Hungry For Your Love Chapter 9

I’m truly sorry for the delay – real life really has been hectic for me, and I’m so sorry that it’s taken so long for me to get back to this story. I’m nearing the end of my semester, but will finish this story within the week. There will be an epilogue chapter to tie things up and finish it off. Thanks for sticking with me!

I went back and changed the previous chapter which dealt with Eric and Felicia having unprotected sex – previously he’d considered wearing a condom from now on, thinking she’d try to trick him into pregnancy – Instead I now have it so that he was wearing them for months KNOWING that he needed to in order to prevent another baby – we don’t want Sook and Eric giving each other anything, do we?

Thanks to MissyDee and Balti K for being allstar betas!

Disclaimer – I don’t own any of these characters, Charlaine Harris does… and she’s a lucky, lucky gal.



I set my girl down on the bed and simply stare at her for a moment, taking in the sheer beauty of every inch of her. She’s simply stunning and the song playing right now couldn’t possibly fit this moment more. Listening to Winger sing “Hungry” certainly sums up what I’m feeling – I’m still fucking starving for this woman, even after our tub adventures.

Sookie finally realizes what’s playing and she smiles broadly at me. “I still love this song, you know, just as much as I did then.”

“I don’t doubt that, Sweetcheeks, you fucking loved this song. I was so sick of this by the time we split up from you playing it a thousand times a day.” I laugh at the memory. “The funny thing is I can’t hear it now without smiling and thinking of you.”

“Does that mean you actually like this song?” She puts her hand over her heart, “I don’t know if I can stand the shock.”

“Woman, you mock me at a time like this?” I growl at her moving to climb onto the bed but she puts up a hand to stop me.

“If you can stand it, and as corny as it will sound, I’d like you to put this song on repeat, please.” I raise my eyebrow at her in question. I’ll do it – hell, I’d do anything she asks at this point, but I’m curious as to why she’s asking.

“This song always made me think of you, and it’s only gotten worse since we split, Eric.” She takes a deep breath and releases it slowly before continuing, “I feel like I’ve been starving without you all these years…”

I can’t help but to finish her sentence for her, “and if we’re going to make love for the first time in twenty years, you want it to be to this song?” She nods. “The song that has reminded you of me and what we’ve been missing all this time…”

She smiles and thanks me for understanding her so well, even after all this time apart.

I cup her face with my hands, lowering my face so that I’m inches from her lips as I say passionately, “How could I not know you – no matter how much time passes? You’re my soul mate, Sookie. You’re the keeper of my heart.” I kiss her tenderly, but briefly and continue, “I always thought you were my soul mate, even back then, but to still feel completely comfortable with you after all this time proves it. You are my home.”

A single tear cascades down her cheek as I finish my declaration. I could tell her that I love her right now and it would be true; I’ve never stopped loving her. I hold my tongue however, because I want to fall in love with the adult version of Sookie before I say those words. I know it’s just a matter of time though –it seems that everything that was not so great about my girl has faded with age, while the stuff that fucking rocked about her has only amplified. I lean in and press my lips to hers in a gesture of comfort and love.

The kiss quickly turns more passionate and if she wants me to put this song on repeat, I need to do it now or else it’s never going to get done! I reluctantly break our kiss, remove myself from the bed, and go put the iPod on repeat. When I turn back around my knees buckle a little bit at the sight before me.

There is Sookie sitting at the edge of the bed, her feet resting on the foot board of the bed, legs spread with her fingers ghosting through her glistening folds.

I swear my feet just became rooted to the floor. As much as I want to fuck her right now – the idea of watching her fuck herself is an unbelievable turn on.

Now that she knows she has my attention, she begins to slide her finger in and out of herself slowly. Every few strokes she removes her finger completely and runs it through her folds, pausing to rub her clit in a circular motion briefly before plunging it deep inside herself again.

This is, by far, the most erotic moment of my existence. I wonder if every new experience with her will trump the previous one? My dick is aching with the need for release, but I’m still rooted in place watching this amazing creature. I bring my hand, which was previously frozen at my side, around to stroke my cock. Just as I grip it firmly, Sookie stops her movements.

“I don’t remember telling you that you could touch yourself, big boy.” She tsks me and my cock becomes impossibly harder.

“If you want me to continue letting you watch me pleasure myself, you must do exactly as I say, Eric. Can you be good for me?”

