getting up to hug and kiss them goodbye, Sook and my mom come in. The boys actually get up off the couch to go hug Sookie and thank her for coming with me to come get them. Very few things get my boys off the couch when they’re sick – the must really like the Cookie Lady a lot. My heart hurts just a little, watching my boys accept Sookie so easily and I can’t describe how it feels watching her fall for them too.

My mom walks us out to the car and pulls Sook into another tight hug. We have to promise my mom that Sookie will come back to see her before she leaves Cali… if she leaves.

I have serious doubts I’ll be able to let her go again. I know it’s been less than twenty four hours since I’ve been back in contact with her, but it’s the happiest I’ve been in twenty four years. I’m so fucking screwed.

We pull away from the curb after getting all buckled in and such, then head towards my place. I know deep in the pit of my stomach that my wife is having an affair. I’m lost in thought when I feel Sook’s hand on my thigh.

I lace our fingers together and sigh; it’s amazing how the simplest touch from her can still bring me so much comfort, even after all this time.

“Penny for your thoughts?” she says with a smile.

I explain to her that I’m sure Felicia’s cheating, and she reluctantly agrees that it certainly does seem that way.

“I don’t know what’s worse here, Sook. The fact that she’s cheating or that she introduced some asswagon to my boys.” I’m fucking fuming about that.

I know I should feel like a hypocrite, seeing as my boys just met Sookie, but I don’t. First off, I’m not having an affair. Yes, I kissed her, but come on – it’s not the end of the world. Considering how much more I wanted to do to her, I’d say I deserve a fucking medal right now!

Second, I wouldn’t have introduced Sook to the boys had there not been an emergency at school. I can’t imagine what led her to have her fuck buddy around my kids. Last night she’s begging me for another baby, and today I find out about a possible affair. Who am I kidding? A likely affair.

As we pull up to the house, all my suspicions are confirmed. Sitting in my driveway is a car I’ve never seen before, and parked next to it is my wife’s van. Not only is she here – she’s got company.

“Eric, do you want me to stay out here?” Sookie asks quietly.

I assure her that it’s probably safer if she comes in with me, that way I don’t end up in jail for murder; I may not love my wife the way I should – but if she’s fucking another man in my house – I’m not gonna handle it well.

We enter through the front door quietly and as soon as we’re standing in the foyer you can hear the sound of sex wafting down the stairs.

Mother fucker!” I whisper yell at Sookie.

Her eyes are wide and she looks almost as pissed as I am. My girl has always been a protective little thing.

She grabs my hand, stopping my forward momentum, and looks me in the eyes, “Eric, don’t do anything stupid. Stay calm, do what you need to do, but remember you have the boys to worry about.”

I nod my understanding at her. “Thanks, Sweetcheeks, for being here with me for this.” I bring our linked hands to my mouth and kiss the back of her hand gently before releasing it.

No matter what I feel for Sook, I don’t need to be holding her hand when I walk my wife cheating on me.

Sookie’s hot on my heels as I head up the stairs to my bedroom. When I reach my bedroom door I’m amazed at the sight before me.

There is my wife – dressed in a jockey outfit, crop and all, riding the back of a disgustingly hairy, pasty white, paunchy man wearing a bit and bridle… and a tail? Is he wearing a fucking butt plug? With a tail attached? Jesus fuck, he is! I’m fucking astounded! My wife, the world’s most boring fuck, is role playing. With a horse fetish type fucked up shit… and a tail – I’m not getting over that shit – ever.

“Holy fucking hell! What the fuck are they doing? Does he have a tail plugged into his ass?” Sookie exclaims. It’s obvious she didn’t mean to say it out loud when she all but smacks herself in the face trying to cover up her mouth.

I can’t help but laugh at her. Laugh. As my wife is fucking around with another man in my bedroom, my girl makes me laugh. I’m sure in this moment that I will do whatever I need to in order to never be without Sookie again. EVER!

At the sound of Sookie’s voice and my laugh the stable comes to order.

“Eric!” Felicia exclaims as she hops off her little pony.

“Oh, so you remember my name, do you?”

She stammers as she watches her plaything scramble towards the bathroom. “Wa…what are yyyou doing here? You’re supposed to be out of town for the day! You’ve got no right to barge in here.”

“So, because I wasn’t supposed to be here, it’s okay for you to dress up and ride my pretty pony over there and forget about our kids?” She’s unbefuckinglievable right now.

She tries giving me some lame, bullshit excuse that she didn’t forget our kids and was in “no shape” to go get them at the time. Apparently, that’s when Sookie reachs her limit.

“You’re shitting me, lady, right? You’d rather role play with that hideous fur bag over there than take care of your sick boys?” she snarks as she steps out from behind me. “You’ve got a husband like Eric and two beautiful boys, and you’d risk all that for a jockey outfit and a fury, fake horse sporting a butt plug?”

My mouth is hanging open as I watch Sookie go. While she was never a shy one, I’ll admit to being surprised at her outburst here. The strangest part is that I’m not mad she just bitched out my wife. There’s not one thing Sookie is saying that’s wrong.

“Eric, who is this fucking bitch and why are you letting your whore talk to me that way?”

She did not just call Sookie a whore.

“This is no whore, Felicia. This is a very old friend of mine. She’s not wrong about a single thing she said to you and that’s why I’m not correcting her.” I turn towards Sookie and wave my hand at my wife, “Sook, this is my cheating wife, Felicia. Cheating wife, this is Sookie.”

