Tangled Chapter 2

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A little more set up in this chapter, with just a smidge of wonderfulness to wet your appetites.

Ali989969 is my beta for this story, and she’s wonderful!

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Sookie’s lips were softer than I remembered, which was insane since they had always been the finest silk I’d ever felt. They molded to mine perfectly and I sighed contentedly into the kiss.

My hands gripped her hips, grounding myself as I fought against the urge to throw her onto the table and fuck her senseless. I had fantasized about moments like this far more often than what could surely be considered healthy, and not one of my scenarios came close to the reality of her body pressed close to mine.

She was perfection in a pretty, blonde bottle.

And, for however long she’d allow it, she was mine.

Her small hands massaged my scalp as our mouths worked in a flawless rhythm, tearing grunts and desperate groans from me. If anyone could make me come from just a kiss, Sookie Stackhouse would be that woman. And I’d parade around town wearing my cum-crusted pants as a badge of honor, a proud, shit-eating grin upon my face.

When her hips began to seek friction, mine eagerly met hers thrust for thrust. I slid one hand across her tantalizing ass and pulled her closer, as the other hand found its way into her hair. I pulled the tie out gently, longing to run my fingers through it. What could have been minutes, or days, later, Alcide’s voice finally broke through our lusty-haze.

“Apparently, you two are really gonna do this, but uh… what the fuck are Pam and me supposed to do?” he bitched like a whiny child.

“If you need me to tell you that, brother, then the problem in your bedroom definitely doesn’t come from Sookie,” I countered. Really, was the man a complete moron? “If you’re attracted to my girlfriend, and I’m fixin’ to fuck the shit out of yours… do you really need me to draw you a map?” I asked, my theory on his intelligence level evident in my tone. And because I simply couldn’t help myself, I added, “Or maybe some pretty pictures would be easier for you?”

Yeah… I’m a dick. I know. Known it for years now.

But sometimes it was simply too much fun to bother with changing.

“You’re a dick, Northman,” he griped. I opted to ignore him, however, to ask Sookie a question of great importance.

“Lover, are you sure about this?” I asked quietly as I searched for answers in her eyes. “I don’t want you to do this because of too much alcohol and then regret it tomorrow. Hell, I don’t ever want you to regret letting me worship your body, but especially not because you’re too drunk to know better.” No matter how much I wanted her, Sookie’s friendship was far more important to me than the desire I’d kept secret for so long. Sure, being her best friend left me wanting so much more… but if this was to be the only capacity in which I could have her, then it would have to do.

Losing her, no matter the reason, simply wasn’t an option.

“I’m not drunk, Eric. I’m decided. Yes, I’m sure. I’m so sure I could explode,” she giggled as she ground herself against my desperate dick.

“You’ll be the death of me, woman. Of that I’m sure.”

I’d heard Pam and Alcide talking quietly amongst themselves during my little chat with Sook, but was unable to hear their conversation. Whatever it was seemed to go well, however, since when I next looked over they were lip-locked. Alcide had her perched on the dining table, bringing her closer to his height, and looked to be giving her tonsils a thorough examination.

I expected to feel a shot of pain, or perhaps a twinge of jealously at seeing my girlfriend making out like a love-struck teen with one of my closest friends. And yet, I felt nothing. Well… maybe not nothing. I was awestruck at how differently Pam was responding to him, as opposed to how she was when I kissed her. She was wild, passionate, almost feral with him. Never once had I heard the noises that now fell from her lips. Now, don’t think for a moment that her reaction to him made me insecure about my own skills, because it certainly didn’t. It was just off to see her act so differently than she did at home. Again I felt I should be jealous, but found myself oddly relieved instead.

Rotten as it might sound, if she was enjoying herself with another man, I was free to lose myself in my sweet Sookie without remorse.

And lose myself I planned to.

Fuck, I might not resurface for days. Maybe months.

Who am I kidding?

With as little as we had done so far tonight, I was already lost.

How I’d ever give this perfect creature back to another man after tonight was a mystery that made my stomach turn and my chest ache.

“Just friends,” just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Not after this.

“They sure look cozy,” Sookie breathed against my neck, suckling my skin to a sublimely maddening degree. “Are you gonna be okay with this, baby?”

