Chapter 4

So many things to be said about the loss of Angela (aka Ericizmine), and I doubt there’s a single thing I could say that hasn’t been said. So I’ll keep it short and sweet. We’ll all miss you, Angela. You were a bright light in our darkest moments, a laugh when we needed one, and one hell of a person. You will be missed, always.

Ali989969 is my beta for this story, and she’s fantastic!!!!

Disclaimer – Don’t own them, wish I did. CH & AB, plus HBO do.


Directing my thoughts from things I simply couldn’t deal with right now, I sank deeper into his chest and allowed myself to just feel. His arms encased me, surrounding me with comfort and security. Eric felt surprisingly warm to me right now, but whether that was due to his recent release or the fact that I was burning alive, I wasn’t sure.

“That was… unparalleled, lover. Are you certain you’ve never done that before?” he murmured from somewhere above my head. I shook my head against his skin, unable to look him in the eye.

He pulled my hair gently forcing me to raise my head, though I still refused to look him in the eyes. He sure seemed to enjoy my maiden voyage into oral sex, but I still felt inferior knowing the multitude of women he’d had before me. Eric was having none of my hiding, however, and using two fingers under my chin forced me to meet his heated gaze.

“There is nothing to be ashamed of, Sookie. Not only is sex natural, but that was marvelous. No one has ever tested my resolve the way you just did. By the gods, you made me bore through concrete… what more proof do you need of your considerable talents?” he smiled a genuine smile, not one of those asshole-ish smirks I was normally graced with.

“How is it you can be such an unimaginable bastard one minute, and yet be so heartbreakingly sweet the next? You confuse me, Eric. I don’t know what end is up when I’m with you. Especially in those moments you seem so human.”

Damn his delectable smile for making my brain-to-mouth filter fail!

And unfortunately, he wasn’t going to let my faux pas slide.

“Must I be human to be appealing to you, Sookie? Because I fear we are doomed if that is the case. I am, in fact, not human. I am an unimaginable bastard when needed, on a scale of which I doubt you could imagine. I am a vampire who was a King’s son, and was very used to getting everything he wanted before having the ability to simply take it. I know very little of your romanticized version of love, other than what I feel for my maker and child. Even when I was human, the only love I felt was familial, and yet I find myself woefully attached to you. So… if the only way you can accept me is if I am more ‘human’, then I would rather cut my losses now, thank you.”

I was appalled.

Was that really the message I’d sent him?

One look at his beautiful face told me that it was.

Oh God, Eric… I’m so sorry. That’s not what I meant at all! I don’t give a hoot that you’re a vampire! It’s just very weird to see you act so differently than what I’ve come to expect from you. I mean…”

As I paused to better consider my choice of words, he took his chance to interrupt. “I know Compton has put on his very best ‘yuppie’ façade with you, but-”

“NO! Now stop it!” I actually whined. “I don’t want you to be Bill, I’m just… I don’t really know how to explain it. All I’ve heard about you is what a ruthless, cold-hearted murderer you are. And let’s face it, it’s not like I’ve seen you on your best behavior most times; I mean, you chained and tortured my friend for weeks. What did you expect me to think of you? Especially when you throw in the piles of shit-sandwiches Bill fed me about your lack of redeeming traits. I’m blown away by how much more to you there is, and the only thing I can equate it to is how ‘human’ you seem with me. Maybe I should have said ‘different’, or ‘sweet’, or ‘cuddly,’” the last two earned corresponding growls from the peanut gallery, making me giggle. “But I don’t know how else to describe your behavior here with me, other than to call you more tame. Does that make more sense?”

I truly hoped it did. I really liked this new side of Eric I was seeing and didn’t want it to end.

“So it isn’t that you’re trying to fit me into some idealized box you labeled at puberty as ‘the perfect boy?’”

“No,” I laughed. “Not at all, I promise. It’s more that each time you show me another facet of yourself I’m that much more smitten, and frightened, to be honest. Bill was the first man I’d ever loved, the first one I’d given my body to. And he was just this big phony trying to earn brownie-points from his boss. All I knew of vampires until recently was his fake southern charm, or you and your badass, take-no-prisoners displays. The only time I ever saw you remotely humanized was that night on the roof with Godric.”


“Wait. That’s not entirely true either,” I interrupted as a million thoughts came back to me. “You helped me after that maenad attacked me, and you were going to give yourself to that fucktard priest in exchange for Godric and me. You healed Lafayette. You…”


I’d been a fool.

“Bill’s blood really put the whammy on me, I think,” I paused, searching myself trying to sort out which were my feelings and which were fading as (I believed) Bill’s blood began to fade.

“Are you alright, lover?” At least his tone seemed less biting now, though it was obvious he was still leery of where we stood.

