Hungry For Your Love Chapter 7

Random note: I realize that my facts with the laws regarding divorce in Cali might not be correct… but I’m going to say that since this is a fictional little world, that I don’t care if they are or not. What I’d like everyone to do is pretend that there is nothing incorrect (if there is) about the speediness in which papers were filed, served and legalized…

It’s just easier, happier and serves my story better

Thanks to MissyDee and Balti K for being allstar betas!

One more quick thing – thank you for all the reviews of the last chapter and thank you to everyone who wished me well and/or healing thoughts. Sorry that I sucked again and didn’t respond to all of you – but I’m on the mend and with any luck this won’t occur again. I love you all and am constantly amazed at what a wonderful group of people you really are! You make me think, you make me laugh, and you make me so very proud to be a part of this writing community! LOVE YOU ALL BUNCHES!

Disclaimer – I don’t own any of these characters, Charlaine Harris does… and she’s a lucky, lucky gal.



I can’t help but reflect on what a screwball of a fucking day this has turned out to be. Well, really the screwy started with Sook’s phone call last night, but I can’t find it in me to be mad about the coming changes to my life. The weirdest part is that I don’t think my boys are gonna give a single shit about not living with their mother anymore. Hell, I’d be surprised if they even want to see her at this point.

It made me extremely proud, even more so than normal, when Sookie gushed over how “fucking kick ass” my bar is. Twisted Metal is my life outside of my boys, that is; I chose the name as homage to my love affair with the music of my youth. I’ve never been a huge fan of Twisted Sister, but I think the name of my bar kicks ass – so does Sook. I swear she looked at, touched, and damn near caressed every inch of the bar. Felicia never took this much interest in Twisted, not since the day I started the plans for it. The best part of Sookie in my bar – not one emotion or action was faked. The look on her face as she took in everything that I worked my ass off for was so genuinely honest and excited. It makes me happier than I can explain that she genuinely appreciates something that means so much to me. This girl always did get me, all of me.

The whole reason to go to my bar was to tell the staff that Felicia is not entitled to anything, for any reason; she is to be banned from the store room, and especially my office. I know my wife, and as much as I hate to admit it – that woman has a vindictive streak a mile long and I can only imagine what she’ll try to steal before the divorce. I also don’t want her coming in here and harassing me or the staff, so they’ve all been notified that if she comes in and causes any trouble – they have my blessing to call the cops.

The hour we needed to wait before going to see my lawyer flew by in a flash. I wonder if time will always move so quickly when I’m with Sookie? I still hadn’t calmed down enough to drive by the time we headed to Mr. Cataliades office, so I again let Sook drive and I played the role of GPS. Within minutes of arriving there the papers were signed, witness, notarized and all but hermetically preserved and were on their way to my soon to be ex wife. It’s fucking astounding how quickly things will move when you have money and a high-powered lawyer on retainer. Sookie hadn’t joined me inside the lawyer’s private office, for obvious reasons, but Damon still noticed her. I gave him a brief explanation of who she was and why she was there; I also assured him that nothing other than a brief make out session had occurred prior to finding out about Felicia. Needless to say he was crying with laughter when I told him about Pony-boy.

Once our business was settled, I brought Damon out to meet Sookie. He was as instantly taken with her as everyone else always is – you’d think this girl has some freaky mind power with the way people fawn over her. He even offered to be her lawyer when she gets her writing career off the ground and Damon never gets involved in any “celebrity bullshit,” as he calls it.

Shit, he might just be in love with her too, after knowing her for less than twenty minutes. This might be a new record. If he didn’t have a wife, as well as two daughters our age, I’d be nervous.

We stayed at his offices until the phone call came in that the papers had been served. Apparently she wasn’t even packing when the messenger arrived. It doesn’t matter to me at this point, however, because I’m thinking I’ll let her keep the fucking house. That was one of Damon’s suggestions – the house is paid for and worth a substantial amount, if I simply give it to her as part of the settlement then I won’t have to give her a whole lot else. Especially considering her adultery – that never helps the one committing it to get more in the settlement. I didn’t ask for child support, not only because she doesn’t work, but because I don’t need her fucking money – the boys and I will be more than fine without it.