I squeeze my dick tightly before removing my hand; her sexy words, along with the dominance she’s showing right now brings me very close to blowing my load. How the fuck does this amazing little woman make me turn back into a virginal basket case that’s likely to cum the minute a girl just looks at his cock?

“Good boy, Eric. Now…watch me fuck myself,” she purrs at me as she begins to play with her gorgeous pussy again.

Watch her? Fuck. Me. As if I could do anything else right now?

Once her moans begin, I’m forced to grip my thighs as I watch her finger her luscious cunt in order to keep from stroking myself. I can plainly see how wet she is and it’s fucking killing me.

“Does it feel good, honey?” I rasp, my voice hoarse with need. She moans loudly and nods her head at me. “Are you imagining it’s my hard cock sliding in and out of your tight, wet pussy?”

“Mmhmm, it feels so good, baby.” She brings her other hand down to join the party between her legs and uses it to rub her clit slowly, while continuing to fuck herself with her fingers.

“Sookie, honey, you’re making my dick hurt. Do you see how hard you make me?” My fingers are twitching against my thighs as I try desperately not to stroke my cock. “I want you so fucking badly, Sook.”

“Don’t you want to watch me fuck myself anymore, baby?” she purrs at me with hooded eyes.

“Honey, there’s nothing I want more than to watch you finger that perfect pussy, but what I need is to fuck you with my thick, hard cock.” I’m already taking a step towards her as I finish speaking; I know I can’t wait much longer, no matter how hot she is right now.

“Then come get me, Big Boy,” she purrs at me.

I don’t need to be told twice!

I walk up to her and drop to my knees; as much as I want to fuck her senseless right now, I need to taste her first. I gently spread her legs just a little further and take in the beautiful buffet that’s laid out before me.

“Decided to take a detour, did you?” she giggles at me as she reaches out to stroke my cheek gently.

“Well, I am awful hungry…” I know she gets the pun when she barks out a huge laugh. That laugh is quickly silenced when I lean in and lick her from the base of her sweet pussy up to her clit.

I can’t help but moan at her taste; she’s fucking amazing! “Jesus, Sook, how do you taste this fucking good? It’s even better than I remember, and that’s saying something!”

My eyes never leave hers as I descend on her pussy again. I tease her clit, alternating between flicking it with my tongue and sucking it into my mouth. Once she’s writhing on the bed, I flatten out my tongue and lick her from the base of her opening all the way up. I linger there at her clit again, teasing the hell out of her, only to repeat the process. She’s a hot mess right now, and I want to explode just knowing that I’m the one doing this to her. It’s me that has her so worked up she’s moaning near constantly and thrashing about.

“Eric, oh God, please!” she whimpers.

“Please what, my lover?” I ask as I blow my breath over her engorged clit, causing her to moan as she thrusts her hips upwards seeking more friction.

“I…I need more, baby, please! Ungh. More, now, please!”

Yes ma’am!

As much as I want to finish her with my mouth again, I cannot wait another second to be buried deep within her. I crawl back up her body, kissing and tasting every inch I can along the way – just because I need to fuck her NOW doesn’t mean I have to waste a good meal along the way!

I reach her lips and kiss her for all I’m worth, edging her backwards as I do. I grab her by her ass and lift her hips so that they’re resting on my thighs, keeping her so she’s sitting up and still able to kiss me with those perfect lips of hers. I struggle a little to get us further up on the bed, but hey – sex isn’t always as neat and easy as it seems in the movies – but that’s what makes it absolutely perfect in my book!

As I’m scooting her back, I can’t help but think about how surreal this moment is. Mine and Sookie’s relationship has been anything but neat and easy! It’s been messy, complicated, filled with joy, heartbreaking, and all sorts of fucked up for as long as I can remember. There was absolutely fucking nothing about us that was ‘story book’ in any way, shape or form.

I wouldn’t trade one single second of any of it either. Not when it’s all led up to this exact moment. Here. Now. Now we are living the ‘story book’ moment – now we are the fairy tale couple. And I couldn’t be happier.

I settle her so that her head it resting on one of the many ridiculously soft and fluffy pillows on the bed, never breaking our kiss. I kiss her passionately for a few more moments as I settle us into position; I am nestled between her gorgeous thighs as I break our kiss finally and lock eyes with her.

