Chapter 3

So… Here’s the lemons we all chanted for! NSFW, just so y’all know!

Ali989969 is my beta for this story, and she’s fantastic!!!!

Disclaimer – Don’t own them, wish I did. CH & AB, plus HBO do.


I began rocking against his stomach gently, shamelessly enjoying the friction his muscles provided. I was licking the already healed spot where he’d cut, lapping up any remnants I could find and truly just enjoyed the feel of him under my tongue.

His hips began rocking slightly as he disengaged from my throat, his gracious plenty nestling in the crack of my tush. I was nowhere near ready for that kind of sex, but the feeling of him rubbing against me was glorious. His hands gripped my hips harder as small grunts began escaping him.

“Take from me what you will, Sookie Stackhouse,” he moaned, and my ovaries clenched in anticipation.

My lower half froze as I reached for his face. “Eric?” I breathed, cupping his face in my hands gently.

“I told you, lover, I am your willing guinea pig. Since you have alluded to the fact that you have not explored the male body properly, I am offering mine for experimentation. For your pleasure,” he groaned as he drew himself between my cheeks again. “And mine, of course, since I shall thoroughly enjoy anything you attempt,” he winked before turning his head to place a brief kiss to my palm.

I was nervous, certainly, but also incredibly excited to be given carte blanche with such a marvelous canvas. Surely the artists of old couldn’t have imagined such perfection. I kept my lower half static as my hands began gliding over his face, lips, neck, shoulders, arms, and finally torso. I let my open hands trail over every part of him I could reach as though I were blind and he was the Braille manuscript I needed for survival.

His hips had continued to move for a time, but as I leaned forward they finally stilled. Perhaps in anticipation of what was to come? I placed a single, drawn out kiss to his forehead, both in gratitude for his offering and in affection for the man he was with me this night. I prayed silently that I’d see far more of this Eric, and far less of the arrogant ass I’d recklessly slapped not so long ago.

His face nuzzled my readily available bosom as I began kissing my way toward his lips. I ghosted over both eyelids, placed two down his nose, and then paused to rub my face against his with barely a touch before finally licking his bottom lip slightly. Those gloriously full lips parted before me, a soft puff of air fanning my face. His scent was nearly as appetizing as his actual taste, but I could wait no longer.

I forced myself to go slow, to not give in to the overwhelming need I had to devour him, as my lips savored his. Our tongues did not fight for dominance as we kissed, they searched and teased and caressed one another. My hands traced the contours of his face, neck, and shoulders as my lips met with his. His groans and occasional hisses were invigorating and made me drunk with power. The magnitude of his gift was a very heady thing indeed.

He was now my prey.

I pulled my mouth from his and began nibbling along his strong jaw line, then down his neck to the curve of his shoulders, pausing only to flick the shell of his ear with my eager tongue. “You’re so beautiful,” I breathed against his lobe, and I rejoiced in the shiver that coursed through him. I quietly thanked him for his trust in me before continuing my exploration.

I lifted my hips slightly and eased my bottom to rest on top of his thighs. The fact that my center dragged over his waiting erection, was (of course) completely accidental. As was the fierce hiss that escaped his lips as our flesh met, surely.

My fingers frolicked over his chest as I gorged on his skin, kissing a line across him from shoulder to shoulder and moving lower on each pass. I wondered if his dark nipples were as sensitive as mine. I began placing wet, open mouthed kisses around the dusky buds. My tongue flicked over one nub before I suckled gently at it. His body tensed and his hips flexed, driving his manhood into my abdomen.

“Bite a little,” he groaned, and a fault line tore across both ovaries.

Doing as he asked, I slid his nipple between my teeth. I rolled it slightly with gentle pressure and ran my tongue over the tip. His hands flew to my thighs and gripped painfully, causing me to release him. Realizing he’d hurt me, Eric instantly removed his hands and offered a breathless apology, promising to behave if only I’d continue.

