Tangled Chapter 4

NSFW, I’d say. Eric’s turn ahead.

Ali989969 is my beta for this story, and she’s wonderful! And today she’s super awesome, cuz she dropped everything to read this as soon as I sent it so I could get it out to you ASAP. Love ya, girlie!

Disclaimer – Don’t own them, wish I did.


Sookie pushed gently against my chest and whispered her desire to switch places. I leaned back in and claimed her mouth again before complying with her wishes, rising to my full height. I paused for a moment to stretch; no matter how enjoyable my activities had been, kneeling for that long wreaked havoc with my knees. I raised my arms, leaned my head back, and reached for the sealing, relishing the pull in my muscles and joints.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when she began rubbing me through my jeans as I stretched. My head snapped back down in shock to find my beautiful blonde staring at me, a lusty smile upon her face. I reached my hand out and stroked her cheek with the backs of my fingers, smiling happily as I watched her eyes soften at my touch.

This was so much more than sex.

For both of us.

Her fingers continued to dance over my erection, making my toes curl inside my shoes. I was already so worked up, I feared the moment she touched my bare skin I’d explode. Her eyes stayed locked with mine, and it wasn’t long until I felt her beginning to work the button on my pants. My breath caught in anticipation as she lowered the zipper at a snail’s pace, and it took all my control to let her work at her own speed. As much as I ached for her, the need to prolong this as long as possible won out over needing to feel her naked touch.

Finally my fly was fully opened and my dick jumped out at her like a stripper from a cake. Her wide eyes and smile told me exactly how much she enjoyed the fact that I still went commando most days. And I’d never been happier with my lack of undergarments than I was in that moment.

She placed a brief and tantalizingly gentle kiss to my tip as her hands began easing my pants off my hips. As she worked them down my (suddenly) frustratingly long legs, she stole little licks across my cock and balls, driving me insane. By the time I finally stepped out of my jeans and shoes, I was ready to pounce on her, the desire to feel her hot mouth around my dick forgotten.

Apparently, my girl had other plans though.

When I stepped forward toward her slightly, she placed her hands against my stomach and asked me to “stay.” I was powerless to stop the groan of frustration that bubbled from my chest, though I complied without question. Whether I wanted to be balls deep inside her or not, I’d be a complete fool to pass up a blow-job from the most talented source I’d ever encountered. Sookie was a master, and I her eager student.

Her hands traveled around my thighs like an elderly couple out for a Sunday stroll in their cherished classic car, slow and leisurely. Again I fought the need to simply claim her, but the look of wonder on her face stayed me. It had been a long while since I’d seen Sookie looking so content, so awestruck, and it filled my heart with joy to know she’d missed me as I had her. Finally her fingers teased the bare flesh of my cock, and I hissed at the minimal contact. How I’d maintain any semblance of stamina was a mystery, but one I passionately looked forward to solving.

Soon her fingers wrapped around me fully, and my eyes rolled back at her first upward stroke. God in Heaven, how I’ve missed the feel of her skin on mine. Somehow, Sookie remembered precisely how to touch me, even after all these years. She worked at the perfect pace, pulling and twisting, squeezing the tip a little on the cusp of each downward stroke. I felt my balls beginning to tighten, far sooner than I was prepared for, and began thinking of anything I could to keep my rapidly approaching orgasm at bay.

Coming too soon from the feel of her mouth around me would be mortifying enough… there was no fucking way I was going to succumb to that embarrassment from a hand-job alone.

I was still barely cognizant of our counterparts at the other side of the “U,” still too lost in the sensations Sookie brought out in me. It wasn’t until I heard Alcide tell Pam “how much he’s missed her lately,” that my attention turned to them. I listened closely as Pam returned his words, and looked to Sookie for how to proceed.

Her eyes wide, and none too friendly, she asked, “Did I just hear that right?” her voice barely above a whisper.

When I nodded in confirmation, she asked, “Now, or later?”

As pissed as I was that something more was going on between our respective couples, I wanted to cherish this time with Sookie more. “Later,” I answered, hoping she’d be okay with that. Her satisfied nod told me she was, and I released the breath I didn’t know I was holding.

