Tangled Chapter 7


So, this story has reached its end. I want to focus on ATY and the other ideas swimming in my head, plus I’m nearly done with my first original fiction. Hope you’ll like how this ends. I had no idea when I started this that Pam would be a nutjob, but indeed she is, lol. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read/review/alert this (or any of my others). Much love to you all!

A couple of stories I have to pimp out:

Love Somebody” by Ali989969 is a wonderful story that promises to be excellent as it progresses, and I’m honored to be the beta for that.

Dead Man’s Hand” by eys1214 is hands-down one of the most astounding stories I’ve ever read! I just cannot say enough good things about it, or the author! Her story “Haunted” was also quite good.

Chasing Shadows” by tabularasa88 is very promising so far, and I’m truly enjoying it. It’s got a different kind of beginning, but I bet it’s going to be fantastic in the end!

And we can’t forget “The Revealing of Andre” by InvertedMeridian! This story is just fantastic! I’m not generally a fan of Andre, but this story really makes him just swoon-worthy! It’s brilliant and gripping and oh so good!

Ali989969 is my beta for this story, and she’s super wonderful!

Disclaimer – Don’t own them, wish I did.


“Baby, where are her socks?” I heard my wife yell from down the hall.

“There’s a drawer and laundry basket full of them hon, take your pick,” I replied with a shake of my head. Knowing Sook, she was probably frantically searching for a specific pair when there were hundreds of others readily accessible.

“I want the ones with the little duckies on them, Eric. They’re the ones that match Addie’s dress perfectly,” she whined adorably.

“Be right there,” I couldn’t help but smile. Our daughter was always dressed in matching ensembles, even if she was just going to bed.

Addie, short for Adeline, was just three months old yesterday. We were hurrying to get her ready so that we could make our reservation at The Hollywood, the new fancy restaurant in town. Tonight would be our first date night since Sook had delivered, and we were (of course) running late.

Addie was going to stay with Sookie’s parents for the night while we wined, dined, and hopefully sixty-nined. Oh, don’t think for a moment that our sex life sucked now that we had a kid, because it certainly did not. But, it was far harder to really get into sexy-times when the baby woke up four times a night. We were both frequently exhausted, and when we weren’t tired, we were interrupted.

But I wouldn’t change a moment of the last five years, especially the last twelve months.

The night of our swinging adventure, turned break-up fest, was the night I had begun living with Sook. We packed the rest of Alcide’s shit the following day and had a moving company come pick it up and deliver it to him. It had taken a long time, but Sookie and I were finally friendly with him again; he’d never be my best friend again, but at least it wasn’t a free-for-all every time he and I were in the same room anymore. Sookie could mostly tolerate him nowadays, but after he had cheated and lied to her about such monumental things, any chance he had at true friendship with her was nonexistent.

While the movers were delivering Alcide’s belongings to him that night (including the bed they’d shared), we were using another rented truck to fetch my stuff from Pam’s. She’d thrown a fit when we showed up and even took a swing at both me and Sook, the crazy bitch. In the end, it took two cops and a small group of our friends to get my shit peacefully. Though, there was truly nothing “peaceful” about our dealings with Pam, not for many years after that. She was a nightmare, plain and simple.

We’d tolerated her minor stalking at first, assuming that she’d stop eventually. But when we came home one night almost a year later to find her using one of Sookie’s dildos in OUR bed, we knew it wouldn’t be that simple.

Needless to say, we threw out all of Sook’s toys that night, and bought new ones at a later date.

Anyway, the night we found Pam in our bed we had her arrested for breaking and entering (cursing that there wasn’t a law in the books about unlawful borrowing of other’s sex toys). It still took almost another six months of her harassment until we were finally given a restraining order against her. Unfortunately, even that didn’t work.

I was running late coming home from work that Halloween night and knew Sook was going to be pissed at me for making her late to Tara’s annual party, so when I got home to find the house dark, I assumed she’d already left. It wasn’t until I heard whimpering coming from our basement that I knew something was wrong. I dialed nine-one-one before descending the basement steps, only to find my lover bound and gagged with Pam holding one of our huge kitchen knives near her throat.