“Hands above your head, big boy,” I smiled coyly. “This won’t be much fun for me if you start breaking bones.”

“We could always get the chains,” he offered with a leer.

“Hmm… maybe another time,” I countered, surprised at how appealing that idea was becoming to me. “For now, I think I you should just put those big mitts behind your head and relax. This is supposed to be my gig, after all,” I pointed out, complete with my very own raised eyebrow.

He gave a throaty chuckle, “But of course. My bad, lover,” he smirked as his hands made sure to roam over my hips and over my back, before finally coming to rest under his now propped head. “Perhaps you should punish me?” he mused.

Good thing I wasn’t planning to have children anyway, because I was certain that by the time we were done here, my ovaries would have incinerated.

I gave my own moan of approval as I descended upon his other nipple. Using the techniques I already knew he enjoyed, I teased and tempted him as my hands again roamed his vast expanse. I could see how taut the muscles in his arms were when I stole glances, and knew he was showing remarkable control in not reaching for me. Tempting as the other nipple still was, I wanted more.

I began working my way over his chiseled abs; licking, sucking, biting, as I slid further down his legs. I was surprised to find myself nuzzling the sparse gathering of hair below his belly button, but it was so soft and he smelled simply amazing. Surely I could not be held accountable when he was totally to blame for being so tempting?

Unable to stop myself, I ran my tongue over both sides of the V that ran down the lowest part of his stomach, and gasped in shock when I suddenly found myself settled between his now open legs. I looked to his face and caught the last movements of his arms again folding beneath his head. His only partially contrite expression at defying my rules made me snort as I shook my head at his antics.

Apparently, Eric really wanted me to have better access.

“Perhaps punishments will be in order,” I chided him playfully.

“Then I shall be certain I’ve earned them,” he vowed.

Before I knew what was happening, Eric had raised himself up and grabbed me by the back of my head. His lips crashed into mine with a punishing force, and he took my gasp of shock as an initiation into my mouth. His tongue positively dominated mine, and I truly had trouble keeping up with his enthusiasm. The kiss was still wonderful, but far more animalistic and urgent than I’d ever experienced.

I was more than a little breathless when he released me, and I watched in a haze as he lowered himself back to the bed. “Proceed,” he commanded with an arrogant smirk while folding his arms under his over-inflated head again.

“Harrumph,” I pouted. High handed, sexy, arrogant ass, I groused internally.

My eyes cast downward in both frustration and desire, I took my first real look at his manhood. Yes, I’d seen it earlier (and I’d sure as heck felt it), but this was a far more up-close and personal view of it.

I was captivated.

I sat back on my heels between his legs and really took a moment to appreciate his… cock. I cringed a bit at using such a crass term, even just in my head, but there was nothing else to call it. Something so supremely masculine, so big, could not be called anything else.

Bill’s sure didn’t look like this.

Eric’s cock was just… pretty. Probably the prettiest penis ever made.

It was so long, and thick… and holy fuck, it jumped!

My eyes flew to his to find him smiling widely. “Did you do that?” I asked, my voice full of wonder, as I looked frantically between his eyes and his jumping bean.

That was freaking cool!

“I’m glad you liked it, lover,” he smiled as it bucked again. I blushed crimson at the fact I’d forgotten to use my inside voice, but I tried not to be too embarrassed. I mean, I’d only seen two penises ever. And truthfully, I hardly ever actually saw Bill’s. So this was just wild.

“Do it again,” I clapped like a kid at Christmas. Really, I needed therapy. What the hell was wrong with me?

He chuckled heartily, but kindly obliged my request. “You are simply adorable, my Sookie,” he murmured. His cock jumped a few more times before coming to rest on his stomach. I lowered myself for a closer look and smiled wickedly as it began to slowly rise to meet me. It seemed to take forever to reach the top of its arch, but when finally presented with this beautiful specimen, what was there to do?

Lick it.