I’d already put aside the breeding comment to discuss at another time, but it was starting to feel like I’d have a whole shelf of issues by the time this night was through. Sookie returned her focus to me and my weeping dick, and I locked away my anger with Pam and Alcide for later. Several minutes later, our partners on the other couch were long forgotten again, and I gave myself over to the feel of Sookie’s hands on my cock.

My head had dipped backward from both the pleasure she was giving me, and my efforts not to detonate, and when I felt my tip slide into her incredible warmth and wetness I nearly gave myself whiplash. My hands found her head the moment mine snapped forward, just in time to see her begin to devour my cock.

Many women I’d been with gave head as a bribe for oral in return, others saw it as a duty – not my Sookie though. She called it “cock worship.” In her eyes it was something to be savored, with thorough attention to detail. It was obvious in watching her that she enjoyed it, never seeing it as a chore. She licked and sucked, teased and pleased, and moaned as if it were her receiving pleasure from her ministrations. I’d always loved watching as she worked me over, knowing she enjoyed what she was doing almost as much as I did.

When my cock hit the back of her throat, my whole body shivered. While I’d been able to maintain some composure throughout her efforts, that simple feeling brought me closer to the edge almost immediately. Several passes later after she’d continued to tempt my head against the softness of her throat, she swallowed around me, bringing my dick further into her mouth than I’d ever been before. When she swallowed again and her nose met my public hair, I lost the control I’d worked so hard to maintain.

As many times as Sookie had gone down on me, she’d never been able to take all of me before. I had no idea where she’d learned to deep throat, but I was in the debt of whoever her teacher had been. Sure, I could have spent time being jealous… but why the fuck would I? I was reaping the benefits of his tutelage, and planned to find her a million gold stars for her efforts.

I wonder if they make golden cock-shaped stars?

Fighting not to come, I backed myself from her quickly; in a move that made her squeak in surprise, I moved her to lie down on the cushion. I walked quickly to the end of the couch nearest her head, and grabbed her under the arms, pulling her until her head hung slightly over the side. I squatted down to kiss her swollen pink lips, groaning at the slight taste of myself I found there. Needing to breathe, I reluctantly removed my lips from hers and whispered, “I want to watch you, my Sookie, as you swallow my cock. I need to see as I move inside you, please.” She simply smiled as she pecked my lips again before opening her mouth in invitation.

I never for a second entertained turning it down.

I stood again, and we worked for a second to get the position just right. As my cock entered her mouth again, my toes dug into the carpet. This was a whole new angle, and the view was awe inspiring. I began moving slowly, my thrusts gentle as I worked my way inside her deeper with every pass. I watched avidly as Sookie’s hands began to travel up her body, caressing her soft skin as they went.

She raised her shirt as she explored, revealing inch after inch of her lickable skin. I was torn between watching my cock sliding in and out of her sweet mouth and the bottom swell of her breasts as she began to reveal them. I whimpered shamelessly as her nipples began to show, her fingers tweaking and teasing until they stood at diamond points.

I was captivated by the sight of her lost in her own pleasure as she worshiped my cock, my hips continuing to move forward on instinct alone. My pace had picked up slightly, though my thrusts were still gentle. I was beginning to hit the back of her throat on every stroke, my toes threatening to actually curl into my foot as I went.

Never had I wanted anyone more.

I whined when her fingers left her ample bosom, only to growl viciously when they began to rub along my shaft, collecting wetness as she caressed me. After several seconds, she brought her moistened fingers toward their targets. One hand began to massage her nipple, while the other dipped between her thighs. She moaned around my cock as she began to rub lazy circles over her swollen clit. My eyes raced to follow each movement she made, wanting to miss nothing.

When her now well coated fingers rose from her pussy, only to begin teasing the neglected nipple again, I bent myself forward impossibly and lifted her breast to lick her essence from it. I moaned and growled at the taste of her honey on her skin, knowing she herself had put it there, and thrust my hips forward a little more forcefully than intended.