I cradle her face gently in both my hands, gathering the strength to say what needs to be said. “I’ve never stopped loving you, Sookie. Never. I love you as much today as I did the day we split twenty years ago.” Her eyes fill with unshed tears as I make my declaration to her. “I’m never going to let you go again, not for any reason.”

A few tears escape as she swallows hard; I wipe them away with the pads of my thumbs. “I don’t want to be without you ever again either, Eric. I’ve waited so long to have you in my arms again.” She hugs me tighter around my waist as she speaks.

“Things are going to be messed up in my world for a while, you understand this, right?” She nods her understanding and I continue, “I might not know exactly where I’ll be living or what’s going to happen over the next few months – but I do know that I can’t have you leave California. I can’t live with you yet because of my boys, even though I’d move you in today if it were possible.”

“I know you would, and I’d say yes without question, but we have to make sure the boys are alright. They’ve been through enough and I don’t imagine Fifi will go without a fight.” She’s probably not wrong about that as my soon to be ex-wife is an asshole.

“Will you be patient with me, honey? I need to know that you can wait while I sort out the clusterfuck that is my life right now before we do this. I look forward to falling in love with the new you, I look forward to building a relationship with you and having you be a part of my family. Please tell me you want all those things too.”

I don’t mean to sound like an insecure teenage girl at this moment, but there’s no fucking way I can have sex with Sookie right now and then have her call it quits again in a couple months. I barely dealt with that twenty years ago – I can’t put my boys through the emotional black hole I’d be today if it happened again. No matter what I want out of life, their safety and security have to come first, without question.

“Eric, I’d be so much more than honored to be part of your family. I have no doubts I’ll love those boys as my own, and only hope they’ll come to love me half as much.” She takes a deep breath, seemingly pausing to figure out what to say next.

I can’t tell you what it does to my heart to hear her say she’ll love my boys. I already know by their prior interactions that if given the chance Liam and Alex will fall head over heels in love with her, but I’m thrilled to know for certain that she feels the same.

“I’ve never stopped loving you either, baby. I’ve thought about you every day, always wondering if you missed me like I missed you. Seeing you with those boys, knowing that you’re the man I always knew was hiding under that dumbass party boy front you were back then makes me happier than I can say. I’ll never be able to be without you again.”

All through our talk I’ve been rubbing my still rock hard cock against her extremely wet pussy. Hey, I may need to clear the air and make sure we’re on the same page, but I fucking want this woman, what can I say? I can’t stand the distance between our lips for one more second more and crush my lips to hers. We kiss passionately for several minutes while our hands explore every inch of skin we can reach.

When I finally pull back, partly for breath and partly to finish what I need to say, she whimpers at the loss of my lips. I’m still grinding against her, causing both of us to moan every so often, but I don’t think I could stop my hips from moving with a vice grip.

“Sookie, honey, I will divorce Felicia the moment it’s possible and I need to know for certain that you are planning on divorcing Bill.” My plans won’t work otherwise.

She assures me that she’ll be filing for divorce as early as tomorrow if it’s possible. Now I have the courage to finish my speech.

“I’ll give you anything and everything you’ve ever wanted, Sweetcheeks, if you’ll promise to stay with me always. I’ll marry you, give you children of your own, anything you want. If we can’t have kids, we’ll adopt. Hell, I’ll even move back home if you really want; I’m sure we could get the boys to agree. Just stay with me this time, and promise to talk to me when something is up because we can’t do the crazy this time with kids in the picture.”

She tears up again and I’m silently willing them not to spill over. “Eric, I promise, with all that I am, I’m yours again – always.”

That’s all I needed to hear!

As I crash my lips to hers again, I angle my hips and push forward so that the head of my massive erection is finally nestled inside her tight heaven, causing us both to gasp at the sensation.

She pushes against my chest as she exclaims, “Eric! I’m not on the pill, and your wife is cheating! Honey, we should use a condom!”

I shush her as I slide into her further and kiss her before explaining why this is okay. “Honey, I’ve been wearing condoms with my wife for many months as I knew she was trying to trap me into having another baby that I have no interest in parenting.” Her face falls a bit and it takes only a second to realize that she’s thinking I was just lying to her about having more kids.

“Sookie,” I pause, making sure she’s looking me in the eyes before continuing. “I didn’t want to have another child with her. Felicia was and is a shitty mother who only cares about herself, which you witnessed with your own eyes. I would love to have more kids if it’s with you, in any way we can.” I push further until I’m fully sheathed within her.

