Tangled Chapter 5

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NSFW, I’d say.

Ali989969 is my beta for this story, and she’s wonderful!

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“What are we gonna do, Eric?”

Her question repeated in my head as I continued to rub my fully erect cock between her folds, kissing every inch of her I could reach. I hated to be distracted as I loved her, but really… what the fuck were we going to do?

It certainly sounded earlier like Pam and Al have been keeping secrets from us, because from what they’d told us all these years they’d never once slept together. So how the fuck could he miss what he’s supposedly never had? It just didn’t make sense! And, if they had been carrying on behind our backs all this time and I’d been denying myself Sookie every chance I got…

Well, let’s just say I’ll be needing a place to stash some bodies.


And what the fuck was up with Pam looking at Sook like she was lunch? In addition to being a cheating, lying whore, was she also a closet lesbian too? All those times she’d joked about them switching teams for a night, did she mean that SHE wanted Sook? Pam was out of her fucking mind if she thought I’d be hooking up with Al just so she could muff-dive on the woman I was still in love with! Hell, she was out of her mind if she thought I’d ever touch Alcide like that.

“They’re having an affair, Eric,” Sookie said quietly, bringing me out of my inner musings.

“I think you’re right, lover,” I sighed, stilling my hips. I buried my head in her neck on the side closest to our live-in partners, hoping they’d think we were still fooling around instead of discussing their bullshit. “Do you want to stop and confront them now, Sook? Or do you want to wait until after?”

“What do you want to do, baby?”

There’s a loaded question if I’ve ever heard one. Well… might as well go for broke, since I won’t be staying with Pam after this.

“I want to rewind the clock, Sook. I want to go back eight long years and undo the biggest mistake of my life. I want to still be the one who holds you every night, to be the one who lives with you, comforts you, to tell you how much I love you every day and have you feel the same.”

“I do,” she whispered so low I almost missed it.

My body froze as my heart took off at a sprinter’s pace. “Sook?”

“Still love you. Always have, baby. I just didn’t trust you for soo long,” she clarified just as her first tears hit my cheek. I pulled myself up to look in her eyes needing reassurance, and what I found took my breath away.

She truly did still love me as I loved her. It was all there in her gorgeous eyes. “I love you, too, Sookie. So, so much. I’m so sorry for how I hurt you, I was young and stupid, and…”

“I forgive you, baby,” she cut me off. “You’ve proved over the last few years how much you’ve changed, how trustworthy you are now,” she put me at ease.

“Truly?” I asked, barely daring to hope.


If she’d had more to say she was sorely out of luck presently, because my mouth found hers and vowed to never let it go. Our hands roamed over one another, hips regaining momentum, as our mouths danced together in a sensual tango. I still had no idea how we were going to work all this out, or how much shit we’d have to go through in between, but I could have cared less.

Sookie still fucking loved me!

It was like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and my birthday all in one.

Whatever happened next, we’d get through it – together.

Between her unexpected words and the feel of her rubbing against me, my dick was once again raring to go. It slid effortlessly between her folds, the moisture from her most recent release coating me perfectly. I hitched her one foot up over the back of the couch, then brought her other leg to rest atop my hip, improving the angle greatly. I rocked against her gently, teasing and taunting until neither of us could take it. My lips again found hers as I slid myself inside her, both of us groaning at the feeling. My hands framed her face as we moved together slowly at first, cherishing this long overdue moment.

Our movements unhurried, we looked into one another’s eyes as we made love. Our hips swiveled slightly from time to time, the rhythm quickening briefly before slowing again. Occasionally we kissed or tasted each other’s skin, but mostly we just spoke with our bodies as we moved. Her first orgasm fluttered over my cock, a stuttered sigh falling from her lips. Her second nearly milked mine from me as tears streamed down both our cheeks.

I’d been so fucking stupid to let her go.

I’d never leave her again.

Friendship, commitment, relationships, aside…

She was mine.

I whispered words of love and promise as she came down, still moving slowly within her. Soon she was ready for more, as was I truthfully. As much as making love at a slow and steady pace pleased me, I was so keyed up from emotion, I needed more.

My hips began pistoning harder and faster, earning the first sounds from Sook since joining. She moaned and whimpered as she egged me on, pleading for more. I slid my arms under her and pulled her up with me as I leaned back onto my heels, my mouth immediately finding her nipple. She rode me like a champ as my hips met hers thrust for thrust.