This time when I hit the back of her throat she began swallowing again, forcing me back into an upright position. I grabbed the back of the couch for balance as my balls hit her nose, and the sound that erupted from me was one I’d never made before. The feel of her around me, seeing the outline of my cock under the skin of her throat, the little noises she made as she worked and the vibrations they caused, had me on edge in seconds.

I chanced a glance over at my actual girlfriend and Alcide, and found him buried between her legs as he kneeled in front of her; an eerily similar scene to mine and Sookie’s from earlier. What really got my attention was that Pam’s gaze was locked on Sookie’s writhing form, her look positively predatory. If she’d been watching my dick get sucked, I wouldn’t have gave it a second thought but she wasn’t… she was watching Sook as she pleasured herself.

Yet another fucking thing to discuss with her later. Did I even really know the woman I was living with?

Knowing now was not the time to worry about my shit with Pam, I returned my focus to the woman I actually wanted to be with. I raised myself onto the balls of my feet and brought one hand down to her tempting pussy, while leaving the other in a death grip on the sofa-back to keep me from falling over. No amount of thinking would stall my release for long, though my brain put forth its best effort.

Sookie’s fingers joined mine, fingering herself as I rubbed furious circles over her clit, silently begging her to find oblivion with me. My thrusts had become harder, my pace fast as I reached the end of my control. Sookie’s hips rose in rhythm with mine, as she impaled herself on her fingers again and again.

“So good, Sook. So. Fucking. Good,” I panted, holding on by a thread. “Missed this… missed… oh FUCK… can’t last much… come with me… missed you… GOD, SOOKIE!”

I barely registered her screams as she came, my cock still seated deep inside her throat. Knowing how hard I was about to come, considering the lock-down my muscles were performing and the ringing in my ears, the moment I started to blow I backed out of her throat. Sookie’s head followed after me, however, and the hand that suddenly gripped my ass holding me to her told me she wanted to taste my cum.

An animalistic roar burst from me as torrent after torrent of my release shot into her ready mouth. I struggled to hold myself upright, terrified of crushing her as I continued to plummet over the ledge. I was momentarily deaf, my eyes seeing fireworks through clinched lids, and my toes might have even pulled up carpet fibers, as I continued to release.

When my senses returned, it was just in time to see Sookie wiping a wayward trail of cum from her cheek with a slender finger. Curling that digit slightly she brought it to her mouth, her tongue peeking out from behind swollen lips to catch every drop. When she moaned at the flavor, I moved faster than should have been possible and dove on top of her, careful not to squash her. My mouth claimed hers with a dizzying frenzy, surprised at how much I enjoyed the taste of myself combined with her natural flavor.

When we needed to breathe, I pulled back and gazed into her eyes, cursing myself again for ever giving up the home I found within them. How could I have ever been so stupid? If I lived a thousand years, I was certain there would never been anything I regretted more than the moment I lost Sookie.

It was a mistake I didn’t intend to repeat.

I rose further onto my elbows and smoothed her hair away from her face gently. My thumbs caressed her temples as we continued to search for answers in each other’s eyes.

“What are we gonna do, Eric?” she whispered, a sad smile upon her face.

“I don’t know, lover, but we’ll figure it out – together,” I vowed, knowing I’d never willingly give her up again.

“Together… yeah…” she seemed to be mulling it over in her head as she drew nonsensical patterns on my back with a butterfly touch. “Yes, yes we will,” she smiled softly.

I kissed her lips with a tenderness that surprised even me; it was filled with promise and hope. When our lips parted, my eyebrow raised as I felt myself smirking. “Wanna make the best of the time they’re giving us before shit really hits the fan?” I asked as I wiggled my stirring cock against her folds.

“Absofuckinglutely! Bring it on, baby,” she challenged. “Let’s see if my memory does your skills justice.”

“Oh, lover, hang on and enjoy the ride. Your dreams ain’t got nothin’ on reality…”


Sorry for the delay guys, I really was sick as fuck for a few days there. I’m still not myself, but at least I’m not death on a stick anymore either.

Wonder what’s up with Pam and Alcide?

More to come soon!

And ch29 of ATY is in its final round of editing and should be up soon. Still working on the next chapter for it, but I promise not to make y’all wait too long!

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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