Chapter 2

Okay, honesty time… I have no idea where this is going, but hopefully it’s gonna be a fun ride. This is just a little more plot, lemons coming in next chapter.

And let’s face it, by now most of you know me… there will be times when I update daily, weekly, maybe bi-weekly or so. I’m sporadic with updates – but the only thing I will promise is that I won’t let a story go 10 months again like it did with ATY last year.

Ali989969 is my beta for this story, and she’s fantastic!

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He laughed and laughed, and I soon found myself giggling with him. His hands smoothed over my back as he shook us both with his mirth. It didn’t take long to realize that as we quaked, our bodies were rubbing against each other in the most sensuous of ways.

His laughter dissolved into throaty chuckles as his movements became more intentional. The leg still wedged between mine now rubbed back and forth as he continued to stroke my back, hitting my rapidly moistening lady-bits with unhurried precision.

My hands began exploring his skin, and I marveled again at what a contradiction it was; so hard, so soft, cool and yet surprisingly comforting. And I didn’t think it was just because I was familiar with the fell of vampire skin from my time with Bill.

Eric felt… different.

Reassuring, calming, and… promising?

In a way I couldn’t explain.

Though, in this moment, I wouldn’t want to try. I was perfectly sublime exactly where I was, maybe for the first time ever.

“I fear you will ruin me, lover. I am unused to this level of… comfort, perhaps is the right word, with those I give my body to.”

“Ha!” I snorted. “Then we’ll be even, buddy. ‘Cuz I’m pretty sure you’ve already ruined me.” I wasn’t kidding either. Now that I knew how good sex could be, how the hell was I supposed to go back to Bump-and-Bail Bill?

“Hmmm,” he purred. He seemed to do that a lot around me. “Then I have done my job perfectly, since I have no interest in sharing you.”

“Well, considering I have no interest in being part of your weekly rotation, why don’t we just call this a ‘one-nighter’? Should be simpler that way, especially since, for all intents and purposes, I am still Bill’s.” Whether I wanted to continue to be or not after tonight was something I still needed to think about.

Just not right now.

“I believe I shall want you for much longer than one night, my Sookie.”

“Well, just because you’re used to getting everything you want, buddy, doesn’t mean you always will,” I smiled my sweetest smile at him, batting my eyelashes.

“Everyone thinks you’re such a darling, don’t they?” he groaned at me.

“I am a darling,” I cooed in return, but then froze instantly.

“What is it, lover?” he asked quietly, though his concern was obvious.

“Tha… that dream I told you about, the one from Dallas… you said that to me in it,” my voice was almost as shaky as my stomach. What the heck was going on between us? Was I now psychic as well as telepathic?

Well that would just be fuckin’ ducky?!

“Did I now?” he sounded genuinely intrigued, though his hands were still caressing me sinfully.

“Mmhmm. And you said you always thought I had no sense of humor.”

“Are you psychic as well, Sookie?”

“Fuck, I hope not! But I was just asking myself the same thing! Wait… why? Do you really think that?” I didn’t know whether to be offended, or scared.

“I did, before knowing you. But now I see how different you are. You are actually quite entertaining, among other things,” he winked.

Ignoring his none-too-subtle innuendo, I pressed on about my dream. “And I told you that I thought you were made of cold, hard stone, and empty inside.”

“And what was my response, in this dream of yours?” he asked as his fingers began outlining the swell of my breasts.

“I told you that you were a big faker. That you were deep, you felt. That there was love in you,” and I had no intention of telling him his response. But his interruption shocked me.

“Only for Sookie,” he rasped before his lips found mine.

I probably should have been terrified at his response. Was he lying to me? Did he know about the dreams, or cause them at least? Even to my sex addled brain, this felt too coincidental. But all I could focus on presently was how his body felt on mine. His lips, his tongue, his hands… he was everywhere, yet nowhere close enough.

When he moved to my neck to allow me to breathe, I finally whimpered, “That’s exactly what you said, in my dream. ‘Only for Sookie’. What does all this mean, Eric? I mean, is it normal?”

“No, it certainly is not. Not from anything I’ve encountered in all my years. I am afraid I do not know what it means, Sookie. But I do know that most times blood-induced dreams are filled with sex or violence, not heartfelt chats and cuddles. Perhaps this will convince you that you are more than simply dinner and a challenge to me? That I want more than you body, blood, and telepathy?” He actually sounded hopeful.

“Well, perhaps. But finish telling me how you can prove it to me. And before we get too much more sidetracked, I need to tell you that I’ve figured it out.” His confused look made me continue, “Why Bill was sent here… Hadley is my cousin and has always known about my quirk. Obviously she blabbed her freaking mouth to the queen, and Bill was sent to get me. You’ve already proven to me how valuable a telepath can be, my guess is that I’d be nearly irresistible to someone higher up y’all’s food chain.”

He stared at me for a long moment, going utterly still. “Are you okay, Sookie?” he asked quietly, kissing my nose. “I cannot imagine that you are as blasé about Bill’s duplicity as you now seem.”

“No, I’m not. And I imagine that there will be buckets of tears shed later over that lying pile of crap, but right now I’m more focused on what we can do to save my keister. I’ll deal with the rest of this bullshit later.”