You guessed it.

How could I not?

My tongue darted out and grazed the skin surrounding the tip, just barely hinting at the smooth and shiny head. His body tensed and I heard a tearing sound as I made contact, but when my eyes searched I could see nothing amiss. I was nervous to try again, had I hurt him? Did he not like it? This was all just so new…

“More,” came the plea that eased my nerves, his voice devastatingly husky and strained.

His cock had fallen back down to rest among his curls. I found myself wondering if those light blonde hairs were as soft as the rest I’d encountered. Needing to know, I ran my fingers through them as I began placing open mouthed kisses along his shaft. A sound erupted from him, a growl-ish whimpering that seemed so opposing to the controlled man I’d always known.

Satisfied that his curls were indeed soft like down, I stopped my query and began running my hands over his length. It was such a contradiction in textures; silky-smooth, but hard as rock. The veins and ridges were wonderful bumps in my roadmap, each one warranting extra attention. It dawned on me suddenly that I was petting a vampire like a cat, and I grinned widely at the irony.

The most deadly creature I’d ever met, and here I was petting him – as he purred – like a fluffy pussy.

Of course, thinking about Eric being any kind of pussy just made my grin blossom into a full-blown smile.

Yes… complete with another snort.

I knew I was busted when he suddenly groaned, “While it is mildly degrading to be treated like a domestic pet, I find the feel of your soft, warm hands on my cock far outweighs any embarrassment this causes.”

“Well, just you behave, mister. Because only good pets get rewards,” I reminded him as I leaned forward to lick his tip again. He promised to be good amidst the foreign words that tumbled from him, which I could only assume were curses, considering how he’d said them.

I hooked a finger around the base of his shaft, drawing it closer to my lips. “I don’t really know what I’m doing, Eric,” I whispered. I was both ashamed of my lack of knowledge and overcome with excitement at finally trying something I’d been aching for.

“I promise, lover, I will tell you if I do not care for something,” he groaned as his hips rose, causing his rod to rub against the finger that held it. “And you will know if I am enjoying it, I assure you,” he winked.

Assuaged somewhat by his words I brought him to my lips. I rubbed his head over them gently, surprised by the cool fluid that gathered in his wake. I pulled back slightly and licked my lips, curious. It was slightly salty, though not unpleasant, and still cool on my tongue. I gasped a little, realizing how much I enjoyed his flavor, and licked my lips more heartily in search of more. He moaned loudly as my tongue collected the moisture, and this time I saw him shred the pillow beneath him as he struggled to remain still. With a look that commanded him to behave, I lowered myself again.

This time I ran my tongue over his head, making sure to harvest everything I could from the tiny slit. “You taste so good, Eric,” I moaned as I hunted for more, causing another chorus of foreign swears from my pet-project.

His blood had been surprisingly delicious, but his male essence was simply divine. Never had I dreamed I’d enjoy the flavor so much, but it was sweeter than chocolate or honey, and better than pretzels or chips. I likened it to a chocolate-covered pretzel dipped in heroin-laced-crack.

I was officially an addict.

And I’d never get enough.

Nearly desperate, I slid him into my mouth, sucking the tip as I tried to milk more from him. I heard more tearing above me, but couldn’t be bothered to look at his latest demolition. I had more important matters to tend to.

I could taste him on my tongue as I sucked, and as appealing as that was, I was now captivated by the feel of him in my mouth. He was slick with my spit and his own moisture, and glided effortlessly within me. His skin was so smooth, but I could feel the ridges and ripples that adorned his thick cock. His flavor and scent made my head spin, and I moaned as I worked him.

Apparently, he could feel the vibrations in my heady moans, because his hips thrust up and I heard a grinding noise coming from the top of the bed as he growled long and low. “Again,” he begged.

Yes! My mind shouted.