I was able to keep Pam talking and not cutting for long enough for the cops to arrive, and they offered her immunity as long as Sook and I came out unharmed. Of course they were lying through their fucking teeth, but thankfully Pam was gullible enough to believe them. We exited the basement as a trio, Pam using Sookie as a human shield, and were delivered safely into the cop’s waiting arms. As soon as Pam let go of Sook, an army of blue descended upon Pam, restraining her and hauling her loopy-ass off to the slammer.

Of course, being nuttier than a squirrel turd, she didn’t stay there long.

Pam was committed to Shady Oaks Mental Hospital until she was sane enough to serve her time in prison. Apparently, Pamela Swynford De Beaufort was just one of her aliases, and she was wanted in three states for everything ranging from stalking, to murder.

Did I mention that I tended to date crazy bitches when I wasn’t with Sookie?



I did what any sane man would do, and proposed to the only woman I’d ever truly loved. Who, as an added bonus, was neither a slut, nor a fucking lunatic!

Thank fuck she’d said yes.

We were married the following year and have been blissfully happy ever since. And with the arrival of Addie, all was right in our world. Whether or not we’d have any more children remained to be seen since Sook’s pregnancy was really hard on her. But, whatever was meant to be would be, and we were simply grateful for what we had.

I finished with my tie and went in search of the missing duckie socks. One thing about married life I learned early… what the wife wants, the wife gets. I liked my life, and having the use of my dick, so happy wife equals happy Eric.

Duckie socks? Yes. Right on it.

Finding the little fuckers at the bottom of a laundry basket, I brought them to my angels with a victorious smile on my face. Eric, slayer of lost laundry, FEAR ME! I felt no shame in my ridiculous victory, not after seeing the beaming smile on my wife’s face. The voracious kiss she laid on me as I presented her my bounty certainly did nothing to deflate my ego either.

Maybe I wasn’t some Viking warrior of old, but I was the king of this castle and I’d relish in every victory I could. No matter how small.

We finished readying our little family and scooted out the door. Driving like a maniac was no longer an option now that we had such precious cargo and I worried we’d miss our reservations, but it was a small price to pay to make sure my angels were safe. Besides, there were plenty of other restaurants in town, and the main event of the evening would happen once we returned home. So dinner and a show were truly but an appetizer.

We dropped Addie at my in-laws and I waited patiently for Sook to work through her panic attack at leaving our daughter for the first time. I’d been told that every mother goes through it, and to be honest, I was a little iffy on letting my angel out of my sight as well. Not that I didn’t trust Sookie’s parents, of course, it was just the thought of my angel needing me and me not being there that galled me.

Finally, after Sook had kissed the baby a gazillion times, we were on our way. We arrived at The Hollywood a little late, but thankfully were still able to get our table. We ordered a bottle of wine and took our time perusing the menu. I decided on the filet and shrimp scampi, while my lover ordered the duck breasts with an orange/citrus glaze. We enjoyed lobster-stuffed mushrooms and a spinach artichoke dip as appetizers as we awaited our main course. The conversation was light, both of us enjoying being out as a couple and not just parents. I was impressed that my doting wife didn’t call her mom every five minutes to check on Addie, though every so often I could see her twitching with the desire to do so.

“Just call them, honey. You’ll feel better once you do,” I offered as I reached for her hand. I rubbed gentle circles on the back as tried to assure her that I understood.

“I’m sorry, baby. I just can’t help but worry, and now I’m ruining our evening,” she said, her eyes getting teary.

“Not at all, Sook. Nothing could ever ruin my time with you, honest. But I know you’ll be happier once you know our angel is okay, so just call and then we’ll get back to our date,” I smiled as I squeezed her hand gently.

My wife excused herself and went out into the lobby to check on Addie, and of course, that is precisely when the food was delivered. Thankfully she wasn’t too long and returned with a satisfied smile on her face. The baby was fine (as we both knew she would be) and we were finally able to relax and truly enjoy our night. We ate and chatted, shared our meals, and indulged in more wine.

After dinner was through, we walked across the street to the theater and enjoyed the local production of Rent. The actors did a fantastic job, and I was pleased the price of admission was well worth it. We stopped at the bistro her brother owned just down the street, and sipped our fru-fru coffees as we discussed our favorite parts of the production. All in all, it was a perfect evening, though I found I missed my little girl terribly.