I’m legally separated and the feeling is amazing; I feel freer than I have in years. I really didn’t realize until this moment how much of a downer my marriage really was to my world. Now, driving back to my mother’s house to explain all this to the boys, I feel years younger and more at peace than I can describe. Sookie wanted to take a cab back to SacTown, but I’m not ready to let her go yet. I’ve asked her to take my mother out for a walk, dinner, movie, anything to give me a little time to talk to my boys about what’s going on. She doesn’t want to intrude and makes this perfectly clear, but finally agrees when I admit that I need her to help me get through this night once I go tell my boys.

We pull up to my mom’s house and before Sookie even has her seatbelt undone, I’m wrapped around her, hugging her for all I’m worth. I have to tell her how much it means to me that she’s here and supporting me through this, how I’m not sure all this would be bearable if she wasn’t here with me now. I mean, shitty marriage or not – who wants to get cheated on? She tells me how guilty she feels, like it’s her fault that my world is falling apart since she called me.

“Sookie, one has nothing to do with the other,” I assure her quickly. “It’s not as if Felicia just began this affair today, after finding out you called. (A) she didn’t know you called, and (B) the boys met that asshat last month.” I pull out of our embrace kiss her forehead gently before locking eyes with her. “You coming back into my life has the potential to be the best thing that’s ever happened to me besides my boys. Please, please don’t apologize for calling me.”

“Promise you won’t resent me for coming back at the same time your marriage fell apart, and I won’t bring this up again.”

“I promise, with all that I am, I will NEVER be sorry you called. I could never resent you, Sweetcheeks. Never.” I mean that wholeheartedly.

I give her a quick, chaste, kiss to the lips and tell her we need to get this show on the road. As we’re heading up the sidewalk something dawns on me.

“Sook,” I grab her hand to stop her, “please let me stay with you tonight if the boys don’t want me here with them. I’m sorry, but I have to stay if they need me,” she’s already nodding her head vigorously in understanding. “But if not, I want to stay with you. We don’t have to do anything other than talk, but I’m really not ready to let you go yet.”

She agrees and I assure her that if the boys do want me to stay then either she can take the spare room here or either my mother or I will drive her back to the hotel tonight and I’ll see her tomorrow or the next day, depending on what’s going on with the boys.

We enter the house and immediately search out my mom. I ask her as pointedly as possible to talk a walk with Sookie and assure her that Sook and her have a lot to say to one another. She’s obviously confused, but agrees to go. Realization dawns on her face when I mention that I need to talk to the boys about some changes coming up in their lives. She gives Sook a strange look, which makes my girl throw her hands up in the ‘I surrender’ position and announce “I didn’t do shit, Izzy, I swear! But I’ll tell you all about it while we walk.”

I assure Sook she can tell my mother everything as they leave the house. I know my mom, and she’s gonna laugh her ass off about the pony – she might even piss herself over the tail.

I go find the boys, who thankfully look a shitload better, and tell them we need to chat. I explain to them that their mother and I are separating, but obviously don’t get into the why’s of it with my ten year olds. They know though, and Liam even says he “knew Mom was whoring it up.” I chastise him gently for his language and tell him that his mother is not a whore, even though he’s right. I give them the kinder explanation that their mother and I just haven’t been happy together but were trying to make it work for their sakes. I tell them that it’s okay that Felicia found happiness with someone else and that we’ll still be a family, we just won’t live together. There’s a brief freak out on their part over where they’ll live, and I assure them that they will be with me full time, but can still see their mom anytime they want. We talk about the house and they tell me they really want to stay there if possible, at least for now. While they don’t care about where their mom stays, the house is home for them. They ask if they can stay at Gram’s for a few days until things settle down, and I tell them of course they can. I know my mom won’t mind, and it’s probably a good idea until I can change the locks and get her shit out of there.