“I think… I think the second exchange worked, Eric,” I exclaimed happily. “I know I loved Bill, but I can also tell now that a lot of what I felt for him was influenced. I no longer feel the need to fight with you about everything as if I were being disloyal to him by being nice to you. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s like I can think around his influence now?”

“That makes perfect sense, actually. When a tie is created, the vampire easily influences all sorts of aspects of their pet.”

“PET?!” I exclaimed, horrified.

His throaty chuckle did nothing to calm me, either.

“Yes, pet. That is how we refer to those we tie ourselves to for feeding and fucking.”

“Well that’s just fuckin’ ducky,” I grumbled. “Not only am I ‘crazy Sookie’ to the good ole folks of Bon Temps, but now I can add domesticated butt-monkey to my dossier. Woo. Frickin’. Hoo.”

Again, the overly-gorgeous ass chuckled at me.

I wonder if he keeps any sharp objects down here?

“Now don’t you look at me like that,” he scolded. “I didn’t come up with the terms my kind uses. It’s simply what name we have for what Bill’s original intentions were toward you. Now, whether or not he actually felt more for you as time progressed, I cannot be sure. But there is nothing I can do to change what his original assignment was when he approached you. I am, however, truly sorry for the suffering he has caused you. If I could have prevented it, I would have.”

“I know you would have, thank you. And isn’t he the gift that just keeps on givin’, too. Lucky me, I ended up being whammied by the lying sack o’ shit vamp with a consolation cock and shitty sideburns. Maybe I should play the lottery? My life can’t get any worse…”

When he was done cackling he rasped, “Consolation cock?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, not that I’m any kind of expert or anything, but his sure didn’t look like yours. Bill’s looks like a party-favor next to the gracious plenty you’re packing.” I instantly slapped my hands over my face.

Apparently, therapy wasn’t the only thing I needed.


Needle and thread?


“Where can I get a ball gag?”

“A… what?!” he barked.

“Ball. Gag. Surely someone who’s gotten as much tail as you knows what they are?” Really… did his last orgasm make him retarded?

“If you’re afraid of chains, dear Sookie, what precisely do you need with a ball gag?”

Reasonable question, really; I couldn’t fault him for it.

“Maybe if I have somethin’ stuffed in my mouth at all times, I’ll stop blurting out random shit. Then maybe I won’t want to crawl in the nearest hole quite as often.”

Seemed logical to me.

“Well, I’d certainly be happy to stuff ‘something’ in your mouth as often as possible, but your unexpected outbursts are part of your charm. I find you most entertaining.”

“Grrreat… I can add court jester to my resume too.”

“No, not that. How about snarky telepathic entertainer? Yes, I like that. We could also add cock-sucking savant and Eric’s sex slave to your list. I think those are far better titles than ‘butt-monkey’ anything.”

Well that did it.

I doubled over on top of him and laughed all over again.

“Hi, I’m Sookie Stackhouse, and I suffer from CSS,” I rambled as I continued to chortle.

“I’d hardly call being a world class dick-worshiper a sufferance. I’d call it a gift from the gods.”

Cue another round of sniggers from me.

“I bet you would.”

“As a matter of fact, I think we ensure sure it wasn’t a fluke. You should make a second attempt; for the sake of science, of course.”

“Well, who am I to refuse scientific research?” I agreed earnestly as I began to make my way back toward his rapidly thickening erection.

I kissed, licked, teased, and nibbled, down his delicious body until I reached my prize. I licked slowly from base to tip, twice, before pausing to place my lips firmly over the center of his girth.

Then… I blew a raspberry against him.

Sitting up slightly I quipped, “Well, guess it was a fluke. What a pity.”

The look on his face was priceless.

There was Sheriff Eric Northman, panting like a triathlon participant, mouth agape, looking utterly stupefied.

Needless to say, laughing wasn’t an option.

It was a freaking mandate.

He growled low and menacingly when his shock finally wore off. And before I knew what was happening I was on my back, caged in by an irritated, yet still aroused, vampire.

“Someone thinks they’re cute, don’t they?” he growled threateningly.


“Do you know that I have broken the jaws of many a whore that couldn’t properly suck my dick?”

“No, but-”

“Are you aware that I have eviscerated several women for taunting me when they should have been sucking and/or fucking?”

I could tell that he was pissed, obviously, but I could also feel that he was wildly amused.

Guess we weren’t going to have to wonder about breaking that mold. I could feel his emotions with the second blood exchange.

But, there was no harm in playing along, right?

“Eric, please,” I whimpered, hopefully as pitiful as I intended.

“Oh, you’ll beg, my little temptress. You’ll beg for so very many things tonight. And if I’m feeling kind, I may even give you what you plead for.”

I’d like to tell you that it wasn’t his evil grin that got my juices flowing again, but I’d be lying.