“You continue to amaze me, Sookie Stackhouse,” he paused to press his lips to mine tenderly, slowly. It was almost heartbreaking, how sweet that kiss was. “If we were to complete a blood-bond, then you should be safe from the queen. We would still have to organize a contract for use of your ability, since she already knows of it and denying her would be treason. But we can arrange for your safety when you needed to utilize it for her.”

I asked him some pertinent questions and he patiently explained everything. I told him then about Bill and his proposal, and how he’d gone missing while I was in the ladies room. Eric paused to use the phone I’d not noticed down here, barking orders in another language. When asked, he explained that Pam and Chow would be looking into things at the restaurant and would report back later.

“The main question is do you still wish to be Bill’s, Sookie?” he finally asked after we’d hashed many things out.

“I don’t know. There’s a part of me that’s screaming for me to run to him, save him. But then the logical part of me says let that fucker rot after all he’s done to me. I’m just so torn.”

“Is being tied to me really so appalling that you’d rather risk being chained in a cell in NOLA for the rest of your life, until you’re either killed or turned?” The hurt in his voice was impossible to miss.

“No. That’s not what’s holding me up at all, Eric. And I’m not only considering bonding to you for my safety, it’s just that something inside me is almost refusing to let me. I don’t know how to explain it. In fact, I’m having a hard time just laying here with you right now, to be honest, even though I don’t really want to leave.”

I was so confused. It wasn’t that I was in a hurry to jump into something with Eric, ‘cuz Lord only knew where that could lead, but I was also more than smart enough to realize that this was the lesser of all the evils I was facing. And, to be fair, I really shouldn’t have called it an evil; I knew what it had to cost him to open himself up this way to me.

“Would you get into trouble with your queen if we bonded? I don’t want you to get hurt, or worse, because of me.” That would be the dealbreaker. I would not allow him to meet his final death protecting little ‘ole me.

“I should not, provided she does not realize that I knew she wanted you when I claimed you. But do not worry, I am quite adept at protecting me and mine,” his tone left no room for doubt. “Now, what is your decision?”

“I’m still really confused. I mean, everything you’ve said makes perfect sense, but I still feel like I want to fight you on this, even though I know I don’t really want to. Why do I feel this way?” I paused as something came to me. “Could it be… that,” I hated that I knew I was right before I even said the words. “Is it Bill’s blood that’s still in me doing this? Making me want to fight you on everything?”

“I believe it could be. If you are unsure about completing the bond tonight, I might be able to offer another suggestion.”

“Go on,” I encouraged.

“It is quite possible that if we were to complete a second exchange that it would overpower Compton’s influence, though I cannot guarantee that would be the case. But, my blood is infinitely older and far superior,” he added with a smug smile, “so in theory, that should work.”

“Well…” I held up a finger again asking for another pause; I really needed to give this some thought. But to my surprise, I ended up pondering aloud. “It seems we already have quite the connection – I mean, you and I,” I clarified by pointing between us. “And I certainly don’t want to be Bill’s puppet, if that’s what he’s been after with me. Plus, there’s no fuckin’ way I want to live in some gilded cage at your queen’s place…” I paused, trying to gather my thoughts.

“I should inform you before you decide that our connection will grow stronger with a second exchange, Sookie. My intentions in sharing blood with you are not meant for control, especially now, so you have no reason to be concerned about the type of bond we are forming (as I explained earlier). But everything between us will be amplified. I will feel you more strongly, be able to locate you easier should the need arise, and if our previous exchange is any indication, I might even be able to send you some emotions when needed. Calming influences, or caution, for example when needed. Ordinarily, emotion sharing doesn’t occur until after the third exchange, at which time you will be able to feel me as well, but I believe we will likely… break the mold, shall we say?”

“Thank you for being honest, Eric. While I’m a little unsure of forming a permanent tie with you at this point, I am definitely okay with finding out if any of my feelings for Bill are my own. So… let’s do this.”

Before I could finish my last syllable, I found myself sprawled on top of Eric’s naked body. He pulled a knife from the nightstand and told me what to expect; he would make a small cut above his heart and I would drink quickly before it sealed. At that time, the moment I began sucking, he would in turn bite me. Thus making sure that the bond would recognize this as a second exchange.

It all sounded wonderful in theory.

But the execution was where the unexpected came into play.

I had sat up slightly astride his waist, both of us still completely bare. He made the cut and my lips descended upon him without pause. The moment his fangs pierced the skin of my neck, my body was overcome with Eric.

I saw images in my mind of ancient times: A king and his wife, her holding a small infant. A man having sex in a back room. I heard the horrible screams, saw through another’s eyes the devastation the wolves caused; the dead bodies, even the tiny child. I watched as the king lost his fight to survive, dying in this person’s arms…

And then I heard him.

“So perfect. Everything is just… like she was made just for ME. How long I have waited! My mate. My sweet Sookie.” I could not help but gasp against his skin, though somehow I continued to drink from the rapidly closing wound.

I felt his manhood at full attention against my backside, throbbing and ready. Thoroughly unable to process not only the fact that I’d ‘heard’ a vampire (and Eric no less), but the actual words he’d thought, I did what any red-blooded female would do.

I shut down my mind, and let my desires take the wheel.

Thinking is overrated anyway, right?


NSFW chapter will be next. Then we’ll deal with some of the stuff learned here. But really, what woman could resist a naked Eric.

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Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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