The drive home was quiet, though not uncomfortably so, both of us feeling an odd mix of anticipation and longing. We were excited for the desert part of our date, but both of us felt empty without our daughter in the house. Becoming a parent really wreaked havoc on your emotions, I found. Though again, I wouldn’t trade any of it. I’d waited eight long and lonely years for Sookie and I to get another shot, now that I had it – there wasn’t a thing about my life I’d change.

I slipped off my jacket as I entered our home and watched as my lover swished her tempting hips down the hall toward our room. I followed with a sly grin, knowing what was to come. I reached the doorway to find Sook sitting at the corner of the bed removing her shoes. In three long strides I was kneeling before her, sliding the sexy heels from her dainty feet. I massaged her calves, like I had all those years ago when we’d started this wild ride, and when I looked into her eyes I knew she was remember that night as well.

I ran my hands up her legs and my breath hitched when I felt the garters at the tops of her stockings. While my dick had been thickening steadily since arriving home, the feel of those mouth-watering snaps made my cock stand proud and ready immediately. I growled low as I unhooked them from her thigh-highs, and found myself nearly purring as I rolled the silken coverings down her legs.

I leaned forward after slipping them off her feet and claimed her mouth in a slow, languid kiss as I worked the zipper on the side of her skirt. She lifted briefly as I worked the garment over her hips, and once it was gone I immediately began with the buttons on her blouse.

“Fuck, lover,” I moaned as I took in the lacy corset she’d somehow hidden from me. “You’re killing me here! The thought that you were wearing this, all fucking night, and I had no idea… So fucking sexy.”

I was fairly certain intelligent conversation was now off the table for the rest of the night, my brain was fucking mush. She’d been walking around town in a bustier corset, with a matching fuck-me-please garter, all night and I’d had no idea. Granted, it was probably better that way, because if I’d known I probably would have bent her over the table at the restaurant. Onlookers be damned.

“You like?” she smiled as she nipped my chin.

“Hmmm… absofuckinglutley. Let’s just hope you don’t like it too much, because I promise you – it won’t survive this night.”

“Eh, I’ll buy more,” she promised as she slid my hand down to her crotch.

I moaned embarrassingly loudly when I realized that the slip of material between her legs was actually crotchless, and soaked with her arousal. Her smile against my lips told me she knew she was killing me, and reveled in her power. “God, Sook,” I groaned.

I kissed her for several more long minutes as I slid the shirt from her shoulders then finally began my trek down her body. I nibbled, sucked, licked, and kissed every inch of skin I could find, pausing briefly to bite her taut nipples through the fabric that tortured me so. I settled back down onto my knees and pushed her gently to lie back, still straddling the edge of the bed.

I eased one leg over my shoulder as I positioned her other foot to rest on the footboard of our bed. I blazed a trail of opened mouth kisses from her ankle to the sweet junction of her sex. I could see the darkened spots around the crotchless torturers and inhaled deeply, my lust tripling at her enticing scent. My mouth watered as my eyes closed while I basked in her aroma. She was delicious, delectable, and oh so delightful.

I began teasing her slits (both the one in her panties and her God given one) with the tip of my finger as I suckled the skin all around the edges of her lacy drawers. She was so slick, so ready, but I wasn’t yet. I wanted to give her several releases, screaming my name to the heavens, before I finally buried myself within her heat. Gone with the arrival of diapers were the days we could swing from the rafters during sex, so I planned to take full advantage of tonight. I missed her moans, mews, and screams. And I missed her calling out to me and God at the top of her lungs the most.

I would hear her tonight, I vowed as I pulled apart the opening at her crotch. Ordinarily I would say there was little appealing about the taste of lace and silk, but when dipped in my lover’s juices it was like the finest dessert money could buy. Plus, to be honest, I still carried the weird attachment to some clothing being left on during sex. So between the garter and the corset, I was in heaven.

I blew a gentle breath across her heated core and watched as her back arched and her hands fisted in the sheets. The shaking of her legs and breath had my cock twitching in my pants, and when I licked her slowly around her swollen lips I moaned like a man possessed. I was certain in that moment, as I’d been so many times before, I’d never get enough of her flavor.