I have to still all movements and thoughts for a moment; not only to savor the nirvana that is surrounding me, but to make sure that I don’t explode in her like a virgin sliding home for the first time.

I kiss her passionately as I start to move within her slowly. “Sookie, my beautiful girl, I don’t care that you aren’t on the pill. We’ve wasted too many years apart and while I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything in the world, I’ve wished many times that they were yours. If we by some miracle got pregnant tonight, I’d be the happiest man on earth!”

She raises her head, slamming her lips to mine; at this rate both of our lips will be purple by morning, but I couldn’t care less! We speak no more of the future or the state of our relationship; we’ve waited so long to feel each other this way again, nothing is going to get in the way of this moment – even if it’s planning our future.

For a while our moments are unhurried and very sweet; this is exactly what making love should feel like. Soon though, the passion has built to the point where neither one of us can stand the slow and romantic pace anymore!

I sit back on my heels, bringing Sookie’s hips with me so that her ass is resting on my thighs again. I make sure to pull her up so that she’s sitting up on me as I pound into her at a much faster pace. With our height difference I’m easily able to suck on my two favorite toys, which is perfect in my world! The other glorious thing is that with this change in angles, I’m hitting my lover’s G-spot on every stroke, causing her to scream out in accordance with our rhythm. In a matter of moments she’s coming all over my cock, bringing me dangerously close to blowing my load from the milking she’s giving me internally.

“Holy fuck! Sookie, you feel so fucking good gripping my cock like that when you come undone for me,” I manage to rasp out. “Only for me. Tell me you’ll only cum like that, hard like that, for me!”

I flip us over so that she can straddle me; nobody has ever ridden my cock the way she has, and the sex is so fucking much better now than twenty years ago. I’m almost trembling with anticipation.

She begins to ride me slowly, moaning out her promise. “Only for you, baby. Always, only for you. Nobody else makes my pussy feel this fucking good. Your cock was made for me, baby.”

I’m lost. I’m totally fucking speechless between her moments and her sexy words. She begins to ride me with a little more abandon, moving faster and harder than she was before. All I’m able to do is grunt, groan and hold onto her hips for dear life. Every single ounce of self control I’ve ever possessed goes into not exploding inside her pussy at this moment.

I used to pride myself on stamina. Then Sookie fucking Stackhouse came back into my life with her magic vagina; now I’m reduced to a teenager all over again, just hoping to last more than five minutes. Well, could be worse I guess, at least my rebound time has reverted to teendom as well…

Sook leans forward as she rides me, bracing her hands on my chest. Her head is thrown back and the moans escaping her are making me crazy! “Oh God, Eric! So good. So. Fucking. Good!” She snaps her head forward and looks right into my eyes. “I’m so fucking close to coming on that perfect cock again, baby.”

“Oh Christ! You make me want to cum so fucking bad, Sookie!” I start doing fucking multiplication tables in my head to keep from losing it.

“Your cock is so hard, baby. So long and thick. It feels so fucking perfect sliding in and out of me! I love the way you fill me up and hit my cum-o-matic button so easily.”

I’m dying laughing at the cum-o-matic comment! Only my girl could simultaneously make me want to blow my load and laugh my ass off, and I love her just a little more for it.

I can feel her walls begin to flutter around my cock, signaling that her orgasm is not far off. I can promise you, there’s no fucking way I’ll be able to hold back this time! Not even thinking about the trick poodle and Mr. Ed will hold off my orgasm this time! She’s moaning and letting out small screams as she slams herself up and down on my dick.

The closer her orgasm gets, the more erratic her moments get. I can’t stand it; I need to cum so fucking bad! I grasp her hips hard enough that I’m sure I’ll leave bruises as I guide her over my cock, ensuring that I’ll be able to finish with her. Our noises heat up, as does our speed. So. Fucking. Close.

“Sookie, honey, I can’t fucking hold out anymore. Please, come with me,” I beg as I remove one hand from her hip and bring it between us to her clit. One firm pinch to her nerve bundle and she’s gripping my cock like a vice. She throws her head back and screams as her orgasm rips through her, her muscles pulling me in tighter as they milk me for all I’m worth. Two more hard thrusts and I’m coming right along with her, roaring her name as I do.