He climbed on top of me further, his ass resting lightly below my bosom. “Now, put my cock in your mouth to wet it for me, Sookie,” he commanded, no hint of playfulness to his face or tone.

I shook my head vehemently, refusing to obey.

“I can feel how turned on you are right now, please stop being so coy and suck my cock.”

Again, I shook my head.

With a long suffering sigh, in spite of the arousal and mirth I felt rolling through him, he slithered back down my body. “You disappoint me, lover. You really shouldn’t start something you don’t plan to finish.”

I had spied the handcuffs earlier, still attached to the bed frame from Lord only knew whose last use. At this moment, I couldn’t bring myself to care why they were there; I just thanked my lucky stars they were. As he rose up onto his knees to reposition himself, wrapping my legs around his hips, I struck.

I attached myself to him like a barnacle and bit into his neck, swallowing but a mouthful of blood. Catching him unaware, I took the opportunity to flip us and cuffed one of his arms to the bed. As he looked to see what I’d done, I quickly affixed his other arm to the head rest and grinned widely at him when his eyes finally found mine.

“And you really shouldn’t try to play Harry Hardass when I can feel your emotions,” I cooed.

His responding growl was so loud, it nearly drowned out the sudden ringing of the phone.

“Hello… Eric’s Dungeon of Sin, CSS Sookie speaking. How may I assist you,” I giggled into the receiver as I winked at my captive.

“Well aren’t you just an irritating little ray of sunshine? Put my maker on.”

“I’m sorry, but he’s a bit tied-up at the moment.”

“Well, obviously he doesn’t have his dick in your mouth if you’re still chattering at me, so why don’t you tell him to multitask. He can certainly talk and fuck, I’ve seen it.”

Eric growled something at Pam in another language, causing her to sigh, “Fine. Fucking killjoy.”

“Hang. Up. The. Phone. Sookie. NOW,” he growled.

“Rude!” I chided, earning another fierce snarl.

“Have you heard of blood-lust?” he grumbled, his body tense, pupils blown.

“Nope. Can’t say that I have.”

“You need to leave, Sookie. I will call Pam to me and she will release me.”

I could feel no hint of playfulness in him, no levity at all.

“Eric, I’m sorry. I was only playing. You can’t really be that mad?”

“It is not about being angry, Sookie. It is no longer safe for you to be here with me so…”

“Wound up?”

“Exactly,” he growled ferociously again. “I could hurt you at this point. Drain you. Fuck you until I split you in two.”

He seemed almost embarrassed to admit it, and I felt horrible for working him up so.

“What did I do wrong?” He snarled, actually baring his teeth at me. “I’m not leaving yet, Eric. I want to know how to help, and what I can do to avoid tearing you up like this again.”

“It is taking everything in me not to break these pitiful cuffs and fuck you into oblivion. Go. NOW!”

Yeah… that wasn’t happening.

“Shhh,” I whispered as I began rubbing myself over his erection. “Calm down, I was only playing,” I soothed as I ground against him, coating him in my juices.

“Leave, damn it,” he bellowed.

I felt his mood, a strange mix of horror and anarchy. My guess was that he was terrified of hurting me, but was desperate for me to continue. Of course, there was also a heavy dose of irritation at my stubbornness.

“Nope. I worked you up like this, I’m gonna take care of you,” I promised as I began bucking against his cock.

He snarled and swore as I continued to fuck myself against his dick, all the while running my hands over his arms and torso in an attempt to calm him. It rose to meet me with each grind, finally aligning so that just the tip entered me.

“Was it the raspberry that messed you up?” I asked as I took the first inch inside me.

“Ridiculous,” he barked, his body still coiled to strike.

“Was it that I took you by surprise?”

Another inch sheathed within me.

“Hardly,” he balked, growling the loudest yet.

“Will you tell me then? Please?”

Another inch.

“GET. OUT. NOW!” he bellowed, loud enough that several chunks of wall to fall around his head.

Another inch.

“Was it that I bit you? I’m sorry if I shouldn’t have taken your blood without permission.”

Another inch.

“GOD DAMN IT!” I wondered briefly if he’d shattered my eardrums with this last round of hollering. “Not permission. Take it. Yours.”

Another inch.

“Please tell me?”

“Not understand? Could kill you!” he growled, but I could both feel and hear the confusion and utter desperation in his question.

Another inch still.

“I understand that I can feel how much you don’t want to hurt me. I can feel how turned on you are right now, and how repulsed you are at the same time. I feel horrible that this is probably the first time you’ve ever hated what you are, because you want to do so many things to me but you aren’t sure that you can without killing me. I trust you, Eric,” I smiled, leaning forward to kiss his lips, fangs and all.

Another inch.

“Sookie,” he growled.