Taking him deeper this time, I was adventurous and ran my tongue around him as I moved. His hips were pumping gently, almost unconsciously, as we worked together to get more of him into me. I felt his hand grip my head – not painfully, just firmly, and released him.

“Bad, bad kitty!” I scolded, actually having the nerve to waggle my finger at him. “I don’t really want my skull crushed tonight, so if you can’t control yourself then I’ll be forced to stop,” I warned.

His resulting growl should have scared the hell out of me; it was fierce and his fangs were long and glinting. Yet all it did was make me moan like a hussy as I clenched my thighs together. “You are playing with fire, little girl,” he hissed.

“Good thing I like the heat then, huh?” I sassed, and wondered briefly about my sanity. Did I have no sense of self preservation? Yeah… nope. Not an ounce. “Now, shall we continue?” I asked, all saccharine and lace.

He growled again, more ferociously than before, as he moved his hand back behind his head. And in that moment I knew I’d never have children, because what was left of my poor ovaries was obliterated as I nearly came on the spot. I gave him a satisfied smirk and lowered myself back to my waiting prize.

Before taking him back into my mouth, however, I wanted to explore a little more. I traced one finger around the contours of his balls, wondering what it would feel like to him. “Are they sensitive?” I asked quietly. It somehow didn’t seem right to use a normal volume right now.

“Very,” he grunted.

“Hmmm…” I purred as I lowered my mouth to taste this new area. I licked a few times, earning breathy moans from above, before gently sucking one into my mouth.

“Aghhh,” he moaned. “Just… like that… so good… no harder.” He sounded so fucking sexy like that. And the knowledge that I did that to him made me crazy.

I released the one and switched to the other, making sure this time to tongue it while I sucked. His hips thrust as his cock jumped, and I moaned at the erotic visual. He let out a strangled sound before whimpering, “Please,” and I had to obey.

I took him into my mouth without hesitation, feeling nearly as desperate as he seemed. I simply couldn’t get all of him in, but I began working what remained in my hand with a rhythm that matched my mouth’s. I swirled my tongue occasionally as I bobbed, staggering my suction between hollowed-out cheeks and leisurely strokes. I was still uncertain of my skills, but from the sounds he was making I guessed I was doing ok.

My hand slid easily over him with the combined fluids dripping from my lips, and his hips began bucking in time with my efforts. He seemed to be getting harder, thicker, as I worked him, though I didn’t know how that was possible.

“Suck just… a little… harder, my Sookie. Faster,” he rasped with a low moan.

I happily did as requested. After all, I wanted him to enjoy this as much as I was. Soon his movements became erratic, and he swelled impossibly larger. I could feel him twitch spastically between my lips, and wondered if he was close to coming.

I dragged my teeth ever so gently over him on one pass upward, and he bellowed out a loud, “FUCK!” Several passes later he groaned, “Again, please.”

I sucked particularly hard, then on the next pass I again used my teeth, resulting in another boisterous curse from Eric. I kept the rhythm with my hand and mouth, but used my other fingers to begin kneading his sac. I rubbed, massaged, and finally tugged.

“Yes!” he hissed.

I sucked a little harder before scraping him with my teeth again, and simultaneously pressed my thumb just below his balls. I heard a terrible grinding noise, a screeching and tearing, as he growled like a caged beast.

“Fuck! Sookie! Can’t… gonna…”

And that was all he got out before I felt him quake uncontrollably in my mouth. His cum was cool as it coated my tongue, and I sucked heartily to catch every drop. His hips jerked and shook as jet after jet of his essence flooded my mouth.

Not knowing what else to do, I continued to move over him with only my mouth, my hand suddenly seeming unnecessary. I slid further down than ever before and let him hit the back of my throat, causing a tremendous roar and fresh waves of fluid.

That time I was unable to contain it all, and felt it sliding past my lips and down my chin. I continued to suck until he began to spasm, and then proceeded to lick him clean – even the bits that pooled around the base. Apparently, I’d missed a lot of the second load.

