Chapter 6

HI! *peeks out from behind corner*

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“Uhh… I just did?” I squeaked.

I wasn’t scared of Eric, necessarily, but his tone made me incredibly nervous. Not to mention the fact that I now had three vampires entirely too focused on my naked form for comfort! I could hear Pam restlessly tapping her foot and Eric’s impatient glare was driving me nuts.

“I don’t know a ton about it,” I began as I fidgeted nervously on his lap. While he was still hard inside me, the sexiness of the situation was sadly long gone.

“Please tell me what you do know, lover,” Eric asked in a calmer tone. His look was still fierce, but I finally realized he wasn’t angry with me – just the situation.

It was that knowledge that eased my nerves. “It’s some database that he’s been working on for the queen, I think. He said it lists not only vampire’s names and ages, but who their Maker’s were and whether or not they still live. It lists any special abilities they possess, as well as anything that can be used as weaknesses. And if I’m remembering right, it also lists any aliases and/or original names Bill was able to find out.”

“How would a basement dwelling troll like Billy-boy get our kind to give him those answers?” Pam asked from much closer behind me than I was expecting.

“I do not know,” Eric responded absently. I could tell from the look on his face, as well as the churning emotions I could now feel, that he was running through every possibility in his head.

“Well, he said something once about his gift being the ability to make others divulge secrets. He said it didn’t work on vamps that were very old, or ones with closely related ancient bloodlines, but that no human aside from me had ever been able to resist him,” I offered, trying to calm Eric’s nerves.

“He has never been able to get me to talk when I did not wish to, so I wonder about the truth of that statement,” Eric began.

I interrupted immediately. “Right, but you’re old. Like really old. And Godric was your maker and he was one of the oldest living vamps I’ve ever heard of. Plus, you’re his only child, aren’t you, and Pam’s your only child. So it’s a pretty undiluted bloodline, right? And Godric’s maker would have been freaking ancient! Was Godric his or her only child?”

“Well what do you know? The country bumpkin is more than blonde hair and great tits,” Pam drawled sarcastically. But I could also hear a bit of pride in her voice.

“My lover is much more than a pretty face, Pamela,” Eric scolded before leaning forward to kiss my lips tenderly. “Very good theory indeed, Sookie, you make me quite proud. Yes, Godric was the sole child of his Maker, as were Pam and I. This database could be very problematic, I fear.”

“Especially since he listed more than just vamps on there, Eric. I don’t think I’m supposed to know, but I snuck a look at it one day when I was waiting for him to wake. There’s Were family lines listed, and humans too. What could he be doing?”

“I do not know. But if you know where it is currently stored, we can get ourselves a look and figure it out. Do you know where Billy-boy keeps it?” he asked, finally rolling his hips slightly again.

I should have been mortified at my grateful moan, but I wasn’t. “Yes,” I answered when I could find my breath again. “It’s on a laptop that’s buried down in his hidey hole. I thought he was crazy to bury a computer, but he explained that it was the only place that smelled enough like his that it wouldn’t draw attention to his scent elsewhere.”

Personally, I’d thought he was nuts. The whole house smelled of him, so why couldn’t he just hide it inside and guard against damage and insect infestation? It dawned on me that he also backed it up onto a flash drive that was taped under his bathroom sink, which I quickly told Eric. He thanked me for my help, as he continued to flex his hips underneath me, while ordering Pam and Chow to head over to Bill’s and retrieve the laptop and flash drive. Thankfully, they departed without another word.

Though I’m pretty sure I heard them both inhale deeply before going.

I was going to do my level best to forget that, however, since the thought that they could smell my arousal was unsettling at best.

“There is so much about you that pleases me, Sookie Stackhouse,” Eric whispered into my hair as the door closed. “And yet I feel I’ve only tapped the surface of who you are.”

“I could say the same of you,” I breathed as his hips began moving faster.

There was so much more to Eric than I’d originally thought. He wasn’t the heartless killer Bill had led me to believe. There was depth, and he did feel – probably much more strongly than I could fathom, if the emotions I felt swirling within me were any indication. My mind tried to catalog all the new facets Eric had shown me of himself, but the way he was working my body quickly shut down my brain.

We were both rapidly nearing our peaks when my cell phone began ringing. The ringtone told me it was Bill. I was about to tell Eric that when he stood with me still attached and zipped over to retrieve my purse. He slid the button to answer the call and sat us back down on the bed before I could process that we’d moved at all.

“Hello,” I gasped as he thrust into me particularly hard. He didn’t hurt me, far from it in fact, but I was less than thrilled to sound so sexed-up when answering Bill’s call.

I shot Eric a glare as Bill began speaking. “Sookeh, I wanted to let you know that I am well. I have reconsidered my proposal to you, and wished to tell you I no longer desire you to be my wife,” he said in a flat voice, no emotion expressed at all.

