Tangled Chapter 3

It’s not the most graphic stuff I’ve written, but let’s go with a NSFW rating, just in case.

Ali989969 is my beta for this story, and she’s wonderful!

Disclaimer – Don’t own them, wish I did.


I turned my attention back to the gorgeous girl sprawled out on the couch next to me. So many things I wanted to do to her, and if this was truly to be a one-time event, so very little time in which to do them.

I slid off the cushion and dropped to my knees in front of her, sitting back on my heels as I began slowly running my large hands over her supple thighs. So curvy, so soft, so… womanly.

She was perfect, head to toe. Nowhere near fat, but not skeleton-skinny either. Every single inch of her body screamed sex-pot, though her personality sang down-home country gal. All Southern charm and proper manners.


I brought my hands down her legs, teasing her, savoring every second my skin was in contact with hers. My dick stood proud and ready in my now very uncomfortable jeans, just waiting for the chance to reacquaint himself with her after all this time. Her breath hitched as I slid her sexy sandal off her little foot, massaging from her toes to her freshly pedicured heel, before moving onto the other.

My eyes were overwhelmed and couldn’t decide where to settle; I was so torn between watching her face, and memorizing the path of my hands. I wanted to miss nothing, not knowing when, or if, this would ever happen again. I was thrilled to find that for the first time in my life I was able to multi-task, and settled on letting them bounce between at their leisure.

My fingers danced lightly over her skin with a reverence that opposed the churning fire brewing in my balls. With every sound she made, my cock thumped against its prison, shouting its displeasure at being confined. I wanted to console him, but really… did he think he was the only one unhappy here? Fuck, I ached so bad I wanted to scream. I was desperate to feel her, but I refused to simply bite her, fuck her, and rub myself all over her like some animal. Well… at least not for our first round. I’d worship and savor her body first, but then I could definitely go for some rubbing, and fucking, and…

Okay, gotta stop now.

My dick was pounding out a battle cry in my jeans, and the thought of going off like rocket before the grand finale was unappealing to say the least.

What the fuck was he doing? Morse-code, cock style?

S-O-S… need pussy now… S-O-S… dick in dire straits… S-O-S…

Anyway, from her feet I massaged her calves, taking my time to feel every millimeter of her baby-smooth skin. Needing the connection, I leaned forward and claimed her lips in a slow and sensual kiss. No battling for dominance, despite my need for her; we explored one another, enjoying the flavor and feel of our desire. My hands continued to move, and she giggled breathily into my mouth as I tickled the backs of her knees. How I’d missed being the one to fuel her joy, especially when it came from this kind of togetherness.

Her breath hitched in my mouth as my fingers once again tempted her thighs. My hands flat against the tops of her muscular legs, I let my fingers caress the outsides as my thumbs coaxed her to open wider. I groaned when I felt the heat radiating out in invitation to me, and it took all of my willpower not to rip the clothing from her body and bury myself within her in one stroke. Whether I’d pass out from desire, or drop dead of a heart attack once I was finally inside her, remained to be seen. All I knew was that the scent of her arousal was making me lightheaded, and my heart was thumping as persistently as my poor dick.

Wanting to work her into a frenzy, I skirted just around her waiting bounty and opted instead to slide my hands up under her shirt. Her stomach was flat and oh so soft, and I grinned while nibbling on her neck when she shivered at my touch. I loved that I affected her so strongly, and found no shame in her effect on me. Though, unless we got in a practice round before the main event, I might be embarrassed later; two pumps and all could be lost. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been this worked up.

Maybe because it had been eight long years.

My fingers began to trace the outline of her ample breasts, earning another series of moans and shivers from my girl. I worked my way toward her nipples slowly, circling around in large circles like a missile searching for the bull’s-eye. When they’d finally reached their targets, her back arched as I pinched them soundly, rubbing my thumb as a held them firmly. I was pleased to see she still liked a firmer grip, that my memory hadn’t failed me. The groaning sigh my attention wrung from her made my dick threaten a prison break, earning another growl from me before my mouth attacked hers with ferocity.

Her fingers gripped my shoulders as she pushed herself further into my hands. I palmed her through the satin, kneading her (and myself) into a quivering pile of goo. As my need to breathe won out, I suckled the space just below her ear and whispered occasional words of praise. Lord only knows exactly what I’d said; I was already too far gone for intelligent thought.

I slid my hands behind her and unhooked her bra, and we paused only briefly so she could work it out of her thin tank-type shirt. I smiled widely at her, knowing she remembered my odd affinity for leaving some clothing on for a while. Who knows why, but it was so sexy to me to see what I wanted most hinted at behind fabric. Of course, at some point all clothes were lost, but until then it was so titillating to wait for my reward.

Once the offending garment was gone, I guided her back toward the couch. My hands worked her breasts over the material of her tank, teasing her buds into taut peaks once again. My mouth worked tirelessly at tasting any skin it could reach; her earlobes, neck, chin, collarbone… slowly descending toward my prey.

I reached the curves of her cleavage licking and sucking for all I was worth, taking pride in the sounds I coaxed from her. I pulled her top down slightly, just enough to tempt her nipples with the tip of my tongue. Her back arched violently, pushing her further into my mouth. Biting just a little, I began moving my waiting fingers toward her lower half.

I switched breasts, not wanting to leave one feeling neglected, as I began working the buttons of the barrier between us. The popping made me grunt enthusiastically and the sound the teeth made as her zipper fell was a choir of angels to my anxious ears, knowing we would soon be one.

