Chapter 5

Ali989969 is my beta for this story, and she’s fantastic!!!!

Disclaimer – Don’t own them, wish I did. CH & AB, plus HBO do.


Soo what was it I did wrong, exactly?” I asked as I tried to get my breathing under control.

“Wrong?” he laughed. “Not. A. Fucking. Thing. You did everything so right, I truly worried I’d fuck you to death.”

I stayed quiet for a few moments, gathering my thoughts and just enjoying the way his hands caressed my skin. My legs were wrapped around his back, our chests still pressed together, and both of us still grinding against each other idly as our hands roamed over one another.

It was the most peaceful moment I’d ever experienced.

“Can you feel me?” his breath fanned against my neck.

“Eric, I’m wrapped in you like a cocoon. So, umm… yeah,” I giggled.

“No. Can you feel me, Sookie?”

“I can. It’s amazing, Eric,” I sighed.

“Good. So you can feel how enraged I am that you would take such risks?” he growled.

And there goes my peaceful moment.

I nodded but remained quiet, knowing his rant wasn’t done yet.

“I could have easily killed you! And let’s not forget the fact that I quite literally could have broken every bone in your body or torn you in half. Blood lust is not something to trifle with, Sookie. You must never ignore such a blatant threat to your safety again. I realize you’re still relatively naïve in regard to supernaturals, but ignorance is no excuse for stupidity. And THAT was supremely stupid.”

“I get it, you big turd, but there’s no reason for you to be so grumpy. I knew you wouldn’t hurt me, Eric. I don’t know how I knew it, but I just did. And even if I didn’t trust you let’s face it, I’m basically a walking buffet for y’all! And if I’m going out because of fangs and bloodlust, well… at least I died doing something I liked?”

That has to be one of the most imprudent excuses I’ve ever heard for the total disregard of personal safety! You are insane, you realize this, yes?”

“Sure. I am ‘crazy Sookie’ after all,” I purred as I ground against him just a little harder and slower than before. “Besides, I could feel your emotions after the second exchange. It was nothing compared to how strongly I feel you know, but I still knew you wouldn’t let yourself hurt me. Now, stop fussin’ and start fuckin’, buddy.”

“I am not complaining, of course, but did you get a sudden personality transplant?”


“Not that you aren’t beautiful and arousing normally, but you have been so… at the risk of offending you, insecure, since I’ve met you. Timid, meek, mild, with flashes of sass that made my dick throb. Now, you’re more roaring fire than dying embers. Why the sudden change?”

“I don’t know, really. I’m not sure I like hearing I was basically pretty wallpaper before, but…”

I needed to think a moment, and thankfully he seemed to understand that. We kissed lazily as our bodies writhed together, my mind whirling with reasons for him to basically describe me as a ‘needy-harpy’. Running over my time with Bill now that his blood wasn’t clouding my judgment, I was appalled by what I saw.

Had I really been that bad?

Sadly, the answer was yes. Yes, I had.

“I’d always been independent before Bill. Kinda did my own thing, ya know? But all of a sudden it was like I couldn’t wipe my nose without his say-so. Was it his blood? Is that what turned me into the kind of girl I hate? Because that’s the only thing I can figure and I have to be honest, that scares the shit out of me.”

“It very well could be. Too much blood, or blood given for control, can turn the human into a mindless drone; a Renfield, of sorts. I can feel how scared you are right now, but not the reasons for it. Will you explain?”

“Well, I’m not trying to compare you two again or anything, but… if your blood is so much stronger than his, what will yours be able to do to me if Bill’s basically made me retarded?”

“Not retarded, Sookie, just mind-fucked. Retarded implies a lack of capability through no fault of one’s own. Oh… never mind. I guess that term does fit in this case,” he smiled.

“Ass,” I gasped as I slapped his shoulder.

His deep laugh warmed my insides. “Honestly, it isn’t your fault. It’s all about the type of tie the vampire wishes to create when the blood is given, and we covered those earlier. Besides, we are bonded now, Sookie. I couldn not control you if I tried. There is a possibility I might be able to call you to me, or me to you, similar to the maker/child bond but we won’t know until we try. There is nothing to be afraid of from me.”

“We’re gonna have to wait to play with that calling plan until I can separate myself from your dick,” I laughed, and then immediately slapped my hand over my mouth.

When he was finally done laughing (which did amazing things to where we were joined), he panted, “Oh, I am very much enjoying this new you, lover.”

“I bet!” I giggled. “Wall flower to shameless hussy in two-point-two, lucky you.”

I was saved from further embarrassment by a knock at the door. Eric didn’t hesitate before telling our guests to enter, even though it was my bare ass facing our visitors.