“This is your ex –” Felicia starts to bitch at me, but I cut her off quickly.

“I’m not going to debate anything with you and I refuse to explain anything about Sookie either. What I will do is tell you that this will be your last night in my home. You will pack your shit, take your pet,” I gesture at the man whom I’m assuming is Charles as he rejoins us from the bathroom – sans tail-plug-thingy, “and get the fuck out of my life. I will be filing for divorce immediately along with full custody of the boys.”

I hear a clicking beside me and notice that Sookie is taking pictures of the scene in front of us with her phone. The bed is a sexed up mess, click. There’s condoms on the nightstand – click. My wife in her jockey outfit – which upon closer look is crotch-less… eww – click. Her little pony – click.

Have I mentioned that Sookie fucking rocks?

“You will vacate my life immediately. And thanks to Sookie here, I’ve got the proof I need to get rid of this sham of a marriage quickly and for less than half of my assets.” With that I grab my own phone out of my pants and start clicking away – hey, the more angles the better – evidence and all that shit.

“I’m not leaving this house, those are my kids and you’re my husband!” Felicia is shrieking at me as she lunges for Sookie.

I step in front of Sookie and tell Felicia that she’s not going to lay a hand on Sook. Apparently her pony decided he’s had enough of the screaming as well, because he finally joins the party and comes to restrain my wife.

“That’s enough, honey. Let him have the girl, you have me,” he says while giving me the stink-eye.

“This girl wouldn’t be stupid enough to throw away a man like Eric for the likes of your missing-linkish ass, you douchetard! Seriously, have you heard of Nair? Wax much?”

I fucking lose it and burst out laughing – somewhere between douchetard and Nair – I’m done.

“Twenty-four hours, Felicia. That’s all you get to vacate my world. I won’t fight you on visitation, but the boys are staying with me. Get your shit and get out.”

I pull Sookie gently with me as I back away from the room. We descend the stairs quickly, and before we reach the bottom I’m already on the phone with my lawyer. I explain the situation briefly and ask him to get formal separation papers ready. Sookie reaches into my pocket as I open passenger’s door for her and takes the keys from me. She then gestures for me to get in and heads around the front of the car to drive. My lawyer says he’ll have the papers ready for me to sign within the hour and that he should be able to have them delivered before nightfall. I assure him I’ll be at his office exactly one hour from now.

I thank Sook for driving and tell her that we need to go to my bar before I can go to my lawyer’s office. She tells me how sorry she is for everything I’m going through; she also apologizes for “running her big mouth in something that’s none of her concern.” I assure her all is well as I give her directions to my bar.

I can’t help but wonder if it’s wrong that I’m almost happy my wife is fucking around. No one wants to be cheated on, but the marriage really hasn’t been good for a while and now I’m free to figure out what’s next in my life.

I’m oddly sure that Sookie coming back into my life is a sign from the universe.

“Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” by Mötley Crüe

Oooo, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
One Time
Oooo, yeah,Oooooooo
We could sail away
Or catch a freight train
Or a rocketship into outer space
Nothin’ left to do
Too many things were said
To ever make it feel
Like yesterday did

Seasons must change
Separate paths, separate ways
If we blame it on anything
Let’s blame it on the rain

I knew it all along
I’d have to write this song
Too young to fall in love
Guess we knew it all along

That’s alright, that’s okay
We were walkin’ through some youth
Smilin’ through the pain
That’s alright, that’s okay
Let’s turn the page

My friends called today
Down from L.A.
They were shooting pool all night
Sleeping half of the day
They said I could crash
If I could find my own way
I told them you were leaving
On a bus to go away

That’s alright, that’s okay
We were two kids in love
Trying to find our way
That’s alright, that’s okay
Held our dreams in our hands
Let our minds run away
That’s alright, now that’s okay
We were walkin’ through some youth
Smilin’ through the pain
That’s alright, let’s turn the page
And remember what I say girl
And it goes this way

Girl, don’t go away mad
Girl, just go away
Girl, don’t go away mad
Now girl, just go away
Here we go

Don’t go away mad
I don’t want you to stay, Yeah
Come on, girl

Come on, baby
I’ll say it one more time

Girl, don’t go away mad
Girl, just go away
Girl, don’t go away mad
Girl, just go away yeah, yeah
Girl, don’t go away mad
Girl, just go away, Yeah
Now I said girl, don’t go away mad
Girl, just go away
Now I said girl, don’t go away mad
Girl, just go away, yeah
Girl, don’t go away mad
Girl, just go away…


So, I’ve got to give an extra special thanks to my two ladies – MissyDee and BaltiK this time.

MissyDee gave me the tail – which I was a bad, bad girl and left out – my girl is a RIOT and made this chapter heaps and heaps better with this little addition and direction.

BaltiK gave me douchetard – it’s a favorite of hers and I’m quite happy that Sookie was able to use it well here. I’d say it’s the perfect description of a man that’s willing to wear a butt plug-tail-thingy…

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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2 thoughts on “Hungry For Your Love Chapter 6

  1. That was so fucking funny! I figured Missy had to be in on that one somewhere! You two collaborate well. That is gonna have laughing ALL night! Thank you!

  2. First time reading your story, here —and I can’t imagine you noodling around in your brain that My Pony fuckfest that was written. How could you type, you had to be laughing your ass off the whole time!

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