The boys assure me that if we can’t keep the house, they’ll be fine – as long as they stay with me. They ask about Sookie and if she’ll be living with us now. I tell them no, that we’re just friends right now and that it wouldn’t be right to move in with her until everything is settled with their mom. They tell me that they like Sook, and they like how happy I am when I’m with her. They ask, in their freaky twin way, “can we spend more time with her, please, Dad?” They go on to say that she’s funny, and they could use some happy right now. Shit, we all could. I tell them that I’d love for them get to know Sookie, as I’d like to spend much more time with her again. I explain, with very little detail, that Sookie was my first love and my girlfriend all through high school. They ask if I ever wish she was their mom. I tell them honestly that while I wish Sookie and I had never split up sometimes, that I did truly love their mother and that I can’t regret her being their mom because of how awesome they are. I explain that if anyone else was their mom, they wouldn’t be exactly who they are now. “I wouldn’t trade who you boys are for anything in this world. I love you both, just exactly the way you are. So I wouldn’t change a thing.” They ask if Sookie and I will marry or if we’ll have babies together. I have tell them to slow down. “We haven’t even had a date yet, boys, plus I’m still married to your mom. How about we start with being friends with Sookie and take it from there?” They agree, but tell me if Sookie “stays this cool then I can keep her,” which I find hysterical.

We’re laughing like loons when Sookie and my mom come back inside. My mother looks like a kid on Christmas morning, she’s so happy ‘the poodle’ and I are splitting up. I tell the boys that I’ll be back after I bring Sookie home – I feel like I should stay with them tonight.

“No way!” they yell in unison. “You promised we could stay with Gram!”

I try explaining that we can all stay with Gram, but they tell me this is their time with her and that I “can’t go mooching in on it.” They also tell me to “go buy the Sookie a cookie,” which causes a fit of laughter from everyone.

After several attempts to make sure they are seriously okay with me leaving, all met with irritation, I finally concede and agree to go. They tell me they’re staying home tomorrow and that I better not come back until dark. When I asked them who they thought was in charge here, they pointed at my mother and said “her” – the little shits. My mother grins widely and tells them what “smart young men they are” before ushering Sookie and out of the room. I hug and kiss my boys goodbye and follow my ladies out of the room.

I answer all of my mother’s questions and assure her I’m fine. She begins crying all over again with silent laughter over the tail, but in all honesty it’s funnier than hell – creepy, but fucking hysterical. She tells me to come back in time for dinner tomorrow night and that she’ll call the school in the morning.

“Sookie, you’re welcome to come if you want, dear.”

“Thanks, Izzy, but I think maybe Eric should spend some time alone with the boys. Thanks for the invite, and let’s just play things by ear, okay?”

We say our goodbyes and head out the SUV. As we pull out of the drive Sook asks if I’m okay. I’m surprised to tell her that I am. We talk for a while about what will happen now with the boys and my life. I don’t mention anything about her and I being an us yet, I need at least a few minutes to process this shit alone. Sook holds my hand the whole way and assures me of my strength, my boys’ strength and the fact that we’ll all survive this.

I ask her to talk about something else for a bit, I need a distraction. We chat about her book and what she thinks of moving out here. The thought of her leaving again makes my stomach lurch, so I change the subject again. We talk about old friends, catch up on any gossip the other has missed and chat about mundane shit like movies and music.

It was fucking wonderful. I’ve talked more to this woman in the last hour than I have my wife in the last month. Now, that doesn’t mean I tried not to talk to my wife – it means that talking to my wife is like talking to wet cardboard. Apparently, she saves her wild side for pony rides.

We get back to Sookie’s hotel and have the valet park my car for us. I hadn’t thought to grab new clothes at the house, so we take a quick walk to the Aeropostale in the Westfield Plaza on L St. A quick pick of a few outfits and some sleep pants (thank god they sell boxers too) and we’re on our way back to the hotel. Naked time with Sookie would be a dream come true, but not really realistic at this point in time.

We get up to her room and look through the room service menu for dinner options. Neither of us feel like going out and being around other people, so we order in dinner. There’s no need to order wine from the menu, thanks to her recent trip to Napa; homegirl’s got a shit ton of wine stashed in her room.

“Holy shit, Sook, wino much?” I laugh as I take in the collection of bottles.

“Yeah, funny thing about growing up. Milwaukee’s best is no longer the good beer, and I’ve developed a taste for wine.” Good beer, that’s some funny shit.

“It was never the good beer; it was the cheap beer, honey.” I point out with a snort. “There’s a difference.”