Another inch.

“Now hush up and let me take care of you.”

All. The. Way. Down.


“Bite,” I commanded as I put my wrist against his mouth.

I heard the snapping and tinging of metal just as his torso met mine and his arms encased me. Those poor cuffs never had a chance.

“Foolish, ridiculous girl,” he groaned against my lips. “Care nothing for your life?”

“I care very much,” I paused to grind, rubbing his cock in the most delicious spots. “I just think you’re going to be a huge part of it from now on, and I want to make you feel better. Bite,” I said again as I titled my neck to the side.

He was practically vibrating with the effort it took to refuse, his arms holding me almost painfully tight as his hips thrust beneath me. “Must… stop. Go. Please,” he actually whimpered.

I began nibbling on his neck, then his shoulders, earning more growls from deep in his chest. I could actually feel them rumbling against my breasts as they came forth.


“Can’t. Hurt you. Kill.”

I could feel his resolve slipping.

Logically, I knew I should be terrified. I knew he could drain me in a matter of seconds, as out of sorts as he was.

But… all I was, was turned on as all get-out.

I nibbled more, pausing to suck particularly hard where his jugular was. “Bite. Or I’ll bite you.”

“No. Can’t. Sookie. PLEASE.”

His emotions flared in that moment and I couldn’t figure one from the next. Miraculously, through all our talking and turmoil, we never stopped moving. His grip was just this side of torture, but his hips never stayed. My hands roamed over his back, pushed the hair from his face, pulled him closer, all while I rode him for love and glory.

“It’s okay. I. Trust. You. We’re okay. You’re okay. Bite.”

“No. Bond,” he all but cried. I pulled back to see his eyes rimmed red.

“Don’t you want to bond with me?” I asked quietly.

“Desperately. Want you. Need you. Always,” his breath coming in short pants, his resolve nearly gone.

“I could love you, Eric, if you’d let me. I know I could. I’ve known it since the moment I saw you strapped to that altar. Won’t you share yourself with me?”

“We will be one. You will be mine, completely,” his tone was hopeful, yet still restrained.

“And you will be mine, completely. I will not share you, Eric.”

Never have to,” he groaned painfully, his restraint shattered.

His hands finally began moving as the tension melted from his body. I could feel the mania that ate at him, indicating he was still in the midst of blood lust, yet his touch was so achingly tender I wanted to cry.

His fangs were prominent as his lips met mine, and I doubted he could have retracted them if his life depended on it. He groaned and growled into my mouth as we drew nearer to coming. I was so close I could taste it; his cock so thick inside me, twitching sporadically as it sought release.

“Mine.” Both a question and declaration.


“Forever?” his whisper full of hope and wonder.

“We’ll get there.”

“Can’t… last,” he groaned.

“Let go. I have you, honey,” I panted.

His moans increased in time with his speed, the twitching inside me becoming a hammering. I knew he was hanging on by a thread, but that was okay.

I was too.

“Please,” I begged.

His arms enveloped me, cradling me to him as he tried to hold on just a little longer.

But I was out of time.

Just as the ground fell from beneath me, plunging me into my orgasm, I bit into his neck.

His resounding bellow could have brought the building down around us, but all I felt was his fangs slipping into my skin.

A fierce battle.

Mortal wound.

A funeral pire.



I felt when he stopped drinking from me, though the visions remained.

Rising from the dirt.

Learning to feed.


Captivation from our first meeting.


A ruined desk, computer, phone.




“In a thousand years, nothing has given me greater pleasure than you, my Sookie,” he whispered as he healed my neck.

“I think you were always meant to be mine,” I quietly vowed in return.

I was definitely going to love this man.


Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. As if chapter 3 wasn’t hot enough,! I like Eric feeling so out of control he is Mr. Control Freak and to be so unraveled by one tiny human was perfect. But what the hell was going through that little blond head of Sookie’s??? She most certainly should have been afraid for her life and safety her blindly having so much confidence (stupidity) in Eric was commendable and … delicious!

    • Thank you so much!!! I’m so happy you liked it! I’ll have something else up by the end of the weekend, too. Either another chapter in the “A la carte” series, or it’s own little story…

  2. Incredible danger mixed with unrestrained passion and need. A combination made for these two. Wonderfully written. ….now if I can just figure out why I didn’t get an alert from WordPress, only fan fiction..Glad you are still communicating thru ff for now..

  3. Bless you for this chapter. It was so hot, witnessing Eric feel out of control, only to have Sookie bring him back. It was so passionate and I loved it. Thanks for the update, and I hope you update a thousand years.

  4. As much as last chapter burned me up like an inferno this chapter did me in.
    Loved the banter in the beginning that hinted at their future together but it was the bloodlust, passion, understanding, and complete acceptance that spoke volumes!

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