I heard Alcide’s roar as he came, but bothered no glance in their direction, my focus solely on Sookie as she drove herself onto my dick time and time again. Needing a deeper angle, I lifted Sook from my cock and set her on the sofa before seating myself properly on a cushion. She needed no invitation and climbed over to me instantly. As I reached for her, however, she turned away from me.

Confused and slightly hurt, I was about to question her when she climbed onto my lap to straddle me backwards and grabbed my aching dick in her hot little hand. She positioned me at her entrance and began to sink down slowly, making my hands squeeze her hips as my eyes rolled back again. We both groaned loudly when I was fully inside her and she gave me no adjustment time as she began moving her hips in small circles, grinding my dick inside her until I begged her to move.

She moved slowly but forcefully over my cock, my hands still on her hips to help me stay sane. I didn’t force her movements, only steadied her as she cowgirled away. She leaned her back against my chest as she gained momentum and from the new angle I could see her perfect breasts sway as we moved. Of course my hands were drawn to them, and I began to tweak and pull her nipples just the way she liked. Her breathy moans and words were drawing me closer to the edge. Her head turned toward mine and our lips dueled as our bodies worked to find our releases. Nothing could have torn me away from this moment.

Nothing except my actual girlfriend, that is.

Sookie and I had been so wrapped up in our own little world again that neither of us had noticed Pam moving closer until Sookie screeched in shock into my mouth. My eyes popped open and I found my girlfriend fondling my lover’s breasts as she stilled atop me. I was utterly unable to bite back my growl at seeing another’s hands on my Sookie.

Granted, I know most men would be thrilled to watch two women together, especially if he was allowed to join it… but I’d shared Sookie with someone else for long fucking enough, and this shit wasn’t going to fly with me. I would have asked Sook if she wanted some girl-on-girl action, but the way in which she wiggled away from Pam’s attention and the rigidness in her body told me she wanted it less than I did.

“Pamela, what are you doing,” I grit out, not bothering for a second to hide my annoyance.

“I’m joining, obviously, Eric,” she replying like I was deficient, never once looking away from Sookie’s naked tits.

“The fuck you are,” I declared as I stood with Sookie still attached. The angle was awkward and I worried about dropping her, so I paused to set her on her feet. The moment she was, I turned her around and lifted her once again, her legs automatically winding around my waist.

“What the fuck do you mean, ‘the fuck I am?'” she bellowed.

“Sookie is MINE,” I growled over Sook’s shoulder, scowling fiercely at my soon-to-be ex-girlfriend.

“Umm… I’m pretty sure she’s actually mine, Eric,” Al interjected.

“Hmmm… seems my girlfriend is too, huh, good buddy. Since you’ve missed her so much…”

“Eric, it’s not what you think,” Pam began.

Sookie sighed heavily and tapped my shoulder to be put down. Not that I didn’t understand we needed to have this talk, but I was beyond pissed that I was “this” close to coming and these two asshats had to fuck it up. With a long suffering sigh of my own I lowered Sook back down to the ground.

“It’s exactly what we think, isn’t it you two,” Sookie proposed as she looked between Alcide and Pam. “Eric and I have been fighting our attraction for years now, while you two have been sneaking around like fuckin’ cowards and fuckin’ like bunnies.”

“But schmoopsie, I was just so bored with what we do, and Pam was willing,” Al whined.

Schmoopsie? Dafuq?

Yeah… totally laughed out loud at that dreadful nickname.

“First, don’t fuckin’ call me that, I’ve told you it makes my skin crawl. Second, Pam was willing? So fuckin’ what, Cide? So was Eric, I’m sure, but I wasn’t creepin’ behind your back with him like a fuckin’ tramp,” she glared at Pam with the shit-sling.

“I’m not a tramp, but since you’ve turned down all my attempts at getting into those hot little pants of yours, I took the next closest things,” Pam clarified, like her reasoning made all the sense in the world.

I say again… dafuq?


Hmmm… and the plot thickens. Not sure how much longer this will be, but I know there’ll be at least a little more sex, and I’ll tie up the loose ends. I don’t think we’ll see any other POVs, but who knows with my crackhead muses! LOL!

More coming soon!

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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