The pulsing of my dick within her causes her to orgasm again, which only serves to prolong mine. It is hands down (or dick up, depending on how you want to look at it) the best fucking orgasm of my life!

My beautiful girl collapses on top of me as her aftershocks fade and I wrap my arms around her, crushing her to me. Aside from the birth of my boys, nothing has ever felt so right. We lie there for a while, my dick softening within her, just holding one another.

I’ve been so lost for so long and I never really realized it until this moment. While my boys are the best thing to ever happen to me, I never really understood how much of my soul I’ve been missing since Sookie and I split up. I’m finally whole again and have no intention of ever letting this relationship fail again.

As always, my girl seems to be psychically connected to me. “You’re stuck with me, Northman. I can’t fucking believe I actually found you!” She pauses to kiss my chest. “I never, in a million years, pictured our reunion happening the way it did. As strange as it’s been, I wouldn’t trade a second.”

“I could have done without Mr. Ed’s tail! That shit will give me nightmares for fucking decades!” I can’t help but shudder, even though she’s laughing at me.

The shudder however, causes the most delicious sensation since I’m still sheathed within her. Her laughter ends abruptly as I begin to harden once more.

“Holy shit, Eric! Again, really?” Thankfully she doesn’t look as horrified as she sounds.

“I’ve waited twenty fucking years to have my dick inside this pussy again. Fuck. Yes. Again! Now, woman!” I punctuate my statement with a trust of my hips, causing her to let out a low moan.


Six hours later, as I’m lying there with my Sookie wrapped up in my arms like my own personal security blanket, I’m struck with how perfect this night has really been.

Who the fuck would have guessed that finding my wife role playing with a very furry pony would have been the happiest night of my life since the birth of the boys? What a strange and wonderfully fucked up plan the universe has for us sometimes!

I had my future wife five more times vaginally tonight and finally got to fuck her anally for the first time. That in itself was a dream come true, as she was never willing to do that as a kid. We fucked and made love in every position, on every flat surface in this suite – including several walls. I’ve never been more sexually sated, yet simultaneously starving, before.

I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of this woman, and nothing could make me happier.

We shut the music off after the second round; no matter how much you love a song – you can only hear it so many times before wanting to claw your eyes out. While that 80’s jam reminded me of Sookie before, I promise you that I’ll never hear it again without getting a hard on from remembering tonight.

I squeeze her just a little more tightly thinking of all this woman has meant to me in my past, and what I’m sure she’ll come to mean in the future. We’d agreed to go to dinner together at my mom’s tomorrow. Liam and Alex need to spend some time with Sookie since I’m not letting her go any time soon… or ever. She was a bit apprehensive about it when I first insisted, but she promised me we’d stick together on everything so we’re going to face tomorrow together.

Every day after tomorrow too – it’s me and her against the world again.

I kiss her shoulder softly as I snuggle impossibly closer to her. “I love you, Sookie.” I whisper in her ear.

She sighs as she pushes back against me. “I love you too, baby. Always have, always will.”

All is right in my world again.


“Hungry” by Winger

I hear the ticking on the clock,

counting every day I’ve been alone
How long before you’re comin’ back
If I don’t see your face I’ll turn to stone

Can’t keep holding on this way, can’t go on another day
Can’t you hear me when I say, girl I’m

Hungry for your love, girl I’m hungry, baby let me in
Hungry for your love, hungry, I can’t get enough

Your love’s the color of my heart
When I look in your eyes everything’s so clear
So still together when we’re apart
I begin to die unless you’re here
I can’t keep holding on this way, I can’t go on another day

Can’t you hear me when I say, girl I’m


I lie awake all night, I can’t stop remembering
You’ve got to make it right, I can’t hold it in


I hear the ticking on the clock, counting every day I’ve been alone – hungry
I’m hungry for your love, girl I’m hungry, I can’t let go
Hungry for your skin, hungry, baby let me in
Hungry for your love, hungry, hungry for your



So, epilogue to come within the week. As far at BTS and Revelry, I’ve not forgotten them – not by a long shot. I will be getting back to them in just a few short weeks. I just need to finish the end of the semester garbage.

Personal experience note… for any of my younger readers – finish college before the husband and kids if possible, it makes life much easier when all you’re responsible for is you. RL is hard enough then, when you get older and throw in kids and spouses, WOW! Just sayin’, lol.

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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