Her hips lifted without request, aiding me in removing her pants. I slid them slowly down her legs, and it wasn’t until I heard Alcide’s groan that I remembered we were not as alone as our little had bubble lead me to believe. I spared them no glance, however, as I saw the lace of Sookie’s panties before me. Her boyshorts were a bright red, and I chanced a look to find her bra to see if they were a matching set. They were, and I found myself anxious to see if her panties held the same tiny black bow that the discarded bra did.

Once her pants were fully removed, I once again familiarized myself with the softness and curves of her gorgeous legs. Only this time my mouth joined the exploration party. I licked, sucked, kissed, and nibbled in the wake of my fingers, relishing the sun-ripened peach flavor of her skin. As I reached the apex of her thighs I paused to inhale deeply, hoping she still tasted as sweet as she smelled. If I thought I was dizzy before, feeling her heat so close to my face and breathing in her delectable scent first hand left me reeling. I wanted to lose myself in her, all of her.

Her thighs glistened slightly and I couldn’t stop myself from licking any bits of arousal from her skin that I could find. She tasted like honey, with just enough hint of saltiness to leave me aching for more. I groaned lowly as I bathed her with my tongue, desperate in my search for more of her nectar.

Finding none, I set my sights on the tiny dark spot on her panties. I rubbed my face over her, covering myself in her scent, and was rewarded with whimpered pleas from my girl. As soon as my fingers grasped the sides of her shorts she lifted once again without request and helped me remove them.

When I lifted my eyes once they were gone, my breath stopped at the sight of her playing with her breasts. Her shirt was raised slightly, but with the position of her arms and hands I was barely able to see her tits as she pleasured herself. My hands unconsciously moved to tease her lips, and I growled at both the sights before me, and the slickness that coated my fingers.

“So wet for me, my lover,” I purred in awe.

Her only response was a strangled mewl as I slid a thick finger inside her slowly. I pumped but a few times before drawing it back out to spread her honey over her clit. Several times I repeated the process as I sat spellbound by the brief glances of nipple I was given as she played. It was only when she pleaded for me to taste her that I finally snapped out of my lust-driven stupor.

I lowered my head as I slid my finger back into her, taking just a moment to nuzzle her soft curls with my nose. Again I was struck dumb by her scent, heat, and incredible moisture. Her hips rose to meet me seeking friction, and I could no longer wait. I circled her clit several times lightly with my pointed tongue before lowering further and tasting her fully.

With a flattened tongue I licked her from opening to the tip of her clit, and groaned embarrassingly loudly at her feel and taste. The bounty I’d found upon her thighs was but an appetizer to the feast. I decided I would never again need any food but this. Surely it could sustain me, right? Something so tantalizing could only be the best sustenance on earth.

Sookie let out a long, sultry moan as I tasted her, pushing her pussy into my waiting mouth. I worked her mercilessly with my fingers and tongue, alternating between pointed and flat, making her thrash and plead. When her hips refused to stay still, I braced her with my arm across her stomach, holding her steady. My finger pumped within her, teasing and searching, bringing her ever closer to the edge. I slid a second one inside her slowly and smiled as I felt her inner walls begin to flutter.

She was so very close.

As my fingers brushed against that wonderfully spongy spot inside her, she keened the words I’ve fantasized about so many, many nights. “Eriiic! So good… ahhh,” her voice throaty and desperate.

My fingers repeatedly stroked that spot, wringing the most amazing sounds from her as I pulled her clit into my mouth. When I bit down gently, still sucking as my teeth closed around her bud, her fluttering became an earthquake.

Her body rose from the cushions and locked tight as her thighs threatened to crush my skull. The scream she unleashed nearly caused my dick to explode and I worked quickly to not lose a drop of her liquid as it flooded my mouth. It wasn’t a squirt, more like a gentle summer rain of the sweetest taste on earth.

I coaxed her through the aftershocks, reluctant to ever move from this spot. But when she began to shove me away as she twitched violently, I gave up my seat at Heaven’s table with a long groan of displeasure. I didn’t want her to be in pain, as sometimes happens after forceful orgasms, but I truly never wanted to be anywhere except between her thighs again.

I raised my eyes to hers as I licked my fingers clean, earning another breathy moan from my Sookie. Her satisfied smile and labored breaths were my trophy; I’d won the best prize on earth, for however long I could hold it.

She leaned forward and grabbed my shirt, pulling me to her with surprising force. Her lips met mine and the tiny growl she gave indicated she enjoyed the taste of herself on my lips. In a move I never saw coming, she licked the evidence of her pleasure from my face. Little sighs and moans escaped her as she busied herself, and when she sucked the last of her essence from my chin before biting firmly, she earned a breathy moan from me in payment for her efforts.

For several long moments we kissed and teased one another with our hands again. When she couldn’t take it anymore and moved away gasping for breath, I whined like a petulant child. I wanted more, needed more.

With a sly smile that made my dick decide for certain that an escape was in order, she coyly said, “Your turn, big boy.”

Oh, thank FUCK!


Ch28 of ATY will be up tomorrow for those who read that.

I have a lot to do today in RL, but I’m hoping to get a chance to write chapter 4 of this today somehow. If not, then I will get it done tomorrow and hopefully it will either be up in the evening or Tuesday morning – I just can’t neglect the stupid RL responsibilities I have to take care of today to write, no matter how much I want to. I assure you, however, that the hubby is suffering greatly with my attitude at taking my away from my preferred-work! Lol.

I can’t say for certain, but I’m thinking it’s gonna take at least of few chapters to complete their reunion. I do plan to answer the questions that this little plot poses for y’all before the end of the story (which is looking like it’s gonna be a little longer than I originally planned, lol), just so you know.

So… don’t be shy. Ask away 🙂

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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