“Okay…” I moaned into the phone as Eric reached down to begin rubbing my clit as his thrusts increased in force and speed.

“I find I have been dishonest, you see. While you are fairly interesting for a human,” he said ‘human’ in the way most folks would say ‘cockroach’. “You are ill equipped to keep a vampire entertained for longer than a few months at best. I am honored to have been your first, don’t get me wrong, but your skills are simply not what I need them to be in order to remain satisfied long term.”

The fact that I could hear a woman moaning in the background did nothing to help my rising temper! I was fucking pissed!

“That’s all fine and dandy with me, Bill Compton. I know who you really are and why you were sent here,” I began, only to have Eric snatch the phone from me to mute it.

“Be careful what you say to him, lover. I don’t know why he’s in Mississippi yet, nor do I know what Edington’s involvement is. Tread lightly. The woman in the background is Lorena, his maker. She is trouble at best,” he advised before unmuting the phone and handing it back.

“Sookeh, are you there?” Bill actually sounded worried. The miserable fuck!

“I’m right here, Bill. Right where I should have been all along,” I added just to be a bitch. “Don’t you worry that you’re letting me down too much, now. I’m sure I’ll find a way to manage without you.”

“Exactly. Just as I’m sure in time you’ll find a human companion to see to your needs. In the meantime, I would suggest that you avoid vampires entirely. Especially Eric. You know what trouble he is, Sookie. And I fear for you now that I won’t be around to protect you. You might not be woman enough to hold my interest, but I would hate to see something happen to you. I will be sending a trusted associate by to gather my things from the Compton property. I will not be coming back to the area. I wish you well, Miss Stackhouse,” Bill was finishing up his bullshit speech when Eric interrupted.

“I am relieved that you will no longer be a blight on my area, Compton,” Eric began only to have Bill interrupt.

“What are you doing with my human, Northman?” he bellowed.

“Yours?” Eric chuckled as he began rubbing my clit at vamp speed, causing me to groan like a hussy. “Didn’t you just make sure to tell Miss Stackhouse, in the rudest way possible, that she is no longer yours? Which I have to say, Billy-boy, is very convenient, since I’m currently balls deep inside her.”

I slapped at Eric’s back for being so free with our private affairs, and for being so fucking crass in general. Rude! He consoled me with not only a quick peck to my lips, but some very well timed hip thrusts. This man was going to kill me!

“She is not foolish enough to fall for your charms, Eric. She might be a lowly human, but she’s not completely ignorant,” Bill stated, sounding way too smug.

“I might be a ‘lowly human’, William Compton, but I’m here to tell you that you’re a pathetic vampire compared to Eric! Between your ridiculous sideburns and your consolation cock, I’m surprised you’ve found anyone to bed you after me!” Fucker. Choke on that!

The truth was all his nasty words had hurt me deeply. But I’d be damned if I let him know that!

“I must go. I do not have to listen to insults from cattle,” Bill snarked back.

“Yes, run along, Bill. I’m sure you’ll have a much better time with that psycho maker of yours than you would with me. She’s obviously into cocktail weenies since she’s still pining away for you!” I bitched as I hung up the phone. My eyes teared instantly. I couldn’t believe the shit he’d said to me. Like I needed more things to play into my insecurities!

“Do not listen to him, lover. I can feel the downward spiral of your emotions, and there is no need for it,” Eric soothed as he stopped rubbing at my center and slowed his thrusts. “You have nothing to be ashamed of. You are not cattle. And you are certainly not inferior, especially to an infested cunt like Lorena!”

I couldn’t help but laugh! “That’s terrible!” I giggled.

“I’m certain I could come up with worse names for that bitch, but I was trying to be tame.”

If that was tame, I’d probably die of embarrassment if he let loose!

“Let us forget about him for now, Sookie,” Eric changed the subject with a gentle twist and tug to my nipple. “I believe we have far more important matters to discuss.”

“Oh yeah?” I panted. “Like what?”

There were so many other things we needed to deal with right now besides our sexual appetites, but I honestly couldn’t care less. The only thing I knew was how safe and cared for I felt – even after all the shitty things Bill had said to me.

I’d deal with everything later. Right now I had a beautiful Viking nestled deep inside me.

“Well… for example, how many times I can make you come in five minutes? Or if I can fuck you into unconsciousness? Oh, or how about, when can I feel your lips wrapped around my cock again?” I couldn’t answer him. I just couldn’t. The images in my mind completely overrode my intelligence and I simply groaned and began bouncing on him as hard as I could.

For the record, it was nine times in five minutes. He could indeed fuck me until I passed out.


And he had to wait an hour for me to suck his dick again.

But only because he’d kept me too occupied in other ways.


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