She turns the iPod back on and we settle into the couch, chatting effortlessly while we wait for our food. Dinner comes and the food is fucking amazing – like everything else here so far. My surf and turf is to die for; the filet is a mile thick and cuts like butter. Sookie also ordered the surf and turf, but she got the shrimp scampi as opposed to the lobster tail; those shrimp are fucking huge. Our conversation flows easily through dinner and our after dinner drinks.

I excuse myself to use the bathroom and almost shit myself when I see the tub. It’s huge and looks like it has jets, like a fucking Jacuzzi. My dick stiffens instantly – thank god I’d pissed already, because it sucks trying to piss with a raging hard on. How I’m not going to have my way with the gorgeous girl in the other room after seeing this tub, I’ll never know.

I leave the bathroom, eyes wide, and my girl instantly knows what I’m thinking.

“Noticed the tub, did ya, big boy?” she says with a grin.

“Uh huh,” is all I can manage to reply – smooth, I know.

I take my seat next to her and poor another glass of wine for each of us. We talk some more about random shit, and while I’m present for the conversation, I’m still totally stuck on bathing with Sookie. That tub is the bomb!

“Earth to Eric,” Sook says with a smile. “I know you’re participating and all, but your mind is still stuck in the bathroom isn’t it?”

“You know me too well, woman. Even after all this time.”

“You know you’re more than welcome to take a dip in it, right? I want you to relax and feel good after what you’ve been through today.”

I nod but remain quiet for a bit while I process my thoughts. I want Sookie, every inch of her – like yesterday. I’m just not sure if I can bring myself to make love to another woman the night I separate from my wife.

“Sook, honey, would you take a bath with me?” She gives me a look of uncertainty so I quickly continue, “I don’t know how intimate I can get with you tonight, though I want you so badly, but I’d really like the closeness of us in the tub together. If you’re willing.”

She stares at me for a moment before downing the rest of her wine. She takes my hand and smiles at me, “Eric, I’m ready for anything you are. I’ve been separated for a little bit longer than you and I’ve known for a while that I was ready for mine to end.” She looks at me pointedly as she continues “I don’t want to end up being something you regret.”

I pull her into my lap and hug her to me tightly. “You will never be something I regret. Nothing with you will ever be a mistake, except for letting you go all those years ago.” I say reverently into her hair, “you’ve come back into my life and it’s so effortless between us – it’s like no time has passed. You’ll never be a mistake, Sweetcheeks.”

Holding her is amazing, and the song on the iPod makes me smile. Every time I hear “I Go Crazy” she’s the one that comes to mind; now here she is, in my arms, as the song plays. We hold each other for a bit longer before I stand up – her still attached – and head towards that fucking sweet tub. I don’t know what will transpire between us tonight, but I know whatever does will be exactly what should happen.

Too much has occurred in the last twenty four hours for me not to believe in fate. We’ve spent so much time apart, there’s so much we’ve missed – yet in this moment, I know none of it matters.

I know, with every fiber of my being, that this is just the beginning.

“I Go Crazy” By Paul Davis

Hello girl it’s been awhile
Guess you’ll be glad to know
That I’ve learned how to laugh and smile
Getting over you was slow
They say old lovers can be good friends
But I never thought I’d really see you
I’d really see you again

I go crazy
When I look in your eyes
I still go crazy
No my heart just can’t hide
That old feelin’ inside
Way deep down inside
Oh baby, you know when I look in your eyes
I go crazy

You say he satisfies your mind
Tells you all of his dreams
I know how much that means to you
I realize that I was blind
Just when I thought I was over you
I see your face and it just ain’t true
No it just ain’t true

I go crazy
When I look in your eyes
I still go crazy
That old flame comes alive
It starts burning inside
Way deep down inside
Oh baby, you know when I look in your eyes
I go crazy

[Instrumental Interlude]


I go crazy
You know when I look in your eyes
I go crazy
No my heart just can’t hide
That old feelin’ inside
Way deep down inside
I go crazy


Wonder if they’ll be able to keep things platonic when they’re all wet and naked… guess we’ll have to see. And how’d ya like the boys – I think they handled it well. I’d never forgive myself as a mom if my son was that okay with not living with me – guess she’s really been an asshole to her boys. Stupid lady, who’d throw away Eric and his boys?

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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