“Sure, send us out for the grunt work while you’re here sexing up the pretty blonde. Dick,” Pam drawled, sounding as bored as ever.

“Well… when you’re a grown up, Pammy, you can send your minions all over hell while you fuck the pretty blondes. Until then, stop pouting and report,” he gloated as he punctuated his thoughts with a particularly delicious thrust, making my eyes roll.

“Pouting is when I order a new spring line on your card, pissed is when I hit New York during Fashion Week; get it right. Pecker-boy was taken by Weres, the fucking place reeked of wet dog and rabies. We traced the scent all the way to the Mississippi border, but didn’t follow further for obvious reasons.”

“FUCK!” he exclaimed stilling his hips, much to my dismay.

“What is it?” I asked quietly as I ground against him as subtly as possible.

“‘It’ is Russell Edgington, the psychopath that currently rules Mississippi. We try to avoid him like rats and mice,” Pam drawled, sounding utterly bored. “And perhaps you could stop riding Eric’s cock until we’re finished here, hmm? It’s really quite disturbing to see your uptight ass so… loose,” she offered, sounding quite proud of herself.

“I… wha… really, Pam?!” I finally choked out. “I’m not riding him, I’m trying to get off, and…” Eric’s guffawing cut me off.

“I can plainly see that you are attempting to ‘get off’, I’m simply asking that you wait the three minutes until the vampires are done talking to do so,” Pam scolded.

“No! I meant… oh hell, never mind! What makes that king so nutty anyway? And what could y’all have against rats and mice? I mean, you’re a heck of a lot bigger and stronger,” I asked, thoroughly confused.

“Vermin eat anything, lover,” Eric offered. When it was obvious I was still a bit slow on the uptake, he continued, “They will eat our bodies while we’re dead for the day, Sookie. And while it’s not likely to be fatal unless one of the fuckers bores through our heart, it is rather inconvenient to have to regenerate body parts.”

“Oh. Oh, eww!” Just the thought of some of the ‘parts’ a vampire might have to re-grow made my stomach turn.

“Indeed,” he smiled at me before addressing Pam. “Now, continue your report,” he commanded as he ground his hips into me again, making me moan embarrassingly loud.

“Nothing else to tell. Restaurant, Weres, Billy gone bye-bye, Edgington, the end.”

“What would that king want with Bill, Eric?”

“I do not know, Sookie. Russell generally doesn’t have much to do with our area, so I cannot fathom what he’d want with a lower-court entity like Compton.”

“Maybe it has to do with that computer project Bill’s been working on?” I wondered aloud.

“Computer project?” he asked, stopping his movements into me once again.

He really needed to quit stopping!

“Yeah, it’s some kind of genealogy tree for vamps that traces the history of makers and children, including what gifts they have. He’s been puttering away at it for a while now. He swore it was going to be his ticket up in the political hierarchy…” I trailed off when I noticed that all three vamps had gone stock-still and were glaring at me.

“Explain, now!” Eric growled.


Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

And psst… I’ve begun writing the next chapter of “A Thousand Years” again finally!!!! I hope to have it up very soon!

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. I’m shocked that Sookie could continue their “activities” during that conversation with Pam. She really has changed!

  2. Very glad you posted on ff that you had added a chapter..for some reason I didn’t get an alert for this…this is most certainly a very different Sookie..

  3. I am enjoying this liberated Sookie… It was rather daring that she continued her movements while Pam and Eric were talking… Wonder what Russell wants with Bill & whether this will relate to his computer program or to Sookie? Even a bigger mystery is whether Sookie and Eric will ever leave that basement… They are having a good time there….

  4. Love the buttons! And, yeah, I’m also surprised that Sookie went from “shy girl with morals” to “fucking while others watch”. Is something wrong with her? Has she been spelled? I’m worried about her because that is SO not like her, or Eric, really, since he’d normally yell at Pam for rudely barging in on them. Maybe I missed something…oh, darn…guess I’ll just have to read it again…such a chore… *straight face*…*not*

  5. wow, This is so good. I am absolutely loving how she came to accept him so quickly and has already bonded in one night. This is going to be a wild ride. I hope you update soon. I just found it tonight. Thanks for a great read!

  6. I didn’t get a post from WP either. Sookie seems to have definitely changed. I can’t imagine her still riding Eric with others in the room and I don’t think that he’d want anyone in there especially now that they’re bonded. Thanks for the update.

  7. This is just fantastic! I love the changes in Sookies personality, you did a great job of changing it a little at a time as they exchanged blood. Really hope to see more of this.

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