I shivered both at her breath that fanned my ear, and her long-lost nickname. It had been many years since she’d called me “baby,” and longer still since I’d deserved the enticing pet name. I’d thrown away my relationship with this amazing woman for a half-assed blowjob with a shameless tramp. Vetta was the worst mistake I’d ever made, and I’d regretted it every moment since the very second Sookie had came home unexpected that day.

Fucking your girlfriend’s slutty roommate… bad, bad idea.

Unfortunately, my sex addled brain got that particular memo too little, too late.

After about a year, Sook had forgiven me enough to rekindle a friendship, though it took several more years for us to obtain the best friend status I now held. For the last five years, Sookie and I had been inseparable, and we were both relieved when our significant others got along. Not that we necessarily expected them to get along this well, but if it got me some quality time with Sookie, I’d be down to let them get married.

What the fuck ever, just so long as I got my girl.

Speaking of… the little vixen was nibbling on my neck and driving me positively bat-shit with desire. I’d like to tell you that all noises coming from my person were manly and completely masculine in nature, but I’d be one lying ass piece of shit if I did. There may, or may not, have been a few times I actually mewled like a helpless kitten as she nipped at me. However, without evidence, I wasn’t admitting to shit.


No fucking way.

Never gonna happen, so move on now.

“Let’s move this somewhere more comfortable, shall we?” Pam asked, her voice huskier than I’d heard it in years. Maybe ever.

“Oh yes, let’s,” Sookie purred as she bit less than gently on my chin, earning a deep growl from me.

We agreed that everyone should stay together in order to keep it more couple-like, but in doing so we negated the possibility of using the bedroom. Their king sized bed was all well and good, but with two giant men intent on some serious fucking, a bed that sized might as well have been built for a toddler. That shit just wasn’t gonna work, for any of us.

Thankfully, Sookie and Alcide had a huge six piece sectional which basically formed a large “U” in their living room which would serve our purposes nicely. Plenty of room to stretch out, while still maintaining the shared quarters rule that would keep all parties happy with our less than conventional situation. I settled Sookie onto the soft cushion opposite where Alcide was placing Pam, and took a moment to just stare into her eyes.

That was one thing about us, no matter how much time passed. We could have a million different conversations without ever saying a word. As long as we maintained eye contact, it was as if we communicated telepathically. I asked with my aqua blues if she was really sure about this, and the look in her gorgeous eyes told me all I needed to know.

She wanted this as badly as I did.

And probably had for just as long, too.

“Is anything off limits tonight?” I asked, reluctantly tearing my gaze from Sook’s. We looked each at our significant others for the answer to my question, and several long seconds later we all agreed that anything went.

“I know I’m clean, does everyone else know their status?” Sookie chimed in. After a brief pause, another thought came to her. “And, Pam, I’m on the pill. Are you on any birth control?”

“I’m clean, and all set in that department. No worries, honey, I’m not planning to breed anytime soon,” Pam assured her. I found her declaration unsettling though, since it was only last week she’d been trying to push me into getting her pregnant. But since now was a less than opportune time to have that little chat, I shelved it for later.

Alcide and I both confirmed our worry-free heath statuses, and I smiled at the little puff of breath that escaped my little vixen’s mouth. She always hated any barriers as much as I did. I was thrilled to know that that hadn’t changed.

“We going solo with the wife-swap? Or are we planning to mingle? Either is fine by me. But, just so you know, I’m not doin’ shit with Thor over there,” Alcide clarified with a nod in my direction.

“Feeling’s mutual, good buddy,” I laughed. No fuckin’ way was anything of mine going anywhere near a damn thing of his. I have no issues with same sex couples, but my gate just didn’t swing that way. I’m a cat person. All. The. Fucking. Way.

Anyway, getting back to his question, I posed, “Why don’t we just take it one step at a time, and see where it leads. I’m leaning toward staying with something new, since I’m all too familiar with Pam and am looking forward to a night of variety, but we’ll just have to see what mood strikes as the night progresses. Okay?”

Everyone seemed satisfied with my suggestion, much to my relief. The whole point of this was to “see if the grass was really greener,” after all, so it didn’t make a bit of sense to shit where I eat. Or eat where I shit, maybe? Eh… potato, pohtatoe.


Who gave a shit about vegetables when I had a waiting and willing Sookie to get naked?


Ya know… this story was supposed to be just sex with a smidge of plot. I’ve decided that it’s nearly impossible for me to write just porn. My ‘easy’ button must be broken, lmao! Anyway, lemons up next – so pucker up folksies 🙂

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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