I worked us both into a furor before finally giving up and tearing the panties from her body with lightning precision. I alternated between licking and fingering, sometimes doing both at once, but I never left her body; a part of me on her at all times. She came once, a superficial orgasm from my teasing alone, and growled at me to finish it as she rapidly approached another peak.

I’d barely entered her with my fingers to this point, everything I did only meant to tease, to entice. Not being able to stand my own need any longer, I began removing my clothes as I tormented her. Once naked, I lifted her hips and scooted her farther onto the bed. I the positioned myself above her as I began running my aching cock through her dripping folds.

As I drove us both insane with want, I worked to unlace the ties and closures on her corset, desperate to feel all of her against my skin. Sookie was moaning and pleading beneath me, and her sounds were putting deadly chinks in my stamina’s armor. She just felt so fucking good.

I drove my hips forward, time after time, never entering her fully. I was completely coated in her arousal and cum, and slid through her folds effortlessly. Every time my tip began to penetrate her I shifted and changed the angle of my thrust, though it was getting harder and harder to deny what we both so desired.

I’d just undone the last hook on her bustier as my tip tempted her opening again. Though I’d tried my damndest to avert my entry, Sookie who had become wise to my game, shifted suddenly and I slid in more than halfway before I could stop myself.

Once I was in, there was no fucking leaving.

So tight, so warm, so maddeningly wet.

The sound that left my lips as I entered her was somewhere between a sob and a plea, and I was powerless against the urge to be balls deep inside my amazing wife.

I thrust forward with considerable force and Sookie came around me like a hurricane instantly. I stilled my thrusts but continued to flex my hips slightly as she rode out her orgasm, the feeling of her contracting around me almost more than I could bear.

As the last quiver vibrated against my dick, I began moving again. My strokes were long and steady, with just enough force to make her claw at my back each time my balls smacked against her ass. Her legs found homes on my hips as she searched for deeper penetration. My arms cradled her to my chest as we moved together, my fingers likely bruising her shoulders as I held on for dear life.

Her hips met my thrust for thrust, our rhythm steadily reaching a fevered pace. I was barely hanging on, and from the quaking against my cock I knew she was right on the edge as well.

My lips met hers as I felt the last of my control slipping away. My toes were curling, my balls so heavy and tingling, and I knew I was a goner. “Sookie… God… so close,” I groaned against her lips.

“Eriiic,” she whimpered, and lightning shot down my spine.

“Can’t… gonna…”

My hand slipped between us faster than the storm threatening to tear my body in two, and I began rubbing her clit as though it was the only hope of saving me. In truth, it was. There was no fucking way I was coming before her.

Her body tensed and I felt the moment her nails broke my skin. Sookie’s back arched just as her pussy clamped around me like the sweetest torturing device. A silent scream left her lips, and I couldn’t tear my eyes from her.

“ERIC!” she bellowed loud enough to wake the dead, and I finally let myself go.

My eyes closed, my toes cramped, and I roared as I emptied stream after stream of my seed inside her. My ears began ringing and I fought to stay conscious, worried I’d crush her should I succumb.

Finally my senses returned, and I felt her peppering my skin with tiny kisses everywhere she could reach. Sensing that I was again among the living, my beautiful wife whispered, “I’ve missed this, baby. I wouldn’t trade the life we have now… but God I’ve missed this. This feels right.”

This wasn’t only right, it was best, and I was the luckiest fucker on earth.


Okay… so I need a vote. Who would be interested in a collection of dirty one-shots from me? I find myself often wanting to write a lemony scene, but when I put it as its own story I can never seem to do just porn, and I think this would help. I would be a similar idea to MissyDee’s FNB- just a collection of lemony goodness with the potential for them to turn into stories down the road. Any takers?

More to come on ATY very soon, no worries. Hopefully by early next week. My beta and I have had ridiculously busy RL’s and haven’t been able to get the next chapter sewed up yet.

And keep your fingers crossed for me, in the coming weeks I’m going to try my hand at publishing an original fiction. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Love and hugs to all – thanks for taking this journey with me!

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