Finally satisfied with my housekeeping efforts, I sat up slightly, wiping up the dribble on my chin with one finger. I stared at the liquid for mere seconds, before licking his cum from my finger.

Definitely better than chocolate.

His eyes were huge as he growled at the sight of me savoring his cum. “Come here,” he commanded, finally allowing himself to reach for me.

But before I could comply, something above him caught my eye. “Eric! You killed the wall!” I exclaimed, my eyes wide with shock. There were long gouges in the cement wall, and chunks of it lay strewn about his head.

Holy fuck! He’d shredded the wall!

My ego soared at the sight, while I thanked the heavens it was the wall that died and not me.

He looked above him, his neck straining in such a way that I longed to bite it, and said, “Huh? Guess I did,” then shrugged his shoulders as he looked at me.

I couldn’t help it; I fell on top of him and laughed like a lunatic, burying my head in his chest. His resulting laughter was so loud, so inexplicably human, that my heart skipped a beat.

I knew at that moment I could love this man.

The question was… would I let myself?


Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 3

  1. Wow! Hot!
    I always find it infinitely hotter (while I’m reading) when the guys in the stories are verbal during sex.
    And I can picture Eric in my mind’s eye! So hot!
    Will you be doing Epov?–Please! Love to read from his perspective.
    BTW, Love your new site for stories.
    Everything is nice and clean and very easy to read.
    Thank you!

    Do you think ff. net’s been taken over by the right-wing bible thumpers?
    I can’t imagine that they don’t care they are losing writers and readers by droves everyday, unless they are ultra conservatives… I’m just saying’–with my luck, you and every other writer I love to follow are probably RWUC/!

    • Just to answer your post from above, yes. That site is being attacked by the holy-rollers via attorneys in yet another attempt at censoring the Internet & circumventing the First Amendment (but don’t try to trample on their “God-given” right to bear arms, or it’s real name, the Second Amendment, because we need more fools walking around with loaded weapons, but people gaining knowledge? Shocking, because they could learn you’re full of shit.). They filter sites like you mentioned with adult books, movies, & TV shows with M-ratings and go through the site like a
      self-righteous William Compton going off to fight The Civil War, cherry-picking stories as they go. The site isn’t even attempting to stop them. What’s really so outrageous is these “religulous” (thank you, Bill Maher, for adding the word to our vernacular) folks have the ability, as we all do, with all of their techy toys to prevent the kiddies’ eyes from seeing or reading anything Jesus may or may not have done. A few clicks or swipes around keyboard/tablet/IPad/IPhone/Insert Brand Name Phone and your administrative, user, and parental controls are set. Depending upon your ISP, they’ll set it up for you. The kids you don’t want seeing these things? They’ll set them up for you! Attempting to censor the Internet is just so much more wholesome & friendly! More attorneys are needed in Hell. And nothing speaks church and faith like a good witch hunt!

      Sorry, R.J. Didn’t mean to get carried away. I just get a little pissed sometimes…

      • I always found it funny that these people don’t care much about violent contents in entertainments, but are very sensitive towards sexual contents in general. What is up with that?? And as a supposed freedom loving country, Americans have too much hangups. Wish I can sanction mandatory removal of Sticks-Up-Their-Asses, should a decent health care ever emerges…

  2. I think I am addicted to this. I will not admit to how many times I have read this and it’s counter part but needless to say there are not enough fingers or toes on my body.

    The saying is true though you can laugh with a good sex partner

  3. Hey randomreader!

    I’ve always wondered about those folks too. Those who spend THAT much time thinking about sex frighten me far more – because in reality, when one preaches far too loudly & attempts to inhibit another’s creativity, it is truly nothing more than an attempt to gain power over an individual for control. What could be more violent? To one with such a predisposed nature, something with violent content matter is not viewed as harmful. Perhaps they don’t consider it wholesome, but I don’t want to linger much on their thought processes. Just… no…

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